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manmarziyan- My childhood love..and i m still possesive about him..episode 3

Hey guys..hearty again..thnx everyone for your love..
Story continues..

Arjun’ pov- I won’t let you go this time..u have to answer me why u rejected my friendship..u have to answer it sweetheart whether by will or by force..i don’t care..u were mh frst ever friend but after your betrayal I lost faith in friendship..everyone calls me arrogant but no one knows the reason..it’s u radhika..u have to return me those 3 years..i don’t know what made me this much affected with this dejection of yours..but I m hurt..
Radz pov- sry Arjun..i can still see hatred in ur eyes..once I wanted to see love in it..i never wanted to let go off this friendship but I was helpless..i was weak to fall in love with you..and I didn’t wanted u to feel my possessiveness in our friendship so I had to back out…i m sry..i tried my best to forget you but till now my heart beats only for u..it’s you who rules my mind..my heart..and my soul..
Both were in there own world unless there trance was broken by their tution teacher..
Teacher – so students..this year v are organising a science fair and I want you all to participate and do ur best..for that I have decided that participants will be in pairs..so everyone write your name in the chit and keep it in this bowl..as soon as you all will be finished with this..I’ll take out two chits at once and those two will b the partner..
So everyone wrote their names and submitted it..now its tym for the announcement of the partners..it goes as-(anirvan-naira) ( suhani- kusum) ( mona- shravan)….and last one is arjun- radhika…
Teacher- so guys all the best..plz don’t let me down..
Radhika cursed her faith that she had to be his partner but Arjun was giving his smirk ? smile which can make all girls flat..he got the chance he was waiting for..now he won’t let her escape so easily..
Tutions were dismissed..

All were going home..radz used to go by auto so she was standing near auto stand..by the time Arjun came to her in his coolest bike..it was d dreamof every girl to sit on his bike holding him close but he never let anyone touch it even..he himself was surprised by his actions when he asked radhika to sit at his bike so that he can drop her to her home..
Arjun- it’s already late..i know v aren’t friend but as my project partner I m asking u..so without any argument sit quietly..
Radz- it’s ok…I’ll go by auto..
She was very stubborn and determined not to loose her consciousness in front of him..
Arjun was not satisfied so he waited there keeping his helmet on his side..till she catches any auto..coz d place was not safe plus it had become dark..he was operating his phn playing candy crush saga..when he saw in his rear view mirror which made his blood boil..few boys were staring radhika with lustfull eyes..passing comments and laughing..now they have to pay for the upcoming storm..he was a martial art champion..since his childhood he had been practicing it..though he was a kid but when he fights then no man can stand in front of him..
He stepped out of his bike..radz was confused wat he is upto when she realized that Arjun started to beat them black and blue taking out each drop of blood for eyeing his radhika..radhika ran to him to stop him..
Radz- stop it Arjun..they will die..plz stop it..but his anger was at it’s peak..her tears didn’t affected him..plz Arjun u have my promise stop it..this made Arjun to calm a bit..he threw that raskal in the junkyard and with blood shot eyes ordered radhika to follow him and sit on his bike..radhika decided to follow him otherwise his anger will be difficult to control..

They both left in his bike..radhika was continuously crying coz she had never seen her Arjun fight like this..she felt guilty she was the reason he got hurt..anything would have happened to him if the goons would have been more strong..
Arjun was continuously watching her from the rear view mirror..he don’t know why but it hurt him more watching her like this..he didn’t cared about those wounds now..
Arjun stopped the bike in the middle..radz realized they hadn’t reached her home yet..she saw that it was a garden area..with stalls and few people around..
Radz- plz I wanna go home..
Arjun- yeah I’ll drop u safely but before that I want to have something..i m very hungry plus after this fight my hunger is at it’s peak..b4 radhika could say something he dragged her to the phuchka stall.
Radhika- with tears in her eyes..you still remembered it??
Arjun- with pain..yeah somethings are difficult to forget..
Radz knew he was still carrying the pain of their broken friendship in his heart..she felt very sorry..
Both knew that talking about old stuffs will hurt each other so to avoid it..arjun asked radz to have some phuchkas with him coz now it has become my favourite..
Radhika smiled a little..but soon it vanished..now concern..worry were replaced by it when she saw his arms bleeding..she quickly grabbed his hand and went to nearby tap..washed his wounds..
Radhika- Arjun who had asked you to become hero..they were not doing anything..infact were standing at long distance..plus I couldn’t hear any comments from them so it doesn’t matter..
Arjun with anger and possessiveness in his tone- it matters to me..it matters when someone hurt u..it matters a hell when someone disrespect u..
Radhika- and why it does??
Arjun pov- was speechless..yeah why it does..she was only his friend..plus now they are not even friends..in fact he should be angry at her for breaking their friendship without any reason..but no..he was more concerned for her..their friendship mattered to him..
Radhika- no words right..leave it..it’s already very late..I m not hungry..just drop me home..
Arjun without saying a word went and sat on his bike waiting for radhika to sit..no sooner she sat..he drove off..complete silence throughout the journey..
Both had many questions to ask..many answers to get..but both remain quiet..

