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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-211

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer sleeps on bed.. Ishika gets idea suddenly and smiles.. She slowly comes out of bed and waits.. Ishaani keeps hand on ranveer shoulder thinking here as ishika.. Ranveer also keeps hand on Ishaani shoulder thinking here as ishika!.. Ishika smiles and slowly comes out of room… Reena and narendran asks her why she came out? Mariya also comes there.. Ishika shows them ranveer and Ishaani sleeping close.. Narendran tells her nice plan.. U did whatever I told!?????Ishika tells yes.. My Bhai.. Mariya and Reena laughs..

Ranveer gets up hearing this sound.. He gets shocked seeing his hand and Ishaani hand is patched up?? He jerks.. Which makes Ishaani wake up! She asks what is he doing?? Reena tells sorry.. Ishika gets angry.. Reena runs away.. Ishaani and ranveer gets into fight.. Ishika comes there crying!! Ishaani asks what happened? Ishika fells my toys are missing!!???Ishaani makes her sleep.. Ishika pulls her also and makes her sleep.. Ranveer also sleeps aside.. After they both slept.. Ishika gets up from bed and gets relieved!☺☺☺☺


Later.. In the mrng.. Ishaani gets up @5.00am and comes to kitchen and puts coffee and milk.. And comes to room… Ranveer gets up and asks her not to be formal. He tries to take glass.. But she beats his hand telling him it is for her.. He asks then for me?????Ishaani shows the way for kitchen.. He leaves… Ishika gets up and takes his glass..

She drinks while she sees ranveer trying pour milk but fails.. Ishika tells Ishaani to help ranveer.. She denies.. Ishika blackmails her.. Ishaani leaves.. She comes near door and tells he is mahaan and he has no mouth to ask for help? I need to come voluntarily? She comes near ranveer and tells I will! He denies.. Saying he will!! She leaves.. He spills at his dress and shouts in pain..

Ishaani hears this sound and comes near him and cleans it and shouts at him.. He eyes her.. Allah warriyan plays.. He does not hear her voice..Ishaani then pours milk on glass and tells u r till small boy?? ????

Precap:Ishaani makes ranveer have food.. Due his wound in hand..

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