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Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 17)

Hello everyone, so here is the 17th chapter was in the flow of sol so wrote this served cold is coming next, I have already started on the first chapter. Pls don’t forget to drop ur precious views n suggestions on this one. I love u all from the bottom of my heart. Thank u for always making me smile. Enjoy…………



Chapter 17

El Milagro Palace
Piyali stood before her vanity mirror looking at what she had become, her brother, her dear brother was taken to jail and it was her fault. It was her greed, her bad influence that drove Kabir to jail today. Being intelligent had earned her the opportunity to study in wealthy schools and got the exposure of the side of life that she never knew as an orphan. Her friends would take her shopping for designers clothes while she grew up depending on donated worn clothes, her friends would invite her to their lavish parties and vacations while she grew up partying on Christmas alone. The expensive cars, the expensive gifts, the rich life she saw her friends live attracted her and before she knew it she was addicted to it. Since then her goal in life was to live a wealthy luxurious life.

When she first met Samrat in college she was posing as a rich heiress living away from her parents to experience life on her own, her attitude, her talks, her manner were easily believable nobody could have ever guessed that she was faking and Samrat fell in love with her. Her life story, her rich parents were all made up stories. She also did like Samrat, his ambitious attitude, his dreams and him being a heir of Taste Farm attracted her and she found a simple way of achieving her goals and after a short period of dating they were engaged and got married lavishly like she had always wanted. What she didn’t know was that Amrish had seen right through her, he never believed her story but let Samrat marry her noticing a positive change in his son with her presence that’s why Amrish had both Piyali and Kabir sign pre-nuptial agreements stating that they wouldn’t get a dime if their respective marriages end or their respective partners dies, he also didn’t give them any shares of the company and that was the sole reason Piyali had been trying to get in Amrishs good books so she could be rewarded and secure her future. But Amrish was a tough but crack he didn’t even give Ridhima shares of the company ending any possibility of Kabir to own a part of his company.

Tears rolled down her eyes thinking of what she had done, she was the one who encouraged Kabir to dream of being rich, she was the one who convienced Kabir to marry Ridhima all in hopes of a better future and what did she get in return, her brother turned into a murderer. She recalled the phone call she received from Kabir a few weeks ago, Kabir called her tobinform her that Pranay has found out about his deeds, Kabir being the x of Taste Farm was stealing company’s funds but Pranay got to know about it and had asked Kabir to either return the money he stole or Pranay will report him to the police. Kabir was so angry then and wanted to get rid of Pranay but she managed to calm him down promising him that she would take care of Pranay but she now realised that she was wrong Kabir hadn’t calmed down.

********** Flashback **********

Piyali drove to Westminster where Kabir was frantically pacing back and forth “what took u so long?” asked Kabir frustrated when Piyali entered.

“calm down and clearly tell me what happened” she said.

Kabir huffed “I told u on the phone already, Pranay found out am stealing Taste Farm money and he will send me to jail if I don’t return the money”

“how did he find out?” she asked.

Kabir fumed “how would I know?… he just found out okay”

“will u just calm down already” she said raising her voice “what did u tell him?”

“I asked him to give me time and I will pay back what I took” he answered, his expression then turned devilish “we both know I won’t pay back, lets get rid of him”

Piyali’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion “what do u mean?”

“let’s kill him” said Kabir coldly.

Piyali got the shock of her life, her brother was talking about killing someone so casually that her body shivered and what could she expect when she herself had taught him the wrong way, getting over the shock Piyali slapped him, she slapped him for the first time in her life “are u out of your mind, we are not murderers” she shouted.

Kabir rolled his eyes “don’t tell me u turned into a saint when it was u who came up with a plan to blackmail your own husband”

Piyali held his shoulders “look Kabir, I don’t want u going to jail I care about u… u are my brother… I will take care of Pranay… I will pay him the money… just promise me u will not kill him or do anything stupid”

“okay…okay… I promise” Kabir said.

********** End Of Flashback **********

Her black eye liner was smudged running on her face, was it worth it? She asked herself. The fake life she created, lying to everyone was it worth it. She hid the truth about her brother, kept their reality in secret but was it all worth it.

