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MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 10) LAST EPISODE

Hi All, Meeting you after a long time. Sorry for being so late but anyway i was meeting you often by another ffs…ok now lets get into today’s chapter.

MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 10)


Ardhika and Nesam discussed about the plan and they developed good bond within a short span. Sam is still in dilemma but Neil convinces her to do this act for ardhika’s love. After sometime, they all left from there to their home respectively like Raneil and Samarj.

Dilip gets happy seeing Raneil enters inside the home with full smile. He thinks radhika accepts Neil and Mala wonders”What happened to this girl?”. Radhika hugs dilip and says, “Thank you so much papa for choosing Neil” and behind him she sees Mala and shows thumbs up. Mala too shows thumbs up to her and composes her reactions.

They welcome Neil and makes him have something there and finally he greets them and signs something to radhika and leaves. Dilip notices their sign language and gets very happy. Mala smirks seeing dilip’s reaction.

Same way in Arjun’s home, Arjun & Nandini shares their thoughts through their eyes and he signs Sam about something. Samrat gets happy to see his son is accepting his decision.

Arjun goes to his room once Sam went, he dials to radhika and shares what happened in their house and she too tells him about dilip’s reaction. Both are laughing at their dad’s and chats for sometime. Mala calls Radhika for dinner and here Nandu calls Arjun. Both bids bye and goes down.

Samrat tells Arjun, “Arjun, we have one business party tomorrow, he is one of my friend in my business circle and he invited us. So i want you to join with me and more over Sam & her parents also will join in that party after all we all are from the same business society and knows each other well.

Arjun, “Why me dad?”

Samrat, “Arjun, i am gonna introduce you and Sam in that party and i am sure there that Dilip family also will come. I want to see Dilip’s face when i introduce you and sam there in the party.”

Arjun gulps hearing his statement and looks at Nandini for help, but she signs to be quiet.

@ Misra residency,

Radhika gets shocked hearing Dilip’s statement against Mehra’s family. Rads, “Dad..why u want to tease them voluntarily?”

Dilip, “I want to see that Samrat face when i introduce you and Neil in that business party, it will be worth watching to see his reaction you know”, he chuckles like a kid.

Mala and Rads is shocked seeing dilip in revenge mood.

In the night Ardhika shares their dad’s talk with each other and thinks to behave normally infront of their dads respectively.

Next day, both the families goes to the party with their children. Samrat and Dilip encounters each in the party and passing taunts on each. Mala and Nandini pulls their hubbies from each and consoles them. Ardhika gets frustration seeing their dads and looks at the entrance for some one. No longer, their faces becomes bright seeing Nesam comes to the party with their families respectively.

Arjun silently waves bye to Neil and Rads did the same to Sam. Neil goes to Rads and Arjun goes to Sam and joins their hands together.

Samrat and Dilip gets happy seeing their children with each of their partner and gives a cold look at each. Nandini and Mala bangs their forehead seeing their idiotic acts.

Samrat and Dilip knows everyone in that party and talks to each one and introduces Samarj and Raneil to everyone.

Their common friend Mr.Aditya Sharma who arranges this party wishes them all the best for their alliances and invites the couples for the dance.

The couples started dancing and Samarj and Raneil joins them too. Neil holds rads and Arjun holds Sam & moves accordingly.

Rads often looks at Arjun and shows a pout face. Neil notices this, “What, you wanna dance with him?”

Rads nods like a baby and asks, “But how?”

Neil, “I have a plan. Just listen me now”

All are dancing continuously, Neil suddenly shouts saying, “Lets change the partner now” then he immediately starts circling rads and others also follows the same. Arjun & Sam understand their plan and did the same. Soon the ladies moves to different partner and rads expecting her to land on Arjun’s hand but unfortunately she lands on some other guy who looks so happy to get her. She widens her eyes to see him in shock and looks at arjun stands behind him starring him angrily. Radhika pleads him through her eyes but arjun also got some other lady in his hand and dancing angrily. But to surprise, Nesam lands into each other arms and shares a cute eyelock. They find something difference in their closeness and they like it too. Ardhika gets jealous seeing Nesam and keeps crying face seeing their dancing partners.

Finally they are done with the dancing and Dilip takes Rads from there before she goes to Arjun and Samrat also did the same with Arjun. Ardhika looks each helplessly while Nesam laughs seeing their sad face. Mala and Nandini scolds their husbands silently.

The marrige preparation starts and only both the dad sincerely doing the preparation. Ardhika and Nesam meets in the cafe and keeps pout face.

Ardhika holds each other’s hands tightly and rads leans on arjun’s shoulder. Nesam laughs seeing them like this and starts teasing them.

Neil, “So How long you gonna stay like this? We can go ahead with the plan na?”

Arjun, “Mmm yeah, but still some nervous is there with us. Unnecessarily we are troubling your families also in our problem”

Sam, “You don’t worry about that, we both already informed about the plan to our families. Initially they shouted but somehow we managed. And the ultimate is now they are also part of our plan. This marriage will happen only between you both. So don’t worry and go as per the plan but be careful.”

Rads holds sam’s hand saying, “Thank you so much Sam”

All the 4 spends sometime and leaves to their home respectively.

Samrat and Dilip fixes the marriage date and informs to Nesam’s parents. They also agree for it just for the name sake. Marriage preparations going on in full swing.

