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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 13


Lady:Beta…Kabir…Come home all are missing u ?
Kabir:I dont wanna come to a place where they dont give me freedom ?

Lady:U think that we are against u? ?
Kabir:Ofcourse,U ppl never allowed me to take my life decision my own….And now…U are asking me do I think…Wah ma what an acting ?

Ishu:Does anybody talk to their mom like that? ?

Kabir:I talk like that…U hav any problem….And dont interfere its my personal life…U get that ?

Ishu:I am sorry for interfering…Ok? ?…(looks at his mom)Aunty himmat rakhiye(Be strong)
She sits in her house stairs…..

Arnav opens the door….

Kabir:Ma…Oh sorry Mrs.Radha.Ray I dont wanna see u and Mr.Ray anymore in my life now I am happy with everyone around me…

She cries miserably…Arnav couldnt see this….He hugged her and comforted her looking angrly at Kabir ?

Kabir(in mind):I am sorry for hurting u ma…But it’s better for me to be away from u…So that u ppl dont waste ur time thinking abt my future….?
Kabir goes inside Ishu’s house…And sees an angry Ishu who wants to kill him…..?

Radha:U are Arnav right?
Arnav:Yes how do u know me?
Radha:When u were in mumbai…His czin Rishi saw Kabir and u there…..He told me abt U beta…
Arnav smiles…
Arnav:Aunty be strong…One day Kabir will understand ur pain…And can I know y is he behaving with I like this?

Radha remained silent

Arnav:Ma u can trust me….
Radha:I cant say now…My hubby will come now after work I hav to be there….(She walks to her house)
Arnav: I will drop u ma
Radha:Thanks beta…..I will go by myself…..And i thank god for giving me another son(She smiles and goes)

Arnav smiles?

Meanwhile inside,
Ishu:How dare u talk to ur mother like that?(Holds his collar)

Kabir was shocked to c a kaali maata avathar of Ishu

Ishu:Do u know how much sacrifices hav she made u bring u up as an responsible man. Do u understand the pain of a mother when she hears her son saying like this…Ofcourse I will not understand…When u become a father u understand the pain….I am ashamed to call u my friend…?

Arnav enter…And gets Shocked seeing Ishu’s angry avatar and then thinks that Kabir should get it

Arnav:Yes Kabir…I am also ashamed to call u my friend…How can u talk to ur mom like that…Atleast think abt her age(says it calmly)

Ishu:U are saying this politely??? Impossible!
Khushi:Kabir ji….Can u explain us what happened between u and ur parents?
Ishu:He will not say…We shouldn’t interfere in his personal matters…?

Kabir:Woh…I am….?
Arnav:I know u dont consider us as ur well wishers….So just leave it…Let it be his personal issue we should never care about it much ?
Kabir:No…I will say….?
All sat beside Kabir to hear him,

4 years back
A superb family with more of enjoyment than problems.All was well in My life.My mom Radha dad Prakash me and my czin brother Rishi like an happy family in the banglore city….Bhai(Rishi) had a love for dancing…..But he never chose that.He had even got a letter for interview in Shiamk’s…….But He went for engineering…..1st year fail hogaya aur ghar mein chachu chachi mama mami..dad and mom all had created an hungama(In my house all my aunties and uncles had created a drama)….And we czins were feeling good as just like everybody else he also got low marks…We never knew the seriousness(Smiles ?)

That day my father decided that he will give an engineer to Ray kandhan (Family)…And that was ME!(laughs ?)…My parents were forcing it on me…
One day my brother tried to commit suicide but I stopped him…I told him to work hard…An idiot of barely 16-17yr could only say that….

An year passed I passed my 12th with very good marks…Papa started applying in many engineering college and I was less interested….I went to Rishi bhai for advise
Rishi:Kabir…Do what ur heart says nothing can determine ur future…ur marks and all those things which u hav achieved for storage will not help u in any way…Do what ur heart wants…Follow it I am sure it will lead the right path

I said the same thing to papa and my passion for photography

Papa:Tu mera naam barbad karega….Meine bolatha ki mein Ray kandhan ko engineer dhoonga…Toh mera nak khatvana chahthe ho?( u will spoil my name….I told all that I will give next engineer to Ray family…And u are planning to spoil my respect in others eye)

Kabir:What is so much in this abt spoiling ur name?
Papa:Dont back answer me…Besharam…Nalayak

I got angry as he started using such words against me…I protested and ran away that night taking my certificates,passports and my things….And then I hav never cared abt them nor hav they…I saw Rishi bhai one day he started dance school in mumbai delhi bglre. And I was happy for him….But after coming back to this city I hav been remembering them frequently…Dont know y?…Now mom….I am going back

Khushi:Do u overcome problems like running out of it?…Are u the same person who stopped an engineering student from committing suicide…Are u the same person who had the courage to go and tell ur dad abt ur dreams and are u the same person who had the courage to run far away from ur family?…Dont run away Kabir u hav to solve every problem

Kabir geta thinking….Ishu and Arshi looks at Khushi in astonishment
Ishu(To Arnav)Is Kabir Priyanka.Barti?
Arnav(To Ishu):Whose that?
Ishu:Arre wahi jisne shochalay na hone ki wajah se apni sasural chod di…(Its swatch barat ad….Where vidya balan say abt Priyanka Barti who had the courage to leave her husband’s hse bcoz there was no proper sanitation facilities)

* I know this was quite boring…Kabir’s past was little stupid…But this happened in real life to him(Kabir aka my friend)….
And in this solving process something will happen between a couple…stay tuned…Was that a spoiler?

HBD KV Dear…I never knew it was ur bday .After reading in nivedha di and arshi di’s ff only I came to know…Sorry ah!Again wishing u a bful life ahead….I wish u get all the happiness u deserve….Love ya

People think I show attitude….its bcoz I have a personality which they cant handle

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