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manmarziyan – mr.pineapple and his browny…(chapter-5)

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The one to first break the trance was the lady ,whose cheeks hidden partially in the mask burned at her love’s gaze on her and the thought of being in his arms brought thousand beautiful butterflies fluttering inside her….her juicy lips curved into a wide grin, seeing him still lost in her…she flashed her crystal teeths on him grinning more wider now and she lightly moved her hands off his shoulder to remove her mask…the mask finally unveiled and landed in the floor with a ‘cling’…while the man gasped at the encounter of his lady’s angelic face for the first time…..she lightly chukled at his reaction to hide her blushing at that…and now took off his mask too…she felt her legs loosening into juisy jellies as she was losing herself in his perfectly carved face and gasped…now he gave her a small grin, a sign of satisfication of finally finding his lady love who was destined for him….and more than that , he witnessed the true love for him in her just like he had for her, rather than any simple pleasing for his looks….the love flashed in his eyes made her, now concious mind wonder and so she asked being amused:” can u recognise me?

remember me who i am?”…..being bowled by her questions all arjun could answer was ” well….yes!”….she with happy tears in her eyes hugged him tight, burying herself in his chest she said:” do u know pineapple, for how many days i wished for this day to come? how many nights ,i spended sleepless wishing just to see your face once? “…arjun’s happiness knew no bounds at hearing her love for him, even though his confusion too knew no end…so he asked confused:”why are u calling me pineapple? do i look like one?… ” she detached herself from him but still holding his hands ,she giggled at his childish question ,pulled his cheeks and said:”no…..i call u pineapple because, i never knew your name except for ur initial..and i needed a name for u ,to call u in my dreams..so took the pineapple that i saw encrypted in ur tshirt that day and made it your nickname…..that’s it..simple!!!..”…arjun was totally taken aback now….he felt like pulling his hair….he remembered himself in a brown suite that day and was pretty sure in that too…and also he very well remembered signing his favourite lines with his full name and surname too…but here ,what is she saying?…..he decided to develop a conversation any how and so told her:” but i remember signing my fullname in that diary of yours….”…she sighed, made a face and said:” yes, yes..u signed your full name in my autograph but not in the chit u gave me in the hospital…did u?…” and then she punched him hard in his arms and said:” also ur coolers? who asked u to wear a cooler on that sunny afternoon, huh???”….

she questioned him being irritated though she know how stupid it was :” if it hadn’t been for that stupid coolers of yours ,pineapple….then i wouldn’t have wasted one year of my time….being u so close to me…..u r neil’s to be brother in law right?..arrgh i even missed his engagement being in canada for a show..”……she banged her head…arjun felt like tearing off his shirts and run away from there…:”was she mental? Or making me one?..arrgh….then what was that i saw in her beautiful eyes..where did i wear a pineapple tshirt for her?”…arjun was scratching his head inside his mind…..sam and neil who has started moving towards the couple wondering what took them so long to come from the floor ,were so shocked hearing the last part of their conversation…that radhika missed arjun for one year….and the one to first come out of that was sam….and she squealed, ran to radhika and hugged her tight….:”so bhabhi..that means you too love bhai…and u told that u had been looking for him long before u had seen him in person as arjun mehra…..then….does he come in ur dreams?….in some all heroic black attire with his face masked..hmm? like the hero in mask of zorro?..tell me is that so bhabhi?…and why do you call him pineapple? is that what he used to bring for you in dreams?”….sam spoke in one breath with all curiosity pumping in her and jumping like a kid holding radhika’s shoulders…and arjun frowned of him bringing a pineapple to her …..

radhika giggled held sam’s shoulder, made her stand still cupped her cheeks and said:” oh u r so adorable..samaira mehra right? u r just so lovely like my pineapple…” she again giggled and spoke:” sweetheart..i call ur bhai pineapple coz he had one in his tshirt the day i met him first…and no he hasn’t been in my dreams..but i used to call him and search for him in my dreams…coz he is my angle…..my pineapple….”..she spoke those words emotionally and had tears when she spoke the last words….happy tears..to have found her pineapple at last…to have found that he too loves her ,that sam calls her bhabhi…..sam just smiled at her sweetly waiting for her to say more…while neil mumbled confused:” hey ladies…hold on…JUST HOLD ON……how do you know each other? sammy u r calling her bhabhi like she had been married to arjun for years…and your aru there is standing iced with my chasni’s touch….and u chasni…..true that i have told about them to u…..yes….but how is he ur pineapple?”..he atlast screamed in confusion holding his head…radhika walked to neil ,turned and saw arjun still standing as an museum statue..she smiled and took out her silver chain she has worn in her neck and showed the pendent of it to everyone…..there was a beautiful and stylish ‘A’ shining in it..:” u remember this pendent neil?”…….neil:”

