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MMZ- Its Hard To Hate You (Ardhika) -one shot

MMZ-Its Hard To Hate You
One shot

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“I hate this dress of yours.” Said Arjun….cringing at the sight of a black knee length body hugging dress of hers.
A frown appeared on her forehead.., “and I hate you….but how does that matter anymore…right Mr. Mehra?”
Want to play husband wife now….muttered Radhika under breath.
Both the souls could feel the burden of being tied in this unwanted relation, of wanting to break free…to run away, yet not being able to.
they were the people who were perfect in each and every sense individually but were too strong headed to make this marriage work….
They disliked each other’s company….each other’s personality….its far easier to say that they disliked each other immensely….
Arjun Mehra, the head of Mehra Group Of Industries and Radhika Mishra, The owner and Founder of Birdsong, Rhythm and Creative, had married each other only to make their families happy.
It was ironic, that they had taken an instant liking to each other’s families and but it was different story when it came to each other.

Arjun sighed, it was the third day in a row that Radhika was going out on lunch with his sisters. He just couldn’t understand her….she was happy and her chirpy self with everybody but him….he wondered if it was him.
Arjun slapped the back of his head for thinking too much…..picked up his coat and headed to office.
Arjun was in for a surprise when he came back home….the house was decorated beautifully with flowers, balloons and ribbons. He wondered what had got into his wife.
He entered in and saw Radhika placing flowers in a vase.
He moved forward and grabbed her elbow, turned her to his side, “what’s going on?”
Radhika was irritated at his intervention but calmed herself as their families were coming and it wasn’t the perfect time to fight….
She took a deep breath,removed his grip on her hand, took a flower from the vase and handed it over to him, “calm down, Mr. Hubby…..i wonder what happened to the brother in you that you forgot it’s Ria birthday.”
Radhika was trying hard to not sound cold or taunting….she knew it will hurt everyone immensely if they found what that the two weren’t sharing an exactly cordial relationship….so, she didn’t spoil her or his mood. But her voice lacked the exact warmth of a wife….and it pinched Arjun.
Arjun felt guilty instantly, ria was his youngest and most loved sister…..he cursed himself for forgetting her birthday out of all the people in the world.
Seeing his reaction Radhika smiled unknowingly, “they will be here in 30 mins……so, please freshen up.”
This rubbed Arjun wrong….she took her little smile as a smile of triumph….he felt that she had deliberately not reminded him so she could prove herself to be better than Arjun…..it isn’t a competition, he muttered and went off to their room.
Radhika heard his comment but couldn’t care less for it. So she ignored it and decided to ignore him for the evening as well.
Arjun came out of his room after taking a shower….wearing only his track pants….he slicked his hair back with his hand….his well toned, chiselled body glistened with small water droplets. He could give any model a run for his money. He was just like a greek god, well, a god having trouble with his wife…Arjun chuckled to himself with his thought.
He dried himself completely and went to the mirror to set his hair when his eyes fell on a packet kept on the bed.
He turned and picked it up….it was wrapped in cheerful bright coloured paper….
He was about to open it when his eyes fell on a piece paper which was kept beside it. He picked it up and opened it.
“Arjun, don’t open it….i knew you’ll forget, so I brought this for ria as a your gift. It is a sling bag she always wanted. Just tell her you brought it for her. She’ll be very happy.
A smiled crept up his face…..
His pov, “I don’t get you Radhika….you are soft and caring towards everyone….but throw a lot of attitude at me, which is the real you?”
He tore a page off his notepad and wrote, “thank you Radhika, you are a life saver.
And slipped in her closet.