“now would u tell me the reason of u looking like a zombie?” asked Samrat standing behind her.

Piyali turned “he didn’t kill your father… Kabir didn’t kill your father I can assure u of that” she said.

Samrat was surprised by her behaviour, first she was crying for him and now she was defending him “what is your relationship with him?”

Piyali took a deep breath “he is my brother” she said and revealed her truth to him shocking him with every word she spoke.

Samrat sat down for his feet got weak with her revelation, all that he thought he knew about her was a lie, Piyali was relieved that she spoke the truth for the first time in her life, she also revealed about the blackmailing plan she was doing with the help of her brother further adding to his shock “did u ever love me?” he asked, he wanted to know if her love was also fake like her.

“I do” she answered.

“would u have loved me if I wasn’t rich?” he asked again.

“no” she said honestly, Samrat left the room leaving her breaking down again.

Kensington Police Station
Kabir after having his wounds treated as per Mark’s orders was sitting in the interrogation room confessing about his crime “Piyali promised to help me, she was going to pay the money I stole but she couldn’t keep her promise bcoz of u” he said pointing at Arjun “u busted us and we couldn’t blackmail Samrat any more neither could I use Ridhima bcoz u had unmasked me before her… Pranay was going to report me, he gave two days to come up with the money”

“so u killed him” Arjun said.

“I was desperate” he screamed “I didn’t want to go to jail… I knew u hadn’t captured Amrish’s killer yet that’s why I left that letter with Pranays body… I thought the police will think its Amrish’s murderer who killed Pranay too… I got the gun and called him from a pay phone, I told him to come take the money and I killed him… I thought it will be easy that I would get away with it”

Arjun laughed “u thought u will get away with murder?… really calling u stupid is an insult to the word”

Kabir knew he was done, his game was over.

Arjun got out of the interrogation room and went to his office with Mark and Edward following him behind, Kabir admitted to killing Pranay but denied killing Amrish so the idea of having two murderers was wrong “if Kabir is honest then there are not two murderers, then why do u not look surprised?” asked Mark.

“I had a feeling he wasn’t involved” said Arjun.

Mark scowled “u are the one who proposed that idea”

Arjun sighed “I know, but the evidence we gathered proves Kabir’s involvement in Pranay uncle’s death alone besides Kabir is stupid and impulsive he can’t be a part of such a big plan”

Edward slumped on the chair “so we are back to square one?”

“no” Arjun said “the murderer has to be someone who has access to both the office and the palace, the murderer was at the party for sure and its someone very close, I can feel it”

“do u have someone in mind?” Mark asked.

Arjun nodded “I have my doubt on someone but right now some things don’t make sense, I think I know who killed Amrish Khanna”

“who is it?” asked Edward.

“let me clear my doubts first, then I will tell u” said Arjun and left the station after preparing Kabir case so he could be brought to trial as soon as possible.

Several days had passed since Kabir’s arrest, things were starting to go back to the way they were, even Neil was doing better than before and Sam couldn’t be happier. But her happiness was a pain to someone else, Justin couldn’t stand her smile anymore, isn’t it strange the same smile that made him fall for her was the same smile he now abhorred bcoz she was smiling for some another man. His jealousy turned into anger for her. He gave her a hard time mounting her schedule with works but she didn’t mind, she tried talking to him and make him understand but Justin wasn’t ready to listen, the feeling of dejection had blinded his judgement.

Sam was working late in her cabin when Justin walked in giving her more work “give me yesterday’s clip, I need it for the new project”

Sam raised her head from her work “I gave u the drive yesterday”

“I lost it, give me your backup drive” he said.

Sam huffed “that was the only copy I had and u knew that, how could u have lost it?”

Justin smirked “that’s not my problem, I need that clip and I don’t care how u get it or what will u do to get… u can re-shoot it at your own cost and am sure u can manage… u are rich, your boyfriend is rich… u can handle that right”

Sam got up from her chair “u know what… I have had enough of your childish behaviour, I won’t trouble myself for your mistakes and u can do whatever u want… I don’t care” she hissed, took her handbag and phone and walked passed him.

