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MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 2)

Kushi gets Radhika to guest room and makes her feel comfortable. Radhika wonders seeing kushi thinking that at this age she is more understandable and mature enough. She cups her face and says, “Thank you so much dear. I got my first and best friend here. So friends?” she extends her hands to kushi and kushi too happily shakes her hand with radhika by acknowledging her friendship.

They both spent sometime there where kushi tells radhika about previous governess about what they did, how they used to behave. Rashi gets good time together and they don’t even aware that it is late in the night. A lady servant comes and calls both for dinner. Kushi, “Shall we go now? Otherwise papa will come here to pick me up. But before that we have to do one deal”


Rads curiously, “What deal?”

Kushi, “How should i call you? Like Teacher, Miss, Mam, Aunty or Akka…actually i am confused now.” she keeps pout face looking at her.

Rads smiles seeing her innocence and says, “No need of all this. We both are friends now right..so u can call me by name itself. mmmm just call me Radhu”

Kushi gets more happy than before and hugs her happily says, “Thank you so much Radhu”

Rads, “No thanks and sorry in friendship”

Kushi, “Ouch…okay…Thanks Vapous”

Both laughs and leaves from there to dining hall. There Arjun is already waiting for them and is busy in his mobile. Rashi while walking to the table giggles and cracks some jokes. Arjun hears giggling sound and turns back to find but gets surprised seeing Kushi laughs heartily holding radhika’s hand and walking like an angel.
Very first time he sees Kushi laughing like this. He tries so much to make her happy but all his efforts went in vain. Kushi never shares her pain and sorrows with him. He used to force her to tell her wishes but she never showed off and always adjusts according to the situation and accepts whatever Arjun says. Often he used to think how come she can be this much understandable and adjustable and he also feels bad to keep her in house always but he needs to be and he don’t have any other option. But now seeing kushi with full joy his heart jumps in happiness and ofcourse he gets happy tears.

Rashi comes and sits opposite to him. Arjun, “Kushi, u used to sit with me only right..now what is this new habit?”

Kushi winks at him and says, “No papa…today i will sit with my friend” with wide smile.

Arjun narrows his eyebrow, “Friend?”

Kushi points to Rads and says, “She is my friend Radhu”

Arjun gives rads an unbelievable look but she did not even look at him once and always smiles seeing kushi. A small smile comes to his corner of his lips seeing her and signs the servants to serve the food.

Again one more surprise for Arjun is kushi eating her food without any compulsion and that too happily. Arjun is like jaw dropping seeing Rashi bond within a short span and wonders seeing the drastic change in kushi. Arjun in her mindvoice, “No wonder why Mother suggests this girl”. Anyway he gets happy seeing kushi and continues having his food.

He finished his food and is about to get up but before going from there he says, “Miss. Radhika, once u finish ur food, just come to my study room with ur certificates and proofs”. She just nodded to him and back to concentrate on kushi.

He is really surprised seeing rads not even minding him as a person and this is absolutely new for him. As far as he knows all the girls running behind him but this is something new for him where rads is the first lady who never mind about him. He then moves from there to his study room and waits for radhika.

He waits for her and in the meantime, he surfs about Little Angels Orphanage Home in the net and gets the detailed information about it like activities, events, contacts, gallery. He simply clicks on the gallery and gets stunned seeing the first picture itself is of Radhika’s with a cute kid in her lap and that kid is kissing her cheeks. He continuously starring the picture without any reason. He cannot define why he stared it but something stops him to move from that picture. He gets disturbed by a knocking sound on his door. It’s none but Radhika stands at his door step and waits for his permission. He immediately closes the window and let her in.

Radhika gives him a gentle smile and gives him her ceritificates and proofs. He feels some tension in his heart unknowingly while getting those and by mistake it got slip from his hand and everything scattered on the floor. Both gets shocked and Arjun, “Oh..i m sorry…just got slipped”

Rads, “It’s ok sir. I will take it” by saying that she bends down and collects the papers, Arjun feels guilty and he also bends to take it but before he bends, she gets everything and gets up by arranging the papers. It is the exact timing when arjun bends down and Rads gets up. Her head hits with his chin and both feels the immense pain.

Rads, “Aaahhh…god”

Arjun, “Ouch…shit”

Rads looks at him hearing his sound who is rubbing his chin coz of pain and she is rubbing her head. She suddenly laughs seeing him but he stares her angrily and says, “What’s there to laugh? Can’t you see properly before getting up?”

Rads stops laughing and replies back, “Same applies to you also. Atleast i was getting up and did not see you..but you were bending down right would have seen me na. You could have been more careful than me sir”

Arjun is speechless and this is the first time and first person who gives reply back to him. Till now no one says against his word and this looks new for him hearing someone is questioning him back. He did not say anything but just lost himself in starring her.

Rads understood what she said bites her toungue and keeps pout face. Arjun comes to his sense and with intense tone, “Just leave now”.

Rads finds something different in his voice and without thinking much she keeps the papers on the table and leaves from there.

Rads actually running to her room and it is noticed by Kushi and wonders why her friend is running that too from her papa’s room.

Arjun sits in his chair and rubs his hair says, “What is happening around me? Till now no one dare to raise their voice against me but now today a small girl gives me a reply and that too keeping me at fault and i kept quiet.”

He looks at the paper she kept on the table, he takes her certificate one by one and gets to know her education and everything. And he gets to know that she is an orphan and her brought up is from the same orphanage home. He felt bad knowing about her birth and stares her pic which is pasted in the certificate.

Don’t know how long he stared the picture and he slept sitting in the same position having the paper on his chest.

Next Morning, he woke up very late and rushes to get ready. He gets ready and comes to the dining table and looks for Kushi. He asks the servant and he replies, “Sir, that new madam ji and Kushi beta went to temple in the early morning itself”

That’s it Arjun is extremely shocked and shouts, “WHAT THE HELL?” he continues scolding the servants of allowing her out, “How can she go out without telling me and who allowed her?”

The servants are really scared and shivers seeing the arrogant Arjun who is at his high temper. He takes his mobile to dial but he don’t know radhika’s number, he immediately runs to his study room and picks up her certificate and finds her mobile number there. he immediately dials it and waits anxiously for her to pick it up.

There Rashi finishes their prayer and walking on the road. Kushi is extremely happy now seeing everything lively and it is very new for her. Rads wonders seeing Kushi enjoying each and every small thing outside. That time she gets a call from unknown number and she picks it up.

Rads, “Hello”

Caller, “Where are you?” its like a frown voice.

Rads, “Sorry..May i know who is this?”

Caller, “ARJUN….For god sake can you just tell me where the hell are you?”

Rads gets stops hearing his frowning voice and replies, “Nearby temple..and we are on…”

Arjun is hearing what she is saying but before she completes her sentence he hears a screaming sound and all his nerves stops and his body becomes chill. He drops the mobile in shock and some flashes are running in his mind.

Flashes on a car accident and A lady in painful, “Ar..Arjun, Ku..kushi…kushi…pls take care”.

He comes out from the trance and shouts “KUSHIIIIII” and starts running madly on the road to the nearby temple. His security guards also follows him without any aim.

Precap: Flashback of Arshi(Arjun + Kushi). Ardhika’s soft corner for each.

That’s it for today. Hope you all like this second shot. Don’t forget to put your valuable comments here. Nd tomorrow i have an interview so wish me good luck guys ?

And for Just two of us – Last episode i am writing a special one still…it takes little time to make it more special..pls bare me.

ETL – i will post it on Tuesday or Monday night for sure.

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