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Manmarziyan – Shaded of Love (Chapter 14)

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Chapter 14

Taste Farm Offices
Monday was back again and due to the back to back meetings Radhika had to miss going to her other job in order to attend those Taste Farm meetings, recently it was getting harder and harder for her to keep up with both jobs. She knew she had to make a decision soon but taking that step was difficult bcoz she had to choose btn her favourite job and her new job. She sat in her cabin softly massaging the back of her neck after finishing the second meeting of the day waiting for the third one to start when Sam entered her cabin “u look terrible” she said looking at Radhika’s tired face.

“I think even my skin hurts” replied Radhika still massaging her neck. Sam placed her handbag on her desk and started massaging her shoulders “came to see Neil?” asked Radhika with her eyes closed enjoyed the massage.

“will meet him but came to see u first” said Sam “want to share something with u” she added.

“what… that u and Neil are dating…?” she asked “if that’s the case then don’t bother I already know” she finished.

“who told u?” asked Sam a bit of shock vivid in her voice.

Radhika took Sam’s hands off her shoulders and pulled her aside “well my sister can be inconsiderate but my best friend can’t… Neil told me” she said in a matter of fact tone.

Sam made a puppy face “sorry piggy… u see… ”

“spare me your sorry flashback” chimed Radhika “am mad at u… u owe me a girls night out, u are taking me to see that new chick flick this weekend and dinner afterwards… only then will u be forgiven” Sam smiled and promised to do whatever she asked “okay now tell me all about the kiss” she completed excitedly.

“u are impossible” said Sam taking a seat next to her.

“that I am” Radhika said “now tell me about your adventures with Neil and I will tell u about me and Arjun” she completed with a naughty smile playing on her lips.

Sam gasped “u and Arjun” she exclaimed in bewilderment “u sly girl… tell me all about it”

“u go first” said Radhika.

“okay, okay… so that day of the fundraiser… ” Sam started to narrate about her story and the two girls sat talking about their love lives.

Their hearts were beating fast, the strong men weren’t very strong now, Arjun and Neil sat nervously on the sofa in Jai’s cabin while Jai and Ankush were standing looming over then, the two brothers were quiet carefully scrutinizing Arjun and Neils faces. “do u love her?” asked Jai looking as strict as ever that made Neil gulp hard in fear.

“we are getting to know to each other” he answered nervously.

“u have known her your entire life what more is there to know about each other?” asked Ankush also with a poker face.

Neil turned to Arjun for help “u know us too, whats the need to question us like this then?” asked Arjun looking as calm as ever but inside he was nervous as hell. Neil was proud with Arjun’s answer and now looked at the two brothers with more confidence.

Ankush and Jai looked at each other and smiled, Jai took a deep breath and spoke “she is my princess Neil so take care of her, one tear from her eyes and I will draw blood from your face”

Neil assured Jai that he will never try to harm Sam for she is his friend above all, now it was Arjun’s turn, Ankush turned to him “she won’t say yes to u until I approve, so what can u do to get my approval”

Arjun got off the sofa “nothing bcoz my love is not weak that I will need to prove myself, u are her brother and love her so much but I will always love her a bit more than u”

Ankush was already impressed but wanted to tease Arjun more “since u can’t prove your love for her then my answer is no” Arjun wanted to defend himself but Priya got in btn, she crossed her arms over her chest and gave Ankush a deadly stare, Ankush melted “what?… just wanted to shake him a little” he said defensively “okay, okay I give u my approval” he finally said lightening up the mood.

Priya then hugged Ankush and pecked his cheek causing Neil to fake cough while Arjun looked away shyly but none of them noticed the pained clearly visible in Jai’s eyes “I have an announcement to make” said Jai turning the attention to himself, he called Tina from his intercom and when she entered his cabin Jai gave her an arm hug and spoke “Tina and I are dating” he announced stirring different reaction in the room. Tina blushed, Neil shocked, Ankush was happy and Priya ecstatic leaped on both of them and congratulated them while Arjun was unaffected.

