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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-209

Thnx guys..for u r support!!.. I get less comments.. Even though I am writing.. For me..

The episode starts with Ishaani.. Get down…from the car.. Ranveer also comes down.. He eyes her and turns his face.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. She feels hurt. Ishika holds her hand and walks inside.. Reena.. Gets a call from narendran.. He asks what is the status?? She shares.. All things happened.. He jumps in joy!!..


An FB is shown.. Payal, mariya,dhruva,sana,narendran, mariya,Prince,Sathya,siddhi,julina,raji!! Are planning how to unite them.. Prince tells one idea.. With it..only.. Plan is moving.. FB ends..

Narendran tells as per our plans.. It is going correctly!!.. We should unite ishveer somehow!?????Reena agrees and disconnect the call…

Ranveer sits on chair . ishaani also sits.. Ishika joins them.. Reena also comes there.. Ishika tells them to order food… Ishaani takes menu card.. Ranveer also takes menu card.. She checks out her fav dish!.. He also checks and call waiter at same time???She tells order.. He also tells @same time.. They get into fight..???

Ishika tells I will order.. U all stop.. They both keep quiet.. She orders with help of Reena.. Ishaani pinches ranveer.. He shouts.. They both smiles seeing each other.. Allah warriyan plays.. Ishika asks about status in house? Reena tells all are ready.. Ishika tells order cancel and pays bill and they all leaves..

Ranveer tries to sit in driver seat.. Reena sits there and ishika sits in front seat… Ishaani sits back seat..?????Ranveer comes there and sits.. ??????????He sees her and turns his face once she sees. Like this he does continuously!

Ishaani at once.. Cups his face.. Allah warriyan plays.. He asks what r u doing?? She slaps him.. He asks what did u do? Ishaani shows pic!!.. He tells sorry!!..

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer comes inside house.. They recalls their marriage and etc… They share an eyelock.. ??????Suddenly lights turn off.. Again lights comes back kala chasmina plays.. All dance.. Ishika drags ranveer and Ishaani and makes them dance..

How is this epi??bye guys.. Tmr most probably there won’t be epi!!.. Max… Sorry…. Tmr I am leaving out..☺☺☺Next epi will be on Monday or Tuesday….

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