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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 (epi-207 & 208 combined)

The episode starts with Ishika tells ranveer and ishaani to be together.. She hugs both of them.. Happily!! Ranveer also acts as if he is smiling.. Ishaani also does the same.. Ishika holds both of them hand and walks towards car.. Suddenly she moves and tells them to hold each other hand.. Ishaani tells this s not fair and turns her face.. Ishika tells u should hold hand.. Just for 3steps… Tum hi ho plays.. It starts raining!!.. Ishika runs inside car and opens car window and tells them to hold hands and. Come inside..

Ranveer extends his hand.. Ishaani holds his hand.. Tum hi ho plays.. They holds each other hand.. They share an eyelock!!… ???????????????????They both walks towards car!. Ishika smiles.. Reena hifi.. With ishika. Ranveer and Ishaani enters car.. Reena sits in corner.. Ranveer drives car away!…


Ishaani sees mirror.. And sees ranveer face.. He also sees her.. While she turns as fraction of second.. Her neck.. Starts paining.. He stops the car and asks her what happened? She tells nothing.. He gets down and tells Reena to drive car and he sits near Ishaani.. Reena drives.. Ranveer holds her neck.. Ishika turns her face..???Ranveer takes his hand and tells sorry.. She tells it is fine..

Reena comes near restaurant and signs ishika.. She tells for me it is hungry,!.. Ranveer tells how did u get hungry when u came near restaurant? Ishaani tells him to speak with her in good manner!☺☺☺He agrees..

Precap: Ishaani orders food.. Ranveer also orders.. Both gets into fight.. Ishika smiles.. And tells I will order.. Ishaani pinches ranveer..he shouts..???

How is today epi??.. Hope u all liked it.. Next epi I will try to post on Saturday itself!!.. Becoz now. Won’t write any other ff only this ff I have decided to write.. Next epi also will be more funny!!.. Bye guys..

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