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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 17) LAST EPISODE

Hello dearies, and sorry for making you wait so long for the last episode. And yes this is LAST episode in this FF. I have to thank each and one for supporting me in this beautiful journey. I really enjoyed travelling with you all in this wonderful trip, hope you also had the nice time.

I want to dedicate this chappy to all of us and specially to my dear SV…actually in this episode only she became my rads and i became her Arjun…lol, and it is continuing in every ffs now ? ? ? . I will stop my blabber now and will get into the chapter.


MMZ – Just the two of us (Episode 17)

Radhika challenges Arjun to find his name in her mehendi. Arjun tries his best to look at her hands but rads escape from him everytime. She smirks seeing his cute tactics to look at her hand. They all very tired after the sangeet function and slept soon to wake up early for Haldi and marriage function.

Rads is sleeping with Sam in a seperate room. Arjun gives a seperate room to Neil and he just walking here and there in his room. He is seriously thinking about some plan, he takes his mobile and tells somebody to do some arrangements. After 1 hr he message to Rads number asking her to come to terrace.

Rads gets a message tone and in half sleep she reads arjun’s message. She immediately gets up from the bed and reads the message again and looks at Sam who is sleeping peacefully. She wears her night coat and goes to terrace. It is completely dark and she scares to move forward, but a strong hand holds her wrist and pulls her forward and she is about to shout but before that it closes her mouth which makes her scared more.

She starts pulling that hand from her mouth and she feels another hand in her waist, she widens her eyes and trying to free herself from the grip. A familiar voice whispers in her ears, “Ssshhh…radhika it’s me Arjun”. She stops her efforts and turns to look at him, she starts beating him badly for making her scare more.

He hold her hands to stop her from beating him and says, “Why r u beating me like this? I just wanted to surprise you”

Rads stares him and jerks her hands from him and moves away staring the full moon. Arjun smiles at her and stands behind her starring the moon. Arjun, “You know what, whenever i see this moon, it always makes to think about you, and all i can see is only you..your face.” by saying this he hugs her from back and keeps his chin on hre shoulder while starring the moon. Rads gets shy and moves away from him, but he holds her wrist and twirls it at her back and pulls her to him the way she is. She pulls back to him and her back hits his chest while he twirls her hand at the back.

Arjun, “Where are you going? I am not gonna let you go anywhere without getting my answer from you”

Rads knows what he is asking and gets blush, “What you want to know?”

Arjun, “I praised you this much by comparing you with this full moon and you simply going away from me and still am waiting for your confession.”

Rads, “Confession so soon?. As per your story, we have to talk to each other in mobile to get better understanding about each other and it will take some more days.”

Arjun, “I will become old by then. No way, i can’t wait more days. Anyway in my story we were new and we need time to understand each other but now we already know each. So no need of that part and we will skip those now and directly go to confession part”

Rads is laughing seeing his demand and says, “NO WAY” and she is walking to wards the door. Suddenly the lights were on and turns to find Arjun but is shocked and mesmerised seeing him standing under a small tent which is fully decorated with colorful clothes and lightings.

Arjun just smiles at her and extends his hands towards and nods her to come to him. Radhika just mesmerised in his act and walking towards him by forgetting herself. A cool breeze touches her face and both are enjoying this romantic night under the Moonlight.

Once she comes to him, he bends on his knees and extends his right hand to her, she too gives her hand to him and looks at her lovingly. He kisses on her hand and says, “I won’t feel bored of saying this to you no matter how many times….I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”. She is overwhelmed and is about to go but he holds her wrist and sings a song for her.

(Song i have chosen is MERE RANG MEIN RANGNE WALI from MAINE PYAR KIYA—-one of my favourite) *Both are in their night suite–Rads in baby pink color night pant sleevless top with over coat and Arjun is in his track suite and a normal black color tight shirt

Mere Rang mein rangne wali

(The one who is getting colored in my colors)

Pari Ho ya Ho pariyon ki rani

(Are you a fairy or a queen of fairies?)

