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MMZ – That one thing (SS )–Segment 3


Salaam everyone… How are you all?? As promised here comes the next segment of TOT… This segment is a crazy one and I tried to include some scenes which my friends and I did in our industrial tour, I’ll not mention those things because my friends will hang me upside down if I mention the incidents exclusively… ? Please do check the links I’ve provided to get the clear idea of what things I’m trying to describe in the story.
Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors… Happy reading… ?


Being a class representative is considered to be the toughest task in college even more than the studies and the examinations itself. It is the wish and want of every student to explore the industries even before they enter them as an employee. [But our industrial tour will have learning along with masti. You know enjoying while learning.] So the students of 4idiots class pestered Neil and Radhika to make their Head of Department agree for an industrial tour. Neil and Radhika being class representatives went to HOD to get the consent of him for the tour. HOD is considered to be a hard nut to crack, that is, he is not at all like the Principal Sir who will agree to RaNeil easily. So with a fear in their hearts RaNeil entered the HOD’s cabin. He was referring some notes for his next class and looked at them through the rim of his glasses. When they asked him permission for the industrial tour, he readily agreed. RaNeil were in a state of shock about how he agreed so easily. Their shock didn’t remain a second later because of the bomb he dropped on them. He said he will agree to the industrial tour if only they can get 100% pass percentage in the upcoming semester examinations. RaNeil has no other way except to accept the condition. It is finalised then and there that industrial tour is ON, but where do they go??? After all brainstorming and checking the train schedules and everything, they finalised to go to BANGALORE.

Bangalore is considered as Silicon Valley of India because of many IT companies situated in its heart like Infosys, Blackberry, Sony and many more. [Here I’m not going to mention anything other than this and bore you guys with long list I’ve with me about Bangalore, so if you are interested about Bangalore’s history and etymology please do refer Wikipedia.]

So now our 4idiots along with some of their classmates landed in Bangalore.


It is early morning when they reached Bangalore and they were waiting for the bus to come and pick them up so that they can freshen up for the day and start their tour. In no time bus showed up and they were left in the hotel. The lecturers who came there with them [one for guys and one for girls] gave them their room keys and told them to share the room with 4 members in each room. So there our 4 idiots were divided and they went to their respective rooms.
All of them freshened for the day and started for the tour; it is a two-day tour so they planned only few places in the row. Those include Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] Museum, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum and finally Wonderla.

HAL Aerospace Museum is India’s first aerospace museum located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises. The museum is part of the HAL Heritage and Aerospace museum, and showcases the growth of the Indian Aviation Industry and HAL for six decades. The museum hall displays various aircrafts, aircraft engine models and Indian aviation history.

Our 4 idiots along with all the other students took the stroll of all the places in HAL, sometimes teasing, sometimes clicking their photos with the aircraft models. They came out of HAL with a content smile learning something about Indian Aviation and its history.
By the time they finished their visit to HAL its almost noon and lunch time, so they made their way to a restaurant. After lunch they started their journey to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum [VITM].

VITM was established to honour Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya and the building of VITM houses exhibition galleries like Engine Hall; how things work and many more. It has other attractions like Science on Sphere, dinosaur enclave, wright brother flyer model.
Radhika and Samaira had a gala time in dinosaur enclave, and of course clicking pictures of both the girls with dinosaur is boy’s work. ?

After enjoying a hell lot of time in VITM, they returned to the hotel. They started the next day with new journey that is to Wonderla.

Wonderla is the leading amusement park in India. All the students got their tickets and entered it. So now it’s craziness ON…. ?
First ride our people tried is named “Maverik”. It’s like a churner that stirs up people for a change. ArRaNeSam waited for one and half hour for this single ride and finally enjoyed the ride. Maverik’s pic – Maverik Maverik 1 Maverik 2
Maverik video- Mav video

Next ride is “Y Scream”. Our girls are pretty excited for this ride but boys said a big NO just by looking at its appearance. The ride is taken to a level higher and then its flip-flopped. People’s screams are getting on the boys’ nerves but girls are in no way to listen the excuses of the boys. So they got in the ride and enjoyed it.
Y Scream links- Y scream Y scream 1 Y scream 2
Y Scream video- YS video

Next ride is “Insanity”. Whoever named this ride gave it an apt name, the ride is actually insane. Maverik ride is very less compared to this ride; the stirring up process is taken to another level in this. After getting down from the ride the first word that came out of their mouths is ‘Insane’.
Insanity link – Insanity
Insanity video link- Insanity

Moving on to the next ride is Equinox. Equinox is like reverse giant wheel, in giant wheel, the wheel is in vertical position but equinox has its wheel in horizontal position. In this ride all the four people sat next to each other in a row. The positions are Radhika, Arjun, Neil and Sam. Someone from the other side of Radhika started chanting ‘Muruga’ and unknowingly Arjun and Neil started chanting ‘Muruga’ too. Girls didn’t understand to laugh or to pity the guys’ condition, so kept quiet.
Equinox links- Equinox Equinox 1
Equinox video link- Equi video

All the rides took a toll on Neil’s mind. He started calling Arjun as ‘Avocado’ [name] When asked about why is he calling him ‘Avocado’, he said Avocado is useful in losing weight. As Arjun helped Goutham clear his hair weight from his head, he is named with this fruit. Neil is pinching Arjun’s cheeks as if he is a father of cute little boy who just got his new name.
“I don’t know how his 50kg head bore 500kg weight of his hair!!” is Neil’s dialogue about Goutham. And he continued his blabber until ArRaSam stuffed his mouth with sweet corn and some other food items.

There their journey of Wonderla and also Industrial tour got its end.
They returned to hotel, packed their bags and buckled up themselves for their return to college which is awaiting the return of 4idiots. Not to forget girls did shopping for both boys’ family and theirs as well.
Haa finally completed the third chapter too… I really enjoyed writing this segment and it’s like a time travel for me… If anyone been to Bangalore or living there, please do share your views, we didn’t get enough time so had been to only few places. ? And Wonderla also has water rides,we didn’t go on any ride so didn’t include them in here…

Next chapter will be the one for which we all are eagerly waiting for, ONE thing of one of the Carrot or Beetroot will be unveiled and a BOOM.

Links to the previous segments: Prologue Segment 1 Segment 2

Please do let me know your takes on this segment… ?

Love you all, have a nice day… ?

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