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MANMARZIYAN – thank you friend..! Episode 1

Hey guys..… so here is the first episode
link for prologue
I’m continuing the episode with the same names .. arjun radhika neil and sam… soryy for the confusion… I thought to something different but it would be better if I write the same names…
( another point radhika is a modern girl in this one… )
Happy reading

A big room is shown … looks like a cabin …. A desk which is fully messed up with files…. A girl is sleeping keeping her head on the desk….
“ utth…” (wake up )
A boy is trying to wake this girl…. But no response she was in deep slumber.
“utth daffer… utth..” ( wake up idiot…wake up..)
“sone de na yaar.. karoon bhi tho kya karoon…” ( let me sleep na .. what should I do now..)
“get upp..!!!” he shouts in her ear..
This girl jerks off and get up…
“idiot… raath bar yeh stupid sa presentation karti rahi…ab yeh rakshas mujhe sone bhi nahi de raha hain…” (Idiot I kept working on this stupid presentation whole night and now this devil is not even letting me to sleep..)
“what .. come again.. kal raat bhi aise hi soti rahi..” (yesterday also u were sleeping lyk this only..)
“shut up..!and let me sleep..”
“You shut up..! abhi presentation hain… wake up..!!”he starts shouting in her ears…
“aa.. idiot im gonna kill u …”
This girl starts running behind him….
“pehle pakad toh sahi..”he winks at that girl
“neil tu toh gaya aaj…” ( u will die in my hands neil.)
They both are running like idiots in the cabin.. this girl tries to catch him but bad luck he escapes every time….! Suddenly a girl enters the cabin
“sir you have…” she stops speaking as soon as she see them
This girl caught the boy by circling her arm around his neck by pulling him down and stars beating him …
“chasni .. chasni.. im sorry yaar.. chod de…” (chasni .. Im sorry leave me…)
They both are radhika and neil
The girl who came in adjusted her throat to bring them to normal world.. they both jerked off and came to normal position and both of them start setting their hair…
“yes tina…any work..??” his voice became stern again…
“yes sir meeting … both of u should be there in 10 min..”
“hmm.. I know .. you can go now..”
“ok sir..”
The girl started to leave
Tinas pov,
Aaj bhi ek naya poster.. I mean both of them will be in weird positions when ever I see them .. but whenever I ask radika the answer she gives is “WE R JST FRNZ..” common yaar Im not a small kid..i can understand . … but if in case they are really friends then they should be in Guinness world record as “BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER AND EVER..” lets see what will happen….
They attend the meeting and it was successful..
Now radhika was fully exhausted… she wanted to run away.. and sleep sleep and only sleep…. Neil noticed this…
“chalo chasni ghar chaltein hain…” (come chasni we will go home)
Radhika face brightened lyk LED light …
“come yaar I thought to run away..”
“I knew it..”
“don’t be so stupid.. no one will believe if they see the radhika mishra sitting silent wit out irritating anyone..”
Chalo lets leave ….. both of them were at the entrance of the office …. They were walking out … a man of 50’s entered … he was the one with whom they had meeting a while back
“so Mr. malhotra it was pleasure meeting you..”
“me too sir..”
“leaving home so early…?”
“why..? he will come with us or what…?”radhika whispered in neils ears…
He gives a glare to radhika
“yaa actually we did over time yesterday so she wanted to have rest..”
“oh.. so you people stay in the same house…?”
“Why is he interviewing you…?” again radhika whispered in his ears…
“well.. yes!”
“that’s great … I think its high time … ill leave take care Mrs.malhotra”
“mrs . malhotra…??” radhika shouted..
“well I jst said in advance..??”
“sir.. you have mistaken “neil
“Oops !sorry guys.. but u people really look like a couple..”
Both radhika and neil gave him a fake smile…
“ok then Mr. Malhotra … ill leave…”he went away
As soon as he moved out both raneil move towards the car and started to leave…


Precap: samaira entry…

That’s it for today guys.. hope you lyk it. please do comment ….. and thank you so much sathya di and Jessie for ur suggestions … criticism accepted…

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