Ya ho meri prem kahaani

(Or are you my love story)

Mere Savaalon ka Jawaab do

(Answer to my questions)

Do Na

(Tell me please)

He holds he wrist and just lifts his head and sings the song looking at her with full of love. He then gets up and moves to her close and hugs her from back tightly which makes her feels his proximity, she gets shiver on her body and closes her eyes tightly.

Bolo Na Kyon Ye Chaand Sitaare

(Tell me why moon and Stars)

Takte Hain Yoon Mukhde ko tumhaare

(Keep looking at your face all the time)

Chhooke badan ko hava kyon mehki

(After touching your body why wind become so fragrant)

Raat bhi hai kyon behki behki

(Why the night is also intoxicated)

Mere Savaalon ka Jawaab do

(Answer to my questions)

Do Na

(Tell me please)

She is about to go from his grip but he tightens his grip on her waist and makes her look at the moon. He tuckles her hair behind her ears and kisses on her cheeks. He makes her look at her, cups her face with full of love and place a strong kiss on her forehead, rubs his nose with hers and asks her to answer him.

Radhika is breathing heavily of unable to bear his closeness, she hugs him tightly unknowingly and whispers, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”. Arjun is excited hearing it and takes her from him and asks, “What, what you said? Say it again?”

Rads gets blush and try to go but he stops her and cups her face asking her to say it again. With so much of hesitation she looks at his eyes and shouts loudly, “I LOVE YOU ARJUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN”. That’s it, this makes him mad and lifts her and spins around there continuously. Then he puts her down and puts his hand in his pant pocket and takes a small box. Rads is surprised and wonders what is he upto. He opens it and takes a small ring and asks for her hand. She gets happy and extends her left hand to him, he holds her finger and place the ring on the right finger and place a gentle kiss. She is just starring him smilingly and to her surprise he just turns her hand and makes her palm visible to him and rolls his finger on her palm by pointing his name in her hand on her each fingers. It is like on each finger from thumb she written the letters of his name in her five fingers A-R-J-U-N. He starts rolling his finger starting from thumb where the first letter A is written and rolling continuously on other fingers pointing the letters and finish it with the small finger. He winks at her after finding it and she is stunned by his act and doesn’t know how to react. She is really surprised seeing him winnning the challenge and ofcourse she too wants that but she is getting all the happiness at the same time and she stands as statue by seeing her love.

Just to spoil their mood, suddenly a bunch of clapping sound is hearing around the terrace, Ardhika is shocked and gets tensed thinking who can it be. Without any surprise they all came out and it is none other than Nesam, Anjali, Manish and his wife. Ardhika gives them a sheepish smile to them and both try to hide themselves behind one another. Anjali goes to arjun and pulls him by his ears and Sam did the sam way to radhika.

Anjali, “Are you my Son Arjun? I couldn’t believe my eyes still that my son Mr. Arjun Mehra, the business man who can do all this romantic stunts for a girl? Oh god some one can pinch me pls” Arjun gets blush and hides his face in her shoulder saying,”Mom plssss”

Sam also hits radhika’s shoulder to look at him, she too gets embarrased and hugs her to hide her blushing. Manish, “Finally the most awaited confession happened successfully, so now shall we go and sleep, then only we can do other arrangements tomorrow” All nodded and goes to their respective room. Ardhika is in their own world and forgets the surroundings and thinking about each other.


Next morning, Haldi celebration starts, Nesam sits opposite to each other and Anjali puts a screen inbetween them to stop seeing each. Arjun applies haldi to Neil followed by Manish, prakash and suraj. For Sam, Anjali applies and blesses her followed by Rads and hugs her.

Anjali sends radhika to kitchen to get another bowl to put the remaining haldi. She gets the bowl and is about to go but stopped by Arjun, she is shocked seeing him there and tries to go but he locks her in the wall and applies the haldi on her face which he has it in his hands. She too applies haldi on his face by touching her cheeks with his. Their kitchen romance is at peek and gets disturbed by Anjali who is calling Radhika. She pushed him and runs outside to Anjali and gives her the bowl. All are just starring her face, she blinks at them and did not get it why they are starring her. Then they all started laughing at her, soon arjun also falls in that and everyone makes fun of them. Sam pulls radhika to her and shows her the haldi in her cheeks, she gets embarrased and wipes it fastly and scold Arjun for making fun of her. The haldi function gets over by pulling ardhika’s legs and they go and get ready for marriage in the evening.