“we should definitely go on a double date” said Priya excitedly, too excited for that matter but she was genuinely happy for her best friend. Tina reminded them of the meeting at hand so they all left for the boardroom expect for Arjun and Neil.

Ankush was the last one to leave but before leaving he made sure to tell Arjun that he trusted him and that’s why he was letting him be with his sister. Arjun closed his eyes with guilt thinking that he didn’t deserve that trust “lets go” said Neil tapping on his shoulder.

“do u want to go grab a drink?” asked Arjun getting out of his thoughts and surprising Neil.

Neil chuckled “dude, its so early in the day and u want to get drunk?” it was then when Neil noticed the grave expression on Arjun’s face, something was troubling him “bro, what’s wrong?” he asked his eyes reflecting an assurance that he was there for him.

My dad is Ruby and Jagath’s son, he is a Sareen and not a Mehra and there is a high chance that he is the murderer I have been looking for but I haven’t told my colleagues about this bcoz though my dad is bad he is still my father and I don’t want him to go to jail and that has been eating away my concious. That was what he wanted to tell Neil but couldn’t “nothing” was what came out of his mouth.

Neil held his shoulder “u can trust me Arjun” he said again in assuarnce.

Arjun looked at him and hesitated “there is nothing, am not going to work so thought of getting a drink with my buddy but there is no problem… u do your work and I will take my leave”

“I have whiskey in my office” said Neil and took him to his cabin where they had a couple of drinks but even then Arjun couldn’t master the courage to face his concious.

Kensington Police Station
The police had played their cards well, they had achieved to get Kabir at the station and this time they were determined to get the truth out f him. Kabir tried to act smart, tried to walk on a clean path but a feeble redemption is easy to wither so Kabir was arrested with statutory rape charges but little did he know that it was all police trap and the under age girl he tried to seduce was an undercover officer doing her job. After keeping Kabir alone in the interrogation room for two hours, he was already frustrated and weak and could blow up any time soon but that was what the police wanted. He was later given his cellphone and was told that he was granted one phone call, when the officer left Kabir dialled someone “hello, it’s me” he said when the call was connected “am at the police station please come bail me out” his expression changed to that of annoyance and it was clear that whoever was on the line was not pleased by what he was saying “this is no time for your lectures… u have a responsibility towards me so come fast or I will open my mouth” he threatened and ended the call.

Arjun and Ridhima were seating in a nearby cabin watching and hearing everything from the computer screen showing everything being recorded by the camera in the interrogation room. Ridhima was flummoxed by what she heard, Kabir was in trouble and he didn’t care to inform her and who had his responsiblity apart from her when as far as she knew Kabir was an orphan, he didn’t have any family “why are u showing me all these?” she asked Arjun her eyes still glued on the computer screen.

Arjun sighed “I want to help u open yours eyes, he is not what u think he is… he is cheating on u, he has been and I don’t think he will ever stop” he had showed her enough proof that Kabir was a lowlife who didn’t deserve her or any woman for that matter, he showed her proof oh his affairs and his blackmailing stunts.

“what do u want from me?” she asked again, this time her voice held determination apart from the pain.

Arjun held her hand and went straight to the topic “what did u see that night your nanaji was murdered?”

Ridhima closed her eyes contemplating whether she should speak or not, Kabir had betrayed her trust but should she also do the same, wouldn’t that make her as cheap as he was. Arjun squeezed her hand offering her courage, she took a deep breath and spoke “we where on the dance floor, we were dancing when he got a call… he seemed a bit disturbed after that call and didn’t want to dance any more… when I pried on the matter he told me he was going to the bathroom… I waited for more than ten minutes and decided to go check on him… he wasn’t in the bathroom instead I heard some whisphers coming from the east wing so I went to check… he looked nervous as if he had seen a ghost, he was looking back every second as if to check if someone was following him so I hid behind a pillar… he was…” she hesitated a bit and Arjun encouraged her to speak and so she continued “he was coming from nanaji’s office”

Her voice started to choke, tears had started flowing down her cheeks. Arjun gave her a tissue to wipe her tears “he is not worth it” he told her softly. Mark and the other detectives almost screamed excitedly, Ridhima’s confession was a nail to Kabir’s coffin, there was no escaping for him now “what did u do after that?” Arjun asked her.

