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Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 16

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Neil was totally broken he cried his heart out and straight away went to a bar and gulped many shots but his pained heart was in no mood of taking back his anger over sam. From his pov she always used him whenever wanted but once over she would throw him not only in the part of arjun but always for her he was a side kick but he was stupid to love her.

Sam was crying cursing herself for hurting herself and her idiot. She cried in the car and their situation was suited with this song

Pal Bhar Theher Jao, Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye
Wait for a few moments so that this heart becomes steady
Kaise Tumhe Roka Karoon…
How should I stop You from going?
Meri Taraf Aata, Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips (and I’m untouched by it)
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharoon…
I want to capture You in my eyes
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karoon
Without speaking words, I talk with You
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If (when) You’re with me
Agar Tum Saath Ho
If You’re with me

Behti Rehti… Neher Nadiya Si, Teri Duniya Mein
Like a river I keep flowing in Your world
Meri Duniya Hai Teri Chaahaton Mein
My world lies in Your love
Main Dhal Jaati Hoon Teri Aadaton Mein
I get dissolved in Your habits
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Teri Nazron Mein Hai Tere Sapne
There are dreams in Your eyes
Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Naaraazi
There’s dissatisfaction in those dreams
Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Baatein Dil Ki Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
I feel that the talks of the heart are all fraudulent
Tum Saath Ho Ya Na Ho Kya Fark Hai
Doesn’t matter if You are with me or not
Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Life was painless anyways
Agar Tum Saath Ho (x2)
(Even) If You’re with me (or not)

Palkein Jhapakte Hi, Din Ye Nikal Jaaye
In just a blink of an eye, the day passes
Baithi Baithi Bhaagi Phiroon
Even though I’m sitting, I feel as if I’m running around
Meri Taraf Aata, Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharoon…
I want to capture You in my eyes
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karoon
Without speaking words, I talk with You
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me
Agar Tum Saath Ho
If You’re with me

Teri Nazron Mein Hai Tere Sapne
There are dreams in Your eyes
Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Naaraazi
There’s dissatisfaction in those dreams
Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Baatein Dil Ki Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
I feel that the talks of the heart are all fraudulent
Tum Saath Ho Ya Na Ho Kya Fark Hai
Doesn’t matter if You are with me or not
Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Life was painless anyways
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me
Dil Yeh Sambhal Jaaye
My heart becomes steady
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me
Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me
Din Ye Nikal Jaaye
The day passes
Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me
Har Gham Phisal Jaaye

Neil entered the house with himself drowned in the drink. Prena who was eagerly waiting for neil to come was shocked to see him like that.
Prena ; neil what happened ??
Neil ; happened everything happened mom. She is still saying it was chashni who was behind arjun. Cant she open her eyes and see it was arjun behind my chasni……. Haaa i donno should i not fall in love mom ?? Have i done any mistake mom ?? Then why cant she se my love in my eyes ?? And cried. Prena was helpless. She just caressed his head and slowly she made him to get to his room. He was all the time blabbering and cursing sam. Prena had tears for her son’s condition.


Radhika and arjun reached arjun’s house . She was busy with her tv .
Radhika ; khadoos im starving bring the food quick. Arjun rolls his eyes.
Arjun ; panoti wait i have just started and may i know who is husband and who is wife here ??
Radhika ; of course im ur husband as i rule u. Arjun nods and starts his work and after half an hour he shouted dinner ready. She who changed came to the dining table and was about to eat. She thought for something and straightly she stood up and sat on arjun’s lap and ringed his shoulders and kept her head over his shoulders.
Arjun ; hey panoti what happened ??
Radhika ; khadoos i was longing for this day u and me to live like this with no known person and my wish came true. He smiled and caressed her and said ” panoti u r hungry can u pls eat.
Radhika ; no i wont i want to feed u food with my hand. He nodded and she took some food and she kept it near his mouth. He smiled and purposely bit her fingers. She gave a glare and he smiled with food in his mouth. She took a piece of chili and stuffed it in the food and fed him. He again bit her fingers and munched the food. Then slowly his face changed and he wad coughing. She laughed and took a spoon full of curd but his tongue was still burning.
Arjun holding his head because of burning feel with eyes full of water ; u still the same radhika. U never change. Give me some sweets.
Radhika ; but u dont like sweets na ??
Arjun (banged his head) ; i love chashni…… Now i want sweet soon and was coughing.

She laughed and took a sweet piece and fed him. They both looked at each other and they travelled to their past.

Flash back…….