Radz house came..
Radhika to make it normal wished him goodnight and thank u..but Arjun with a painful look watched her for few seconds and drove back with lightening speed towards his home..
At night both weren’t feeling sleepy..both thinking of each other..few years back where radhika was..now Arjun was standing at the same place..his mind was restless thinking about today’s event..everything was clear but only one thing pricked him..disturbed him..that is..why he went speechless when she asked wat mattered to him..why it hurted to see tears coming out from those angellic eyes..he was unable to find his answers so decided to talk about the matter to his best friend..his mother..nandini mehra..who was very firm when it comes to business..she was like the ultimate weapon in business world..no one dared to go against her words..she had the potential to make all the tables turn..she had to become like this..coz being a single mother society would thrash her if she won’t be strong enough to face the world..but as mother she was just the opposite..for her,Arjun and Neil mattered the most..no one could ever imagine Nandini mehra who can make all the heads bend down could kneel in front of her kids..she was the best mother and father according to both her children..she gave all the things required for their children to them b4 they asked for..
It was late so Arjun decided to talk to her mother tomorrow morning..
He went to sleep with radhika being the last person as a memory in his mind..

Next morning on breakfast..
Mehta mansion..
Nandini-Arjun wat has happened to ur arm?? Have u fought somewhere??
Arjun- no mumma..it’s just by mistake I fell from my bike..
Nandidi- beta I m ur mom..now come on spit up wats troubling u??
Arjun-I love you mumma for understanding me so well..now Arjun narrated the entire story to his mum..and also shared about his confusion which was not letting him be at peace..
Nandini understood her son is in love..but she didn’t want to say it to him..she didn’t wanted her son to repeat the same mistake by understanding an attraction to be love..so she decided to give her son his own time..and go with the flow..
Nandini- beta it’s just simple..u don’t have to use ur mind in it..just think from ur heart and on the ryt tym it will give all your answers..
Arjun was more confused with her mom philosophical words..and gave her an irritating look..
Nandini just smiled..ruffled his hairs..and said- have breakfast..don’t think much..and yeah since u and radhika are project partners then invite her in our home..i would like to meet her..
Arjun- okay mumma..
He had his breakfast and went to school..he was excited for the science project..
At school..
On notice board it was written that for the upcoming science fair..classes 9 &10, are suspended..partners involved in their respective projects could carry out their work in library..
Arjun’s happiness was of no bound..he was excited to meet radhika..and radhika was just bzy cursing her lord..
Everyone went to library.

Arjun’s eyes was continuously searching her partner..when he saw her coming towards him..with nervousness in her eyes..today she was looking something different..may be coz now somewhere his heart has realised that she was not just a friend..not a project partner..not a classmate but something more than that..he was busy staring her despite of his surrounding..her brown orbs which can make anyone go crazy..her innocence..her purity..her cuteness..her smile..everything..everything of hers soothed his heart..he didn’t realize when she came so close to him..when suddenly his trance was broken by the librarian who introduced students with the shelves from where they can take the books required for their project reference..
Radz- Arjun I know our past was not good..but for this project v have to start afresh so lets start from the beginning..
Radz- hii I’m radhika Mishra..ur project partner..
Arjun- hii I ‘m Arjun mehra..
Radz- so have u decided wat project v are going to do??
Arjun- yeah dancing lights..
Radz looked confused..now wats dis??
Arjun- it’s the combination of vibrations and waves..when someone will speak on this funnel on the background v can watch lights moving at random speed making few patterns which appears like they are dancing..so our project name will be dancing lights..
Radz- yeah I understood the project..now how to bring it on??
Arjun- yeah v have to refer few books of sounds..and with the help of internet v can manage to do it..plus I m here so no fear saying so he winked at her..
Radz pov- oh god..i m trying to act like a normal girl controlling my emotions but by meeting him again I m falling in love with him..plz save me..
God- beta I m saving u only..he is d only man who could keep u safe on earth..so I m doing wats ryt for you..
Arjun- hey v need two funnels..chartpaper..two small boxes and scissors..i m going to get them from stationary..u try to arrange few books regarding this topic..okay..
Radz- yeah..
Saying so radz went to nearby shelves to get few books..she was bzy in her world..reading books..understanding topics..noting down the necessary informations and collecting those books..by then a boy from arjun’s class saral came to radz ..

