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MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt – second shot

MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt
Shot two

Guys, I had intended it to be a two shot….but since you guys didn’t want it to end…I’ll extend it….it wouldn’t be a complete ff but just a couple of shots more….actually I had planned the content only for two shots and plus I cant really manage my time to write two ff simultaneously as I have this real bug to provide updates quick. I hope you understand. Plus, there is a saying that all good things come to an end. ?
Please ignore my typos.
Happy reading 


Sam came of their room and looked at Arjun….expecting him to speak something. When he didn’t , she herself spoke to break the awkward silence, “so…I guess, this is it.”
Arjun looked at her looked, “what do you mean?”
Sam kept her hand on his, “ we are in love….and are married….”
Arjun removed his hand from beneath sam’s , “ sam, don’t take me wrong but i don’t love you….”
Sam was irked by his answer, “so what?….we are married and its not that you love somebody else…you’ll soon fall in love with me.”
Arjun sighed and replied, “fine…Its late…go to sleep.”
Sam looked at him sharply, “aren’t you going to come?”
Arjun, “No”
Sam left irritated. Arjun looked on…he was getting restless thinking of Radhika.
His pov, “ sam, I don’t know how to explain it to you…but I don’t love you…and never will….i am hopelessly in love with your best friend….i married you because I wronged you…am guilty of messing with your feeling….sam, you may have my name…but you cant have my heart…my soul….those solely belong to Radhika…my Radhika. I desperately want to ran back to her…hug her tight…and to never let go…..but I guess, wishes aren’t always granted.”
Arjun went to his bedroom…..which now was sam’s as well. He took his pillow and a spare sheet. Sam, who was observing him, asked, “where?”
Arjun answered even without looking at her, “will sleep on the couch.”
Sam, “but aren’t we married?”
Arjun didn’t answer her and moved out.
Sam was hurt…..arjun had accepted her but only for the namesake….she felt lost…she felt tears streaming down her cheek…her pov, “ I don’t know….it’s all a eyewash…I guess, thing were better before….his love may be fake but atleast his care was real…he wasn’t my boyfriend but atleast was my friend…and look at him now, he doesn’t look at me…doesn’t talk….answers all my questions in the shortest possible manner. I have his name but not him.” She cried herself to sleep.

Arjun couldn’t sleep…Radhika occupied all his thoughts…..her effort for the truth….her trauma…those lifeless eyes, it was all flashing before his eyes. He felt disgusted….he was the reason for this state of hers. He knew he couldn’t sleep….he wanted to see her. He resisted this urge of his for some time…but after a while he just couldn’t. He grabbed his car keys and drove like a maniac to neil’s house….he knew that’s the only place he would find Radhika.
All the while…rana kaka’a words kept echoing in his ears, “nandini may have messed up relations but your decision to keep your marriage with sam has destroyed four lives.”

Once he reached, he looked at the bungalow…..he saw a light on in one of the rooms and just knew it was radhika’s. The only issue was the it was the first floor…but he no longer cared…..if there was a slight chance that he’ll get to see his Radhika, he was more than willing to take it.
Arjun climbed up the drain pipe and peeked inside the window.
Neil was consoling Radhika…or was rather begging her to say something or to cry. She hadn’t shed a single tear since then. Her silence was killing Arjun. Neil decided to take matters into his own hands…he gave her a glass full of beer….a couple of shots of vodka and asked her to drink.

Arjun’s mouth hung up….he couldn’t understand what neil intended and he cursed himself a hundred times for leaving his Radhika alone with neil. He was about to barge in but stopped short In his tracks. He suddenly understood what neil aimed for and he smiled nervously.

