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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 15)

So all enjoyed ardhika moments…i know..how cute they are together right. Hmm well today and in upcoming episodes also it will be one and only dedicated to Ardhika. So be on ur toe and wait for the surprise…In today’s episode Arjun will propose her and rads will not accept it but she will put a condition for him. What is that? Any guesses?..i can see your curiosity..well you can read it in today’s chappy…Hey hey pls don’t put rotten eggs and tomatoes yar… Will move to our episode today

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 15)


Precap: Ardhika bonds and Nesam marriage shopping.

Nesam selects their dresses for Sangeet and Marriage and they look for Radhika but they dint find it. Suddenly they hear a voice from their back saying, “I am here and how is this dress for me?”

They look at her and finds her like a diva in the dress which she tried. Nesam, Manish & his wife appreciates her selection and praises her beauty. She gets blush and she looks at Arjun once and raises her eyebrows staring him. Arjun comes out from his trance and just shows thumbs up to her. She smiles seeing his statue position and goes to change. And after that she tries another lehenga for Marriage. That’s it Arjun is about to faint there in the shop itself. He couldn’t take his eyes off from radhika and stares her continuously. Radhika comes in the grand designer lehenga and does a full circle by showing her dress to them. Finally all done with their shopping and leaves from there.

Radhika’s dress for Sangeet

After shopping everyone leaves to their home. Manish and his wife bids bye to them and leaves in a seperate car. Nesam also thinks to spend time alone and they also said some reason and leaves to roam. Now it’s only Ardhika left and they look at each other laughs saying together, “Just two of us”. Then they also leaves from there and plans to go rads home first to drop her. It’s a evening time and the climate looks cloudy and is about to rain at anytime.

Both are silent on their travel and look at their face when another is not noticed. A beautiful mild music is playing inside the car and both enjoys the silence with melody. After a while, the car stops inbetween due to some trouble and he gets down to look at the problem. Soon it started drizzling but still he works to repair the problem. Radhika starts playing in the rain while sitting inside the car and through the bannet gap she finds arjun doing the repair. She also gets down and stands beside him to look what he is doing. Arjun gives her a look and asks, “I am struggling and you are enjoying the rain or what? Pls go inside”

Rads, “Why can’t we enjoy in the rain Arjun?”

Arjun stares her and gives her an unbelievable look. He then finishes repairing the car and closed the bannet. Immediately she drags him to the center of the road and finds ony 1 or 2 vehicles passed them by giving a sharp look at them. Luckily they don’t find any vehicles after that. Arjun doesn’t have any idea what she is upto. Rads looks at his confused face and asks, “Shall we dance?”

Arjun smiles and says, “No music”

Rads immediately run towards the car and raise the volume in the music system and slightly opens all the 4 windows and look at him. Arjun couldn’t believe the girl infront of him is his Radhika who speaks less.

The music starts and the song is Mohabbat Barsa Dena Tu Sawan Aaya hai

Once the music starts, rads encircling herself and moves towards Arjun. Arjun is surprised and holds her when she reaches him and hits his chest by her forehead. He just wraps her by keeping his hands at her back and stares her. Slowly he cups her chin and lifts her face to look at him.

Song starts..(Translation also given and i think this is the best song for this situation and i dedicate this to my chotu Supriya who suggested it)

Mohabbat Barsa Dena Tu, Sawan Aaya Hai

( Shower your love on me, as monsoon has arrived )

Tere Aur Mere Milne Ka, Mausam Aaya Hai

( The Season for us to meet has arrived )

Mohabbat Barsa Dena Tu, Sawan Aaya Hai

( Shower your love on me, as monson has arrived )

Tere Aur Mere Milne Ka, Mausam Aaya Hai

( The Season for us to meet has arrived )

Arjun lost himself in her browny eyes and moves her hairs from her face and gives the lip sync for the song which surprises radhika and she too smiles at him. He then slowly steps backward by holding her hands and pulls her towards him and she does a circle and hits his chest with her. She covers her hand on his neck and he wraps her by her waist and starts moving according to the song happily.

Sabsa Chhupa ke Tujhe Seene Se Lagaana Hai

( I want to hide you from everyon and embrace you )

Pyaar Mein Tere Hadd Se Guzar Jaana Hai

( I want to cross all limits in your love )

Itna Pyaar Kisi Pe, Pehli Baar Aaya Hai

( For the first time in life, I am feeling so much love for someone )

He then holds her index finger in his hand and starts circling her everwhere fastly and make her lean on the floor but before that he holds her and makes her lying on the air. They both gets busy in their intense eye lock and he gently pulls her to him and touches her forehead with his and continues moving their bodies.

Mohabbat – Repeats

Then radhika leaves him and runs towards the tree and leans on it by looking at him.

Kyun Ek Pal Ki Bhi Judaai Sahi Jaaye Na

( Why can’t i bear even a single moment of Seperation from you? )

Kyun Har Subah Tu Meri Saanson Mein Samaaye Na

( Why don’t you unite with my breath every morning? )

Aaja Na Tu Mere Paas, Dunga Itna Pyaar Main

( Come close to me, I will give you immense amount of love )

Kitni Raat Guzaari Hai, Tere Intezar Mein

( I have spend so many nights in your wait )

Kaise Bataaun Jazbaat Ye Mere

( How should i express thee emotions of mine (what i feel for you)? )

Maine Khud Se Bhi Zyada Tujhe chaaha Hai

( I love you more than i love myself )

Arjun also follows her and locks her with the support of the tree and sings the above lines from his heart. He keeps his face so close to her, so that she can feel his hot breathe on her.
She keeps on pushing him and at one point, he just pulls her forcibly towards him and place a strong kiss on her cheeks. Radhika closes her eyes of unable to bear his touch on her. He then hides his face on her neck and gently blows air on her cleavage which makes her shiver and gets goosebumps. She gets blush, pushes him and runs away from him. She thinks he is following her but not, she turns and finds him kneels down in the ground and extends his both hands and sings the last line whole heartedly.