Justin caught her hand “where do u think u are going?” he said in a threatening voice.

Sam glared at his grip on her hand and then at him “get your filthy hand off me” she warned but he instead tightened his grip “Justin let go of my hand” she warned again and he let go causing her to wince due to the pain. Sam started to leave when he caught her again pinning her to the wall, he had thrown her with so much force that she screamed with the impact when her back hit the wall and her handbag and phone slipped off her hand. His hand tightly holding her by the shoulders his eyes filled with madness that scared her “what are u doing Justin?” she asked her voice shaky showing her fear.

“didn’t he touch this way?” he asked leaning on her “didn’t he hold u this way, u weren’t scared then so why are u scared now, huh?” He inhaled her scent burying his head in the crook of her neck “u smell divine” Sam was shocked, disgusted and scared at the same time, this wasn’t happening she kept ranting in her head, it was all too scary to be true she had never imagined in her life that she would go through something like that “I swear I wanted to rip him apart when he kissed u” Justin said “does my touch disgust u, scare u?” he asked in a low threatening voice and he leaned in to kiss her but she turned her face away but that only encouraged him to get her. He moved closer completely attaching his front to hers, his grip turning deadly with each second “I will make u mine no matter what” he gritted near her ear before kissing on her neck while she nervously wriggled in his hold scared of what his words meant.

Sam gathered courage and with full force landed her knee on his manhood causing him to let go off her and she took that opportunity to run out of her cabin, she didn’t look back and ran with all her might, she didn’t wait for the elevator and took the stairs she ran fourteen floors down until she collided with someone “Sammy…” spoke Neil worriedly looking at her condition. Covered in sweat and her hair dishevelled, panting heavily Sam hugged Neil tightly and started to cry “Sammy what happened?” he asked but she didn’t speak she just cried her body trembling in fear. Neil who had come to pick her up hugged her back calming her down. Breaking the hug Neil asked her again what happened but before she could answer Neil saw Justin running out of the building and understood. Sam had told her several times how Justin had been behind her since she started working at Footprints. Neil cupped Sam’s face “what did he do?” he asked sternly but Sam just broke into tears again and Neil couldn’t stand that.

His jaw clenched, his eyes were red in anger, he moved Sam aside and ran to Justin and before she could understand anything Justin was being thrashed black and blue by Neil. Sam had to call the building watchman to stop Neil from killing Justin. Neil poured his frustration, anger, possessiveness in his every punch, the mere thought of another man laying a hand on his Sammy was enough to turn him crazy, Justin tried to fight back but he was no match for him. Justin was almost lifeless when Neil left him, taking Sam with him he drove off to his apartment.

Malhotra’s Apartment
The entire drive home was quiet none spoke to the other, Sam was still in shock of what had happened while Neil was in shock of the way he reacted. Of course he felt bad for her and would have if it was any other woman in her place but he wasn’t a violent before what happened to him then, he almost killed Justin and that shocked him, even now everytime he thought of him touching Sam his bl**d boiled and wanted nothing but to beat the hell out of that guy. They entered the apartment and Sam realised her surroundings, she turned to Neil to speak but he spoke first “mum is not home so u can relax” Sam nodded and sat on the sofa.

Neil gave her a glass of water and after empting the glass she noticed his wounds on his knuckles when she was handing him the glass “Neil u are hurt” she said concerned. Taking the first aid box from the kitchen she came back to Neil who still looked as angry as ever “sit down” she said motioning the sofa with her head but Neil stayed put looking at her trying to decipher why was he still angry “I need to clean your wound” she added. She placed her arm on his shoulder and he winced only for her to see the dried blood on his shirt near his left shoulder.

Both sitting down on the sofa Sam cleaned his blood stained knuckles tenderly caressing his wounds “did he hurt u?” he asked his voice still holding anger in it, Sam nodded negative and asked him to take off his shirt. She winced seeing his wound and asked him how did he got hurt like that “I don’t know” he replied and Sam chuckled at his answer, he was back to his default line. She cleaned his wounds all the while his eyes never left her, his eyes said something that Sam couldn’t understand and frankly neither could Neil himself.