Radhika looked at neil and cocked up her eyebrows, “alcohol?”
Neil poured himself a glass, “well, we are both heartbroken….and its said, the best way to heal a broken heart is booze…so why not?”
Radhika nodded and gulped down her glass….neil poured her another one…and sat sipping on his own.
After a couple of glasses Radhika was intoxicated and started blabbing about Arjun. Arjun smiled seeing her in such a state while still standing to the drain pipe.
Radhika screamed, “that dog! I hate him…..hate him so much…..”
She started mimicking Arjun making weird faces and using a funny tone, “I am a man of my words…..i intend to keep my relation with sam….i am this…I do that….my foot…..never met a more messed up person before…”
Neil himself was hurt….he too had his heart broken…though he was being strong for his chashni…..but feelings…uff…what to say about them…they eat you out unless shared.
He too got intoxicated, “chashni….they left us…..arjun….sam left us like this.”
His voice hardened and he spoke in a icy whisper, “they don’t care….they would be enjoying their first night now…”
Radhika had enough…she was crying her heart out. Neil was continuously blubbing about sam….
Arjun waited there till they had slept….he watched them crying themselves to sleep.
He never felt so helpless before……..he had destroyed two beautiful souls…. And was destroying his own life and sam’s too. Even his eyes moistened seeing neil and Radhika In this state. The iron strong man, who never cried…today, felt tears streaming down this cheek.

He entered through the window…..cleared the bed…..picked up all the glasses and bottles….caught neil’s dangling legs and put them on the bed…..he then, picked up Radhika from the floor and layed her on the bed. He covered them with a blanket. Seeing the blanket a thousand memories rushed through his mind. He clearly remembered that day as any other.
It was after office….they were standing in the parking…sam hadn’t come that day…Arjun was standing with raneil..who were fighting like kids. Suddenly neil made a plan for shopping, “Radhika…I need to buy home supplies….groceries…sheets ….etc…..come with me naa….you know I suck at these things.”
Radhika pouted, “will you buy me dinner?”
Neil mechanically spoke…he was used to this…he knew very well that to get Radhika to do anything all you had to do was to bribe her with food, “yes.”
Radhika, “ice cream?”
Neil, “yes.”
Radhika nodded and she asked Arjun, “sir, why don’t you join us?”
Arjun, “I actually had some plans…” Arjun was going to meet sam as nandini had instructed him to do so.
Nevertheless Radhika dragged him with her….and he didn’t regret it.
His eyes widened on seeing radhika’s reaction after entering the mall….she was restless…she had an excellent choice but just didn’t want to stand at a single place……she was jumping here and there bringing things with her. It was that day they had brought this blanket.
His heart shed silent tears remembering those happy and excited faces….those happy days…..he cursed himself…for ruining those days and those memories.
He left the room…the same way he had entered…
His pov, “I don’t want sam’s fashion and style…I want radhika’s simplicity and elegance….i don’t want to converse with sam in elegant whispers….i want to converse with Radhika screaming my lungs out.….i don’t want to dine with sam in a five star hotel….i want to eat street food with Radhika….i don’t want sam’s maturity…I want Radhika’s childishness…….”
His thought process continued all the while he drove. By the time he reached his home…he was physical exhausted and emotional drained. He threw himself down on the sofa and before he knew it…he was in deep slumber.
When he woke up the next morning he found sam already up and dressed for office…..she had made breakfast…..and was laying the table…
Sam looked him and tried to reduce their distance, “good morning Arjun!”
Arjun looked at her and mumbled, “morning.”
His reply clearly showed how disinterested he was….sam was hurt….but she decided to give it another shot, “Arjun, I have laid out your clothes on the bed….please go and get ready….i’ll make coffee for you and you can have breakfast after..”
Arjun looked her, “its wasn’t necessary.” He growled.
He went to get ready. And when he came out……all of sam’s hopes were shattered in a single glance….it was as if a shard of ice pierced in her heart. He wasn’t wearing the clothes, she had taken out. And completely ignored the huge spread she had prepared for breakfast. He just walked out with his car keys in hand, “5 mins max….and lock up properly.”
Sam hurriedly picked up her bag and rushed out….not wanting to annoy him any further.

So that’s it for now……please let me know how it was 

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