Ridhima sighed “I waited till he left that place and went to check in nanaji’s office… but the door needed a password to be opened so I couldn’t go in… I don’t know where he got nanaji’s password from” she then looked straight in Arjun’s eyes “I don’t think he killed nanaji, he is incapable… he might be a scum bag but I dont think he is a murderer”

Arjun smiled “we will question him first, we won’t wrongly accuse anyone”

Ridhima also smiled “I trust u will do the right thing” she said and after a few more questions she was allowed to leave.

Ridhima’s words kept piercing in Arjun’s heart, she trusted in him and what has he done, it has been two days since he found out about his father being Ruby and Jagath’s son but he had chose to keep the information to himself. It was pinching on his concious but the son in him was coming in the way of his duty. He was startled when Mark placed his hand on his shoulder “u were right, u are the right man for this case” he spoke with pride breaming in his eyes that further made Arjun hate himself “lets finish this now, it’s time to corner Kabir” Arjun nodded and followed Mark to the interrogation room, he watched Kabir from the glass window and couldn’t help but wonder if he was any less than him for keeping the truth to himself.

Composing himself for the job at hand he took a deep breath before entering the interrogation room, Kabir sat straight in his chair Arjun was in the homicide department why would he come to interrogate a statutory rape case. It was a trap it dawned on him. Arjun knew what he was thinking but his plan was to get him talking and if he can’t divulge information while calm he was going to make him talk while angry “uh! I forgot my file” said Arjun then looking at the huge glass window that was mirror to those inside the room he said “officer Carmen please bring me the file” and turned to Kabir smiling.

The door opened and a short blonde girl entered holding a file, Kabir’s blood boiled seeing the girl for it was the same officer who while undercover acting like a teenage girl got Kabir arrested “so it was all u” said Kabir btn gritted teeth, he was seething with rage. “what was all these drama for, huh?… to get me talking?… well I ain’t saying sh*t… I will not reveal anything” he shouted.

Arjun still calm and composed with his smile not leaving his face spoke “I knew from the start that u will not say anything… this drama as u call it was not for u but for your wife… I already showed her your true face and she has already told me everything so am here to read u your charges not interrogate u”

Kabir panicked “what do mean charges… what charges… I didn’t do anything… I didn’t kill nanaji I swear”

Arjun chuckle “stop this child’s play Kabir… I know everything, if u can blackmail Samrat then u can definitely kill Amrish”

“I didn’t kill him, believe me” he said still in a panicked filled voice “even the blackmailing was Piyali’s idea. Am just following her orders… am doing this only for the money”

Arjun didn’t expect that revelation, he now understood what was the connection btn Kabir and Piyali, masking his surprise expression Arjun chuckled and calmly spoke “just cut the crap Kabir, u are the one blackmailing Samrat u even got his house as part of the bargain what does Piyali got to do with anything?”

“everything, she is got everything to do with it” he said almost in a cry “I will tell u from the beginning… Piyali and I both have married into that family for money but we both got unlucky bcoz Amrish was a strong man and wouldn’t just trust anyone… seeing Samrat’s gambling habit Piyali was worried that by the time they get any inheritence Samrat would already blown every single cent away… so she came up with the blackmailing idea so she could save some money for herself… it was all her doing”

Arjun had an unbelievelable look on his face “do u really think I will believe this nonsense, stop wasting my time and tell me the real deal, like for example how did u get Amrish’s office door password or why did u ask Abbey to kill Tina” Kabir didn’t know Arjun had that information so he was hell scared now, Arjun smiled “someone saw u getting out of his office that night of the party and that puts u at the crime scene and at the time of the murder” Kabir held his head for it was spinning from all pressure he was feeling, he felt he could collapse of a heart attack any moment, he was wrong in ever underestimating Arjun. He started to cry for he knew he was doomed “your tears won’t move me” said Arjun looking the least interested in his condition.

