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Meri Saasu Maa 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Bunty’s father asks her what did she teach his son, that bunty is talking like this. bunty says that she needs to be taught a lesson for being such a menace, and hence it shall be only him, not anyone else. his father rejoices that he is following in his footsteps too. bunty stands tensed. his father asks him to remember whatever they and their family had to face due to this girl. bunty says that he remembers everything, and says that he shall punish her, noone else. pari stands aghast. his fathjer is amused, and instructs everyone else to back off, or cast evil eye on her. bunty is about to take pari away, when his father stops him, asking him to understand very clearly, that if he isnt able to make her understand very clearly,


then he himself shall take care of her. bunty stands tensed, while she cries distraught. he vows to make her understand, and leaves. his other son gives him the complete idea, of pari and her background.

In his room, bunty throws her on the bed. she frustratedly gets agitated. he asks if she thinks that its an easy to run away. she starts hitting him, while he fights off every advance of her. she spots and picks a saw, and threatens to use it, while he asks if she has gone mad, and asks her to keep it away. she asks him to try and touch her, as either she shall kill him, or be killed. he takes off the saw from her. they continue fighting, while he finally shoves her on the bed, with him atop her. he says that he wronged her, and should have left her with the beasts, but he got bent on saving him, and got this in return, not even a thank you. she says that they landed in this mess because of her, then why thanks. he says that its due to her and her ego, and says that he shall show what ego is. he tries to take her out, but she hits him on the hand with a saw. he gets enraged. he says that he isnt saying anything, and she shouldnt dance on her head and says that she isnt worth him, and should be left to the beasts only. he drags her out.

In the store room, maasa is tied to the chair, while she screams and begs them to leave Pari alone. then bunty’s father arrives with his son, and taunts her about how she and her daughter shouldnt have tried and been that oversmart. he asks her to understand what bunty is teaching her, or else if he gets to it, pari wouldnt like it. maasa begs him to spare pari. he reminds her of what and how she insulted him. she continues to plead. he reminds her that bunty is giving her a class, while maasa is aghast. he goes out, saying that they shall leave for lucknow tomorrow. she starts lashing and screaming, while they both leave. after that, she continues struggling, to come free, and finally unties her rope. she isnt able to open the door though. arpita walks in, and is aghast. maasa explains everything, and she takes her out.

In his elder brother’s room, bunty’s brother comes and asks his father, pradhan’s elder brother, to pack up, as they shall leave for lucknow tomorrow. he shows him the scribbling, of a son with his fat her, holding hands. his son asks him not to play with his emotions, as he wont accept his as a father, as he has never been like one, and that Pradhan shall always be his father. he storms out. then the old man scribbles, that its the beginning of end, and gets saddened.

Bunty drags her back to his father’s courtroom, wherein he has all the guards. they all eye her leeringly, while she stands tensed. bunty says that he couldnt control her, and before he had done something rash, he brought her here. his father says that his men shall set her straight. she is shocked. maasa rushes in just then, to plead and beg him not to do so, to her daughter. he holds her at the tip of his knife, and then lashes at her, while bunty watches tensedly. meanwhile, his men start chiding and teasing pari, as they circle around her, while she tries to shove them away.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
PAri’s father is increasingly tensed as he files a missing report of pari and maasa. he is assured that everything would be okay. shashi hears this, and dials someone. she finds that bunty isnt picking up, and wonders if pari ran away with bunty, and took maasa, and if that happens, then meera shall be distraught. she pretends to be extremely concerned for pari, and begs the police for finding pari.

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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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