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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 10)

Sorry sorry for so late to update this. Well no more blabbering from me and will go to today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 10)

Ardhika gets silent and did not talk to each other till they reach home. Radhika gets annoyed with him and goes to her room without talking to anyone. Arjun also follows her and enters the room followed by her. Rads get more annoyed seeing him and asks, “Why are you following me everywhere?”

Arjun smirks, “Excuse me madam…this is my house and this room too. I hope husband and wife stays in one room and so i did. Any problem?”

Rads makes face and says, “Fine..it is YOUR HOUSE and you can stay anywhere. But i am not going to stay with you in the same room. I am going”

She is going to the door but pulls back by a strong arm and it is none other than Arjun. He holds her wrist tightly and says, “I don’t want my maa to know about our misunderstanding and you are not going anywhere”

Rads gets angry and tries to free from his grip but all in vain. Rads, “Leave my hand. Who are you to order me? I will stay whereever i want”

Arjun, “You are not going anywhere and that’s final”

Rads, “How dare you to stop me? Leave my hand…i said leave me” starts shouting on him.

Arjun pushes her and pins her to the wall and shuts her mouth by his hand saying, “Just shut up. I am here in the same room only right then y r u shouting? Listen i am repeating you that you are not going to stay out of this room till we are here.”

Rads takes his hands from her mouth saying, “If am not listening then what will you do? You gonna beat me..ok come beat..y r u simply standing beat me co….”

After that she couldn’t speak since when she was talking non-stop Arjun just stares her for a while and suddenly press his lips on hers which is very unexpected for rads and she couldn’t react for this sudden kiss. She stands like a statue by getting the kiss from him. She did not hold him, push him and did nothing but stands simply by widening her eyes.

Arjun don’t know the way to control her and takes the first step of his relation and shut her mouth by his. For both of them this is the very first kiss which becomes an unexpected one.

And the the best thing in their kiss is that it is totally unxpected, unplanned ones that come naturally in the middle of the sentence. Before she completes her sentence, he kissed her without having a second thought. It lasts for few secs only but even that few secs makes them feel like a very long period.

Arjun gets seperated from her and looks at her with a small smile, but she is totally numb after a receiving a kiss from him. She feels shy to look at his eyes but she managed to see him but gets shocked seeing smiling at her which makes her angry again.

She glares him angrily and says, “How dare you to ki….”

She again gets her mouth shut by him and this time, she gets sense and tries to push him but he holds her hands to both sides on top of her pushing himself more on her. And this time it lasts for 5 mins which makes radhika lose all her energy against him. She couldn’t hold herself infront of him and slowly losing her energy to fight against him.

Arjun moves his body away from her and says, “If you utter a word again then i don’t have a problem in kissing you for the whole night…after all i am your husband and have full rights on you..so as you.”

He smiles naughtily seeing her shocking expressions in her face, she opens her mouth but close it immediately thinking about his statement and turns her face to other side. He adores her annoying face and release his grip on her hand and steps back without taking his eyes off from her.

He leans on the bed halfway and stares her cute cute expressions which makes her uncomfortable. She goes to the closet and picks up one night suite and runs to washroom to hide her shyness. She locks and leans on the door & breathes heavily. She moves to the mirror and stares her face for sometime. She touches her lips where he kissed and remembers the way he kissed her. Unknowingly her face becomes reddish and she closes her eyes tightly to ignore this newly blossomed feelings.

She takes bath and changes into night dress and comes out. She gets shocked seeing arjun lying in the bed after changing into night suite and reading book. She does a cat walk and goes near the door but stops right there hearing his voice.

Arjun, “Bed is here”

Rads gets really furious now and says, “I know. I am just checking whether the door is locked or not”

She checked the knob and says, “It is locked”

Arjun smiles seeing her tension and she is walking here and there in the room instead of sleeping.

Arjun finds her nervous and says, “Don’t worry, i will not rape you, if you sleep beside me. And like your home, here there is no couch and all..i will sleep in this side and you have the other side. No need to get afraid of me”

Radhika murmurs saying, “Hmm..who is saying this? Just few mins before he kissed me forcefully and now asking me to sleep beside him. How can i believe him”

Arjun, “Yes you are right. You are thinking that i kissed you forcefully and now asking u to sleep beside me right? I can just say that i will not cross my limits but if you really need the proof means, just try sleeping beside me for today and from tomorrow you will get to know whether it will work out or not. What say?”

Rads hangs her mouth open in shock and looks at him unbelievably. And she knows if she go against him he is ready to do anything now, so she simply goes to the other side of the bed and hides herself inside the blanket without turning to his side.

Arjun just looks at her and smiles seeing her activities and continues reading.

The next morning, rads tries to turn other side but she couldn’t do it. She opens her eyes and sees what is on top of her. She gets shocked seeing Arjun is sleeping by hugging her, half of his body is on top of her and his hands wraps her waist. She blinks at his face who is sleeping peacefully, she gets mesmerised seeing his charming look and stares him for sometime.

Actually she likes being close with him, but her ego and attitude stops her in moving close with him after knowing that he hides about his past affair. She thinks how to get up without disturbing him, but she notices arjun is moving and is about to open his eyes. Immediately she goes back to sleeping mode and closes her eyes and acting as if she is still sleeping.

Arjun wakes up, opens his eyes and finds himself hugging radhika and sleeping so close to her. He too stuns seeing his sleeping beauty, but soon he removes his hand and moves away from her. He gets up and goes to washroom to get freshen up. After he goes to washroom, radhika wakes up and lost herself in his thoughts. She sits in the center of the bed and thinking something seriously till she hears the door open sound.

