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MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 1)

Nandu..what is this? How can you think to get me married to this moti girl? You should have asked me once right? Atleast could have shown me the picture of her Nandu”

Nandini, “What would you do if i shown that picture to you?”


Arjun, “I would have said a Big NO before going there”

Nandu, “That’s y i did not show you the picture. Arjun..what’s wrong with that girl. She is so sweet, caring, loveable. Did you see her face..she has a cute smile Arjun.”

Arjun, “You missed one more thing”

Nandu looks at him and he replied, “SHe is FAT too”

Nandu sighs and says, “That’s not a big problem”

Arjun, “Yes it is. Nandu..just imagine when i go for any business functions, party an all…how will it be if i take her along with me..All my friends, employees everyone will laugh at me. It’s my prestige problem”

Nandu, “Arjun..this is too much ok. Don’t judge a girl by her physique. Just judge her by her character. If you did not like her character ok well..i can accept it. But the reason you are saying is ridiculuous”

Arjun, “I don’t mind, what you think. But for me physique also important. I can’t carry this fat girl with me infront of my friends. I am not gonna marry her. That’s my decision and now it is your turn to tell them”

Nandu gets worried how to convey this to them and finally she calls Dilip Misra and tells that this match will not work. Dilip understands the reason behind this rejection and did not ask any other questions after that. They both disconnected the call and he looks at his daughter Radhika who gets to know everything by seeing her father’s reaction. She just gives him a gentle smile and goes to her room. Mala also looks worried.

Leap of 2 years,

Arjun became the No.1 business man in that city within a short span of time and spends most of his time in his work only. Nandini his sister who came to india for a vacation and stays with him for a short period since her husband is in USA.

@ Mehra Industries,

Arjun seems very busy and instructs his PA to copy the details and get it signed from him. His whole day goes very busy and he gets a message from his PA Tanu that it is time for him to leave for an annual celebration day in Little Angels Orphanage home. They have invited him as a chief guest there and he should be there on time.

Arjun instructs about tomorrow’s meeting & work to Tanu and leaves from there to Orphanage home, on d way he picks his sister Nandini also to the function.

@Little Angels Orphanage home,

The home is well decorated and some cute kids stands at the entrance to welcome the guests. Arjun reaches there on time and gets surprise and excited seeing the kids welcoming him. The home head comes there , welcomes him inside and makes then sit in the first row.

Organiser comes to the stage and announces, “First of all, i would like to welcome you all to this Annual day celebration in this home and thanks for making this occasion very special. Now the first program we are going to watch is the welcome dance by the kids.” Some 5 to 6 kids comes to the stage and performs Bharatanatyam to impress the audience and the chief guest. All are enjoying the dance and gives them a big applause.

Organiser, “Thank you so much kids for ur wonderful performance and thank you so much audiences and guest for enjoying and supporting us. The next will be the special performance performs by our most important member in our home ..i welcome Ms. Radhika Misra on the stage”

Nandu and Arjun for a sec looks at each other and shares something between them.

Soon the screen moves aside, a beautiful girl with 4 kids occupies the stage and starts performing their dance. Radhika just supports them and dances by adjusting with the kids. The kids too enjoys it a lot and dances heartily. THe performance gets over and they get a huge applause from everyone except two. Arjun and Nandini just sits there like a statue and looks at Radhika who stands along with the kids. Arjun is completely bowled seeing her now and automatically his thoughts going behind 2 years back and remembers how he saw her first.

Arjun & Nandini sits there for other performances but their mind is not present there and thinking about Radhika only.

Soon the function is over and the prize distribuition ceremony also happened successfully. Radhika Misra gets a special prize for her performance and that too from the guest Arjun. After the function is over everyone is dispersing and unknowingly Arjun’s eyes are searching for Radhika. He sees her coming out from the home and walking towards the parking area.

Nandini looks at Arjun whose eyes are following her all the way and she gives him an unbelievable look. Arjun tells Nandini to be there only and he immediately goes to parking area where radhika went.

Nandini smiles seeing her brother running and says, “There is no difference in Radhika the girl which i saw 2 years back, she has the same charm, beauty, kindness, caring, love , affection and yes ofcourse no difference in her physique also. She is the same fat radhika. But Arjun, he is changed, his approach to the people got changed, he got matured and in these 2 years he understand the people and respects them. He is not the one whom i know 2 years back who enters into our family business immediately after finishing his college. I worried when he rejected radhika reasoning her physique but now i don’t have any idea what is his motive”

In the parking area, Arjun finds Radhika who is ready to start her Honda DIO, before she gives the accelerates, he comes and stands infront of her with a cute smile.

Radhika simply stares him and asks, “Do you need any help?”