Saral- may I help u?? These soft hands wouldn’t be able to lift these heavy weight books..
Radz didn’t liked the way of his approach..somewhere it gave her negative vibrations..she just tried to deny him by a small smile telling him that she will handle her..
But saral forced her to accept his help..he was touching her hands in an inappropriate manner..
But someone hold his wrist by a strong grip which made him writh in pain..
Our Arjun came on the right time by then..seeing Arjun radz was more afraid..wat if he started to dispay his fighting skills here in our library..at the same time she was somewhere composed too that now no one can hurt her..
Saral- oouch!! Man..arjun I was just helping her..
Arjun- ohh thanx but no need..u concentrate on ur project..i m there was for her..no need to do favour on us..and Arjun glared him with murderous rage in his eyes..
Saral fumed and went back..
Radhika- thank u again..
Arjun held her wrist.. dragged her outside the library…to the nearby old sports room..which had all useless sports equipments which were damaged..bolted the door..pinned her to the wall and placed himself above her..he held both her wrist tightly which made her cry in pain..
Radhika- she tried to push Arjun but all her efforts went in vain..she was no less than a rabbit in front of this tiger..?
radz- plz Arjun leave me..u are hurting me..wat are u doing?? Wat do u want??
Arjun came more close which made radz heart beat more faster..his proximity was making her breathless..his warm breaths were soothing her tender skin..to avoid this radz turned to the other side..
Arjun clutched her jaw hard..and said- do u want to know wat I want?? Really?? Then give me my answers..do u think v can start afresh?? No..v can’t..i don’t know about u..buf I can’t act like a stranger anymore..you were my best buddy..my everything to whom I uesd to share my deepest secret after my mom..and wat u did in return?? U cheated me!!! U left me alone.. I left making friends..i stopped trusting anyone…WHY?? why you did this to me?? Where I was wrong in our friendship?? Was I ever harsh with u?? Have I disrespected u?? NO…then wat made u leave me?? Answer me got dammit!!! Ur silence is killing me..
Radz was till now vry silent..she don’t know how to react..she didn’t understand whether she should feel happy that Arjun never forgot her..or whether she should feel guilty of his condition which was only because of her..
Radz- I don’t wanna talk about it..it was our past..lets go and start our project..v only have few days left..
Arjun held her waist pulled her closer to him…he himself was not in the state of mind to understand wat was he doing..
Arjun- I don’t care about that fu***g science project..I just want to know my answers..
Radz was on the verge of crying..not bcoz of the tight grip by which he was holding her waist..but becoz of her feelings she had kept buried deep within her heart..

Radz- do u want to know Arjun mehra..then listen..it was all my fault..i tried to remain ur friend but ultimately I fell in love with you..and when u left me for 10 days I was dieng everyday to have a glimpse of yours..after you came back..when I saw u reacting normally as if u didn’t missed me..it hurted me..it gave me pain when I saw just friendship in ur eyes..i know I was wrong..i shouldn’t expect the same feelings from ur side..but that day I realised that if I’ll remain with u as ur friend then my possessiveness will destroy our friendship..u will start hating me..and I don’t wanted to see hatred in these eyes for me..i loved you..i still love you..and I’ll always love you..i know v are small and u will think how cheap I m to not focus on my career and falling in love at this small age..i tried to ignore my heart but it was not in my control..so I had to go away from u..it killed me thousand times to see you alone..but I knew u would never love me..look at me..i m just a behenji type girl..and you are no less than a greek god for whom girls die to get a single smile..saying so radz collapsed on the ground hiding her face behind her palm..not wanting to face Arjun after her confession..
Arjun had no words to speak..he was shell shocked by her confession..he never expected this from his life..ohh god..someone can love him this truly..deeply..
Hey guys…i couldn’t resist myself from writing this..as I said I m addicted to it..my exams are on..but instead of seeing those scary books..i prefer to write this story..say me how it is?? I m doubtful..should I continue this or not..i m scared wat if u people don’t like it..actually I m very poor in expressing..still I tried my best..criticism accepted..

Precap- arjun’s reaction..

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