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Mmz: arts and sculpture ( prologue and intro)

Hiii guys thanks for all the love u gave n I hope u will do the same in future…this ss one of my heart content..here more than the friendship n love u will see the art n sculpture of my place…don’t know how u like this; but I wanted to convey it from long even before I started writing…this is like my dream..even i know i can’t justified my culture n heritage site yet i want to do..i just can’t held myself more..so bear this and I wanted ur support n suggestions..


Lord Jagannath temple,srikshetra,Puri ,soul of India…at sea beach visitors,tourists,local people roaming here n there…enjoying the cool breeze which came to them after touching the sea…sun set at Puri is the most scenic enchanting beauty which attracts many hearts toward it…the holy auspicious bell rings and the evening worship of the sacred deity in sanctum make people’s mind & heart, calmed & contented…the serene and Sublime environment give souls of devotees a natural peace and joy..anybody can feel the purity in air..

A young man of 24 at sea beach fixed his camera to capture the views of the beauty of nature ,sun set and crowd..he moved his camera in different angle with moving himself..suddenly he bumped with somebody and both fell down..

” just see before u move to anywhere..else people will think u r doing this purposefully”, a calmed musical voice said while she made herself clean up sands which covered her whole body..

” I am extremely sorry for inconvenience..i just got busy with my work for research..so I couldn’t notice u”, replied the young man with a guilt filled voice..

” mmm…let me help u “, he extended his hand to help her get up with her books..

She denied his help politely and got up by herself..He didn’t see her face yet as she busy collecting her books..and her hair covered her face..once she stood erect sea breeze flowed her traces back n he could see her..he stood frozen..he saw many girls from around all over the world ; but she was different..she was not extremely fair or ultra modern, yet something was there in her captivating eyes which made him to look her shamelessly..and the next whole time rather than taking photographs of sight he took her snaps with nature without her knowledge..
A content,soothing smile appeared on his face whenever he remembered her and the work he did with her in the least known,least cared state of India..that was something even he could not believe himself he did extremely well and got his peace n contentment after so long of restlessness..it was passed long 7 year ; but he will never forget her,or never forget Odisha and its natural beauty with innocent heart..his pool of thoughts broken by his friend com secretary teji..

” can I know what made Mr Arjun Albert Mehera so engrossed and busy with his own thoughts”, asked teji curiously as his happy go lucky,charming friend changed very much from past 7 years..

” nothing happened..just think about my art exhibition”, stated Arjun as he wanted to change the topic as he buried that phase of his life inside him..

” it’s fixed..this time the exhibition will be at Vancouver..btw I want that painting this time in exhibition and no excuses plzzz”, said teji as he wanted desperately one painting of his which feels like alive n talking by itself..
He went away without even listening his answers..Arjun looked on his exit direction n lost in his thoughts again..

Character sketch
Arjun Albert Mehera: An Indian origin Canadian citizen..lonely person who travelled whole world to get eternal peace..history n culture researcher by profession..painting is his passion..he got rid of his restlessness after meeting radhika 7 years ago at Odisha during his research tour..

Radhika Mishra: Typical odia Brahmin girl..who is also history n culture researcher..she is trendy yet has respect for her culture,tradition n values..one of the richest person..another restless soul but surrounded by everything from her family ..believed to spread happiness ..

Neil n Sam : Guest appearances
Mainly temple art n sculpture will be shown here…
Hope it’ll not bore u or bother u..let me know ur sincere views..I am requesting..

Want to spread fragrance of positiveness,compassion

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