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MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 5

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Again I’m really sorry for this late update of this series; I went on with the flow of ‘That One Thing’, so only this late… This shot is Dia’s love story…
Please ignore any typos or grammatical mistakes… Happy reading… ?
^^Shot 5: Miley Jab Hum Tum^^
It’s one of those days when Dia and her family were in trauma thinking of what had happened to Monica, someone bullied Shravan in school. Dia who was already frustrated with all these incidents and given in with her impulsive nature went to Shravan’s school and punched the guy who tried to bully her brother. And in the end it turned out to be wrong person and he is elder brother of the boy who is in the same gang that tried to bully Shravan. Dia mumbled a sorry and left the school as fast as she could.

Next meeting of Dia with the guy is in professional college of Dia. Some boy climbed the college’s building and threatening everyone that he’ll jump from the building. The reason is he loved a girl and she didn’t accept his proposal. Dia stepped in the situation and told everyone to let the boy do what he wants to do. She told it is a democratic country and everyone has the rights to do what they want. She took the microphone from which the Principal was giving instructions and told the boy to jump from the building. Now if he didn’t jump, she will be the one who will push him from the building. Before he jumps she wants him to think of his parents who sent him for studies not to spoil his future by following a girl who doesn’t give a shit if he’s dead or alive. The only people who suffer from his death were his parents. Even now if he wants to jump off the building no one will stop him. The boy thought for a while and dropped his idea of suicide and got down from the terrace. When he got to the entrance of the building Dia told him to remember how he was going to make a foolish decision. The students were dispersed to their respective classes after thanking Dia. The guy who tried to commit suicide is a friend of the guy who was slapped by Dia earlier.


The guy didn’t get any chance to meet her and thank her personally for the help. He thought if fate is on his side then he will definitely get a chance to meet her.
Seems like fate is on his side, he got the chance at the earliest in a function of his relatives. Dia attended the same function as it is the function of one of the clients of Vincent groups. She attended that function on behalf of her parents. She’s accompanied by her sister and brothers. Monica is still in the trauma and she didn’t want to come out of the house. But Dia being stubborn she is, dragged her out of the mansion and brought her here. The guy saw her from the entrance itself and wanted a chance to talk to her. But before he could do something Dia escaped from there. The reason is she saw him too and thought he will complain about her punch to her elder brother so she escaped from there and was hiding from him.
Meanwhile in another room a man raised his hand on his daughter. Dia stopped him in between and asked him the reason.

She is trying to elope with a boy beta. She didn’t even think once about me or my prestige.’ Said the man.
Uncle!! Are you concerned about your prestige or your daughter’s future?’ asked Dia.
Then please give her a chance to explain why she was trying to elope with that person, I’m not saying what she did is correct but give her a chance.’
Ok beta, I’ll definitely give her a chance and for that boy too. If he doesn’t stand par with any of the standards I’ve set for my son-in-law, then he should have to leave her life. That’s my final decision.’

Dia talked to the girl now.
What do you think you are doing? If your parents are not there with you, you wouldn’t have stood in this position now.’
Woah!! They didn’t do anything girl, they gave me birth and brought me up. Remaining decisions of my life will be taken by me. And who the hell do you think you are to take my decisions. I got to see my chemistry worked with that boy so I’m eloping and if I get bored I’ll leave him too. This is my life and you are no one to interfere, you get that?’
The girl’s mother came forward and slapped her hard now.
Dia beta!! Don’t spoil your mood because of this girl. Please go and enjoy the remaining function. She is good for nothing and she’s not worth it. It was our mistake to give her all the things she wanted and pampered her to this extent that she is thinking we are her slaves not her parents. Now she’s thinking marriage is a game. Please beta, you go now. She will not listen to any of us now.’
Dia resigned to the girl’s fate and left from there only to be pulled by the boy.
Wh… What are you doing??’

Goutham. That’s my name.’
I know and don’t you ever try to complain about me to my brother, do you get that?’
Why will I? When I desperately want your kicking for my entire life now.’
What?? Have you gone crazy?’
Yes for you. I liked you at the very moment when you slapped me; I got to know you don’t tolerate any injustice and now too you were trying to patch up a family. My family will be lucky to get a daughter-in-law like you.’
Do you want me to believe all these things?’ Dia with an unbelievable look.
Why will not you believe me?’

