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Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 23 and 24)

Part 23

Radhika got frozen with his harsh accusations and the word whore, she was too shocked to defend herself, she choked all the words she wanted to say, her heart cried in pain, her tears started to flow out in pain, Arjun’s words were so intensely bitter that without listening a single word from her, Arjun with a full speed drove off with her, back to Birdsong…
Throughout the way, both of them were shedding tears…Radhika was sitting beside him on the passenger seat shivering with fright, she didn’t had the courage to look at his red teary angry eyes. Arjun felt like cutting her head for this betrayal. He had never felt this throbbing pain of betrayal in his heart. He had faced many betrayals, but he never felt this pain. Suddenly his life turned upside down, once again he felt empty inside.
Finally they both reached Birdsong, Arjun took Radhika to his cabin next to the conference room and with harsh push, he threw on the ground asked her with intense anger and deep wounded pain…,”Why Radhika? Why?”. He looked at her pointlessly… His red angry eyes poked few tears from his eyes and to hide them he walked out of his cabin furiously…
Sam saw Arjun and Radhika came back to office but she could tell that her plan worked completely. She was waiting for Arjun to announce Radhika’s punishment… She wanted to celebrate her victory and success of her mission to throw Radhika out of Arjun’s life….
Her POV,” Sorry Radhika but you made me do this if you had not accepted Arjun’s proposal I would have never take such extreme step… Arjun was and will always remain mine.”
She smirked with evilness as she recalled how she had known Radhika’s intension from the very start and how she had decided to use everything in her favour…


Sam followed Radhika when she found everything suspicious about her….she heard every single thing of Radhika and Neil’s conversation of destroying Arjun to take revenge for Sona’s demise….
When Radhika departed she took the opportunity and entered Neil’s house fearlessly….Her sudden visit shocked Neil to the core…he started sweating fearing that Sam might have heard his vicious motives….
Sam smirked, ”Long Time Neil…I had never expected to see you here after your sister’s death and your defeat in the court to prove Arjun the culprit… but no need to get scared of me because we both will benefit each other alot….I very well know what happened two years back but I am no more interested in holding the past….I think your beautiful spy can never help you to get what you want because she has fallen for Arjun.”
Neil growled, “What rubbish are you talking…. Radhika knows her reason to stay with Arjun.”
Sam went near him and leaned on him looped her arms around his neck,” I am so sorry to burst your bubble of hope but its the fact…Just see the way she looks at him with endearing love and care…You can never use her as a pawn to hurt Arjun because she has fallen for him deeply.”
Neil angrily removed her hands and harshly shrieked, “Miss Samaira Khanna I have nothing toqoffer you…get that very clear so leave now.”
Sam,” But I think you can give me what I want and I can give you what you want. “
Neil,” What you mean?.”
Sam,” You want revenge and I can help you in giving pain to Arjun.”
Neil chuckled, “Do you seriously think I will believe you on this….you are his best friend and if am not wrong you are also in love with that bastard.”

Sam grinned, “You are absolutely right… I have always been in love with him since I understood the meaning of love….I loved him every second of my life and he chose that behenji over me…. I loved him even when he use to come to me after spending night with some random girl…I loved him even when your sister was carrying his child in her womb….I have loved him more than anything and he z only mine.”
Neil spoke with rage in his eyes,” Your Arjun destroyed my sister’s life and you want me to join you in your stupid plan to get him all for yourself. “
Sam,” Anger z injurious to health….Neil you want Arjun broken and I want Arjun at any cost…I don’t mind achieving a broken Arjun as a trophy for all the hard work I did for him.”
Neil scratched his moustache and spoke after a good pause of a minute, “ Sam what’s the plan?.”
Sam smiled evil,” Excellent choice indeed… You still have that charm of a shrewd and crude opportunist….Arjun has fallen for your beautiful pawn and wants to marry her soon but I will not let this happen….We have to break Arjun’s trust on Radhika it will also kill the newborn heart of Arjun Mehra which means he will be completely shattered and broken….No pain z as big as the pain of betrayal from the person you love most in this world…You get your revenge and I get my Arjun.”
Neil,” You know if God made friends like you then I guess anyone won’t need their share of enemies… Anyways I am happy as long as Arjun’s suffers so I am ready to help you.”
Sam,” I briefed you the summary of our plan now use your brains.”

