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Mera ishq part 1

Hi guys! I an a silent reader n its my first ff
Sorry if i dont write a good ff?
Im fatima n its a sidmin ff named mera ishq
Lets start

A girl is shown cycling and oh no she got hit by a car her face is shown she is our twinkle taneja
Just then a boy comes out hes so handsome and yaa he issss our….kunj ( sid only no one else) twinkle keeps on blabbering and kunj is lost in her and unknowingly he says your gorgeous
T – what
K – no nothing
Twinkle goes to her cycle and is about to go when kunj comes in front
T – now what?
K – ( forwading his hand) im kunj sarna
T – ( does the same) im twinkle taneja
K – where were u going?
T – to college n im late because of you
K – oh im sorry!! You can go bye
T – bye
She left
Kunj thinks wow yaar such a beauty n she…hey i forgot to ask for her no. And he tries to run behing her cycle but shes already gone he prays that hell meet her again?( sorry but i know its going really bad im sorry?)
Twinkle is in her room
She thinks he was not a bad guy i said so much to him still he complimented me
Just then her mom comes
L – beta theres a proposal for you i want you to meet him
T – but…okay i will
L – good hes coming tommorrow
Next day
The person arrives and twinkle goes down she is shocked its kunj
They both are happy n confused that why r they happy they spent some time alone n said yes for the wedding….
To be continued…….
Hey! Pls comment did u like it?
Oh im fatima a proud sidhantian n a proud katoholic too im from new delhi
Pls its my request do comment n tell me something about you?
Ill post next one tommorrow if u like it
Happy independence day?


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