ofcourse ,u used to wear this all the while….and never take it off of u….”…radhika:” yes….do u remember what i said to u when u asked me about it?..” she again threw a question….neil stood numb at the sudden memory dawned him and spoke almost in a whisper:” u said its the initial of ur pineapple….ur guardian angle…”…neil throughly remembered their conversation in which he asked her about the pendent and she answering the same all dreamy yet emotional….but he wasn’t able to move the conversation forward that day..coz it was the day he had proposed sam and she said yes…..as he had the routine of visiting the orphanage he grew and sharing his things with his friends livings there and radhika was always one of them, he that day told them all his love…and so that time whole orphanage was busy pulling his legs…leaving no time for anyother things…..everyone there except radhika stood in utter shock..but she smiled ,looked at three …took a deep breath and started narrating all dreamy, her eyes layered with tears…………

:” Neil..u have always known me only as ur chasni…the one who is always chirpy and happy…….filling colors in others life…a brave girl too…who has the strengh and confidence to face any grave situation….but neil ,ur chasni has a past in which she stood at the end of life inviting death eagerly…the darkness has fully consumed my light that ,i saw dying would be a wonderful blessing at that time…..but then a angle walked into my life…..took me in its arms….and gave me the light i had lost…..filled me with the colors i am now……”.she wiped her hot flowing tears and continued…:” u know me as a orphan with no family….but believe me neil, i had one….a lovely father and a lively dadaji….my mom had left the world when i was a kid….but my father and dadaji always stood for me and cared for me…..we were lower middle class but was happy with what we had…after completing my degree in arts, i thought of finding a carrier for myself in dance which i loved as my soul..but that was when everything changed….papa died in a nasty accident in the factory…..our house was bankrupted for the loan my father had taken for my dadaji’s medical condition…he had to undergo a major operation ,u see…that was way beyond our limit…

we stood in street with no idea of what to do next with only 30,000 that was papa’s pf…..dadaji’s condition worsened with the sudden turn of events and i hospatilised him and started staying there too, meeting other needs with some petty jobs…but dadaji kept pushing me for my passion and finally i found a chance in a studio to perform, where i heard that talent is all that matters…i had to give a huge sum for performing there as it was not a chance that always knocks ur door and my dadaji declined his medical expenses to pay that….result was that his condition worsened day by day….but he never complained and pushed me for practices everyday and i too went their determinently and practised hard ,coz i knew if i gave that performance its for sure going to be a big bang for me….and one day dadaji died and the last words he spoke, his last wish was that, i should live my dreams….so i braced myself and practised very hardly to honour his sacrifice…the evening before the performancees list to be announced the head of the studio called me and said that a rich girl is willing to do that performance and is ready to pay him for that, so he asked me to pay me the money or me instead…..

he was so willing to take advantage of my helpless situation as i had no one in the name of family….i cried ,begged him….he was so ready to force me on his will….and all i could do was run away ,save myself….i was pushed out of hostel too for not paying their rent properly….and passed the whole night in streets crying at my fate….i decided to plead him one last time in the morning…and when i went their ,i found another girl at my place performing….i saw my life end there….i had no more tears in me to cry away my heart…instead i knew that i was dead….just breathing and that is all …and walked out of the studio as a zombie, with no life in me….but i never knew that still god had other plans for me and that he was not finished with me ,yet” she smiled between her tears…..


Yes sweeties i know it was boring and saddd..but it was reality..taking advantage of someone’s helplessness….radhika crying may seem as cowardness….but when u have nothing to hold on to…no present ,no future…u will find no way other than crying…..it is seemed to be cowardness…but i feel it as a gateway to flush out things that glue u to ur past…and so that when the new morning arises……what so would have happened ,u would find yourself at peace ,to look and fight for what u deserve….so radhika will find her way in a very odd circumstance….where anyone would lose theirs……..

i know that was a big blabbering….but i itself personally felt radhika’s character weak here..so thought of giving a explanation to it…..coz i believe women though not physically sometimes ,but definitely r in heart so strong…that even they may not know, but that strength in them comes out in weak situations to protect them or the ones they love..coz even if u r a lion ,when caged for sometime u would need defenitely someone to open its door or to strenghthen u to ransack the cage…..and also sweethearts a big apology from my side and a thousand sorry in advance if i go invisible in the comment section, coz just now my college has started and it requires hectic travelling of one and a half hour morning and evening.. also they r so strict that at day one itself they have givven me 2 writting assignment???…but i promise that i will finish this one soon…but about jungle, sorry i myself am so stuck until i practise my for these hectics..and one thing is for sure ,and that is i love all of ur stories sooooo much with no doubt and u people too….

so dearies pls drop ur precious comments for this one….muahhh…love u all..take care…keep smiling….????

Sweet tamilian….lover of manmarziyan…proud ahamian…

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