Kabir wiped his tears and spoke “Samrat wasn’t paying heed to my threats so we came up with a new plan to extract money from him… we used Abbey, he sent Samrat threatining letters that we wrote and they looked as if a Mafia gang was doing the extortion… Samrat was supposed to receive a letter that night of the party but when he didn’t Piyali called me while I was dancing with Ridhima… she told me that she asked the guards and they told him that Tina took that letter so she sent me to Amrish’s office to check since she wanted to be in Amrish’s good books… we both didn’t know that Amrish was in his office at that time… she gave me the password but when I opened the door he was already dead, I panicked and got out immediately… she later made a call to Abbey to find out what happened to the threat letter he was supposed to deliver that night but Abbey was high when she called him and couldn’t find out much… she made that call from Westminster but she made the call infront of me and she never talked about killing Tina… that’s the whole truth”

“why did u send me Samrat and Abbey’s photo… why did u want to frame him?” Arjun asked.

Kabir immediately answered “Piyali thought that since we can’t extort money from him we can at least send him jail and enjoy his inheritance while he is away… she thought Samrat was going to inherit everything”

“are u really going to keep saying that u had nothing to do with this, that it was all her plan?” asked Arjun.

Kabir shrugged “okay, u got me…but she played a bigger part than me”

Arjun left the interrogation room to discuss with his colleagues “what do u think?” he asked Mark.

Mark shook his head in disbelief “this family is like a rotten egg, looks good from the outside but once u break it, it stinks”

Edward crossed his arms over his chest “they all admit to one crime or the other but none admits to murder”

Arjun thought for a second “if Abbey was supposed to bring Piyali’s letter where did Tina got that other letter from?”

Mark sighed “maybe the murderer knew about their plans in slipped in his letter through the same bcoz it’s strange that the murderer used the same guy they hired in their blackmail game. If only we could get Ruby’s son” he expressed his helplessness. Kabir was released from the station later after Arjun giving him a strict warning to not be anywhere near Ridhima or her family.

Sam got off work early and was waiting for Neil outside her office building and she hadn’t brought her car to work since Neil was supposed to pick her up, after thirty minutes of standing with the watchman who had started to give her weird looks she called Neil but got his phone as not reachable making her more flustered than she already was. “Idiot” she shouted startling the watchman.

“are u talking to me ma’am” he asked nervously.

“No…” she screamed “am cursing this idiot who has me standing here like a lamppost while he has his phone switched off doing God knows what” she ranted and muttered a few more curses under her breath. The poor lad didn’t know what was he supposed to do so he mumbled a simple sorry pitying on her condition. “why are u sorry?” she asked in a stern voice that made him jump “he is the one who should be sorry”

“u should make him feel sorry, ma’am” he added.

Sam’s face brightened as she got an idea “u are right, I will make that idiot pay… do u know what I will do… I will not talk to him”

“yes, don’t talk to him” pumped the watchman “don’t even look at him” he added.

“yes” said Sam “won’t answer his calls, won’t reply to his messages won’t even forgive him. No matter how much he apologizes”

Sam went on about what she was going to do to make Neil pay when Neil’s car drove into the premises “ma’am I think your idiot is here” whispered the watchman making Sam turn and she arranged her face into a disinterested look.

Neil smiled and got out of the car holding a bouquet, a smile automatically crept on her lips but she quickly wiped it off acting annoyed “babe, am sorry am late, I made a stop to buy u flowers” he spoke smilingly extending the bouquet to her but Sam turned away showing her back to him. “my phone died so couldn’t tell u earlier” Sam continued acting as if she was not hearing him and started to walk towards the entrance “okay then I won’t tell u that am late bcoz of the surprise I was planning for u”

“what surprise?” asked Sam curiously but this time Neil acted ignorance and walked towards his car and Sam ran towards him “come on tell me what’s the surprise”

Neil took her handbag and put it in his car’s back seat “first accept the flowers” he said and Sam quickly took the bouquet from his hands “and am sorry for making u wait” he said again.