She finished cleaning his wound and cupped his face with her one hand “am fine” she said in assurance. He placed his hand on hers and noticed the red marks on her hand due to Justin’s tight grip, he looked at her with accusing eyes “am fine really” she assured him again “this is nothing considering on what could have happened” she added. Neil took her in an embrace holding her close to his heart, a tear drop escaped his eyes and he wiped it with his thumb before it touched her, Sam kept rubbing his back gently assuring him that she was fine. Was he just scared bcoz he had lost someone very close to him recently or was he overreacting he asked himself. Why did it hurt him so much to see her in pain, why did it anger him so much to know someone tried to hurt her and why did he feel so possessive with the thought of another man touching her. He was in love with her he concluded, a smile crept on his lips realising he was in love with her all along. Unknowingly his grip tightened around her and so did hers for she felt safe and loved in his arms. They broke the hug and Neil captured her lips conveying his undying love for her.

It was not the first time they kissed but Sam felt something different with that kiss, it was gentle yet passionate, she felt the kiss was possessive yet caring as if it held a meaning that she couldn’t understand but it stirred up different emotions in her that she never thought existed. It didn’t took time for things to heat up btn them, Sam was laying on the sofa her shirt off her shoulder with a shirtless Neil on top of her trailing kisses down her jawline, he nibbled on her collarbone making her moan out loud breaking his trance. Neil mentally cursed himself for what he was doing, he got off her but Sam completely drowned in the sea of need caught his hand “I want this” she said her voice hoarse showing how affected she was, her eyes showing that she wanted him.

Neil closed his eyes to control himself, now that he knew he was in love her with her he wasn’t going to let their first time be like this besides it could be her fear talking considering what she went through just sometime ago and what if she wakes up regretting her decision. He sat upright and pulled up her kissing her on her forehead “I want this too but not like this” he mumbled against her lips and pecked her lips lightly. Sam rested her head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeats “coffee…?” he asked.

“stay…” she said and he cocooned her in return.

“did I sound desperate?” she asked after a minute of silence.

“umh! u did actually” he said and they both laughed at that.

Notting Hill
Radhika was still staying in Notting Hill penthouse, her parents had asked her to return home since everything was okay btn Ridhima and her but she refused giving different excuses like the penthouse was closer to her work but the real reason behind it was that she wanted to meet Arjun freely and that could only be possible if she stayed in Notting Hill.

She got home tired and walked to her bedroom after drinking a glass of water, she opened her bedroom door and was startled by a figure laying on her bed “f**k” she screamed placing her palm on her chest “u scared the hell out of me” she said throwing her purse at him.

Arjun who was sprawled on her bed caught her purse and smiling sheepishly at her he said “is this the way to greet your boyfriend?”

Radhika rolled her eyes “when did u come?”

Arjun placed his right hand behind his head “two hours ago” he said casually.

Radhika crossed her arms over her chest “u were here for two hours and didn’t tell me?… wow some sensible boyfriend I have” she said sarcastically.

Extending his left hand to her he said “stop trying to pick a fight and come snuggle with me” Radhika chuckled but she obliged, taking her shoes off she hopped on the bed with him resting her head near his heart with her left hand around his waist and they stayed like that for some time “I missed u” he said after a while.

“missed u too” she replied wrappings her hand around him more.

“then where is my missed u kiss?” he asked kissing on top of her head.

Radhika titled her head to see his face “u will get that when u finish the case that’s keeping u away from me” she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

“are u jealous?” he teased.

“yes, your job is like the other woman in my love life” she said pretending to be mad causing him to chuckle. “what’s wrong?” she asked when his expression had suddenly turned grave.

Arjun took a deep breath “about the case, I need to ask u something” Radhika nodded and he continued “who gave u Amrish’s bank statement?”

“the bank” she answered instantly in a matter of fact tone.

