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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-213

Sorry guys for late update..

The episode starts with police arrests sahil.. he leaves angrily.. Ishaani hugs ranveer.. title track plays..Ishika and others smiles.. Ishaani shouts I love u ranveer!!!??????????Allah warriyan plays.. he tells me too love u Ishaani.. They kiss each other on lips..?????????.. Ishika closes her eyes with the help of Reena and narendran hand.. Sahil comes back.. narendran sees him and gets shocked.. he tries to stop but gets stabbed by goons.. mariya beats him.. sahil pushes her down.. but ishveer continues to kiss!????Sahil comes there and seperates them and takes Ishaani from there… Ranveer tries to stop hut goons beats him on head And also takes Isika also from there..


Sahil brings all of them near cliff.. ishaani and all others wakes up And sees the place and gets shocked.. Ranveer tries to move but his hand s are tied by rope.. Sahil aims gun @ishaani and Tells to leave ranveer snd marry her.. or!! She asks what he will do? She tells him to take her life.. sahil tells I won’t take urs.. I need only ishika and ranveer life.. she tells no pls,,,,leave them.. Sahil laughs.. police round up them silently..
Reena and narendran comes there and shouts Ishaani and ranveer to bend down.. they both bends.. suddenly police fires the bullet.. whicu makes then die..?????

Reena,narendran,payal,mariya,neelam,nandana,sathya,raji,prince,ishika,duvarakshara,harisha,rookey,siddhi,julina.. comes there and wishes ishveer a happy life journey!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺They all leave..ishika also leaves.. ishaani tries to stop her but she disappears.. Ranveer tells. Think she is sent by God.. to unite us? She smiles snd hugs him…

Precap: Ishveer romance..it hill station resort..

So guys after many epi.. I am gonna show ishveer romance.. and how is he epi?? Hope u liked it..

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