“forgiven” she said instantly impatient to know about the surprise “now tell me what’s the surprise”

“if I tell u then it won’t be a surprise anymore” he declared making her frown, she raised her hand to beat him but he caught both her hands and pinned her on the car “anger doesn’t suit u babe” he told her and leaned in to kiss on her right cheek “just a little patience and u will know the surprise” he said again before kissing her on her left cheek “now am I forgiven?” he asked against her lips and her lowered gaze and heaving chest told him that he was forgiven so he captured her lips. And that kiss took all her anger away replacing it with passion, skin tingling passion that only Neil was able to evoke in her so she kissed him back with all she had pouring her care and trust in him in that kiss. Neil’s hand left hers and went on her back plastering her more to himself and she placed her now free hands around his neck gently caressing his hair and they kissed till it hurt to breath.

The watchman shook his head at the scene in front of his eyes “love” he said smiling to himself. But they all failed to notice a pair of eyes staring at them from a distance, hurt, dejection, jealousy and anger all reflecting in those eyes. Justin clenched his hand into a fist, his eyes were growing red with each passing second seeing Sam kissing another man. He punched the wall near him tearing the skin on his hand and blood started oozing from it but that pain was nothing compared to the pain of seeing the woman he loved in the hands of another man. He saw her happily getting into Neil’s car and they drove off, his chest heaving up and down with rage “f**k” he muttered while tears flew from his eyes.

Mehra’s Apartment
It was 5am his phone alarm went off telling him it was time for the morning exercise, he cancel the alarm but still laid on the bed, his eyes were as white as snow he hadn’t slept a wink the whole night. He once again read the paper he was holding in his hand, it was the DNA report he had done of himself and Ruby and the results came back positive. Arjun’s mind was like a blank paper that he failed to fill, what should he feel, he was confused. Should he be angry for being kept in the dark, should he fill his heart with hatred against those who made his grandmother suffer or should he be happy to have found his true identity.

His heart became heavy every time he thought about his dad, he was neither able to question his dad nor tell the truth to his chief, the thought of his father wearing jail uniforms was making him weak. He knew Ajay would rather die than being confined and he very well knew that his death will kill him too and hadn’t he suffered enough by being separated from his biological parents? And Priya, wouldn’t she be devastated to see their father in jail? And what kind of a son would he be if he condemned his own father? Shouldnt those who made Ruby cry pay instead? Should he choose to be a good son or a good cop?

His eyes fell on the picture frame on the wall taken at his coronation day, it was one of the biggest days of his life. “I Arjun Mehra, do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of law, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and I will to the best of my power, cause the piece to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that I while I continue to hold the said office and I will to the best of my knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to the law” He still remembered his oath word by word, but what peace can he keep when his own peace was in shambles, what power does he have when he couldn’t stop the crime on the first place and how can can he be impartial when he didn’t have the guts to banish his own father.

He sat on the bed and his eyes fell on his badge kept on the bedside table and he remembered the first day he held that badge in his palms “On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution, my community and the agency I serve” He took the badge in his heavy hands and held it tight closing his eyes. He needed to find the courage he had lost, he needed to remind himself that he was a police first then a son, he needed to stop his heart rule over his judgement.

His POV: “I have to do what is right, I need to tell chief the truth and if dad is the murderer then he has to pay, justice has to be served”

Determined he got off the bed and got ready to go to work he was going to tell the truth, his duty came first and there was no family when it came to duty there were only criminals and the justice keepers. “son…” he heard Ajay calling and turned to see him standing at the door of his room. “can we talk?”

Ajay looked tired and sick as if he had aged overnight, since his argument with Arjun and Arjun telling him that he will leave the house once Priya was married Ajay has been devastated, he hasn’t even been able to concerntrate on work that he loved more than anything “what is it?” asked Arjun coldly not wanting to have his will fluttered.