“I know that” he said “they must have sent it to u through the office, someone else might have read it and found out about the private investigator”

Radhika detached herself from him sitting on the bed “when Tina gave it to me it was still sealed”

“She is my number one suspect” he said.

Radhika gasped “Tina..!?” she said bewildered “but she is such a sweet girl” she added.

“that doesn’t mean she can’t be the murderer” he said and sat leaning on the headboard “she was at the party and in Amrish’s office too in fact she was the last person to see Amrish alive… the letter she received was supposed to be for Samrat but strangely she received another letter and we only have her word on it… when the police doubted her she supposedly got a threat letter too”

“supposedly?” she asked ” but she was attacked”

“a failed attack” he said “she is the only who got the threat letter and no harm has come to her still, I think her attack was pre-planned to get suspicion off her… being your secretary gave her access of the bank statement and just like u she could have also found out about Wolf and track him down”

“but Tina wasn’t in Bradford” she argued.

“that’s what I have been thinking about, she wasn’t Bradford neither was she in York but both the P. I. and Devendra were murdered… she has an accomplice but who is it?” he said frustrated.

“why don’t u conduct a DNA test to see if she is also a Sareen?” she suggested after thinking for a minute.

He gave out a sigh “even if the results come back positive I don’t have any conclusive evidence against her, it is all circumstantial… until I find Devendra’s daughter she will remain invincible”

Radhika huffed “all this talk is making me hungry am going to cook us something” They both went to the kitchen and started to make themselves food but Radhika couldn’t stop herself from asking “what have u found out about Devendra’s daughter, your aunt?”

“nothing as of yet” he answered while stirring the soup he was making “I know Devendra didn’t want to kill my mother alone… he wanted to kill us all… that day mum, dad, Priya and I were all in the same car but unfortunately only mum couldn’t survive… Devendra wanted to get rid of all the Sareens… but since getting Taste Farm was his goal then he wanted us gone bcoz he had another Sareen heir with him”

“his daughter” she said understandingly.

“correct” he supported “but there are no records of her… we have checked every school every hospital record in York but there is nothing about her… is like she doesn’t exist nobody in York knows if Devendra had a daughter”

“have u checked London?” she asked “he lived here before going to York, right?”

Arjun face palmed himself “sh*t, why didn’t I think about this before” Smiling at her he said “one smart girlfriend I have”

“that I am” she said proudly.

Arjun wrapped his right hand around her waist “that’s why I love u” he said and leaned to capture her lips and she titled her head up letting them be captured.

“more than your case?” she asked when they had broke the kiss.

Arjun pretended to be contemplating “mmh! that’s a tough one” he teased. Radhika gasped and punched him on his stomach but he just laughed in return “that’s a nice massage” he said causing her to give up on her attempts to punch him.

“I hate u” she said pouting.

“I love u too” he replied making her smile.

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
The wedding was approaching in just a few days Priya and Ankush were going to be tied into a matrimonial bond as a symbol of the their love and for sometime the family got to forget their recent problems and be happy. Mala was making everyone run on their toes, nothing was good enough for her due to which they had changed two wedding planners and the third one was on the verge of having a nervous break down. She just couldn’t keep her hands off the arrangements on both the groom and the bride side. She had called Priya home to try her pre-wedding functions clothes for the final fitting.

Priya was in Ridhima’s bedroom trying on her Sangeet lehenga with Mala giving a headache to the designer with adjustments she wanted to be made on the dress thinking of herself as a designer too, the designer turned to Ridhima with pleading eyes asking for help. Ridhima went to Mala “mum, why did u tell dad to look over the flower arrangements?”

“what?” screamed Mala “I never told him that”

“but I heard him talking on the phone with the florist, he was making arrangements of some tulips” Ridhima said purposely for she knew Mala hated tulips and hearing that Mala stormed out of the room and the designer heaved a sigh of relief.

Priya was admiring herself on the mirror when Ankush entered “may I talk to my soon to be wife please?” Ridhima then left with the designer giving them some time alone.

“how do I look?” Priya asked twirling before him.

“like an angel that u are” Ankush answered sounding dreamily staring at his love. Ankush walked to her and cupped her face in his both hands “are u happy?” he asked and Priya looked confused “are u happy with this marriage?” he asked again.

