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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 7)

Hey lovely ladies…sorry for being late…as you all know i have been writing many ffs now which is eating my head and that’s y i am taking little long break. Pls bare with for few more days..i m finishing my other ffs one by one and after that i will update enemity regularly for sure.

Here you go with today’s chapter


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 7)

Precap: Ardhika sangeet function and their dance.

Sangeet function is over and all leaves to their home. Arjun and his family spent sometime there and leaves. Radhika stares arjun and expects him to turn back to see her before he goes out, she don’t know the reason why but still she expects it. She is starring his back continously till he reaches the doorstep. Somewhere she is feeling upset but did not show it in her face. Arjun also goes out without seeing her and bidding bye…he also thinks why he expects all this from her. Both don’t know the reason for their expectations from each but still they are expecting.

Radhika goes to her room and removes the jewellery and changes into night dress and goes to balcony to have a fresh air. She stands there and enjoys the night view of the city and stares the moon. All her moments with Arjun comes to her vision while staring the moon.

She gets confused and needs some clarity & decides to talk to her counsellors. She calls them, “Hello beauties..where are you both? I need you both here right now”

Suddenly two mirages blows up infront of her and says, “Hi Radhu…so how was the function? Looks like you enjoyed so much with your would be is it?”

Rads, “Shut up. I called you guys here to clear my confusion.”

L M – “What confusion dear?”

Rads, “I don’t know how and when it happened? I guess i started liking Arjun’s presence, but i cannot describe it as love..coz i am sure i am in love with him”

R M – “Yes i am sure…you don’t love him. It is just because you both are getting married and automatically your mind is accepting him as your husband nd that’s y u started liking him”

L M – “Hey you chup kar..always confusing her. Radhu…don’t confuse yourself. It is just the starting step of your new life. You also know how Arjun is, so only you accepted to marry him. Otherwise you would have not accept this marriage at any cost eventhough your dad forces you. So you have a good impression about him in your deep heart and now it is flowing out to express its feelings. Now you started liking his presence means, your heart accepts him but your mind is always fighting with him. Don’t rush and takes the decison..just take some more time and you both will understand each other, then you start your marriage life with full heart. I guess even he also has the same confusion and feelings about you. Because in today’s sangeet his touch is something different on you.”

Rads is shocked listening last statement and says, “How do you say that?”

Both the mirages giggles and says together, “Because we are in you..so we can also feel the touch” they winks at her and she too giggles hearing it. Then she sends them off and comes to her bed. She falls on the bed and rolling here and there by thinking about their moments in sangeet function. Soon she gets dozed off by thinking about Arjun.

Arjun and his family reaches their home and all soon gets dozed off due to the tiredness. But Arjun too stands at his room balcony and stares the moon and he sees radhika’s face in it. Suddenly his mobile rings and he looks at the caller name in it and it says, “Preeti”. He gets angry seeing her name and disconnects the call.
He gets the call again and gets angry seeing her calling him again and again. This time also he disconnects the call and gets upset. But he gets the call again and this time he attends it and says angrily, “Why the hell are you calling me? I am rejecting it right…cant you leave after that?”

Preeti, “Enough Arjun. Give space for me also to talk. I wanna meet you tomorrow. Come to the same place we used to meet at 10 AM”

Arjun, “Do you think me as your old arjun? If so, i am sorry. I am not the whom you used sometime back. I don’t want to meet you and don’t dare to call me again”

He is about to disconnect the call but preeti stops, “Arjun, pls listen me once. Pls”

Arjun, “You have only 5 mins time”

Preeti, “Arjun..i am sorry for hurting you and now i am repenting my mistakes. I should have not cheated you like that. Pls help me arjun…i am bankrupt now and that guy you saw him right..he left me”

Arjun’s reaction changes and says, “What you want me to do? I can’t do anything in this..its your fault and your are bearing the punishment…don’t expect anything from me and don’t ever call me again”

He disconnected the call and goes to his bed. Preeti looks at her phone and says, “Arjun…i will not leave you now. I know you are getting married to the only heir of RD group of industries. I will play my game now.”

Next day, the haldi ceremony happens with their relatives in their own place. Radhika looks like an angel and dilip is atmost happy to see her daughter like this and before that he decides to discuss something with Arjun.

After the haldi ceremony they all are getting ready for Marriage preparations. Rads and her friends goes to parlour and she calls Janvi (arjun’s sister also there to have good make up). She sends her car to pick up janvi to the parlour they went. After 3 hours they finished all their make up and gets ready in the bridal attire. Janvi is like, “Ohhhhh my dear bhabi..u look awesome in this dress. I am sure bhai will go mad after seeing you. You look gorgeous bhabi. Yeah i am so lucky to have you as my bhabi..i will show you to my friends and make them jealous”

Radhika laughs hearing her statement and sends her home in their car itself. Then after that she and her friends goes to their home in another car and waits for the groom’s arrival. Soon they hear the noises and crackers sound and some people shouting saying, “Groom family came”. Rads gets tensed hearing it and she feels some nervous in her heart. It is a normal marriage tension only but she feels a race in her heart and looks at her friends who is starring them seeing her tensed. They composes her and takes her to the stairs to look Arjun.

