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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 14)

Sorry sorry for so late…Yeah so i think all are so happy hearing Rads offer friendship to Arjun. Well me too :P. Okay now we are nearing the end of this ff and last few episodes will surely be cute, romantic and lovely ones…self appraisal (:D)
No more violences ..all are over.. i ll clear about Vaibhav’s condition before the end of this episode. He already got arrested so don’t bother about now. Lets get into today’s chapter

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 14)

Arjun is on cloud nine after hearing Radhika offering him friendship..he hides his excitement and just give her a gentle smile and shakes hands with her. He composes himself and goes inside the ward to see Neil and Sam. Neil looks at Arjun’s bright face and see radhika behind him with a gentle smile, he understands something and asks, “Arjun…You are so bright today? Anything happened specially?” he winks at him seeing him blushing. Arjun hides his blush and spent sometime there and goes to see Manish in his cabin. After he goes Neil looks at Radhika who lost in her own world, “Hey Chasni…what are you thinking? About Arjun is it?”

Rads, “Hmm yeah…aahh..what..no no.. nothing. I just thought something else”

Nesam looks at her pale face and laughs and sam says, “Chasni..you are so beautiful when you hide your blush”

Rads, “You both become mad only. First my job is to make you both get married, then only my one responsibility will be over”

Nesam is shocked at the same time blushes too. Neil composes him and says, “First is yours..then only mine”

Rads, “U just shut up and listen what i am saying. You don’t have any rights to change my decision. Firstly you both will get married..then you both can find a groom for me. Got it? And this is my final decision. No changes”

Nesam is silent but accepts it and stares each other. Rads rolls her eyes and says, “Oh god..they started now itself” she smiles at them and leaves the room.

She thinks to check with Manish about Neil’s discharge and other formalities. She walks to his cabin but stops hearing Arjun’s voice.

Arjun, “I don’t know what to do?”

Manish, “What you don’t know. Arjun don’t forget that you are a business man and why you are behaving so wierd with her”

Arjun, “Manu..you know what? I am forgetting myself whenever i see her. She is ruling me yar. When she was with me…i never thought that one day she will forget me and that’s y i always maintained a distance with her. But now in real when she is distancing herself from me..i couldn’t take it up and i realised my love for her when she went away from me. I couldn’t enter into the room where she stayed. All her memories are haunting me yar.”

Manish, “Arjun..you are madly in love with her. Just go and tell her man. I am sure she will accept you. Who can reject you yar?”

Arjun, “She can..because she is not a normal girl..she is one in hundred, one in lakhs and one in crores, all over she is unique yar..i can’t compare herself with anyother woman in this world”

Manish smiles at him and says, “All i can say is All the very best my dear friend..i pray god that she should understand your feelings soon and accept your love soon..so that i can escape from your blabbering”

Arjun stares him and says, “Bad Joke”

They both laughs seeing each..and Radhika who heard everything standing outside stares Arjun from the glass and goes away from there.

She goes to the garden inside the hospital campus and sits in a corner table and thinks about Arjun. That time, a Nurse comes there and sees Radhika sitting at the table and goes to her.

Nurse, “Hello Mam..how are you?”

Rads did not identify her and asks, “Yeah i am fine. Thank you. But i couldn’t identify you”

Nurse smiles and says, “I know mam..you did not remember anything. I am the one who attends you when you admitted here after the accident”

Rads, “Oh…sorry and BTW thank you so much for taking care of me”

Nurse, “All your thanks should go to your husband..sorry..Mr.Arjun sir only. He spends most of his time with you and taken care of you well”

Rads gets curious and asks her, “If you don’t mind, can you pls tell me what happened from first when i got admitted here” and Nurse also tells her everything from day 1 till she gets discharged. After that they speaks for sometime and she left leaving rads there.

Rads starts thinking about Arjun and gives a sigh breathe and says, “Now my only aim is to get Nesam married. About me..i will decide it later”

SHe goes to Nesam and finds Arjun chatting with them happily and she moves to Manish cabin.

Manish, “Arey..Shravani..come inside. Anything you need?”

Rads, “Yeah…when we can discharge Neil from here”

Manish, “According to his reports he is in good condition only. Maximum a week he can stay here and you can discharge him after that. But y u so urge to take him from here”

Rads, “Actually doctor….”

Manish interrupts her and says, “Just call me Manish”

Rads smiles and says, “Manish…i am thinking to arrange Nesam marriage after his discharge.”

