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MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt- fourth shot

MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt
Shot four

Hello people! Anybody here knows when starting up will start?
Here’s the next shot of a relationship of guilt….will update pp soon…..hope you’ll let it.
Happy reading 
Sam was continuously sobbing….tears just kept rolling down her cheeks one after the other.
Arjun felt disgusted with himself….he was forced to accept all the conditions that surrounded him and the people he loved. He wanted to wipe sam’s tears but at the same time, he didn’t want her to think that he has or may have any soft corner for her in future.
Finally, he had enough…..he knew if sam exert herself anymore she’ll end up fainting. He parked the car on a side….and grabbed sam’s shoulders trying to turn her to himself.
Sam jerked up at his touch…..she removed his hands….and stared at him angrily with red bloodshot eyes…..
Arjun understood and he cooed her…asked her to calm down
Sam turned gentle and spoke between sobs, “you love r-radh-radhika….right?”
Arjun froze….he hadn’t told anybody and he wasn’t prepared to answer such a question to anybody…let alone his wife….what was he to say to her that yes, he loved her best friend more than his life….all the while when he is married to her.
He hesistated…sam spoke, “you must be thinking how do I know….and what the most appropriate answer is…right?”
Arjun nodded.
Sam sighed, “ you don’t have to answer….arjun, I know you love her…..”
Arjun asked in a small voice, “how do you know?”
Sam gave him a tired smiled, “I have seen the way to look at her…
*she paused for a couple of seconds….looked down at her hands and her dress and added in a small voice.*
I know because you used to look at me like that once.”
Arjun had tears in his eyes after listening to her, “sam, I am so sorry…..it wasn’t meant to be that way….it just was….its something I cant do anything about…I know there really is no justification but its just the way I feel.”
Sam, “I can understand about your feelings….but why did you even accepted this marriage? Well, nandini’s truth was out …rana kaka was standing by your side…..you could have easily have declared that all of it was fake….an act….and could have accepted that you don’t love me but Radhika.”
Arjun, “I accepted because I felt that I owed it to you…..i am still guilty for playing with the feelings of so many people sam. moreover, I hadn’t expressed my feelings to Radhika and my duty towards you gave me all the more reason not to.”
Sam smiled at him, “give me your phone.”
Arjun, “why?”
Sam, “because I asked you to…….wanna call your friend Ishaan.”
Arjun giving her the phone, “the lawyer….why?”
Sam smiled, “will ask him to prepare the annulment papers…..then you can marry Radhika…..atleast two souls of us four can be happy. We both know that you’ll be able to keep your love happy.”
Arjun snatched the phone back….he angrily whispered, “and what about you?”
Sam looked down at her dress and her hands….she didn’t reply…
Arjun looked at her for a couple of minutes, before turning away and starting the car.


While in birdsong, neil and Radhika tried really hard to focus on their work…..but they just couldn’t…..they kept glancing at the Arjun and sam’s cabin repeatedly. They kept getting glances of sam rushing out holding arjun’s hand.
Both were broken….yet smiled to assure the other of their well being.
Samrat, who had noticed sam and Arjun leaving and had also scene the effect it had on Radhika and neil…..
He was aware of neil’s love towards sam and that of Arjun towards Radhika…yet he couldn’t do anything…..he was disgusted with himself….it was because of one misunderstanding nandini had with him…..his own daughter and the three of her friends, he considered his own, were dieing inside.
He decided if he couldn’t do anything major….he could atleast provide Radhika and neil with some temporary solace.
He walked into neil’ cabin where they both were sitted, “I guess, that’s enough for today….you can leave.” He tried hard to maintain the professional aspect of his voice. But his heart melted hearing radhika’s who he considered just like his daughter, “uncle, but we haven’t finished the project report.”
Neil seconded her….
Samrat smiled, “its okay….you can always do it tommorow….you are distracted and I can understand.”
Neil got up and shook hands with him, “thank you sir.”
Radhika too forwarded her hand and muttered thank you.
Samrat gave her a warm smile and kept his hand on her head, “don’t bother beta…..you are just like sam to me, Radhika. You are my daughter too.” Saying so he hugged her.
Radhika melted…..her entire family was in rishikesh totally unaware of the turmoil raging within her heart….and when samrat called her his daughter…..she melted….she considered him equal to dilip…..
And unknowingly she started crying….taking all her frustration out….samrat felt a wetness of his shoulder. And just by that, samrat feel the pain…..anger….frustration…hatred…..anguish, Radhika had hidden in her heart.
Her respect grew manifolds in his eyes….he wondered how such a delicate porcelain doll could keep all this hidden deep inside her heart……he was more willing than ever to go to any length to protect his daughter.
He held her till she calmed….he smiled when she apologised.
He motioned to neil to take good care of her. And neil nodded, understanding.

