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hi guyzz. thank u for all your support and wish it remains t same always…

the episode starts with

abhi who went into the washroom came out into some coatsuit
when he came he stood in front of the mirror and started to get ready where he saw his fuggi taking good care of the baby.
where seeing the time which showed 8:00 he started to everything faster. then pragya said: have your breakfast and go.
abhi: no, no i dont have time.

pragya: eat and go then only u will have energy to do your meeting then come home and play with the baby.
abhi hearing the word baby he started to have his breakfast and he said bye to the baby and came to pragya and hugged her and said: if there is any problem call me and say will come home soon.
pragya: k i will tell but go now if not u will get late.
abhi: k bye. love u
pragya: love u too

saying this abhi left the house.
then pragya started to continue her work. once finished she made the baby sleep and put the baby into the cradle.
once she was done she came to hall and sat in the sofa and started to read a magazine. that was the moment where there was a knock at the door.
when pragya turned and saw she was surprised and happy also. she ran and hugged her asked: dadi!!! how r u??? where were you these 2 years??? yes it is dadi!!!
dadi: i am good beta… i was in kaashi vishwanath one of the holy places in india.
pragya: but dadi y didnt u tell us ???
dadi: i didnt tell you’ll because…..

she suddenly stopped saying because she heard a baby crying…
pragya: dadi ek minute..
saying this she rushed to the room where she started to make the baby calm but couldn’t. that was the moment dadi entered the room and asked: this baby…. “is this yours and abhi’s???”
pragya: ya dadi………he was born last just after a year u left….
dadi who was happy said: pragya give him to me once na….
pragya gave the baby where when dadi held the baby her blood went cold……
dadi: pragya his body is going hot….

pragya who was shocked hearing what dadi said and she touched his body and saw where the temperature of his body was rising each second she immediately took the phone which was in the side table and dialed abhi’s number.
where the phone was ringing in the table of abhi’s cabin where abhi wasn’t there in his cabin. and tanu who was passing by his cabin saw abhi’s phone ringing and she answered the call where pragya immediately said: abhi abhi where r u come home immediately!!
where hearing pragya’s voice tanu said: u spoilt my life and r u living a happy life??? do u think i will let u to have one???

pragya who heard tanu’s voice said: tanu it is not time to play give the phone to abhi
just then tanu cut the phone and switched off the phone so that pragya’s phone wont be able to reach abhi…….
doing this she left the place before anyone see’s her…
pragya seeing that the phone was cut she tried again but it said the number you are trying to reach is currently switched off……..

the screen freezes in the shocked face of pragya and the evil face of tanu.

note: i have put tanu as a villain over here because where there is a villain in between two peoples life the two people will come to know about eachother than they know.

and everyone can you’ll introduce yourself and your age plzzz……………..

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