Priya removed his hands off her face “are u having second thoughts?” she also asked.

Ankush nodded negative “I can marry u all my life without tiring” he said, he then held her hands in his “all I want is to see u smile, to see u happy”

Priya smiled “am the happiest I have ever been and do u know why… bcoz I have u, u are the best thing that has ever happened to me” Ankush kissed on her forehead whispering I love you to her “will u love me the same way even after the wedding?” she asked.

“no” he said and kissed her left cheek “I will love u more” he said before kissing on her right cheek “bcoz I love to love u every second, every minute, every day of my life” he said against her lips before planting his lips on hers and she kissed him back.

Jai who was standing by the door and saw and heard everything felt like someone was mercilessly twisting a knife inside his heart, unknowingly tears fell down his eyes with the pain of his broken heart. He felt an unexplainable pang deep down in his heart, he quickly ran out of the house, got into his car and drove off. It was his brother’s wedding and to his best friend but he wasn’t happy, it hurt every time he saw them together “who am I kidding I will never stop loving Priya” he said to himself as he drove aimlessly on the streets of London. After driving for hours he stopped his car to a side and silently cried his heart out, wiping his tears he knew what to do, he started his car and drove to his destination.

Kensington Police Station
Edward walked into Arjuns office where Arjun was engrossed trying to find Devendra’s daughter, per records they had found more than 50 people with the surname Sareen that could be the woman they were looking for “is she still in hiding?” asked Edward.

Arjun raised his head from the file he was reading “she can’t hide forever, we will catch her one way or the other” he answered “I have closed on about 32 possible candidates only cross checking remains” he added.

“that’s great” Edward said excitedly “I also have found something”

“what did u find?” Arjun asked.

“remember u said u are sure whoever killed Amrish has access to both the office and the palace?” Arjun nodded and he continued “well, I have been thinking that maybe the murderer wasn’t invited to the party, that whoever it is came through another entrance”

“what do u mean?” Arjun asked.

“we have investigated every guest but we have found nothing bcoz the murderer wasn’t one of the guest” Edward said “we have checked people who came through the front entrance but we didn’t investigate the back entrance”

Arjun leaned back on his chair “but that entrance is so far from the palace, it will take the murderer a lot of time to come to the palace commit a murder and then leave and that increases chances of being caught”

Edward smiled “I thought so too but the back entrance is hardly guarded, doesn’t even have cameras and that increases chances of not being caught… I went to the palace and saw something strange… the lock on the back gate looked new” he then showed Arjun a picture he had taken of the lock “it was recently changed and do u know when?”

“when?” asked Arjun who was growing impatient with the suspense.

“the day of the party” Edward said surprising Arjun “I bribed the head of security and he told me the morning of the party Jai gave him the new lock and told him to change the old lock with the new one since the old one had become rusty… but the surprise doesn’t end there” showing him another picture of the gate “do u see that red paint?” he said pointing to a spot on the metal bars of the gate that had smudges of red.

“looks like a car hit the gate” said Arjun.

“thats bcoz it did and a red car at that” Edward said triumphantly “if the back entrance is not used then how did this car hit the gate and guess who has a red car?… Jai” Edward was right, Jai drove a red Ferrari Arjun thought “it can’t be a coincidence Arjun… first he tells the security to change the lock and himself provide the new lock… then a red car hits the gate showing that the gate was opened… he also happens to drive a red car… and he was the only one who left the party early… I think we have enough to call him for questioning”

Arjun got into deep thoughts, it can not all be a coincidence and Jai doesn’t have any alibi of his whereabouts when he left the party. But this was supposed to be a revenge of the Sareens against the Khannas how did Jai got on the other side of the war? Yes he was an ambitious guy but could he really partake in his own grandfather’s murder? Could he be Tina’s accomplice? Tina and Jai were dating could that be a part of their deal so none could betray the other? “find out if Jai was in Bradford the day the P.I. was murdered”

Edward nodded and left his office to find evidence against Jai Khanna.

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