She immediately lies on the bed and acting as sleeping again, he comes out and finds her still sleeping. He did not disturb her and goes down to meet his mom. Once he goes, she gets up and rubs her hair and keeping pout face saying, “What happened to me? Why i am behaving weirdly? I should maintain some attitude infront of him otherwise he will dance on my head.”

She looks above and says, “Oh god..till how many days, i have to handle him in this small room”. she gets up and goes to washroom to take bath.

Arjun plays with Janvi his little sister while having a morning coffee prepared by his mom. Vasuki adores the brother sister bonding and laughs seeing them fighting like a kids.

Radhika gets ready in a majenta color saree and comes down to meet others. Vasuki sees her coming and makes her sit beside Arjun. Radhika feels uncomfortable sitting with him closely, she slightly moves from him but he pulls her to him again. Soon the village people starts coming to their home and gives their blessing and wishes for their beautiful life.

A grandmaa comes and blesses them saying, “Soon give me a grand grand son in my hand”

Radhika’s face becomes so reddish hearing this and stumps her thumb finger in the leg on the floor to hide her blush, but Arjun smiles and replies, “One is enough or you need more?” he winks at radhika who is unable to understand what he is upto.

Then they did some puja and vasuki makes them feed the prasad to each other. All the while radhika lowers her gaze and did not even look at him, but arjun is just staring only her face.

After some time, Vasuki takes the newly wedded couple to their temple which is at the top of the small mountain. It has around 200 steps to reach the temple and that have to leave the slippers and climb the stairs.

Radhika finds everything new and she enjoyed each and every part of it. She is the first person removes the slippers and starts climbing the stars with janvi, Arjun and his mother comes behind them. Soon radhika feels the heat in her bare foot and starts jumping of unable to keep her bare foots on the steps. Janvi laughs seeing her jumping here and there and calls Arjun.

Arjun looks at her crying face and without even having a second thought and to her surprise and shock, he lifts her in his arms and starts climbing the stairs with bare foot.

Radhika is stunned by his act but inside she likes it and gets worried about him now. All the way she stares him when he is not and when he sees her she looks somewhere else. A small cute smile occurs at the corner of his lips and carries her to the temple till he reaches the main idol of the temple.

The priest there does some puja on their names and blesses to have a happy life ahead.

After spending some time there, they are descending down while going, Vasuki and Janvi goes infront and Ardhika comes behind them.

Rads adjusts her throat to grab his attention and she succeeds it.

Arjun, “What?”

Rads, “Nothing”

Arjun smiles and walks further, but she couldn’t keep quiet and says, “Thanks”

Arjun gets surprised and says, “For what?”

Rads, “For carrying me..actually u saved me in getting hurt.”

Arjun, “It’s my pleasure and my responsibility too”

Rads smiles slightly and says, “But how you managed…did you not feel the heat in your foot?”

Arjun, “Y not? But i used for this. This is my childhood place where i used to play with my friends with bare foot”

Rads just raised her eyebrows and walks with him silently.

After coming down, Arjun informs Vasuki that he is taking radhika to show the village and he takes janvi also but vasuki stops and tells him to go with her alone.

Ardhika are walking on the road and radhika seems overjoyed by seeing and enjoying the natural beauty and this is the first time for her to be in a village so she completely excited seeing the people and the place there.

While walking she sees some crowd and goes there, there she finds a group of people bets the boys to lift the medium size rock, so many guys tried but they could not succeed it. Radhika laughs seeing them loosing and it grabs their attention. They find her new there and lost in her beauty. They stares her from top to bottom and it is noticed by Arjun. He folds his fist in anger and wraps his arm around her shoulder to show them that he is there for her. Immediately they move their gazes from her to somewhere.

Radhika enjoys the game and looks at Arjun who still stares the guys. She then tells the old man that Arjun will lift this rock. Arjun is shocked hearing her and scolds her saying, “What nonsense? I can’t lift this”

Rads smiles mischeiviously and says, “I know and that’s y i did the bet” she winks at him seeing. he stares her angrily and she smirks at him.

The other villagers encourages him to lift the rock but he hesitates and glares radhika who is laughing silently.

Rads raises her eyebrows and says, “What are you looking? Go and lift”

Arjun understands her game and says, “If i lift the rock then what will you give for me?”

Rads for a sec gets shocked but soon she composes and thinks he cannot win the bet and says, “I will do anything whatever you ask me”

Arjun smirks at her and says, “Just be ready”

He removes his shirt, gives it to her and moves towards the rock and starts lifting. Two times he lifted upto little height and drops it down. Everytime he lifts rads heart beat raises and some unknown joy comes to her. She wants him to win the bet and at the same time she gets unknown thought that what he will ask after that.

Third time arjun lifts the rock slowly and carries to the maximum level and puts it down behind him. Everyone gives him a huge applause and cheers him aloud.

Everywhere only his name is spelled by the crowd. He looks at rads who is standing with open mouth and speechless.

He walks towards her with a naughty smile and takes the shirt from her saying, “Get ready for the punishment tonight”. She comes to senses and stands silently. He then wraps his arm around her and takes her to home. All the way rads heart is racing in thinking that what he is gonna ask from her and she realises that his arms on her shoulder is getting tighten for every step. She could do only one thing is just simply stares him and walks with him.

Precap: Not decided yet.

So how is this chappy girls..i hope you all like this. Actually this rock lifting is one of the bet game in village in Tamilnadu and even i have seen directly the guys lifting it…you cannot just assume how the crowd cheers them and how the guys feel after winning and losing. It is masth feeling. Most of you are not aware of this and that’s y i brought up this to your views. Let me know your review comments pls.

Pls let me know your comments.

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