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manmarziyan – mr.pineapple and his browny…(chapter-3)

Hi sweethearts…..am back with another update…..wish u like this chapter…and again a warning ,this chapter may seem not upto the point…..but plsss sweeties ,bear with me….this is needed……love u all……and now lets enter into the story….HAPPY READING?..


He stood at the entrance of the fair waiting for the mehras…neil or neil malhotra or his lovely sammy’s idiot…he had many names….he had a beautiful smile playing on his face thinking about his sam in his dream world…and a even wider one appeared on his face thinking of arjun….because neil admired arjun as a great man who has shouldered great many responsibilities and a number of difficulties for his age but has conquered them all with great success…..but what made him respect and love arjun most was the way he raised his sister with all love and care..neil has never seen sam crying….even before her eyes could express the pain with its tears ,there always stood a man to wipe off her tears and a lap for her to curdle in…and that was of arjun’s….arjun raised sam as a strong girl with the capability to rule the world..and sam was his world…neil knew this very well than any other….and even was a bit jealous of her of having such a sibling ,to be her anything and everything….even arjun was one of the reason for neil to fall for sam….the bond they shared was so unique, neil would think…neil has always cared for such a love in his life…someone to care for him…he being an orphan had faced others sympathy ,when he craved for their love…he determined then to himself ,to become a strong man for the world so that he could live without anyone’s sympathy….even though he was strong outside..inside he was still that vulnerable little neil who would long for a lap to sleep on…a shoulder to cry on…..and a hand for him to hold on……

He has raised from an orphanage to be the creative director of one of the best ad agencies of india…..Birdsong….which was the crown jewel of the mehra’s….even though they had triumphed many fields and industeries all over the world…..birdsong was always special for them, coz birdsong was one of the earlier establishments of ashish mehra…a brick with which he built the giant mehra’s castle in the business world…..reaching such a height for an orphan was something not less than a miracle as what he had now was everything from his own hard work…being in birdsong changed his life…only there he saw a amazing pair of people…who were giants by money but angles by heart….yes ,he has always thought of the mehra siblings like that…..despite of all the wealth they own, they behaved as an simple employee in the office….and when neil saw the bond of sam and arjun, he would just wish why wasn’t he born as sam…day by day neil through his hardwork, dedication, multiple talents, and a beautiful heart earned a place for himself in arjun’s good book…and become his soul brother and a best friend too with time…..and whenever he saw sam caring arjun like a mother ,neil unknowingly lost his heart to sam unaware of the fact that she had already lost it to him long ago…..and sam started filling the gap in neil’s life with her love and care ,and eventually turned into his life..neil would still laugh in the middle of the night thinking of the crazy litmus tests that arjun held for neil to make him the best for his princess…and when neil managed to capture arjun’s heart in the name of his princess’s future hubby, he saw a different arjun…..who cared neil like his father would and pampered him like he would do his princess….there were even many fights between neil and sam of who would grab arjun’s attention more….neil was always overwhelmed with that care of arjun’s…and even when neil and sam were engaged it was arjun who ran for both the sides without any partiality ,to make his princess and her idiot’s life’s first special moment to be more special……now more than the birdsong’s works neil had started contributing in many other mehra’s work too, as a lending hand for arjun who was pretty worn out running at all sides for everything….and that was the result of him standing at the fair ,checking of last minute arrangements…to make everything perfect at their end…and was now waiting for the two most amazing people of his life…..

And there came the black shiny wolksvagen as swift as a rain cloud and halted at the entrance of the fair and now neil knew it was the time for the prince and his princess to step out….he walked straight towards the car with his signature cute dimpled smile, that would make girls weak on their knees…..first arjun got down greeting his friend with a warm smile and sam hopped out greeting neil with a peck in his cheeks….and while arjun and neil shared a tight hug, sam cleared her throat and made her way between the two gentlemen pulling them off their hug, earning a scowl from neil….she sweetly smiled at him making him melt, and circled her arms with their arms……the arm with her glistering engagement ring in her ring finger, which meant that she was going to be mrs.neil malhotra in about two months were encircled with neil’s….while the other one with arjun’s…the boys gave a quick glance to each other with a small smile ,knowing very well that this was sam’s routine to grab her boys’s attention to herself…..