Neil,” Sam we have a long way to go….you have to pretend that you really are happy for Arjun and Radhika’s union rest I will handle but Arjun shouldn’t even doubt you even for a second if he does then you will lose him forever….if he even gets a hint of our plan he will surely turn our tables on us and we both know he has the capability to do so….you just put on a show of a sacrificing daily soup actress rest I will handle. “
Sam,” Its difficult to put on a smile and tolerate Arjun with that behenji but if this all gives me my Arjun forever than am ready to do anything. “
Neil,” Sam next week I will plant a bomb in Arjun’s car and I will make sure Radhika gets to know this after that she won’t even wait for a second to inform Arjun and this will be her greatest mistake as this will bore the seed of doubt in Arjun’s head that’s when I will water that seed by sending him a video after watching that he will misunderstand our bond instantly….In the real scenario she will be consoling me as a friend but Arjun will think that his beloved Radhika cheated on him…..The kind of man he z I don’t think he will give her any chance or believe her after seeing that video…. He always had trust issues from his childhood so its not that difficult to break his trust on someone he just met few months ago….His anger z his greatest enemy and the vile words he will utter will left everyone dumbstruck the day he humiliates her.”
Sam,” I just can’t wait for the day he kicks her out of his life….Neil you are a very smart player and you play your cards very well.”

Neil,” Thanks sweety…. I have done PhD on Arjun until now so I very well know all his strengths and weakness.”
Sam,” But nothing should happen to Arjun….you promise me his life and I promise you his pain.”
Neil,” Don’t worry Arjun will tackle that bomb easily as he has worked as a bomb defuser in his early teenage to strive the Mehra empire… I feel death z a escape from suffering so I am not interested in taking his life….I want him to feel my sister’s pain and the wound I will give him now will kill him every day….The scars of this wound of betrayal will never go.”
Sam,” I want you to initiate everything soon….I just can’t bear Arjun with that behenji. “
Neil,” Very Soon darling. “
As the flashback ended a winning glow crept on Sam’s face….Her joy knew no bounds today after all she got what she always wanted….
Arjun called DM, Sam and all the important members of his firm for a urgent gathering in the conference room….All got shocked seeing Arjun’s extreme angry and vulnerable painful red face…Sam was pained to see him broken but then it was the only way to get him all for herself forever…
“You look very much tense Arjun….z everything alright?”….asked DM in a cautiously polite voice…
Without saying a word Arjun went to his cabin and dragged Radhika out to the conference room by harshly pulling her hair…

Everyone was shocked… His business associates were staring as if their eyeballs will pop out next moment… Except Sam all cursed Arjun in their hearts for this extreme cruelty… His employees were controlling themselves in fear of losing their jobs…
DM couldn’t take it anymore…. She shouted angrily, “Arjun are you out of your mind for God’s sake she z a woman…Have you forgotten all courtesy and manners I taught you??.”
Arjun sarcastically but in a painful voice replied,” Do you know what she did with me?….She cheated on me with another man….she has relations with sona’s brother Neil who was hell bent on putting me behind bars….She has broken all the boundaries…A bl**dy traitor. …She z a cheep low class characterless woman who z worst than a whore.”
Dm’s eyes widen in shock but she had seen honesty in Radhika’s eyes…she confidently replied,” No this can’t be the truth….There must be some misunderstanding…I cannot believe that she can stand this low….I have seen purity in her eyes.” She hastily walked towards Radhika and asked her to speak up and tell everyone that this z not true.
Radhika’s heart was completely shattered… She had no courage or desire left to say even a word…Arjun’s words and actions had utterly broken her from inside…His cruel and ruthless accusations were still ringing in her ears….She looked at DM with pitiful gaze which was proving her innocence though words were not able to come out but her eyes were blaring her innocence which only DM could feel…

While looking down shamelessly, she kept still….she had no courage left to meet her eyes with anyone present there…Her eyes were shedding bl**dy tears and ears were bleeding with his meticulous words…It was unbelievable for her to accept that he called her ‘whore’ in front of so many people. He ruined her, he tainted a blameless, innocent, pure character forever. He titled her soulless woman. There was nothing left to defend herself, it was too late to even preserve her self respect by defending. She had no desire left to even see him ever in her life. He had crossed all the confines of boundaries…He had not only ruined her reputation but also brought shame to the Mehra empire by insulting a woman so bad that too in front of all….

DM felt the urge to save her family’s respect so she commanded all the associates and employees to disperse and go back to their work….Sam was on cloud nine after seeing the disgust for Radhika in Arjun’s red angry eyes….She was the only one happy with this horrible behaviour of Arjun…
Dm’s hawk eyes didn’t fail to notice the vicious smile of Sam’s face….She always doubted Sam’s sudden changed behaviour after seeing arjun happy with Radhika…She decided to keep a eye on Sam and find out her motives…
Her POV, “Sam I taught you all evil schemes but you shouldn’t have used that against my own blood now you will pay…I very well know that though you don’t have my blood in your veins you have my upbringing but the greatest mistake z to go against Amrit Mehra which you committed…I will show you how bad I can be.”

