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Manmarziyan Let me live Part 15

Hiee all im back with my next part. Thanks a ton for the support you guys are giving me and pls do comment your views as they mean a lot to me and silent readers… thank you all and hope that you are liking the plot and if possible you can also comment . Love you all.

Enjoy the ride…..

Teji ; how do u know that ?? I mean about her ?? She never spoke anything to anyone till now. It was only arjun she spoked about and he said that to us but u ?? How do you know that ??
Jai ; coz im her big brother.
All unanimously shouted ; what ?? Jai smiled at their reaction.
Arjun ; wait brother she never spoke about a brother to me.
Jai ; She would have hided from u arjun.
Arjun ; she never hides anything from me. Anything it is only me who she speaks so say me how do u know about her in top anger.
Jai ; really arjun ?? Ok just say her a word and see her face reaction.
Arjun ; and what is the word by the way ??
Jai ; jaggu bhaiyya…..
Sam ; jaggu bhaiyaa ?? Ans had tears as she saw him after years. Her brother whose whereabouts where not known is standing before her. She was soo happy as her silenr prayers are heard by gods to bring back him.

Jai ; haan chikki im ur jaggu bhaiyaa. Sam was in tears and she ran and hugged him tight. He gave a cute smile and hugged her back. Neil was literally.
Neil ; woo Sammy can u say me who is him ?? Jai and Sam broke the hug and they smiled.
Sam ; he is jaggu bhaiyya Neil the one whom I said……. my childhood……… brother …… orphanage………
Arjun ; wait is he the son of dinesh ?? with a questioning face
Jai ; no im the son of dilip my father is dilip mishra not dinesh mishra. Dinesh might have given me birth but for me my dad is dilip not dinesh.
Teji ; jai pls say us whom u r ??

Jai nods and says what all are dinesh had done to him when he was small and how he landed in the orphanage and how dilip took care of him everything he explained to nesam arjun and teji. Teji squeezed his shoulder and nodded his hand to support him.
Jai ; thank u guys for taking care of my 2 precious possessions. U dont know how cunning is that dinesh is…. he will never fail to make his when he sets his eyes on something let that be money or women.
Neil ; this time we will never let him near my radhika. When i take hands of sam then at that time i will take my responsibility of radhika as she is my only angel.
Teji ; no one will ever eye on radhika. She gave my friendship back and made me what my mom wanted to become she was like a stone when i was shattered and she supported me when i had no one so she is my everything. Jai smiled that his sisters were surrounded by good people. All looked at arjun but he was not there.

All were searching for him and slowly they went to the room where radhika was sleeping and slowly opened the door and found radhika and arjun speaking. All the 4 found them talking and he was keeping her in his hands and made her sit on the balcony wall.
Arjun ; how are u now ?? Radhika nodded and kept her head over his heart and looped her hands over his neck. Arjun wrapped her with his one hand and poked her with the other hand.
Arjun ; hello bike racer how was the ride with a mischievous smile.
Radhika ; im so not gonna ride the bike here after. I was hell scared u donno if u did not come on the correct time i donno what would have happened. I thought that was the last minute of my life on earth and i just wished to see u once before i die. Arjun smiled at her .
Arjun ; did u think that i wouldn’t have come on time ?? How can i let u hurt. Only i have the right to tease u irritate u no one has and i dont have anyone to speak about something personal and about my heart too.

Radhika giggled at his statement and said ; ooh so friends with benefit. He nodded .
Radhika ; why not teji then ?? He is also ur best friend right.
Arjun (after the big breath) ; he will blush when he sees a model does a ramp walk in tv then how to talk to him. Radhika laughed big and arjun too smiled at her laugh. Nesam controlled their laugh. Jai nodded and left but teji was in hell angry. He left them to speak and when he was back to the hall all the 3 busted in laugh. Teji was now in volcano anger.
Teji ; how dare he speak like that about me ?? I never blush.
Sam ; really? ? Do u remember our collage fashion show. Arjun was there but u were hiding behind him like a kid scared of teacher who hides behind his mom on the first day of school. Neil and jai too laughed.
Teji ; sam…….that…… that…. was when i was small i dont know many thing about the world.
Neil pulled teji and said ; ooh so now u r grown is it ??
Jai ; naa he is still small and smiles with a cute smile.
Teji ; no one is here to support me ??