Ajay wanted to apologize, he wanted to admit to his son that he was wrong and that his business could never replace his son’s presence in his life “u are going to work this early?” he asked instead of saying what he had intended to and how could he when his son was looking at him with such indifference.

“my work has no schedule, I work whenever and wherever” he answered still in his ice cold tone “is that all or do u have anything else?” Ajay nodded negative and Arjun left immediately. Before getting into his car he was stopped by a voice he turned and saw Piyali walking towards him “what do u want?” he asked disinterestedly his face holding disgust for her after knowing her truth.

“I came with a request” she said softly “please don’t tell Samrat anything, please dont tell him the truth” Piyali pleaded.

Arjun gave out a mock filled chuckle “why, afraid he will press charges and u will go to jail?”

Piyali started to cry “I know I deserve jail for what I did, but am requesting u for my children’s sake… think about them… think about Sam… isn’t she your friend… my children shouldn’t suffer bcoz of me… am a sinner but I don’t want my sins to be rubbed on them too”

“don’t u think it too late for regrets?” asked Arjun.

Piyali bent down and held his feet shocking Arjun “please I beg u, don’t do this to me, don’t let my children know that their mother is a monster… I admit my way was wrong but I was thinking about my family then and am thinking about them now”

Arjun held her by the shoulders pulling her up “please don’t do this, don’t embarass yourself like this”

Piyali still crying folded her hands before him “I beg u please, please think about it… what if u find such truth about your father, wouldn’t u suffer… I don’t want my children to suffer, please Arjun help me in this” she kept on begging and Arjun sent her off saying that he will think about her request.

Piyali got into her car, wiped her tears adjusted the rear view mirror and started to touch up of her ruined make-up, she suddenly heard sounds of hand claps from the back seat “that was an Oscar worthy performance, dear sister” said Kabir who had been hiding in the back seat all this while.

Piyali smiled “the things we do for family”

Kabir laughed hard “let me correct u, the things we do for money”

Piyali frowned “stop your nonsense and worry about Ridhima, u need to get back with her”

“am on it, sweet sister” said Kabir and they both drove off.

Sun Publications – London
Radhika sat in her cabin biting her nails off nervously her eyes never leaving her phone screen, she would refresh her phone every five seconds but would be disappointed not finding any new messages. It has been five whole days since she last saw Arjun, no according to Radhika it has been five days 14 hours 13 minutes and 58 seconds since she last saw Arjun or received any of his messages. He didn’t call her, he didn’t message her neither did he sent her any gifts and she wasn’t liking it, she wasn’t liking it one bit in fact she was plainly hating it. “I hate u Arjun Mehra” she shouted exasperated.

She picked her phone to call him but then discarded that idea, she then thought of texting him but ended up deleting everything she typed, she checked his whatsapp status and it showed that he was online “who are u messaging inspector Mehra, apparently u are busy messaging everybody expect me” She started pacing back and forth in her cabin, she was angry that he was ignoring her and her poor nails paid the consequences. Her phone rang and she almost slipped running to answer the call thinking that it might be Arjun but she was disappointed again seeing a new number flashing on the screen. It was from the bank telling her to come collect her new debit cards and she was so frustrated that she ended up scolding the poor girl who was just doing her job “I hate u Arjun Mehra” she muttered when she ended the call.

She slumped on her chair and closed her eyes, she remembered Ankush words and also what she recalled as the happiest moment of her life, she wanted a new dress for the prom bcoz Arjun was her date, she remembered she would refuse going to any party unless Arjun accompained her and wouldn’t her life be incomplete without him. She recalled every moment spent with him and realised that he was there for her every step of her life, when she was in danger he protected her, when she feared he encouraged her, when she was weak he was her strength. He was always the first one to wipe her tears, he was always the first one to cheer her up, he was always the first one to scold her when she did wrong. He was the only one who loved her unconditionally and she was in love with him too. Her eyelashes became wet from her tears, she was crying due to the rainbow of emotion she was going through. She was happy to have realised her feelings, she was angry that it took her so much time to acknowledge such a simple thing but she also feared that he was tired of waiting for her that’s why he was ignoring her. “I love u Arjun Mehra” she cried confused about her next step.