Part 24

When Radhika did not defend herself it bothered Arjun, he got annoyed even more and thought she was given a chance to prove her innocence but her silence z giving validation of her sin. Deep down in his heart he had little hope which now got vanished because of her silence. After seeing her shameful and embarrassed face, his anger pounded with disappointment and extreme bitterness. His blood pricked to take revenge from her. He wanted to choke her till death at that instant.
Arjun loudly yelled,” Your silence has proven you guilty, Seems like it was all pre-planned game…I should have never trusted you at the first place but I got captivated by the fake innocence you brought in those eyes you have….
He turned to the other side, he pulled his hair in frustration…his anger was at the point he could not anything other than revenge…He stated loudly, “ I think the perfect revenge will be snatching her all near and dear ones who believe on her….I will show this video to your mother and then let me see how you convince her to believe you….Not only that I will insult you in front of your beloved bedridden finance and then let’s see how he survives after seeing your true face….I am sure he will give up his struggle to live thereafter.”

When she heard his spiteful revenge planning she got tremendously terrified after hearing his vicious retaliation planning for her family and most important Randhir….She panicked thinking the consequences….Her blood boiled to save them at any cost. She decided to face him with all her bravery, with a sobbing horse tone she shouted so loud that it echoed back twice….,”ENOUGH…. “After a brief pause with bl**dy red eyes she shouted again….,”Enough Mr Arjun Mehra, I don’t want to give you any explanation because you will never understand as you have already decided without asking me that I am the culprit and I betrayed you…You have used such ruthless words for me that I will never ever forgive you for the words you used for me today….Anyway I don’t want to prove myself innocent, but if you still remember you had given me a promise to give me whatever I ask for….I had not asked anything till date but today I want you to stay away from my family….They shouldn’t know a thing and you will not bother them in any way possible.” Then she stared at him with pure rage and hatred. When he was remembering the day he promised to grant her wish….It annoyed him to the extreme. He clutched his palm in a fist so strongly that it turned white. His blood freeze in his body…He felt vulnerable and helpless with the promises, he had no choice but to grant her wish after all Arjun was a man of words….

He went near Radhika and harshly slapped her not once, but thrice, the entire room echoed again with harsh sound, her cheeks imprinted with his fingerprints…. side of her lips began to bleed….
DM was fuming inside but it was impossible to control Arjun right now….but she had to do something for Radhika….she looked at Arjun blankly and spoke in a clipped low tone…,”Arjun if ever you loved me even a bit then please stop this inhumanity.”
Arjun responded in a irritated raging intense thick tone….,”Fine!!!….Take her away from my eyes now…I can’t bear her sight anymore. “
Dm cautiously wrapped her arm around Radhika’s shoulder and brought her outside….She could feel the racing heartbeats of Radhika… She could make out how hurt she must be after hearing all those horrible words from Arjun….She took Radhika to her cabin and made her sit comfortably…
She cradled her angelic face and whispered, “Its over don’t worry no one will hurt you now….Tell me now how do you know Neil. “

Radhika saw trust in the old lady’s eyes and narrated everything sobbing with tears in her eyes…..
DM stood up and spoke facing the window, “Radhika its all my mistake…. I am responsible for the mess in yours, Neil’s and Arjun’s life…Arjun was always a spoilt child since the childhood but I believed he always had a good heart…I am the only one responsible for making Arjun what he z today…But what happened two years back changed everything…. A beautiful simple girl just like you entered his life and fell for him….He kept his distance because she was too naive and he didn’t wanted to ruin a good character like her….But one day both of them got drunk and spend night together which left Arjun guilty but that girl convinced him to forget that incident as it was her mistake too….Everything was running smoothly until one day when Arjun discovered that she was pregnant….He felt vulnerable for ruining her reputation so he decided to take his responsibility and marry her to give that child his name but I brainwashed him so expertly that he decided to go according to my will… I had never liked that girl so I wanted to get rid of her….I threatened her to abort that child and walk out of my Arjun’s life as soon as possible….She was so depressed that she couldn’t bear the thought of staying away from her love so she jumped off and left all of us hell shocked… Her drastic step left her brother traumatized and determined to take revenge against Arjun….He lodged the case against Arjun but I used all my contacts and bribed every single witness available….He lost the case but this all fuelled the urge to destroy Arjun….I thought this all came to an end but I forgot that past haunts us some day for sure.”

Radhika who was listening attentively until now got annoyed as she recalled what Neil told her about Sona….she spoke in a dangerously low tone,” You can never imagine what that girl went through…. She was the world for her brother and when you people snatched his world you can’t even imagine the pain he went through…I have had enough of your grandson now I don’t wish to see him ever in my life….I wish you had a heart to see other’s pain two years ago.”
She furiously walked out and slammed the door leaving behind a guilt stricken DM…
DM’s POV, “ My Arjun will turn a ruthless monster without you and I won’t let this happen…I will prove you innocent and that’s a promise….I have done enough bad now I will only do good.”
Precap…. Sam’s truth comes out….Neil and Arjun faceoff…..
So sweethearts how z this double dhamaka?…. Do let me know and I am going to give POV of everyone about the past maybe in next one…

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