Police officer – what kind of husband and wife are u guys….
Arjun ; sir wife she ???
Radhika ; he is not my husband…….
Police officer – chup…… Now stop talking lady……
Arjun ; she will not stop talking sir…..
Radhika ; sir now pls dont start……
Officer – now stop talking u 2….. U lady are u hungry ?? Radhika nods her so fast.
Officer ; feed him as his hands are cut he cannot eat and u (pointing at arjun) shut up and eat. Both gets mum and she takes some food and feeds him. He purposely bites her finger. She was like ouch and gave a glare to arjun. Then again he does the same . She was not frustrated. She takes a full fren chilli and stuffs that and feeds that to arjun. He who never knew her idea takes it and then he suffers with the burning effect………….

Both ardhika looks at each other and laughs their heart out.
Arjun ; that was the first time we were called husband and wife. I think he knows horoscope and laughs.
Radhika ; u ok now ??
Arjun ; hmm but i want more chashni and looks at her lips. She blushes and was about to stand . He holds her hand slowly he makes her to sit in his lap again. She was not able to see arjun. He pulls her chin up and slowly slips his hand and cups her face with his one hand and makes her to come close to him. They were about to kiss again the villian came , dont panic phone call.
Arjun (closes his eyes) and shouts ” who invented cell phone and why is that damn ringing whenever i want to kiss my wife and bangs his hand”. Radhika giggles at his helplessness. When he was closing his eyes she slightly peaks his lips and runs away. He turned rock and was just staring blankly.
It was rathore.
Radhika ; rathu…..with full excitement
Rathore ; aaha my sister is so happy so say me what is the matter ??
Radhika ; nothing yaar just my heart is happy donno why.
Rathore (smiling) ; dont find reason for happiness but i guess here someone is lost in thoughts….. And looks at teji. He was looking at sky and counting the stars.
Radhika ; who rathu ??
Rathore ; chashni come to video call. She turned on the video call and made sure that she was in a park by going to the lawn nearby arjun’s house. She signaled him that she will be sitting in the lawn.
Radhika ; hmmm speak..
Rathore ; chashni why out this night.
Radhika ; loo again now say me who is counting the stars ??
Rathore tuned hos mobile and teji and he was counting at the stars and waving his hand and again started his counting. Radhika busted in laugh. Rathore was watching her affectionately.
Radhika ; who is the girl ??
Rathore ; girl means then is he in love with someone.
Radhika ; do u need any proof ?? He is acting weird right ??
Rathore ; haa yaar chashni today morning he saw me and giggled at me and said u have beautiful eyes and was appreciating my looks i thought he was sawing about me but now that idiot was talking about some one.
Radhika ; eyes…. ur eyes beautiful ????? and was laughing like hell. Rathore pls no more jokes i may die laughing and she was holding her stomach and laughing. Rathore made a pout face but he too laughed at her and they finished their talks . She held the call and she came back and found arjun all the time staring at her.
Radhika ; hmmm what ??
Arjun ; i was so stupid that i made this beautiful eyes to shed its tears.
Radhika ; ooh fooo not again i hate these kinds of speeches.
Arjun ; ok no more speeches only action and pulls her mobile and switches off.
Radhika ; why are u switching it off ??
Arjun ; i hate if someone comes in between my way except my panoti. She presses her lips and nods her head with her eye brows up and said ” really ???” He too reciprocated the way she did and said ” really……” and comes close to her and locks the door from from behind and slowly held her face and kisses her and they share a romantic kiss and she after the kiss did not look at him and blushes and keeps her head over his heart.
Arjun ; i never knew kissing would be nice . Stupid arjun missed many times with u panoti. She giggles and rings his shoulder with her hand and smiles at him and said ” shushhh no more looking back they were smiling at each other.

Radhika was making a pillow pillar and Arjun who comes inside screams at her.
Arjun ; radhika what nonsense is this ??
Radhika ; what ??
Arjun ; why this pillow in between here like this and he waves his hand for more than 5 times. She giggles at him and his behavior. She pulls both his ears and smiles and says ” dear husband u r soo romantic today but we cannot do anything till everything between neil and sam is joining hands so chup chop come and sleep . He nods and jumps and sleeps she too sleeps .


Arjun and radhika were sleeping hugging each other . Radhika wakes up and finds herself was being hugged and was buried inside arjun’s heart. She smiles and kisses his heart and goes to kitchen to make coffee. Arjun who was sleeping wakes up stretching his hand and finds radhika was not there. Arjun panics and sees her stole over the bed and he looks at the other side of the bed and does not finds her. He panics and wakes up.
Arjun ; radhika……. Radhika ………and radhika who hears his call paniced as he calls the way he called her the way when she left him. She runs to the bedroom and he was in terible state. She panics and runs to him.
Radhika ; sir……. Sir….and within no time he who saw her hugs her tight and calls her name. She rubs his back till he becomes normal. Arjun was continuously showeing his tears. Radhika silently cursed herself for his state. She did not even move a bit and slowly he comes to normal and looks at her.
Radhika ; sir what so ever happens i will never leave u this time. For no one pls trust me.
Arjun(cups her face) ; that was a worst night mare radhika my days without u and pls till i wake up dont go anywhere coz even i am with u, when i wake up i want to see ur face panoti. She hugs him again and he relaxes his head over her head and comes to normal. They starts to the office .


