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Meri Saasu Maa 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Dhaba
Arpita tells how maasa saved her, and that they were forcibly taking her away. he assures and calms her down. maasa asks to let bygones be. pari too begs him to


reconsider. Bunty thanks maasa galore for what she did. maasa and pari try and convince him not to get arpita married, if she doesnt wish to. he says that when a girl

gets older, they are immediately considered marriageable in his family, and they cant do anything about it. pari says that she wont let arpita get marriaed at any

cost. as he turns around, he finds arpita’s parents approaching, and he ducks along with them. after they search and leave, arpita pleads yet again, but then he is

adamant. pari is adamant to make her talk to arpita’s parents once, while

he says that women in his house, dont talk to the men, and that shall not change. he takes

her by the hand, but she begs that she doesnt want to marry. she wrenches her hands free and rushes to pari and pleads her to save her from getting married anyhow. he

gets upset and forcibly makes her sit in the van and gets in and drives off, while maasa and pari eye tensedly. arpita eyes them with heart wrenching eyes. after they

leave, pari expresses maasa, that she is at a conflict of the heart and mind, the heart wishes her to help arpita, but the mind tells her to stay out of it. maasa

expresses her full support in whatever she does and decision she takes.

Scene 2:
Location: Arpita’s residence
as the whole house is being decorated, bunty arrives with arpita, and they both witness the beating up of a guy tied to a folding, being beaten up mercilessly by a

guy. bunty addresses him as Bheema, and intervenes. arpita is scared to see this. bheema asks her to go in, for roka ceremony. bunty asks her to comply and go in. she

resignedly agrees and leaves. theen they both excitedly banter. bunty goes in. As he finds her in the room, arpita begs him to stop this wedding. he asks her to shush

up, while hugging her, and asks her to forget this, as even he cant go against his father. Outside, everyone is being scrutinised, before being allowed entry. pari and

maasa arrive, and are stopped. she expresses her desire to meet Pradhanji, arpita’s father. they guffaw and say that he meets women in the evening only, in the

farmhouse, and leeringly eye her. she stoically says that she wishes to meet, but they rebuke and threaten and maasa gets scared and takes her away. pari is adamant

that she needs to speak about arpita to her father. she finds a hoard of women getting down the truck and disguises as one too to get entry. Meanwhile, bunty arrives

in his father’s room, who is very happy to see him. he asks bunty if he has any problems coming here. they both exchange greetings. while he gloats about the marriage

being a business deal, bunty hesitatingly tries to bring up the topic that arpita doesnt want to, but his father shuts him up saying that he needs to have faith, and

just ensure all arrangements are done. bunty silently complies.

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