The trio walked into the fair greeted by many wide eyed and short breathed girls with gone mad boys with the trio’s killer looks….even though they were the major organiser, they decided to check the fair as simple visitors first, and then they would step in the hall for the official ball of the night for the organisers of the fair that is especially for the deadly diseased kids’s new life…….

And with each passing second and steps forward into the fair, arjun felt a immense joy and peace…he felt the presence of his browny in the air eventhough he knew that it was highly illogical…but love knew no logic, right?….all the while sam was jumping like kids and having fun and neil was running like hell behind her to pay her his end for her naughty deeds towards him….arjun smiled seeing them enjoying…while his eyes continuosly searched for even the slightest presence of his browny…….suddenly sam ran screaming :” Bhai!!!”….and hided behind arjun….and even before he could act ,he saw a furious neil in front of him trying to catch sam behind arjun’s back….and they have already started playing round him ,chasing each other and sam poking her tongue out on neil everytime he missed catching her…arjun with great difficulty stopped them and spoke:” what’s wrong buddy? y r u chasing her like hell”…while sam stood behind arjun with a innocent puppy face…….neil:” arjun, she gave me a tail and now am going to cut hers….”he said all furious…..sam giggled and said:” u only told me na….u would jump even from a tree to tree to reach me….that’s why i gave u a tail to help u ,my cucchikoo….and bhai isn’t he looking just perfect ?” she said laughing holding her tummy that had started paining with her laughing so hard……neil:” don’t bhaiii him sam….now even he wouldn’t be able to save u….u little devil..” and with that he again started chasing her….but arjun came in middle all confused and gestured neil ‘what?’ with his eyes as he couldn’t understand anything…..neil huffed breathing fire and turned around to show arjun his back, that tested arjun’s desicion to not laugh at neil hard……he saw there a brown thick piece of satin ribbon that was messily tied with the back of neil’s coat, when he was busy staring a little kid’s icecream…and that how hard he tried ,he wasn’t able to get it undone from his coat and was humiliated by a group of little girls giggling like mad at him….arjun pressed his lips hard to supress the laughter that raised in his throat which was fueled by sam’s another roaring laughter behind him seeing neil’s puppy pouting face, pleading arjun with his eyes to help him…..arjun with great effort pulled the messy knots and finally saved neil’s dignity and then being not able to control himself further ,he broke into a thundering laughter holding his tummy joining sam……neil gave them both a weird yet killing glare, with his one eyes on them and the other on the ribbon that now lied in his hands….alternatively seeing both…then with no more strength, he too joined the siblings all laughing and threw the ribbon away making sure that it wouldn’t go into sam’s hand again…they laughed until their eyes watered hugging each other not caring of the surronding world that defined the depth and strength of the beautiful bond they shared….pulling apart ,neil atlast got a hold on sam pulling her closer ,he hissed in her ears:” be ready for your punishment…”…seeing the intense look on his eyes, sam just blushed and turned her head away, lowering her gaze and tucked a hair strand behind her ears…….arjun cleared his throat to get the attention of the two love birds who were lost in each other and asked:” what next buddy?”………………………………
( a small tribute to my big bro ,who has cared to wipe the tears off my face…..)

precap: chapter – 4…

It was short….sorry…but, how was it?….yes, i know i did over praising on arjun…sorry if it had been irritating….but u see dearies, here arjun has a role of a brother single handedly managing his little sister….and who ever has a brother or a sister in that matter, a big one or a small one would know the feeling of having a brother’s protective hands around their sholuders asking their heart, u know its heavenly….and in neil ,i thought of giving an state of abandoned heart’s craving for love ,in my own way…hope it doesn’t have bored u….love u all loads…..muahhhhhh….bear hugs toooo…..next one i hope soon…keep smiling…takecare….?????

Sweet tamilian….lover of manmarziyan…proud ahamian…

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