The evening progressed perfectly. Everyone was left after having a hearty meal.
Radhika cleared the plates, Arjun offered to help but she declined.
Arjun nodded and moved to his room…
Arjun was fast asleep when Radhika entered the room….she covered him with a blanket….
“you look good when you keep your mouth shut.” She muttered.
The next morning, they both had meetings and again had a fight over who’ll take a bath first….finally, they both got ready and left to their respective work places.
Radhika came back from office around 7….she was dead tired….all she wanted was a cold shower and to sleep for ages…
But sadly, we don’t always get what we want…right?
She freshened up and toiled hard in the kitchen making dinner for Arjun….after almost two hours, an entire Italian dinner was ready….radhika placed the dinner on the table….and went to change…
She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled….she could scare any one right now…..covered with sweat, she had some flour on his cheek…her hair were a mess….her clothes were sticking to her body….overall, she was an eerie sight…
She smiled, took another shower and came back to her human form…
Her stomach growled with hunger but she decided to wait for Arjun. She sat in living room watching tv. It was almost 11:30….still no sign of Arjun….
She called him, but his number was out of reach…
She called his secretary and she was informed that Arjun had a late meeting and he had just left….
Radhika assured herself that it is a matter of another 20 mins only….but Arjun didn’t show up for almost an hour. She had lost all hope and was about to go to bed. When she heard a key click in the lock….
And there he was…..with his coat flung back his shoulder and his sleeves rolled up, his shirting fitting his tone body completely…
Radhika, “why are you so late?”
Arjun keeping his bag and coat down on the sofa, “had a late meeting.”
Radhika was almost interrogated him, “talked to your secretary….you should have been back home an hour ago.”
Arjun, “why are behaving like a wife?”
Radhika lost her patience she spoke angrily, “ not that I am happy about it….but because I am yours. And that wasn’t the answer to my question.”
Arjun crashing down the sofa, loosening his tie…answered absentmindedly, “stopped to have dinner.”
Radhika looked at him and then at the enormous spread she had prepared for him, she felt tears welling up her eyes…she stomach growled in hunger but she didn’t care any long….she looked for something to reply back to him but she mind continued to be a perfect blank…, “o-ohh- ohh I see.” She stammered and ran back to her room as tears started rolling down her cheeks…
Arjun looked after her disappearing form and was brought back to his senses with the bang of the door. His eyes travelled to the dinning table and he understood the reason for Radhika being upset….he stood up and moved to the table…opened the lid of the containers and delicious aroma reached his nostrils….she clearly had worked very hard for making his favourite food the way he liked it.
An entirely different feeling crept up his heart…..he was Guilty. Happy. Regretful. Fed up. Not bothered. Sleepy At the same time….. Radhika’s action showed that he had some place in her heart……that he mattered to her…
He felt guilty of having his dinner at some restaurant….of coming late at night, and to have even bothered to call her once.
He was fed up of his thoughts….”well, Radhika didn’t cook everyday, if she had prepared such a feast…she should have called and informed me, it wasn’t your fault”.His mind reasoned.
“She did call….it was my phone which wasn’t reachable.” His heart argued.
This when on for some more time, and he, who was already dead tired when off to sleep deciding to talk to her in the morning.

Sun rays seeped through the crack in the curtain, falling on arjun’s face…disturbing his sleep….
He moved his hand on the bed to feel radhika’s presence, but she wasn’t there…..
Arjun opened his eyes and shouted her name…on receiving no reply, he looked for her in the entire house…..he checked the lawn even….he found his entire breakfast ready on the table…his eyes fell on a little note, kept along with his plate…
“I’ll be late, don’t wait for me.”
Arjun sighed, got ready…had his breakfast..
Arjun was had cracked a major deal and to finalise it he had to go to delhi for three days…he was to leave immediately..
Arjun went back home packed his bags and was about to leave….but he came back and left a little note for Radhika…
“going away for three days….business meeting in delhi..
Radhika came back that evening and felt a little void in her heart on not finding Arjun…
He had a strange effect on her…….his presence irritated her yet his absence made her long for him.
She sighed, cooked a simple meal for herself and sat down surfing social media….
She was furious when she saw arjun’s pictures with a girl….they were updated an hour ago….
What the hell…she muttered…
She calmed herself down, assuring herself that she was just a colleague of his….and there was nothing between them.
She was irritated to the core and she had to coax herself to sleep…
Damn you, Arjun…she cursed before finally sleeping..
The next morning, the first thing she did after she woke was to check arjun’s profile…..she saw another set of pictures of his with the same girl…..and their proximity made her go all red…
She decided to teach him a lesson…she took the next flight to delhi….barged in his meeting….and slapped him hard…
Arjun froze, he was taken aback.
Before he could react….radhika started shouting on the girl…asking her if she had any shame, hitting on a married man…
Arjun smiled, his plan worked…arjun caught her hand deftly before she could slap the girl….he placed her hand of his heart, “its only you in here, Radhika…”
Radhika wasn’t convinced, “what about the pictures?”
Arjun gave a sheepish grin, “well, I knew you felt for me…it was all my plan to make you realise it…”
He went on one knee and spoke a single line which made her go weak in her knees, “I love you”
Radhika hugged him tight burying herself in him…
The loud claps from people present in the conference brought the love birds back from their separate world..
Radhika was thoroughly embarrassed and she kept looking down…arjun smiled and gave his hotel room key to her…., “wait for me.”
She nodded and left..
Arjun smiled and spoke the people in boardroom, “good job guys ….your payment will reach u…now you may leave.”

Radhika Arjun Mehra, you are a tough nut to crack, he said to himself smiling…as he headed to his hotel room….

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