Because you saw some things and came to a decision that you will marry me. Did you ever think of me? No right? How can you expect me to accept your decision? You will be a male egoistic fella and I’ve to be submissive, not happening. You can definitely go to hell.’
I will but with you. Who said you have to be submissive!! You will be my queen and you have every right to take your own decisions.’
Ughh… Don’t even try to follow me.’
Cannot be fulfilled because I can’t leave you.’
Go to hell.’
Dia stomped her foot and left the room.
Downstairs there is another love story going on. Goutham’s cousin has gone full on lattoo for Monica. His name is Aham [obviously ? ] He is ogling her as if he will have her right there unaware of the inner turmoil Monica is going through right now.
After the function is over, Goutham, Aham and Goutham’s mother started discussing some things about the function. When Monica’s name was taken, Aham has gone fully alert. He started listening keenly from there on.
You know she has gone through so much. First kidnap, next rape for N number of times and then this trauma. Radhika informed me to take good care of her. They were unable to make it because of some meetings. She was not coming out of the mansion too; it was Dia who forcefully brought her.’
After listening to Dia’s name, now it’s time for Goutham to go on high alert. Goutham’s mother found a weird change in both her sons, she left everything to destiny. But she knew Aham’s parents will not approve a girl like Monica as their relative let alone their daughter-in-law. Destiny knows all the plans of humans; it gives them what they wanted at the right time. Aham is attracted to Monica, which is the truth. But will he be able to convince Monica on this thing? Let’s just watch the show.

Goutham is trying his level best to convince Dia that he is not attracted to her instead he fell in love with her but Dia is not going to buy this at any cost. That is the last day of his college and he tried for one more time. But Dia was not going to agree at any cost. And now the only way left to Goutham is to talk to her parents. He discussed this matter with his parents. First his father was angry because he hid this matter for these many years. Later he agreed to go and talk to Vincent’s about the marriage proposal. Goutham is flying now; finally his dream is going to come true.

Goutham’s parents went to Vincent’s house to discuss this matter. Radhika already knew about this matter from Dia herself, but she didn’t expect Khurana’s will come to their house with marriage proposal. After seeing Goutham and his parents in her house, it’s time for Dia to get shocked.
Mumma!! He is the one about whom I was talking about, he is after me from 3 years and I didn’t accept his proposal, so now he came here with marriage proposal.’
He loves you beta, that’s why he is after you, I didn’t see him this serious even in his studies.’ Said Mr. Khurana.

Goutham’s eyes left their sockets with this one statement of his father. Dia is controlling her laugh listening to this line and Goutham’s face. Finally she gave up and started to laugh. All were happy to see Dia’s laughter after so many years. She stopped laughing after Monica’s incident. Now after observing the adoration of Vincent’s on Dia, Goutham understood what she’s gone through. He decided to make her happy at any cost. Till today he only loved her with his heart, now she has become his soul too.
After all the discussions Vincent’s and Khurana’s came to a conclusion to get Goutham and Dia married. But Dia is not in a position to agree.
What happened now baby!!’ asked Radhika.

Mumma!! I really can’t take your love for granted and go away just like that. I want to achieve something being only Dia. For that I need your support. I’m really afraid of this world Mumma after what has happened to our Monica. I want to help people who suffer from these incidents, I want to help our NGO and fly high. Marriage is not on my bucket list at this instant.’
But we are not saying to get married right now beta. You can take your time, torture my son to your heart’s content and if it’s clicked at the right place only then we will get you married.’ Said Mr. Khurana
All laughed with this and Dia also agreed to this. Dia and Goutham were left alone for some time to give them some space.

Yes my Queen!! Now what are we going to do?’
See Goutham, WE can HAPPEN (pointing towards her and Gotham) only if you court me properly. Or else I’m calling off this proposal.’
(Joining his hands) Accha meri Queen. As you wish. First let us start with our date. What say (winked at Dia).’
Alright then, Date it is.’ Said Dia smiling widely now.
Finally completed this shot too. Their love story has just started. Let’s see their journey along with Ahamica’s love story. ?

Yaayyy!! I got Monica’s groom too. We will see how Monica is helped by Aham, Karthik, Shravan, Dia and Goutham to come out of her trauma.

To write about Monica’s trauma I may gonna need lots of time. So please forgive me if I deliver that shot thoda late. Please pretty please. *puppy eyes* ?

I don’t know what all I’ve written in this shot makes sense or not and if it is not to your expectations, I’m really sorry for that. ?

I’ll post TOT’s next segment by Friday at the least on Thursday.

Individual replies may be late this time because after posting this shot I’m gonna start reading the stories of my co-authors and then start writing next segment of TOT.

Please leave your opinions about this shot from the comments section below.

Love you all and have a nice day. ?

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