Arjun is like dont know what he should reply he just moves beside her and says, “Do you remember me? It’s me Arjun..we met 2 years back”

Radhika, “Sorry i don’t remember you and moreover you said it is 2 years back obviously i cannot remember anything which might me unnecessary also”

Arjun don’t even know what to reply now and just stares her. Radhika, “I think i have to go now..am getting late”

Automatically arjun moves aside just keep on starring her and radhika kicks her DIO and goes off. Then he slowly walks to his car where Nandini is waiting for him.

Nandini understands by seeing Arjun’s reaction, instead of pity she could do only one thing is that just laughing seeing him. Arjun gets irritated and glares her.

Both reached the Mehra’s mansion and Arjun starts shouting at servants who comes in his way, Nandini just signs them to be quiet and sends them off. She just stares her brother going to his room and locks himself there.

She smiles saying, “Now the new love story starts…am so excited for it”

Arjun gets restless thinking about Radhika how she avoids him and said she don’t know him. He talks to himself, “How dare she said that she don’t know me. I remembered her but how can she forget me. I am sure she is playing with me..with the business man Arjun. I will show her who i am”
He takes his laptop and log into his FB account and checks for Radhika misra profiles. He gets stunned seeing her profiles not by seeing her pictures but reading her achievements and activities on social service. He remembers Nandini’s words echoing, “She is sweet, caring , loveable”. He keeps on surfing her profile and gets all the details about her what she did earlier and what she is doing now. He gets the uptodate information about her and logs out from his FB and with determination he falls on his bed and smiles remembering her dance on the stage with kids..without his knowledge he murmurs, “Bubbly”.

Next morning, he gets ready to go out so early which makes nandu in shock. Before she asks he takes his car and drives quickly. He stops his car in the centralised park and puts his headset , plays the song and starts doing his jogging. He searches for some one in the park and jogging uninterestingly. Suddenly his face becomes bright seeing radhika doing jogging hearing music in her earphone, with her two more kids also jogging one boy and one cute girl.

Arjun runs little faster and joins with them. He jogs beside her and waves his hands infront of her face. Radhika gets shocked seeing him but did not show it and contiues jogging. But the boy and girl notices this and pulls his shirt pushes him back to them and continues jogging behind radhika.

Arjun stops and says, “Ok now i need to change my target”. He runs and joins with the kids and starts introducing himself to them.

Arjun, “Hey kiddos…i am Arjun..what’s your name?”

Girl, “My mom says not to talk to strangers”

Boy, “My mom too”

Both increases their speed and runs to reach Radhika. They both turns often to find Arjun but he is nowhere behind and when they turns front, to their shock Arjun jumps infront of them with 2 icecreams. The girl stopped there itself and looks mouthwatering. The boy simply stares the icecream and runs at the same place.

Finally Arjun covers them and the trio sits in the bench and having a chat.

Arjun to boy, “Your name?”

Boy, “Akhil uncle”

Arjun, “Uncle? I am not ur uncle call me as Arjun”

Akhil, “But i call her as Radhika di”

Arjun, “Oh is it..then call me as Jiju”

Akhil gives hifi and winks at him.

Arjun to girl, “And sweetheart what’s ur name?”

Girl, “Sahana jiju”

Arjun laughs hearing jiju from their mouth and says, “Nice name”

Arjun, “Well..how you know her? And who are you both to her?”

Akhil, “We are neighbours jiju. She stays nearby us. Recently shifted there”

Arjun to sahana, “You are also staying nearby to her?”

Sahana giggles and looks at Akhil who is also chuckles and says, “Jiju…we both are in same house only”

Arjun, “What? means you both are siblings?”

Sahan just nods her head and licking the icecreams from her hand.

Arjun gets confused and says, “The you said your mom said not to talk to strangers and you replied My mom too”

Akhil, “Ya ya..her mom is my mom and my mom is her mom”

Arjun bangs his head multiple times and looks at his pathetic situation between these two kiddos. While talking he gather all the informatin about Radhika from them.

Radhika still jogging and gets scared of not seeing Akhil & Sahana behind her. She searches them everywhere and finally found them with Arjun having icecreams.

She comes to them and glares them angrily. Sahana widens her eyes and swallows the balance ice immediately and Akhil still have big one in his hand blinks at her of not knowing what to do.

Arjun gets up and tries to cover up for the kids but she just raises her hands to stop him from saying anything and drags both the kids from there. She goes to parking and kicks her DIO. Sahana sits behind radhika and Akhil behind Sahana both hugs radhika tightly and she drives off from there.

All these are watching by Arjun and says, “I know you still remember me and that’s y u r avoiding me. I want to say to you that i am not that Old Arjun who hurted you without any reason”

Radhika is driving fastly and all her old memories haunting her especially Arjun’s rejection by reasoning her physique. Her mindvoice, “I will not allow you to hurt me again”

Pppppsssshhhhhhhh….oh god. Typed so much today. So guys tell me how is this Few shots. I cannot say exactly how many chapter it will come but sure i am not gonna write it as a FF..it will surely be a few shots only. So pls do read and tell me how is it. If you don’t like also..pls tell me ur comments frankly.

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