Arjun is walking inside the house like a king. yes he is looking like a king in his golden bridal sherwani. Radhika for a sec stuns seeing him and thinks whether his face is shining because of his dress or his dress is shining becasue of the sparks in his face. She is mesmerised in his handsome physique and her friends shakes her to come to the reality. She gets embarassing and goes inside to get escape from her friends and they too followed her and continuous their teasing.

Dilip welcomes them all and pandit ji calls the groom for pooja. Arjun sits in the mandap and recites the mantras followed by pandit. Soon he calls bride to sit beside the groom. Radhika comes down and her friends supports her to carry her dress. Arjun couldn’t see her straight since his back is facing the stairs and she is coming down all the way from there. But he observes everyone’s face infront of him which shows their excitement, happiness, mesmerise and he somehow control his emotions and sits there…but all for a sec only..immediately also turns back and looks at the stairs where he sees the DIVA of his life is stepping down slowly and carefully. He never ever imagined radhika like this and is stunned seeing her in that beautiful dress. Yes she looks dazzling and he soon turns back before she sees him. He keeps his hand on his chest and rubs it softly to calm down. ?

Radhika sits beside him and recites the mantras which pandit says. Then they both stands up for pheras and proceeds it. Ardhika feels some excitement, expectations in their heart and finishes the pheras with whole heartedly.

Then he ties the mangalsutra and puts the sindoor on her forehead, while doing so she just lifts her eyes and looks him once and he too looks her face while putting the sindoor. Pandit ji announces them as husband and wife from now on. The elders blessess them and the youngers wishes them all the best for their future life.

All are scattered in the hall here and there and leaving ardhika in the couch. They did not talk with each other and maintains the silence. Soon Arjun’s mobile rings and he looks at the caller id and gets angry seeing it as Preeti. He disconnects the call and keep it aside, but rads notices it and observes his tension.

Rads slowly, “Who is that? Y u look tensed?”

Arjun, “Aahh..nothing..wrong number”

Before arjun finishes it he gets shocked seeing Preeti there in the hall with a big flower bouquet. She approaches them and Arjun stares her angrily, Rads notices his view and looks at the same way and finds Preeti walking to them with a broad smile in her face.

Preeti comes to them and wishes them for their marriage. She hugs radhika and gives her the bouquet and is suppose to hug arjun but he stops her by showing his hand. She moves back and says, “It’s ok Arjun. I can understand that now you are married and we cannot behave like before right”

Radhika, “What do you mean by that?”

Preeti smiles and says, “What Arjun? You did not say her anything? How can you yar? Atleast you should have told her that we both were in relatonship and broke up once your marriage is fixed”

Radhika is shocked and angry too, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?”

Arjun, “Radhika…i will tell you everything…don’t listen her”

Preeti, “Enough Arjun. She should know what was between us right? See Radhika…its true that we were in relationship but we both broke up recently only…and after that i got to know that his marriage is fixed. He didnot invite me but still i came here to wish you both good life. I came and i wished you…now i have to leave. Bye”

Arjun looks at radhika who is fuming in anger, glares arjun once and runs to her room. Arjun looks at the guests one and goes back to her room. Before she locks it, he stops it by his hand and goes inside. She moves away from him and tells him to leave her alone.

Arjun tries to touch her shoulder but sher jerks his hands saying, “Don’t dare to touch me”

Arjun is shocked and says, “Radhika…don’t go with her words…she is lieing”

Rads looks at his eyes straight and asks, “Ok then you tell me now. Who is she to you?”

Arjun is silent for few secs and says, “Yes..we were in a relationship but i broke up with her for some reason.”

Tears forms in her eyes and is hiding her vision. She continues, “So which means she is right. You only lied to me and hides everything from me. And why you broke up with her?”

Arjun thinks the matter is going out of his hand but still with some hope he says, “She was having an affair with another person when she was with me. She only cheated me in all the way. Its not me”

Rads, “Then why u did not tell me before our marriage. If you are right then you should have told me Arjun. Now i can’t believe you and your words. Now i am thinking that whether you married me for my money?”

Arjun is shattered and opposes her saying, “Bullshit money. I don’t need at all. I am working and i have enough of mine. I accepted this marriage just because of my mom wishes. You are mistaken me Radhika”

Rads, “Yes…i mistaken you as a good person. But you are not..i lost trust on you. Now listen me…we are husband and wife just for our family and for outside world, but we are strangers and more than that we are enemies inside this four wall.”

By saying this she wipes her tears and goes down to mingle with others. She shows fake smile to all but she is deep hurt inside. Arjun who stands in the stairs and watching her, he murmurs, “I know radhika..you are hurt and misunderstand me. I hope everything will sort out soon and you will understand me one day”

Precap: Arjun shocks to see Radhika seated in MD room. Vasuki invites the couples to visit their home town once and Ardhika is all set to go to arjun’s village.

So how is this episode guys…you like or not? Pls let me know your comments.

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