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Mere Angne Mein 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Riya that she has given clothes for ironing, and asks her not to have tension now. She asks Kaushalya did she talk to Riya about baby. Kaushalya repeats that and Shanti asks her not to talk aloud and tell anyone. Pari throws tantrums at home. Ashok talks to Riya on phone. She suggests him to give importance to Nirmala and check Sarla’s reaction. She asks him to inform her later. She ends call and goes to room. She gets surprised seeing Shivam placing his and Riya’s childhood pics frame on the wall. He says I did my work, and now its your work. She says it will take time. He says we will make the time duration less. She says no and runs. He runs after her and catches her. They fall on the bed. He kisses on her forehead and they smile. They say I love you

to each other.

Ashok asks Nirmala to have butter and serves her. Amit says just one giving money should get butter. Sarla asks Amit did he go mad. Riya gives hindi to English dictionary to Nandu. She asks him to learn English words and he can speak well. He thanks her and leaves. Kaushalya asks Riya to grind the lentils. Riya makes her saree right and sits on the ground. Shanti says no one thinks of me. Shanti tells Kaushalya not to tell that to anyone. Nimmi asks what, Shanti says I was saying not to forget to call me before Kaushalya leaves from there, then I will get lentils grinded. She asks Riya and Nimmi to learn how to grind lentils.

Sarla and Amit argue on food. She scolds him for counting rotis consumed by Pari. Ashok asks Nirmala to get his tiffin and come on stall. He leaves. Pari asks is this not my house. Amit says no, this is your house till your marriage. Sarla says I will kick you out of house Amit. Amit says I m heir of this house. Pari says heir, my foot, I m daughter and I will eat rotis and butter as I like. Amit argues with Sarla and leaves.

Preeti asks Nimmi did she begin fulfilling dreams after her husband died. Nimmi says it was not my mistake. Preeti says yes, even that time when you sat in my place as bride, you wanted to go in rich house. Nimmi says its useless to talk to you and goes. Pari says I m useless and no one loves me. Nirmala asks Pari to spit the food. Sarla says you can’t talk to Pari like this. Nirmala says I m also her mummy, Pari can earn and eat food here, Amit was saying right. Sarla gets angry and Rani stops her reminding the contract. Sarla tells Pari that she will scold Nirmala later.

Shanti shows Riya how to grind lentils and asks Riya, Nimmi and Preeti to grind it. she says its good exercise and goes to meet her friend. Preeti says its less lentils, you both do this, I will go, call me if you need help. Nimmi says how will we grind the lentils, don’t know how mummy used to do this, I will just come. Riya says they both went and now I have to grind the lentils.

Pari tells Nirmala that she won’t earn money. Nirmala explains her how much burden will Amit manage. Rani gets impressed and tells Nirmala to give her some money to go to parlor. Nirmala gives her money. She gives some money to Pari too. Sarla says this is wrong to give money. Nirmala gives money to Sarla too. Rani says I m going to parlor and goes. Pari taunts Sarla and goes. Nirmala asks Sarla to think about home expenses, Ashok has shared this with me, as he has heart connection with him. Sarla coughs.

Kaushalya is with bhajan mandli and praises Riya. She says Riya and Shanti’s thinking are different and I get stuck between. She takes a little boy and hugs him. The ladies ask Kaushalya to sing one more bhajan. Nimmi tells Riya to come to kitchen fast, I went to see mixie, we will grind lentils in mixie, Shanti will come later, we have no time, come, we should shut kitchen door, if Preeti knows, she will tell Shanti. Riya refuses.

Nimmi insists and takes Riya to kitchen. Riya grinds lentils in mixie. The ladies taunt Kaushalya about having a grandchild, is there any problem with Riya or Shivam, will you just play with other kids. Kaushalya gets angry and tells them that she will change her name if Riya and Shivam don’t get child in a year. They laugh asking her to think of some name of herself. Nimmi keeps an eye at the door. She sees Shanti coming and gets worried. Mixie bursts and all the paste flows out.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she told the ladies that she will not see Raghav’s face if Riya and Shivam don’t get a child in a year. Shivam comes home and gets shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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