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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-210

The episode starts with Ishaani shows ranveer small age pic.. He stands without dress?????he asks where did u get this? She tells it is too secret.. He tells her to give phone now.. She tells it is mine.. He tries to pick.. Reena stops car and tells there is some problem.. I will solve u all be inside.. Ishika and Reena gets down.. Ranveer holds Ishaani hair.. Ishaani also holds ranveer hair??????????Both fight.. Allah warriyan plays.. He falls @ Ishaani.. Her hair falls at his face.. Ishika and Reena watches this and gets surprised..

Ishaani gets up and tells sorry.. Ranveer again tries to take mobile.. But fails.. Reena comes there and asks them what they were doing? Ranveer tells her to drive fast.. They all comes to house..

Ishika and Reena runs inside.. Ishaani recalls the marriage with ranveer.. She smiles.. Sanam re plays.. She eyes him.. Lovingly.. He also eyes her.. Reena turns off the light.. Siddhi, Reena,ishika,mariya,julina,neelam,nandana,Sathya,payal and dhruva and sana.. Comes there and dances with them.. Lights o..nn…. Ranveer and Ishaani stands surprise..

Ishika drags them inside… Kala chasmina plays.. Ranveer and Ishaani dances for the song..ranveer take his cooling glass. And wears it.. Ishaani dances with him hesitantly!.. Later.. Ranveer,ishaani and ishika comes fo room.. Rabveer tells I will sleep on other room.. U both sleep here.. Ishika tells no.. All should sleep here only!! She cries..

Ishaani tells him to agree.. Ishika smiles… Ranveer and Ishaani sleeps in corner and ishika sleeps in-between!.. Ishika tells I wanted them to be united but they sleep far?????she plans something and smiles.. Ranveer and Ishaani sleeps…

Precap:Ishika slowly comes out of bed.. Ishaani puts hand on ranveer shoulder thinking him as ishika!.. He also holds her hand and assumes her as ishika

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