Manish gets happy and says, “Well that’s a very happy news and ofcourse we can do. That’s not a big deal. OK come we go there and discuss”

Rads & Manish comes to Neil’s ward and disturbs Nesam & Arjun. Arjun’s face brights up when he sees Radhika with him. Rads notices it and she gets smile seeing him but she hides it by seeing here and there. She avoids his eye to eye contact.

Manish, “Hey Neil..what’s up man? I just heard from your sister about your marriage? Congratulations yar”

Arjun is shocked hearing marriage word and asks, “Neil..you dint tell me…that’s not fair”

Neil, “Arjun..i thought chasni is just playing ”

Rads, “I am serious my bhai. Don’t take me so easily. I checked with Manish…he said you can get discharged by next week and we will fix your marriage after that. So be ready”

Nesam is blushing and others starts teasing her. Then Rads says to herself, “Oh no..i have lot of work from now on. I have to do all arrangements alone…” she stops and looks at Arjun who is staring at her.

Rads, “Why alone?” she looks at him and says, “Arjun..will you be with me to do arrangements for Nesam’s marriage?”

That’s it…Arjun’s heart skips the beat and jumps in happy. His happiness has no limit now and with much difficult he controls his emotions and says, “Well…i will be busy in my work but still since you are asking..i can’t so no to you. Of course i will help you. After all now Neil is also my friend na”

Rads controls her laugh seeing him hiding his happiness…but Manish & Nesam couldn’t..they burst out laughing by seeing him.

Arjun gives them the death glare and they all kept quiet but rads laughing silently and sits beside Neil. After sometime Arjun & Manish goes from there leaving them alone.

Sam, “Chasni…tell me the truth…you also love Arjun right?”

Rads did not say no but, “Sam..if you ask me directly i can’t say yes now…but i like him..i like his affection, care and ….and…”

Sam, “And?”

Rads smiles and says, “I respect him now more than before after knowing what he did for me. But just for that reason i can’t love him. Love should not come with a reason. So that’s y i make him to accompany me..so that i can spend some time with him. I should feel his presence and importance in my life. Till now i feel him as a good friend and i need some more time to take the important decision.”

Sam gives her thumbs up and says, “Al d very best and i am sure Arjun will win you”

Arjun reaches his home and informs Anjali his mom about everything what Radhika told him. He hugs her tightly and expresses his happiness. Anjali is so happy to see her son smiling after a long time. She blesses him and prays got to give good to him.

Next day, Rads go to their home and cleans everything before Neil comes there. Soon Arjun also comes there and starts helping her. Rads looks at him and says, “The great business man Mr.Arjun is having time for all these things? People will not search in your office or what? Often i am seeing you out of office only”

Arjun gives her a smile and says, “I have people to do my office work..we can keep alternatives for office work but personal is different and we have to go ourself to finish our work?”

Rads, “What is your personal work here?”

Arjun, “Neil is my friend and soon he is going to be my…” he was saying in a flow and just stops inbetween seeing her staring him and says, “He is my friend and that’s y i came here to do this work”

Rads smiles seeing him and starts climbing the ladder to clean the dust on the ceiling. Arjun warns her to be careful and he starts moving the things here and there. Rads is cleaning the ceiling and she just got slipped and missed to balance, she screams at once and closes her eyes thinking that she gonna fall on the floor but she feels a strong hands on her back holding her tightly and safely. She opens her eyes and sees Arjun who carries her in his arms and stares her lovingly.

He then puts her down gently and asks, “R u ok?”

Rads, “Yeah…am ok. Thanks”

Arjun remembers his flasback love the day 1 incident and smiles unknowingly. Rads notices it and asks, “What is there to laugh?”

Arjun tells her about that flashbacks and how he managed to tell her those stories. Rads also laughed hearing that and says, “You can go for a movie and start writing scripts”

They both shares a healthy environment and finally finishes the work.

A week later, Neil discharged and goes to his home and gets surprised seeing it is very clean and neat. Nesam and Ardhika spends nice time there and soon Manish also joins with them with his wife. Then the marriage topic comes and each takes one responsibility and decides the marriage date. It will be after 10 days.

Next day, all decides to start the marriage preparation with a shopping. They go to a hifi shop..no arjun drags them there and forces them to purchase there only. Finally they accepted it and all sinks in their shopping. Neil, Arjun and Manish goes to Men’s section for selecting sherwani’s for them. The ladies goes to their section and looking for bridal lehengas. They look for Neil and Sam first and after that they have taken for others.

Sam Sangeet lehenga


Neil Sangeet dress

Sam bridal wear


Neil’s bridal wear


Precap : Ardhika dances in Sangeet. Arjun propose radhika and rads puts him a condition.

So how is this episode guys… Hope u all like it…

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