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MMZ – My Second Love (Prologue and Chapter 1)


Is there a second chance in love?


And the answer is Yes…why not?

So i have come up with a short story based on the Second love. It is a Prologue cum First chappy…hope you all like it.

And i will tell you all now itself..the concept i have taken it from a movie but the dialogues, and the scenes i have changed few according to my knowledge…If you like or don’t like…let me know. Both Positive and Negative comments are welcome ?

Here you go the First Chappy of My Second Love

MMZ – My Second Love

First Scene:

A girl is shown walking towards the graveyard and she kneels down infront of one and puts the Cemetery flower on top of the Cemetery and she looks sad, tears drops down from her eyes.

A small flash comes to her eyes..where a guy tries to catch something and gets hit by a car. She closes her eyes immediately and says, “Its been two years now, you left me in this world alone. I am living a meaningless life since you left me. You promised me that you will be with me forever but you broke your promise and made me orphan. I have no one and nothing with me now…except your memories.”

She stays there for sometime and leaves from there sadly.

Second Scene:

A guy is following a girl and she not even respond him and ignoring him continuously. Guy goes infront of her and stops her by holding her hand & says, “How long you gonna act like ignoring me? I know you like..after all…i am cute, handsome guy…every girls will fall for me…”

Girl, “Then go to them and stop chasing me”

Guy, “Hey sweety…i really love you yar… it’s been a year now i started chasing you and you are not looking at me…what is this?”

Girl, “You don’t understand the meaning still? ok let me tell you again..I don’t like you and stop coming to me”

She jerks his hands off from her and walks away. He looks at her the way she is going.

The screen freezes on the Girl and the Guy from both scenes.

Precap: Yet to decide

How is this prologue cum First chapter guys..hope you all like it and support me to continue this SS. Please let me know your view and comments on this.

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