Radhika and Manish’s wife makes sam ready for the marriage in her bridal lehenga, and takes drishti from her to avoid bad eyes. There Arjun and Manish helps neil to get ready and get him down to the mandap. Soon Sam also joins with neil in the mandap. Ardhika stands together and enjoys the cute hidden romances while the rituals going on. Nesam stands for the pheras and for each pheras Ardhika looks each other and promises. Nesam done with the pheras, ties the mangalsutra and Neil puts the sindoor on her forehead. The pandit announces them as Husband and wife from now on. All are blessing them to have a happy life ahead. Ardhika looks each and entwined their hands tightly and smiles seeing each.


After a month leap

It’s early morning around 6 AM , Arjun’s villa is again in full decoration. So many guests are wandering everywhere and murmuring, “For one marriage only we all will get tired and and now we have three marriages followed one by one in line. I really don’t know how arjun thinks like this”

Anjali giving instructions to the servants what to do and what not to do and tells all the guests to be at the right place. The scene now shifts to a Church.

A royal Mercedes Benz stops infront of the church, soon the car comes the cute small girls runs to the back side door and stands in both sides to welcome the special person. Yes they are welcoming the cute lady Radhika who gets down from the car waring a pure white color frock, a cute cap with net attached to it which is covering her face makes her look like an angel, and she receives the flowers from the girls and kisses them on their cheeks. She is accompanied by Mr & Mrs Neil. Radhika entwines her hand into Neil’s and he takes her into the church with pride. The cute girls carries radhika’s long extra cloth behind her. Radhika looks straight and finds the most handsome hunk, the perfect gentleman and her only man who turns to look at her with his cute signature smile. Ardhika shares a cute smile to each and Neil makes her stand beside Arjun.

The pastor done with the initial prayer and comes to Ardhika.

Pastor, “Mr.Arjun, do you accept to have Miss.Radhika as your wife?”

Arjun, “Yes Father”

Pastor, “Miss.Radhika, do you accept to have Mr.Arjun as your husband?”

Radhika, “Yes Father”

Then the pastor signs them to exchange the rings, ardhika exchanges the rings in each fingers and gets blessings from pastor, Anjali and gets wishes from Nesam and other relatives.

They take the couple in the car and it driven by Neil and Sam accompanied him.


After 2 hours, again Arjun’s villa is occupied by so many people and there in the center of the hall a two divans kept opposite to each and screen is placed inbetween them. Everyone is waiting for the couple and Soon the bride and groom comes down in a proper muslim bridal attire. Sam takes radhika to one side and Arjun sits on the opposite side.

The head person called as Qazi starts the prayers and asks Arjun, “Kya aapko ye nikah qubool hai?”

Arjun gets flashes of radhika’s first meet and their cute moments and he smilingly says, “Qubool hai”. The qazi repeates the same for another two times and arjun replies twice.

Then the qazi asks Radhika, “Kya aapko ye nikah qubool hai?”

Radhika looks at arjun behind the screen and smiles remeniscing her dance with arjun in the rain, her confession and says, “Qubool hai”

The same question repeats twice and she too replies twice.

Qazi, “Nikah Mukammal Hai. Aajse ye aapke shohar..aur ye aapki biwi hain”

Everyone there claps for the newly wedded couple and Anjali makes Ardhika stands together and blesses them.


The guests, “ssssshhhhh…what is this Anjali ji…your son is not allowed us to sit for an hour atleast and often giving us some work. Again marriage preparations.”

Anjali smiles and goes to look for the other preparations.

After 3 hours in the evening, everybody is busy running here and there and the pandit does the pre marriage rituals and tells anjali to get the bride and groom.