Radhika coughs 3 times and arjun who heard that takes some file and goes to her cabin in the name of discussing about some projects.
Radhika was really tensed and bites her nail .
Arjun ; wooo woooo panoti relax now say me what happened
Radhika ; rathore and teji are coming back and makes a pout face.
Arjun ; ok now why r u keeping that face its really not nice to see like that….. She hits him .
Arjun ; radhika say me why r u upset ??
Radhika ; if rathore comes teji will also come .
Arjun ; ok now say me which i dont know…
Radhika ; noo…… See if they come then jow can we…. Like how can we ????
Arjun ; romance right ?? She nods her head. He smiles and says ” u know me right how stubbotn im so why worry Mrs. Mehra ?? She rolls her eyes.
Radhika ; how can i sleep without hugging my teddy bear ??
Arjun ; teddy bear ? Who ???
Radhika ; u of course how can sleep without hugging u ?? U spoiled me ….
Arjun (mischievous smile) ; actually not i did not do anything till date. She saw him coming and understood and pushed him he smiled and said he will take care of it.

She calls neil to know what happened.
Neil ; hello who is this ??
Radhika ; haa tumari nani…… Neil looks at the phone and confirms it is radhika.
Neil ; nani missed u soo much muhaa… Muhaaaa and was kissing the phone passionately. Radhika felt disguist and shouted ” neil shut up its me chashni….” neil laughs his heart out and ; i know it is u chashni just wanna make fun of u .
Radhika ; hope u are so romantic so say me what did she say ?? Yes ?? She will say yes i know her . Neil was quite .
Radhika ; neil is everything alright ?? Neil cried his heart and radhika was continuously calling his name.
Neil ; she still says that it was u who took arjun from her. She still loves him chashni what shall i do now ?? And cries.
Radhika ; can i come to canada ??
Neil ; r u out of ur mind i dont want her to hurt u anymore . Enough of u had with her. Leave that topic radhika .
Radhika ; how can i leave neil u r the most important person in my life . All are after u so say me what happened. He explains her everything.
Radhika ; i shouldnt have survived in that accident or i shouldnt have come to mumbai itself. It is all because of me all are suffering.
Neil ; pls chashni sam is killing me pls u too dont join her.
Radhika ; sorry neil. And shr boosts up his mood and finally neil laughs and the whole building was shaken by his laugh. Sam sees that and feels jealous the way he was enjoying the talk. She enters the room and he was kissing the receiver. Sam was in tears but she controls it. But neil noticed that and thought this is the better way to give back her.
Neil ; u do one thing come here na for 2 days.
Radhika ; u serious ??
Neil ; did i say a joke come here i wanna show u who i am.
Radhika ; neil dont neil i can understand that sam is hearing u so pls dont hurt her.
Neil ; im not gonna be some one’s dummy bear im gonna be me. U coming or not ??
Radhika ; did i ever said no to u but not immediately but next week. Only 2 days.
Neil ; done my lady. She smiles and helds the call. Uff……. ufff…. Ufff…..
Radhika ; not again how many kisses in a day ?? …….

Singapore airport.

Teji was out of mind thinking about the green eyes of hers but who will that be….
Rathore ; luna here have these i dont think we may have hot food there where is my brother ?? She points at him. Teji was looking at the departure board. Rathore slapped his head ; this teji is 2 much….. And luna giggles at him and rathore pulls teji to the flight.
Teji ; she has 2 beautiful eyes.
Rathore ; every one has 2 eyes teji . Now shut up and fasten ur seat belt idiot. Luna was continuously laughing at the brother’s conversation. Just then a airhostess comes to luna and sweetly speaks ; ma’am pls fasten ur seat belt. Teji was just blinking at that girl and she looks at him. They share an intense eye lock. Rathore and luna looks at teji and her and they look at each other. The airhostess comes back to sense when her co airhostess calls her “rose…… Rose ??” both teji and rose jerks and she smiles at her own cute way and she goes from there.
Rathore wanted to tease teji ; she looks beautiful.
Teji ; yes ahh ?? And he says ; she is ur sister in law so look her in that eyes..
Luna burst out in laugh.
Rathore ; fix ??
Teji ; yes i fox my option rose .
Rathore ( looks at luna) ;computer ji fix option rose and smiles at her. She nods at them and the flight starts to chicago…….

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