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MN+MB: MaNan+ Mehbeer story – Character Sketch

The Malhotras:

Abeer Malhotra:
Arrogant, angry young man but funny and kind, lives with his brother, father and mother who he loves very much. He wants a life partner who always supports him and accepts him the way he is. He loves music and also he studies in space academy.


Manik Malhotra:
Famous in his college space academy, handsome, young, smiles less, monster to the world, caring for his family and is a playboy…he is a stepson of Malhotras

Madhvi Malhotra (badtameez dil):
(Guys I thought that Manik should have a mom like her and not Nyonika, u all must be bored seeing her in every ff)
Perfect mother, wife everything. Loves her sons a lot, wife of Aalok Malhotra.

Aalok Malhotra:
(His character will be known later)

Meher Purohit:
Loves studying and partying both at the same time, she’s friendly with everyone.

Meher’s parents:
(Will be known later in the ff)

Nandini Moorthy:
Joyful girl, full of life and hope, classical singer.

Rishab Moorthy:
Nandini’s little brother, for Nandini the world starts on him and ends on him. He is a sweet boy and a brother, makes good bonding with everyone.

(Others will be known later in the ff)

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