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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 17


The epi starts with all reaching back to their respective houses….Kabir was disturbed as to how to tell matters to Ishu and Khushi…..Ishu was angry on preet…Khushi was thinking abt her Roka and getting nervous so as with Arnav…..?


Khushi(to herself): I dont want to marry him…But its just engagement right….I hope they decide something without hurting anyone….?

At night,
Kabir:I think I should talk with Ishita ji ?
Arnav:For what?
Kabir:Abt Preet idiot!?
Aman:Whose that?
Kabir:The one who was behind me in school days….I never knew till now she is behind me….Unbelievable! ?
Aman:Yah…A girl behind the No.1 arrogant…?
Kabir:Yah wahi toh…She just love me by my appearance not bcoz she really Love me…?
Arnav:Yah…So whats ur plan? ?
Kabir:I am going to meet Ishita! ?
Kabir nods
Arnav:Final decision?
Kabir nods
Amnav: Go on! ?
Kabir nods and goes and then stops and turns to Amnav….
Kabir:U guys also come…..
Kabir:I am ordering….Ok If u ppl dont come I will disclose secret abt u ppl to Anjali and Ankz di….
Amnav(shocked):No we will come….?
Kabir:Arnav u hav to be more careful…..
Arnav:What the….I am coming..?.Aman u wait here so that di doesnt doubt ok?
Aman nods and sleeps….?

Arbir go to Ishita’s hse,

Khushi was in her own hse as tmw it is her roka…..Ishu,Karankita and her parents were in her house…Ishu was alone in her room…Kabir gets inside her room through the window!

Ishu:Kaun hai?(whose that?) ?
Kabir:I am Kabir….?
Ishu opens her eyes shocked and ons table light…….?
Ishu:Tum yaha…Itni raat ko kya kar rahe ho(u here! What are u doing at this time of the night?) ?
Kabir:Chori karne aaya hoon(I hav come here to steal) ?
Kabir:Of course to meet u idiot….
Ishu:Tell me fast ?
Kabir:Woh..Preet is not my fiance….
Ishu:What? U wanted to say this?
Kabir:No…I just wanted to make it clear that I dont hav such bad selection
Ishu:Ok…Then y didnt u reply her when she just blurted out those nonsenses….ah? ?
Kabir:Woh..At first I didn’t understand who she was till she told her name…..Then I understood that she was the same girl who was behind me in school..I dont like her too ?
Ishu:Why are u saying this to me?
Kabir:I just wanted to make things clear….
Ishu:Now it’s over right leave my room
Kabir:Where u asking me to just get lost? ?
Ishu:If yes?
Kabir:Manner less!
Kabir jumps down…Ishu smiles.saying Pagal! ?

Arnav was waiting down and gets Shocked to see Khushi at that time of night coming to Ishu’s house…..?

Arnav(angrly): What are u doing here at this time? ?
Khushi:What the…..mein smuggling ki business deal karne aayi hoon(I hav come here for smuggling business) ?
Arnav:Very funny!…I will drop u home come now
Khushi:I dont wanna go home…and what are u doing here?
Arnav:Woh…Kabir wanted to meet Ishu…
Khushi:Kabir ji? ?
Arnav:Cant u hear…Anyways I will drop u home come…
Khushi:I know how to go ?

Khushi turns and sprains her leg….She cries in pain….Arnav holds her and asks her try walking…She cries in pain…..Arnav lifts her and goes to garden where there was a chair….
Ajj din chadiya plays…as Khushi looks at a concerned Arnav lovingly….?

Rabba mere din ye na dale
Woh jo mujhe kaub mein mile
Mujhe toh laga de ab dale
Tenu dil da vaasta
Plays As Arnav places Khushi in the chair and massage her feet….She smiles looking at him…Suddenly she screams in pain and Kabir close her mouth from behind as all may get up…Arnav had turned her feel left and right for making her fine…..?

Kabir:Calm down Khushi…Uff!
Arnav:Ur scream is deadly…I mean anyone can get heart attack….?
Khushi:Hum jaa rahe hai…(I am gng)
Arbir:I will drop u

Both Arbir on their way back home drop Khushi home….Kabir passes by his house and sees light on his room and cries a bit…..?

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