hey to all it’s kushagra and i am really overwhelmed by support of you all but i am honestly asking are they worthy of publishing or not as certain user names charolletee send me that”your ffs are worst.your language is also so bakwas..and u thnk they are good.pplz stoppp them now” in a personal message .thanks a lot guyz and please continue supporting and motivating me and happy belated friendship day and guyz her please advice me what should i do as i actually found her message very rude should i really write that bad that someone is asking me to stop writing via personal message .now end of my bak wak and please friends do advice



let’s start

in a king size bed a young boy was cuddling actually fighting with pillows as they were not able to cover his ears from buzzing sound of his alarm .at last finally he woke up yawning like a cute kid and stands up from his bed ,his reflection is seen in the large mirror kept in the room decorated with royal blue interior that boy reached to the alarm clock kept at the side table and hushed the alram that boy was none other than our smarty hotty etc ….[mera heart toh uske upar puri thesus lik sajti hu par abhi story continue karte hai ] the great randhir singh shekhawat our rss the moment he saw the time he screamed heck yaar[this gonna be pet dialogue of randhir .he marched to the stairs and went to the dinning table of te the house their a man of mid 40’s was sitting at centre and eating breakfast

randhir went to him and shouted : happy birth day dad

that man was none other than randhir’s dead kabir singh shekahwat [kss][guyz who gonna be rd’s mom if i had chosen kss as his father]

kss stood up and hugged randhir lovingly

kss[smily face] : ron i always wonder how a person whose moring starts after 11am is able to wake up at 5am every day on my birthday

ron : .i have to do so as my dad on his birthday always leaves for charity function at 6am and if i didn’t woke then how’ll be i able to wish him first .do you know that my dad always wants me to wish him first as he loves me the most

kss : yes beta i love you more than anything as you are the sole reason of me being alive

ron ;hey don’t be senti now ,so what’s plan about the evening a business party or fun with me

kss ; of course we father and son due will enjoy this day after i return around 2pm

ron ; ok dad now bye and good night [yawning]

kss : bye btw it’s good morning kiddo

ron[making faces] ;don’t call me that

kss : only i can call you that

kss is one of the richest businessman of the country .he is rude ,arrogant and strict person to the world but to ron he is totally opposite as rd is the only person who can dare to shout .mock or disagree with him .he loves randhir a lot and had always fulfilled his every demand and gave him every comfort .

randhir under such over protecion and pampering has grown up to be bit rude ,stubborn and has no idea of hardship of life he is actually a cute little innocent kid by heart who don’t know a bit about the harsh reality of world

kss left and randhir went back to sleep and suddenly his phone beeped disturbing his beauty sleep

ron : who’s this disturbing my sleep

caller : your immortal enemy stupid rss

a cute boy is seen talking on other side of the phone in a large fully furnished room with royal silver interior

ron : laksh heck yaar you know it’s my sleeping time then why you called me

he is none other than laksh rai chand

laksh : it’s mine sleeping time also but i am sacrificing my sleep for you damn it and you ,your are hopeless [this is his pet dialogue ]and don’t say you haven’t asked uncle yet

ron ; today’s is dad’s birthday i didn’t wanted to spoil his mood by talking about it and you are saying as if maya aunty agreed

laksh ; yes my friend my mom can never deny me

laksh rai chand is spoiled son of top businesswomen maya raichand and he is a complete casanova and ger’s whatever he wants by hook and crook he is bestie of randhir and can do anything for randhir and his mom as they are only family for him ,he doesn’t know who his father is and neither wants to know about the person who abandoned his mom after one night stand .he hates relationships and doen’t believe in love etc ……..he too is far away from reality and mercilessness of life

ron ; wow that’s great now i’ll also talk to dad [what are they talking about mystery ]

in the another mansion a sweet girl with innocent face is sleeping in a large room decorated with red interior and lot of mirrors .suddenly a maid comes and says

maid : swara baby ut jayegi apki green tea [forwarding a the cup to her]

that girl is none other than swara jai prakash daughter or you can say spoiled princess of textile king jai singh pakash ,ahe is over pampered choosy ,sometimes annoying ,least compromising brat .for her life is all about i me and mine .she hates sharing things as doesn’t know how life can one give up his everything ..for her life is all about adventure and fun .

precap : life of other 3 main leads

today you read about our 3 royal or over pampered character’s tom you’ll read about other three with harsh lives .hope you enjoyed it and do comment and ragsan pair is final other are gonna be love triangle of gamble as character of randhir [my mad crush ] .swara [favourite actress] and laksh [2nd most cutest actor ] are my most favourite characters .so do comment and advice me what action i should take against charolletee or you people also think same


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