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Meri Saasu Maa 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari asks how dare he touch her, when in his daze, bunty comes close, and caresses her face. she asks him to get lost. he says that its his room. MEanwhile, seeing them both inside, chaaya gets to searching the file. he leeringly suggests that he shall bathe in cold water, and then starts taking off his clothes, and unbuttoning them. she gets disgusted and rushes out. he continues teasing her, while she storms out. she comes out to find chhaya seeting the room. she tells that bunty took this room. she asks her to let be. but she is alert when pari picks up the file and keeps it in the bag.


In maasa’s room, pari vents out her frustration at bunty, while maasa is amused, and says that she feels he has changed, and tells about the

earlier incident. but pari says that he is trying to trap her by impressing her, and asks her not to get influenced, and that she shall stop him right away. but chaaya comes to distract them, but still pari rushes out. maasa stares at her tensedly.

Meanwhile, finding that there is noone, kamlesh surfs through her bag, to get the file. he finds it and is about to leave, when bunty comes from the washroom, and takes it from him, while kamlesh makes an excuse. just then, pari storms in, and finds the file in bunty’s hand, and misunderstands. Pari asks him how dare bunty had the guts to use her stuff. he asks her a chance for explanation atleast, but she is in no mood to listen. she warns him not to use her stuff and there shall be dire consequences. they both eye each other tensedly. kamlesh stands tensedly. bunty thinks that he shall have to catch kamlesh red handed. pari asks him whats he doing here. kamlesh too flips and says that he was also concerned. bunty understands that he has to be cautious from kamlesh. pari continues to reprimand him, asking him to stay away from her, her life, and her office, as they need to establish themselves again. he gets tensed. she turns around and leaves, while her hair graze across his face, and he is lost in that only. he proclaims that he is in love.

Kamlesh is tensed, when chhaya comes and is sweet with her. but gets angry when she gets to know that he failed. just then, he gets gupta’s call. she fumes. he tells him, that he didnt get the file. the caller rebukes him, and he says that he shall retrieve it himself, and then call him back for the money deal.

At the dining table, bunty finds maasa cutting onions, and decides that she wouldnt let him help directly. he forcibly takes the onions from hr, and starts slicing them, while she wipes her tears. she smiles. then she also wipes the tears of his face. just then, pari comes excited to meet maasa, but gets tensed seeing bunty. maasa takes her away from there and ask whats the matter. Pari talks about the order thats doubled, for rakshabandhan. maasa is concerned about delivery in time, but pari asks her not to be tensed. Bunty hears intently, while cutting onions. he is determined that he would fulfill her dream. He gathers his men in the night, and asks them to get to pari’s help in the night, but disguised, so that she doesnt know he is helping her. they are boggled as to why are they helping pari, and how if he has fallen in love with her. he leaves. kamlesh and chaaya listen and think that if anything goes wrong, then bunty shall be blamed.

Bunty and two mroe of his fellows, come in disguise at the factory. pari briefs them all, and then they get to doing the work. pari attens to the client’s call, and then asks them to take a break for 10 minutes. she walks out, and then they leave too. Kamlesh and chhaya enter the place when there is noone there. they mess with the weight of the packet, by cutting a slice of cheese from every pack. then he finds some brochures, and takes it, and leaves.

In her room, maasa sits tensedly, when pari walks in, and tells them of the progress due to good labourers, oblivious that its bunty.

Meanwhile, bunty and others come back from break and get to working. Kamlesh and chhaya get in bunty’s room, and place the papers there only.

Meanwhile, PAri gets back to work with the labourers. she gets tired and lies down. she doses off in the chair only, while bunty keeps observing her. after everyone is finished working, they switch off the lights and leave. he starts hallucinating himself dancing with her on a romantic number. he is however jolted to reality when she wakes up, due to the wind, and lies down on the bed. he pulls the drapes on her. she holds his hand in sleep. he is tensed and then leaves. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Pari is shocked as the client comes and cancels the order. she excuses herself, while maasa and bunty is tensed. kamlesh and chhaya smirk. then bunty ask whats the matter and maasa says that the order has been cancelled. after bunty leaves, kamlesh suggests that bunty might be behind this. maasa agrees.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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