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manmarziyan – mr.pineapple and his browny…(chapter-4)

Hello friends…..here’s the next update……sorry in advance that it wil be sort of lengthy and full of explanations, so brace yourselves…its gonna be a bumpy ride……HAPPY READING?……..



Neil:” ofcourse, its the ball arjun….” said neil shifting his gaze from sam to arjun….sam:” then i think ,we shall move” she said smilingly and started proceeding towards the hall situated in the middle of the fair that accomadated all the guests of that wonderful evening to thank them for their contribution in such a wonderful task…….sam:” idiot, aru suggested many themes for the ball but atlast u took the masquerade theme…why?”..neil:” coz sweety ur bro asked for the ball to be the best to mark the 5th continuous year of the fair…and so…i hired the best and..my chasni chose this theme….”..arjun who has secluded himself from their conversation felt his heart racing hard with that name but before he could open his mouth ,sam asked:” chasni???”…..neil:” yes yaar, my chasni….india’s best dancer….u know classic is her strength but be it be any type…u name it and she will rock it…..she would be like…..she is born for dancing” he said all dreamy and sam just rolled her eyes at him…..arjun not having more patience spoke inbetween :”doesn’t ur chasni have any name?.. “…neil smiled:” ofcourse she does…she is radhika….ms. radhika mishra…founder and CEO of MUDRA….india’s leading dance studio…and…my best friend”..arjun eyes’s widened with the name MUDRA…..the studio that banged the opening performance of commonwealth that year….and they in the name of dancing did wonder in the ceremony…..he even remembered a girl…in full shiny black gown spinned in the middle like a shooting star shining between the group of girls…..arjun found it strange that time ,that why would his heart race with that single girl’s somersaults and leaps…but he just ignored it in the excitement of the ceremony that day….arjun:” yes i have heard of MUDRA…but radhikaaa?? “..neil spoke cutting him off:” u wouldn’t have heard about her, coz she likes to keep herself in low profile..” neil wanted to continue, but both the men suddenly closed their ears to protect it from sam’s sudden squeal ,who has just stepped out of her shock..sam:” omg!!…omg!!!!! , the MUDRA lady is performing before us…omg..i couldn’t believe myself that i just heard that….but, wait…..how could she?….the great MUDRA lady would perform here ,that too for an ordinary private meet of an NGO fair???…u really r a idiot ,idiot…”..she screamed…neil:” she would sammy….coz she is my best friend and a active socialist too and….she admires u mehras for ur wonderful work for the society and so she thought of lending a hand for her good friend…”..he said pulling up his collars in pride…..sam again squealed at that and arjun banged his head….neil:” hold ur horses sam, don’t make us deaf with this itself…and do u know another thing…..she is also giving her solo performance in freestyle today especially for u people and a one on one salsa tooooo”…neil stressed the last words..and that was enough, sam just leaped and hugged neil and ran to the dance hall to sit in their reserved place….neil and arjun just laughed at her eagerness and followed her……but arjun felt his breath shortening and heart racing, to compete with the speed of light with every step forward…he never knew why besides all of that he felt a strange peace when he stepped into the hall…arjun and neil took their place beside sam who was seated in the last corner table reserved for the mehras as they as the main host wanted to check everything to be perfect before them, rather than mingling with the crowd….the hall was beautifully lit and decorated with bright white and red ballons and satin cloths….orchid flowers…..and with a beautiful candle stood at the centre of each of the table that has seated all the business partners and wanted to be partners of mehra’s, who has all contributed to that social event hosted there…..the tables were arranged in a semicircle on one side and one on another leaving the centre of the hall for the performance…..on the whole the hall was very rich yet lively….their were seated many beautiful ladies and gentlemens..the heir of many business groups of india with their drinks in their hands and eyes at the mehras and the chocolate boy seated next to them…..a girl:” OMG!!! isn’t arjun mehra looking so hot today….i think am forgetting to breath…” she said fanning herself with her hands and grining seductively towards arjun…her friend:” and neil, the one near him…doesn’t he look like a candy bar?…..ohh, my tongues are so itching to eat him” she said with a expression of taking a bite of him…the girls group giggled with their friend’s comment only to earn the burning eyes of samaira towards them to take their eyes off her boys…and the same were going on with arjun and neil..their one mad gaze at the boys who were checking out sam was enough for them to avert their eyes to their drinks….this routine continued ,until a fine young man took the mike and all the lights dimmed ,giving only him a spot light…..but in that silence, arjun’s heart again started doing various sommersaults at the the upcoming encounter of something beyond his mere imagination leaving him bewildered at their racing speed….he felt himself restless waiting for someone yet felt so good ,calm and composed waiting for the miracle that is going to unveil itself ,atlast…..but what he doesn’t know is that another ones heart too, in that hall was racing competetively to his heart, gasping at an unknown excitement…the man with the mike spoke few formal welcoming words….and cleared the stage announcing the arrival of the dancing ladies…and all the tables were served with beautiful face masks to enchant the beauty of the upcoming eve…..a group of well structured girls in their black shiny dress, silver full sleeved…and their black hair flowing in air with a golden mask covering their face walked into the centre of a hall….and in their middle there stood a girl with the curves of a goddess dressed in a shiny red long sleeveless flowing gown with its upperpart beautifully embroidered with golden patterns….her long wavy black locks made to flow free with curves in the end and a slim head band decorated in one side with silver flowers, red stones in the middle and golden pollens…she wore a silver mask ,golden bordered that covered her face leaving her beautifully kajaled eyes and her red luscious juicy lips and a part of her cheeks….all making her a elegant princess down the dance floor….