Neil took her with him….and down in the parking lot.
He spoke cheerfully, “where to?”
Radhika looked at him in a way that made him realise that she could look through his veil of happiness, in a single glance.
Radhika quietly said, “it always happens….isnt it? The people who you love and hold dear…leave you devastated…always. “
Neil just looked at her, not knowing what to say..
Radhika took his hand and they sat down on a bench in a nearby park, “you know neil…..in school, in college all my friends would get into relationships…..i would talk to boys but never any step ahead of friendship…they used to bug me as to why am I not getting into any sort of coitus….i always smiled but never replied……one day in college, my best friends proposed to me and when I refused, he asked me whether I had a boyfriend….i still remember to this what i answered him….i said..why?…to go to movies…..to take long walks…to get ice cream to have it end in slammed doors…broken souls and heart break….sure, where do I sign up?
*she paused as if trying to stifle a tear.*
Neil, this was the first and last time I let me heart out of it cage…and see what I feared happened.”
Neil didn’t know what to say…..radhika’s words had shook him…he knew she loved Arjun but didn’t realise that he affected her to such an extent…Arjun had spoiled her soul….his case was different. He had a chance and he took it…he atleast confessed …..sam rejected him but that was a different matter….
But in Radhika’case….every damn person could see how much they both loved each other….well, everybody except samaira khanna…

Neil hugged Radhika tight….rubbed her back till she calmed down, whispering no more tears all the while.

After what seemed like forever, Radhika smiled.
Neil smiled back in return, “so where to?”
Radhika winked mischievously, “lets get drunk…!!”
Neil replied with the same vigour and energy in his voice, “your wish is my command, madam.”
Neil was surprised….this was entirely new Radhika that was in front of him. But he didn’t mind anything as long as it made her happy.
They both went to a famous restaurant cum bar and started having shots.

Arjun parked the car in front of his house, sam smiled…..she, today, was doubly sure that Arjun was a good man…he had golden heart.
She wiped her cheeks and was getting down…suddenly, , she turned around and asked Arjun, “Arjun….i know we cant be a husband and a wife…but can we atleast be friends?”
Arjun spoke with a wide grin on his face, “kya yaar Sammy….we always were.”
They laughed and entered in.
Sam went to the kitchen to prepare some food for both of them. She realised they were out of groceries……she told Arjun, “wait…..I’ll go get some groceries and only then I can make food.”
Arjun was hungry….he hadn’t had any breakfast….he grabbed his car keys, “change of plans…….will have food at some restaurant and will get groceries on the way back.”
Sam nodded and went to get ready.
After about 15 minutes, they were on their way….and as destiny would have it….they were heading towards the same restaurant Radhika and neil were getting intoxicated in.
Neil and Radhika were drunk to such a level that they had completely lost control over themselves and their surroundings.
Radhika was trying to leave and sam and Arjun were entering.
They were shocked to see her….she was the girl who never drank and now she was barely able to stand on her own legs. She muttered sorry and bumped into Arjun…..again and again the same thing happened….she kept bumping into him, then would take a step back only to bump into him again.
Arjun finally caught her hand….he supported her by holding both of her elbows.
He was angry…….she wasn’t taking care of herself….was out drinking alone and had lot more than she could possibly control.
He shook her in anger, “what the hell….why are you out here alone?”
Sam was also standing there….supporting Radhika as well….she could clearly see the love and concern behind the anger in arjun’s eyes……she was grateful that her best friend was in love with such a guy but the fact that she was married to him dimmed her mood. She was concerned for Radhika and cursed herself for being the cause of her misery.

Radhika laughed in a eerie manner and pointed a finger at Arjun, “you….mehra…..you…”
She passed out in his arms before she could complete. Arjun held her close to his heart, with one arm wrapped around her waist and the other holding one of her elbows. He no longer was aware of the fact that sam was with him…..it was Radhika on whom his concern and focus was.
True, sam felt bad but that was only for a spilt second…..she clearly realised in the next, that arjun’s love for Radhika was pure….they were meant to be together..

She decided to take matters into her own hands……she was willing to go to any length to get them both together. She pushed her thoughts back and decided to focus the matter on hand first.

Arjun’s question was answered a second later, when an intoxicated neil who had considered himself as a train was coming toward them……
He reached sam and he mimicked a horn…..
Sam knew they weren’t regular drinkers and knew by the amount they drank, that they had come to drown their pain in alcohol.
She motioned to Arjun to pick up Radhika and she wrapped neil’s arm around her shoulders….keep the other on his waist….supporting him.
Arjun, on the other hand picked up Radhika in his arms.
Sam spoke to him, “Arjun, lets just take them home……prerna aunty will be sick with worry if she sees them like that.”
Arjun nodded and moved towards the car…..and kept an conscious Radhika on the back seat….
Sam on the other hand was having a great difficulty in getting neil in.
Finally when she succeeded. She moved to the front passenger seat, assuming that Arjun will drive…
She looked back….radhika had held Arjun’s hand with one of hers and had clutched his shirt with the other….arjun was trying hard to make her let go but she just wasn’t ready.
Sam understood and spoke gently, “its okay Arjun…give me the keys…I’ll drive……she needs you.”
Arjun gave her a grateful smile…he thanked his stars for making sam understand his predicament.
He got in the back seat with Radhika and neil….
Sam stopped in front of a general store, turned back and spoke, “10 mins max….you sit with them…….i’ll get groceries…I am sure they haven’t had anything as well….”
Arjun nodded and sam moved inside the store swiftly.
Arjun looked at neil and then at Radhika…….neil was fiddling with a neck rest as if it was a secret device belonging to NASA.
He looked at Radhika…..he stroked her hand and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. She looked so peacefully….but Arjun knew her bones were made of chaos. He smiled looking at her. He shifted her a bit to bring her even more close to himself. Suddenly Radhika gained woke up…..her grip on arjun’s tightened.
He looked her….she still was drunk…..it seemed as if she was taking a short nap…
Sam returned and drove quickly to their home…
Arjun sat quietly…all the while looking at Radhika and thinking about sam’s decision regarding the annulment papers..

So that’s it for now….do let me know. 

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