Sam with Radhika makes her ready in HIndu bridal attire a cute, royal lehenga. Neil and manish helps Arjun. Arjun goes first and sit in the mandap and recites the mantras followed by pandit and after sometime radhika too comes and sits with Arjun and does the rituals. Ardhika are in cloud nine and feeling so so special now.

Pandit, “Now it is time for Pheras”

Anjali puts the ghatbandan and Arjun gets up for Pheras, he holds radhika’s hand and start taking the pheras.

First Phera:

Praying god for plenty of nourishing and pure food. Pray god to let them walk together in every phase of their life.

Second Phera:

Pray god for a healthy and prosperous life and ask for the physical, spiritual and mental health from god.

Third phera:

Prays god for wealth, strength for both of them so that they can share the happiness and pain together.

Fourth Phera:

Prays god for the increase in love and respect for each other and their respective families.

Fifth Phera:

Both pray together for the healthy, beautiful, heroic and noble childen from god.

Sixth Phera:

Both pray for the peaceful life with each other.

Seventh Phera:

Both prays to god for companionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding between themselves. Praying god to make them friends and the gie the maturity to carry out the frienship for lifetime.

Arjun looks at radhika and says to himself that, “Now you have become my responsibility and at any cost i will not leave my hand from you and we are bounded to be together for 7 births and it is my promise”

Pandit announces the 7 pheras are over and asks arjun to tie mangalsutra and put sindoor on her forehead.

Ardhika sits besides each other and Arjun ties the mangalsutra in her neck and puts sindoor on her forehead & stares her blushing continuously with so much of love.

Pandit, “Now these both are husband and wife forever”.

All showers flowers on them and blesses to have a happy life forever.

Now the post marriage rituals started, Anjali does aarti for ardhika and makes radhika kicks the kalaash and arjun carries her in his arms and enters the house. Then she lits the diya in the in house temple and gets blessings from Anjali.

Anjali takes radhika with her leaving arjun with neil & manish.


@ late night, Arjun enters his bedroom and finds it decorated romantically with flowers on his bed written as “ARDHIKA”. He smiles at it and his sight pass on the balcony where he finds his life standing under the moonlight and starring the moon. He goes behind her and hugs her from back keeping his chin on her shoulder.
Radhika smiles sensing her husband hugging her from back and both stares the moon for sometime.

Arjun, “I am so happy today that finally i got my life back with me. I couldn’t see moon there instead your smiling face”

Rads smiles saying, “Acchaa…”

Arjun, “You know what, i already know that you are the one who gonna complete me..because i was incomplete without you”

Rads, “Acchaa”

Arjun, “Everyday i love you more than i did the day before. I can’t imagine how i could possibly love you more than i do but somehow evreyday i manage it. I can’t wait for tomorrow to love you more again”

Rads blushes, “Acchaa”

Arjun tightens his grip more and says, “I just love the moon and the stars and like to watch it whole night but they are nothing infront of your eyes which is sparkling in the day time also”

Rads giggles and says, “Acchaaaa”

Now it is enough for him and turns her to face him but keeps her in his embrace only. She looks at his face now and smiles seeing his pout face and says, “Acchaa”

Arjun too smiles and says, “Thats it …nothing else”

“Rads cups his face and says, “I LOVE YOU TILL I HAVE MY LAST BREATHE”. by saying this she kisses his lips passionately and both share the kiss which has only love.

The screen freezes there while they share their love for life long, the moon and the stars are the witnessess for their beautiful journey.

—————–THE END——————–

So that’s it about this FF. One of my favourite ff comes to an end and i feel so heavy to give an end to this beautiful journey and even i want this to be an never ending journey but everything has a end at one point except one thing and that is nothing but LOVE. I am saying it from the bottom of my heart that you all are an amazing people who supports me and everyone in thick and thin phase and i just want to say tht “I LOVE YOU ALL”. Thank you so much for being a part in my life.
God bless you all.

Comments are needed and silent readers pls comment for today atleast for this last episode.


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