The Sangeet, Mehendi and Haldi ceremony going on and everyone looks happy. Dilip finds some difference in Rad’s face and finds her little upset. After haldi, rads goes to get ready for marriage and locks her door. It’s been an hour since she went, dilip gets panic and knocks her door. Mala also gets worried (acting to be worried) and knocks the door by shouting radhika’s name. Finally they started banging the door and finally breaks it. There dilip gets shocked seeing the room empty and finds a letter near the table.

Dilip reads the letter,

“Dear papa, First am asking sorry for giving you a false hope regarding my marriage. Yes Papa, i was acting to be happy all these days but the truth is i am not happy with this marriage. I told you so many times but u were so stubborn and fixed my marriage with Neil but papa i still loves Arjun only. I know i did a mistake earlier of not listening your words but the punishment you have given me for that can’t be acceptable papa. I love Arjun and only Arjun. I cannot forget him in my lifetime papa, if i do so, then i would be died at that time. Hope you have understand my point now.

Maa, i am really sorry for leaving you alone. I don’t have any other way other than this. Papa did not give me no option other than this. I will miss you maa, pls don’t scold me for doing this. I can’t live without Arjun. I am going far away from you all…finally I love you maa..Love you papa.

Maa it is for you—I am going to XYZ Place. You can find me there. By the time you reach i will not be able to see you for the last time too.

Good Bye !!!

—Radhika .

Mala starts scolding Dilip for pushing her daughter to this decision. Dilip also feels bad and starts crying seeing the letter and both starts to the place where radhika mentioned in the letter.

They reached the place and gets shocked seeing Samrat and Nandini also there at the same place with a letter in their hand too. Dilip understands and cries seeing him. Samrat also gets sad looking at him and both rushes to the place and gets numb seeing their Ardhika lies in the floor lifeless. They both lies nearby by holding their hands tightly.

Dilip and Samrat is in ultimate shock and cries seeing their bodies, they hugs each other to console and says, “We did a mistake of seperating our kids, if we got to know that they will take this decision then we would have forgotten our ego and make our children married to each.”

Nesam also comes there at the same place with their families and looks at both the fathers crying vigourously. But Mala and Nandini stands silently behind them…LOL

Neil, “So you are now ready to get them married to each right?”

Samrat & Dilip nods, “Yes, but how can it be possible now? My children are no more”

Sam, “Uncle, just answer, if they are alive then you are agree for their marriage right”

Both nods positively and Nesam gets happy seeing them then together says, “Chalo, Ab yeh drama bandh karo, your fathers accepted for your marriage”

Dilip and Samrat did not understand anything and gets shocked seeing Arjun & Radhika gets up slowly and gives a sheepish smile by looking at their fathers.

Both are at hypertension and raised their hands to beat them but stops seeing Mala and Nandini stands infront of Arjun and Radhika respectively.

Dilip to Mala, “So you are aware of this drama?”

Mala, “Yes”

Samrat to Nandini, “Y u hidden this from me?”

Nandini, “To teach a lesson to you. How long you both gonna fight with your ego..just care about their love and life. I am with my children in this decision.”

Mala, “Yes me too..we are mothers and we also have equal rights as you to decide our children life. Me and Nandini are decided that Arjun & Radhika only will get married. Even now also if you both did not accept it, then fine..you don’t worry. As a mother we both get them married to each and bless them”

Samrat and Dilip are shocked seeing their wives like a Tigress infront of them. Finally they too give up and accepted for the marriage. Nandini and Mala gives hi-fi to each happily.

Ardhika gets married on the same day and Finally Samrat and Dilip forgets their ego, joins hands together. Ardhika thanks Nesam for supporting them everyday in each situation and hugs them. Both gets blessings from the elders and wishes from Nesam.


After a month leap, Ardhika gets a call from Sam saying that she is running away from her marriage. Ardhika is shocked and actually they are ready to go for the marriage only.

Immediately Arjun calls Neil and gets to know that he also ran away from the marriage.

Arjun, “Why Neil?”

Neil, “It’s simple Arjun. Me and Sam did not have time to understand and love each other deeply. Before we propose each other, our families decides our marriage and asking us to love after our marriage which we don’t want. We told so many times but they are not listening, that’s y this shock treatment for them.”

Arjun kept his mobile in speaker so that radhika also heard his talk and opens her mouth widely in shock. After that he disconnects the call saying, “Wil meet you so soon arjun till then don’t worry about us”

Ardhika looks at each other unbelivingly.


In the plane, a cute, modern and trendy look girl sits in the window seat and looks outside restlessly. Suddenly she feels someone’s presence near her and turns to see who is it. She is stunned and mesmerised seeing a dimple, chweet boy beside her, actually she forgets to blink her eyes after seeing him.

The boy also sees her and lost in her beauty, soon he comes to senses and extends his hands to her saying, “Hello, I am Neil Malhotra”

The girl also shakes her hand saying, “Hi, I Sam…Samaira Khanna”

Nesam together, “Nice to meet you”

—————-THE END——————-

Finally Unexpected love comes to an end, actually i don’t know what i have written, i was not in a mood to carry over this for long and looking to finish it up soon. Today whatever was coming in my mind, i have written it and i really want to give the ending with Nesam only and i matched with accordingly. Hope you all like it, if not pls don’t throw chappals on me. I couldn’t think anything else in my small brain. I m really loss of ideas now ? ? :(. No proof reading at all..hope it will come good.

So now its ur turn to comment it…pls do the honour.

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