When Im here why fear ?? All turned and found radhika with her cute smile and chocolate in her hand. Nesam jai and teji found her smiling and teji ran and hugged her tight. He was scared when he heard what arjun said.
Teji (in tears) ; how r u ??
Radhika ; when u r with me i will always be fine and smiles back. He gives her a side hug and she then notices that jai was also there. She smiles at him.
Jai ; heard u did some stuns today ??
Radhika gave a grave look at arjun. Arjun gulped his fear and was now sweating.
Arjun ; i did not say anything to him. He came with sam so he too came to know about the bike chase and kept his face down. She burst in laugh.
Radhika ; arjun just want to tease u . U are really adorable when u get scared by me and smiles holding her stomach. Sam found it was late and did not inform anything home so she held Radhika’s hand.
Sam ; radhu lets start home its late. Come. She nods but didnt knew why but wanted to be with arjun than of going home.

Arjun ; radhika let me drop u after u have ur dinner. Sam teji jai and u (neil) too leave i will drop her. She made a wide smile but immediately changed her face when the others saw her.
Radhika ; anything is fine for me . Whatever u guys say.
Jai ; ok then teji come we need to talk something important with something which they need to speak and neil sam u guys start and arjun come after u guys have dinner and gave a sign for him to come late. Arjun understands and nods his head.

All started and radhika who was waiting for them to go and immediately jumped and hugged from his back. He smiled at her excitement.
Radhika ; how do u know ??
Arjun ; know what ??
Radhika ; that i want to spend some time here with u……
Arjun ; I said that coz i know u so i said that. .

Radhika ; what if others think ??
Arjun ; arjun mehra will never mind anything, it is you i mind. U are more important so for u i will do anything. She had tears and hugged him tight. He just caressed her head.
Arjun ; radhika what about dinner ?? Her eyes sparkled and she nodded more. He pulled her cherks. They were about to step out. Her fear again struck. Arjun saw her restlessness as she was hesitating to come out.
Arjun ; radhika what so ever happens i will be with u for ever and gives his hand. She too nods and gives her hand and he wraps her hand with his hand and holds that tight. She feels some security when hods her hand tight and they starts for the dinner.

Dinesh’s house…………

He was pacing inside his house with a pipe smoking and the smoke was covering the whole room. He was in hell angry as his plan again went waste.
Dinesh’s mind ; Again u escaped from me radhika . U are my first failure in my life I just want to make you suffer the way I was insulted by your stupid father. He threw me out of house but again he was fool enough to accept me inside the house. It was my money I am the only heir of Bird song . I will snatch that from you and honey I will not spare you as by hurting you I will get myself some satisfaction for insults. You will not be spared for more time and was smiling but he never knew that his son will be the first person to stand between Radhika to save her and his destruction has just started.


Dinesh was reading the news paper at that time he got a call.
Dinesh ; Hello who is this……………. After few seconds from what the other person said.
Dinesh (with an shocking face and stood up) ; What ?? How is that possible ?? I had enough funds in my account then how is it that the cheque got returned ?? Pls check the bank account.
Other side ; Sir you are our premium customer in the bank so we are informing you personally that your account balance is too low so pls make necessary arrangements for the payment sir.
Dinesh ; I’ll make necessary arrangements for that and thank you for informing me that and cuts the call. He was now thinking about the fund and pulls his lap and checks his bank balance. The account has not got the sufficient amount of balance. He checked the transactions and found that it got transferred to his other account. He was thinking whether it was him who did that ?? After serious thinking finally he concluded that he might have done that and starts for the day.

Bird song……..

Jai and teji who were discussing about something saw Dinesh a bit worried or even to say that he was looking like he was lost in thoughts. Both smiled looking at each other. Samrat greeted him but he was not in a position to greet him back as he was deep in his thoughts. Samrat saw Teji and gestured what ?? Teji slightly lifted his shoulders and gestured he does not know. Samrat goes to his cabin.

Jai ; Seems like our work has made an effect in him. Teji smiled at his praise.
Jai ; You know what teji you look soo cute when you blush and pulls his cheeks. Radhika and sam saw that and they entered their room.
Radhika ; Looks like someone is more romantic today. Teji blinked like a heroine.
Radhika ; Awww teji you look cute when you blush and twinkle your eyelids best pair. Jai (turning to him with a fake emotional face), take care of my Teji and I don’t want him to shed tears and laughed. Teji pulled her ears and she made a fake cry as if she was in pain and he got scared but Jai found out and he literally squeezed her ears .

Radhika ; Jai pls sorry leave me sorry pls leave me…………. And was begging him.
Jai ; Not again radhika you can pull his legs not me and leaves her ears.
Radhika (with rubbing her ears) ; Sry jai but it you’re not married right ?? He nods his head in negative way.
Radhika ; Good then I will be the one who will decide your wife with my sam ok ?? He makes a bow and said “Your wish is my command my majesty” and laughs and starts for the day.

Precap- Still thinking……………

Thats it guys for today. How was it ?? Was it nice ?? Pls do comment your views. Always smile and always stay blessed and stay strong and healthy too….

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