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MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 4)

Arjun cries seeing his beloved friends in pool of blood. He looks at kushi who is crying without knowing anything. He couldn’t control her tears and bursts out crying more than before seeing her mumma on the floor. She gets down from arjun’s hand and moves slowly to Sam and touches her cheeks to wake her up. Arjun cries vigorously seeing them and takes kushi in his arms and hugs her tightly to make sure that he is there for her to support.

He informs his manager and tells him everything. Then they both informs this to police and finally caught Saral and got him punished. But before going to prison saral looks kushi and arjun and says, “Arjun…i will be back. I will not leave any single symbol of Nesam’s love. You saw her right, she got died in my hands only, coz of rejecting my love …and just remember that i will not leave the love of their life which is in your hands”


Arjun tightens his grip on Kushi who is sleeping peacefully in arjun’s arms and he gives him a death glare to saral where in the police taken him forcefully from there. He gives a devilish smile at Arshi and signs that he will be back soon.

FB ends—

Arjun cries remembering the incidents by seeing the pictures of Nesam in that room.

He stares the picture and says, “I still remember the way Saral told me that he will kill kushi too. But i will not allow him even to see my daughter’s shadow. Kushi is the symbol of your love and she is the only rememberance of you both which i have now…she is my daughter, my life and i will never allow any one harm my Kushi.”

After sometime, he composes himself and comes out from the room. And exactly he meets Radhika on the door step accidently. She looks at his wet eyes and finds something wrong. He avoids her eye contact and is about to move.

Rads, “You cried?”

Arjun stops where he is and says, “Y should i?”

Rads, “Oh..i thought you cried thinking about the your slap on me”

Arjun now wipes his tears completely and turns to her side, “R u really a nut case? How can you think like this?”

Rads, “Y not? Even i used to cry after scolding the kids”

Arjun, “You are not kid” said sarcastically.

Rads just rolls her eyes and goes from there.

Arjun just stares the way she goes and murmurs, “I really getting a tough time to handle this girl” he sighs and goes to his room.

Arjun for past two days does his office work from home itself. He sits in his study room and does his work, meetings etc. But he always listens the giggles sound of kushi and a cute laughing sound from radhika. Whenever they smile, he also smiles listening them.

In the evening, he just gets a cup of coffee and stands near the window and looks at his garden. Suddenly his reaction got changed seeing the scene over there. He keeps the cup on the table and runs outside to the garden. He gets shocked what he finds there.

Kushi, Radhika, the servants and even the securities everyone is playing Ko Ko (Kho Kho) game in their garden area with everyone. Arjun is stunned and couldn’t believe his eyes wht he is seeing now. He never seen anyone this much happy before and now his own servants looks new for him.

He looks at Radhika playing interestingly and often does refree job. He slowly walks to them and the servants stops playing seeing him. Radhika is facing her back and did not notice that Arjun is coming. She looks at the servants who stopped playing asks, “What happen? Y u stopped? Run..otherwise u will be out”

One of the servant signs her to look back and she does not understand what they are saying. Kushi also comes to them without knowing anything and gets shocked seeing Arjun behind Radhika. She looks at Radhika and gives some sound, “Sssss”.

Rads, “What Ssss? Come y u too stand with them”

Kushi bangs her head and whispers, “Papa”

Rads, “What Papa? Ha ha ha…don’t worry. He will never come here unless it is for scolding me, Khadoos”

Kushi rolls her eyes and whispers again, “PAAAPAAA”

Rads, “What Papa Papa? What he will do? I am here na. Don’t get scared of him. What he will do atlast…start scolding everyone. Be like this, be like that, walk like this, eat this..that. If he comes infront of me, i will make him also to play with me” and she imitates him while saying that.

Everyone is shocked her madness and feels pity for after seeing Arjun just one step behind her.

Kushi chuckles and says, “Is it so? Then try now?”

Rads, “Haan haan..i can try but for that your so called papa has to be here na”

Radhika’s body gets stiffen after hearing a voice so close , “I am already here”. She widens her eyes and looks at the servants and kushi alternatively and they all are laughing at her by closing their mouths and she slowly turns to face Mr.Khadoos.

SHe sees him standing so close to her with an inch gap between them and she is about to move back and her legs got entwined and she is about to fall but arjun catches her at the nick time by wrapping his hands on her waist. She gets tensed and some unknown feelings and reactions passing on her body and she could feel that. She just grab his shirt for safety and looks at him with her big eyes.

Arjun who catches at the exact timing and stuns seeing her so close and he could see the fear in her eyes after seeing him. He gets mesmerised seeing her browny eyes, and rosy lips. He just pulls her with a small jerk and she hits on his chest. He moves the hairs on her face and says, “What did you say?”

Kushi looks at them with open mouth and continues staring ardhika.

Rads stammers and don’t know what to reply to him. He then moves his vision to others and immediately all runs from there, only kushi is left.

Rads comes out from his grip and says, “I was just praising you..nothing else”

Arjun, “Oh really? I did not know that you too can praise me”

Rads gulps seeing him moving towards her but suddenly he bends down and lifts kushi in his arms saying, “Climate becomes so cool now. Let’s get inside”

Rads stands at the same place and arjun tells, “Miss. Radhika Misra..do i need to lift you also?”

Rads, “WHAT?”

Before he says something, she walks fast crossing him and kushi giggles seeing her and kiss his cheeks.

Arshi goes inside followed by Radhika and finds something is been changing in him. He also forgot smiling after Nesam’s death and Kushi too..but now she is laughing heartily which makes him to be happy seeing her cute smiles. Everything is becoming new for him and everyone…he feels so happy inside and the reason for all this change is only coz of that girl Radhika.

He sends kushi and goes to his study room and lost in his thoughts.

He closes his eyes and remembers a girl saying, “I just love only you and i cannot take this burden..you are making me maa for this baby before our marriage itself.

What rubbish…I am sorry Arjun…i want only you..ONLY YOU”

He opens his eyes and goes to kushi’s room but he gets lost himself seeing Rashi there and radhika is decorating her like an angel and taking care of her very well. An unknown happiness appears in his face and he enters inside seeing them.

Kushi gets happy seeing him there and says, “Papa..see me. I am looking like an angel right”

Arjun lifts her in his arms and says, “Not like..you are really an angel only”.

Arshi stands infront of the mirror and smiles seeing each and Arjun finds Radhika adores their bond lovingly by standing behind them. He gets surprise seeing a Perfect family in the mirror with Arjun having Kushi and Radhika standing behind them. He stares her via mirror and she too reciprocates it by looking at him.

Precap: Not decided yet ?

So how is this chappy. Shall i finish it in next chappy by giving everything in a crispy way. Pls let me know your comments on this SS. I don’t know whether i m meeting your expectations or not..

I dont know how it came… no proof reading.

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