Notting Hill
Radhika drove into her building and her sad face was elated seeing Arjun’s car in the parking lot “he is here, he came” her mind screamed and she rushed to the elevator. Her neighbours waiting for the elevator with her thought that her bladder was on the verge of bursting by the way she was shaking her legs. The one minute the elevator took to come down felt like one whole hour to her “what’s taking it so long” she screamed driving more attention to herself as if her nervous dance wasn’t enough “finally” she exclaimed when the elevator door opened and they all let her get in first before she pushed someone to the floor in her hurry. She held the door knob and took a deep breath before going in masking the smile on her face, Arjun was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed he was so deep in thoughts that he didn’t hear the door being opened but Radhika thought that he was ignoring her “still ignoring me huh, well two can play that game”

She walked to the kitchen poured herself water and banged the glass on the counter when she had finished drinking startling him, Arjun turned to where the sound came from “u are back, I was waiting for u”

His voice, his eyes all told her that he was sad and that was enough to melt all her anger away. She quickly went and sat next to him “what’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

Arjun held her hand “am a Sareen and not a Mehra” Radhika was shell shocked and Arjun told her everything from the DNA results to telling his chief about his father’s real identity “I feel like a loser, am such a failure, am such a failure Radhika” He covered his face with his hands “I have failed as a son”

Radhika sighed, she understood him, Arjun though has been fighting with his father he still had hope that everything will fall into place that the relationship btn him and his dad will one day be a healthy one but now he saw that hope die too so he felt guilty that he didn’t try enough to bridge the gap btn them “it was not your fault, u did the right thing and am proud of your decision” Radhika said, she then hesitated but finally spoke “I love you”

Arjun sighed took his hands off his face and smiled a sad one at her “are u saying that just to make me feel better?” Radhika got off her spot and sat on his lap flashing her teeth at him and he froze like a statue at her action causing her to smirk at the effect she had on him. She cupped his face and kissed him on the lips sending waves of electric like sparks down their bodies she broke the kiss the second he started to respond to her making him frown “what the heck?”

“how dare u think I will lie about my feelings” she said still smiling “I love u like love u love u… I love u… I have been in love with u all this time just never took the time to think about it… to think that they way I care about was bcoz I love u… I have your name imprinted deep down in my heart just now realised it” Arjun didn’t need to hear another word he cupped her face tilting her head to a side for perfect access of her lips and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. His hand went inside her top and she gasped at his touch and he took that chance to invade her mouth ravishing the warmness and kissed her till she moaned struggling for breath, he broke the kiss to catch breath for a second and then kissed her again not getting enough of her, he had got what he always wanted.

Radhika still on his lap rested her head on his shoulder feeling content, his arms around her his scent so calming and his warm breath fanning her neck felt so right to her. She raised her head from his shoulder and planted kisses all over his face as if trying to make herself believe that she was not dreaming and Arjun’s happiness knew no bound he just kept on smiling but he was shocked when she slapped him on the face “what was that for?” he asked confused.

“that’s for ignoring me for five days” she answered her tone holding a warning to never ignore her again.

Arjun smiled wide “do u know u can get arrested for slapping a police officer?”

Radhika gasped and blinked her eyes repeatedly “really, am going to be arrested?”

Arjun pulled her more to himself “yes and u are sentenced to kiss me for life” he said against her lips before capturing them again. “I love you Radhika” he mumbled and kissed her again and again and again. Her lips now completely red and swollen from his kisses she got off his lap to go make dinner and he followed to the kitchen “just so we are clear, I think your confession was boring and u owe me a much romantic confession after all my efforts” he teased making her laugh.

Radhika smiled a naughty one “at least I didn’t need alcohol to confess” she gave back.

Arjun narrowed his eyes at her “I think we need to close that mouth of yours” he said as he sauntered towards her and she blushed scarlet knowing exactly what he had in mind.

Precap: Ajay’s interrogation, Kabir tries to get Ridhima back, another murder takes place.

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