The music started and the ladies started dancing so elegantly beautiful that the audience’s breath hitched in their windpipes….and all the while arjun’s heart was so heavily pleading him to let it jump off his ribcage and to run towards the lady dressed in red in the spotlight, who was with her every move took his breath away….then slowly the beat began changing and all the girls evacuvated the floor leaving the red one behind and she was doing a classic freestyle in her own style before she pulled a girl from the first table to dance with her…sam’s pov:” so this was the one on one ,that the idiot’s been talking about….”..and it indeed was…the lady in red swiftly changed her partners from alternative and opposite tables, like a boy a girl ,all the while dancing miraculously awesome and with a smile decorating her lips..with her salsa she set fire on the floor….and it was now the turn of the last table people to be her partner….first she pulled neil for herselves who matched her steps enthusiastically with a smile plastered on his masked face, making the red lady to return the same….then it was now sam’s turn to rock the floor with her newly found partner with her elegant steps…and at last it was arjun’s turn…..as soon as the lady left sam’s hand near their table, asking his hand……arjun gave his hand in her swiftly ,determined to ravish the secret in her that was making him restless each passing minute…..and as they joined their hands, a silence filled the hall making way to a passionate romantic tune to be played…..the gentlemen fillled in the hall cursed under their breath that the great arjun mehra has won the jackpot, to do a romantic number with that gorgeous lady when all they were able to do was simple salsa steps…..but the fact they didn’t knew was that the reason behind the change was only because he was the last one to dance with her…while the fact that no one in the earth knew was that the destiny itself has played its card there to make them one…..the same destiny that accidently tied their hearts in the same string……

When the hall was filled with a melodious romantic tune soothing everyones heart, the two dancers’s heart was in middle of a thunder of emotions…..that even they couldn’t decipher…..all they felt was a spark run through their veins with each others touch that made their eyes lock with one anothers….for what it seemed to them as ages……their eyes pierced the unknown depth of emotion of the another…giving a miraculous satisfaction to their hearts of finding the one they were determined to find all these time…..the one they were meant to find…..while their arms and legs moved unanimatically for the tune played outside, their hearts danced together for the rhythm they composed for them alone……

The music finally ended and the spot light again went to the fine gentlemen with the mike…who asked the people to evacuate the dance hall to the nearby one for their official meet with the event’s co host rathores which would be followed by dinner…but all the while the two young people stood at the middle of the floor never broke their trance, their eyelock…..their last move of the man swirling out the lady only to pull her strongly towards himself to plaster their fronts leaving their faces merely inches apart and their minty breaths mingling with each others was never disturbed…his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulders and their eyes deep inside the other’s heart was not even moved an inch for the appaulse that thundered the hall…..all the while, they both just stood in their forgetting themselves in the wave of deep oceaned emotions ,that knocked out their very balance….and their hands gripping each other,being more desperate than the previous seconds in an attempt to not lose their precious possesion again in the unknown darkness of that world….that dwelled till now……..


Sooo, how was it?…just thought of giving an brief note of their emotions……was i good?successful?………pls tell me sweeties ,am tensed…..so until next time…….love u alll loads…muahhhhh…..bear hugs…take care….keep smiling……????

Sweet tamilian….lover of manmarziyan…proud ahamian…

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