Sab kuch Chhod ke aana tu, Sawan Aaya Hai

( Leave everything else and come, monsoon has arrived )

Tere Aur Mere Milne Ka, Mausam Aaya Hai

( The season for us to meet has arrived )

Radhika is shocked, stunned, excited , happy and what else more to say to describe her emotions seeing him like that. She gets happy tears and it gets mingles with rain water. She stands at the same place by starring him and he starts walking towards her. She did not move from there and turns to a statue to feel his presence.
He then cups her face and place a soft kiss on her fore head. Music stops playing and it becomes so silent. Arjun pulls her face more close to him and whispers in a husky tone, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”. Radhika tries to say, “But i am Shrav….” but stops inbetween.

Arjun stops her inbetween and says without moving, “Ssshhhhhh…..for me you will always be my RADHIKA”

Radhika stares his eyes and finds the true love in his. She keeps her hands on his hands which is cupping her face and says, “What you want me to do now?”

Arjun gives some gap and looks at her eyes sharply and says with a cute smile, “Just accept me and my love”

Radhika then moves and gives some more gap and says, “That is not in my hands…it is your job now”

Arjun gets confused and did not understand what she is saying. She smiles seeing his confused face and says, “I have a condition for you to accept you and your love”

Arjun gives her a manly smile by keeping his hands in his pockets and says, “Anything for you”

Radhika gives a mischevious smile and says, “Recreate the love story”

Arjun now is completely out of mind and asks, “What do you mean? I dont understand”

Radhika steps backward continuously and says, “Recreate the love story which you told me when i was with you. To make it more clear..i wanna live in your fake story and make it true”

Arjun feels someone is taking him through the clouds higher and higher. Yes only his body is present is there but mentally he is flying between the clouds and is extreme happy hearing her confession.

He then walks towards her who already reaches the car and sits in the passenger seat. He takes his seat and gives her a confident look once and drives off. They reaches her home and finds Nesam waiting for them in the doorstep with their hands across their chest.

Ardhika gets shy and did not face them straight. Arjun bids them bye and leaves from there but nesam starts questioning radhika that why they are late, where they went and what they did..etc etc. Rads pushes them and runs inside home. Neil runs and stands infront of him and says, “You are not allowed to move a bit unless you tells us everything.”

Rads don’t know what to do but she tells them from where the car stops, she skips the dance part and continues telling about Arjun’s confession and what she replied for that. Nesam is screaming in happiness and hugs her. The trio has a very nice time and they starts pulling each others legs. That night passes with their happiest smiles after a long time.

Arjun also reaches his home and gets changed into night suite and falls in the bed with the beautiful memories. He laughs remembering how rads dragged him for dancing and their romantic dance in the rain and the conditon she put for him to accept his love. He feels so light after having heartful laugh and gets excited to meet his love tomorrow in the sangeet.

Next Morning, Arjun sends a car to Rads home to pick them to his house for the function. He strictly told them that the complete marriage will happen in his home only. Nesam and Rads gets ready in the beautiful dresses and leaves in the car. Soon they reaches his home and finds Arjun & Anjali welcomes them inside. Arjun introduces him to his other friends apart from Manish and Suraj. He then takes Nesam, Rads aside and tells them that he appointed Neil as Assistant Manager in one his company. All are very happy and thanks him for his help. Then he goes with them and tells them to start the function.

Sam sits for Mehendi and Anjali takes rads with her to look for other works. Neil admires Sam from far and mesmerised in her beauty, Sam also notices his gaze on her and blushes seeing him.

Arjun looks for Radhika and finds her with Anjali. He hesitates to go there and stares her from far. Soon she comes from there and goes out to look something. She sees the workers decorating the pillars with flowers and try to tie it properly but the flowers are getting spoiled with their rough handling. She moves them away and climb in the ladder to tie it. Somehow she managed to tie it and is about to get down but soon the ladder shakes and in the nick of time she falls down. She gets scared and closes her eyes but before she reaches the ground, she sees a strong hands carrying her in his arms..it is none other than Arjun who carries her like a flower and smiles at her. They both have a intense eye lock and she is trying to get down from his hands but he jerks her and says, “Day 1”

Radhika did not understand anything and asks, “What?”

Arjun, “Day 1 – I recreate the situation as it was in my story” and smiles naughtily.

Rads is shocked and asks him, “Which means you only pushes the ladder is it?”

Arjun “Haan..then how can i start my story…and this was the way i met you in my imagination” he winks at her.

She gets down and goes inside but stops and turns to see him. He leans on the pillar and asks, “Hey…i met you for the first time… I can’t call you as a ladder girl if i meet you again..so may i know your name pls?”

Rads smiles and says, “I wont say my name to strangers” by saying this she runs inside.

Arjun stares her from far and says, “I am not a stranger for you”.

Precap: Nesam Sangeet function. Arjun’s Day 2 recreation.

Another 2 episodes are left in this ff and i thank you each one who supports me in this journey. Hope you all like this episode and pls let me know your comments.

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