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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 41- Karthik’s back)

Hey all!! How are you? I’m back with the next update… Ok I just donno in how many chapters I’m going to finish this story.. it’s like taking forever.. I thought 50 chapters.. but no.. there’s so much to write.. God, why did my brain think of bringing such a track?

Ok chuck it all…


A big sorry to Gauri di, Sathya ka, Shri, Dipika di and my baccha…

Gauri di and Sathya ka.. sooper ending to two sooper stories.. the super women do love making me cry at the same time… sorry I couldn’t comment.. but I read it.. I fell harder.. it was like I’m reading it again from first… for the first time… why do you feel like this only when it comes to an end?

So Here I am giving my reviews..

Gauri di.. I bow down to you.. so true.. happily ever after is not having things perfect.. it shows the struggle and tests you have gone through to make it perfect… your whole life… all fairy tales show a happily ever after ending, but never the struggle.. ok you can see a little.. That was one awesome wedding track.. you seem to be a better wedding planner than me.. lol.. nesam perfect.. Sia my doll!! Wants to bunk school and her mamu is here to help… Mami seems to be awesome.. ardhika romance track prefect.. lol shy types.. creating a romantic mood.. totally awesome.. the last quote by destiny.. so perfect.. and the prologue to the new plot.. muuaaahh.. so good.. waiting for it.. Love you ??

Sathya ka.. one more ending.. ponga ji.. ore naal la rendu super ana aalu rendu kadaiya mudichitinga.. oru madri valikide.. sari sari.. it’s k.. Arjun plan semma… confession semma…. Marudaani semma.. elarum otradu super… wedding in all customs.. Inda madri yaarume yosikaliye.. romba strong bond akiteenglo? Covalent bond aah illa fevikwik bond aah? Naaah, it’s all love.. yelu jenmama? Naan calculate panna 21 varude.. or is it only Hindu custom? En mulai a naa romba kulapikuren.. adhukuha dhaan ennaku kalyaname vana nu solren.. yaarume kekamatendranga.. ok ji.. sooper.. and unexpected love… adhayum you finished… it was cute.. planning… party…. It was cute… lol finally ego shed… nesam too ran away.. haha a new start to the new couple.. history repeats… now update the others.. Love you ??

Shri Ponne.. semma update.. lol Apsara pencil.. 5 extra marks.. lol.. doctor’s writing.. India rivers… sports practice lol.. paavam Thatha.. ippoyum odanuma? Lifting his own granddaughter? Romba sakti iruku.. lol not responsible.. Idhu jaasti.. lol… otada Kuchi!!! Rotfl.. lmao.. venda avan.. vegada avan.. padi vendadu.. semma tagline.. why no Saral? If was there, inno comedy aah irundurukum.. as always I’m still laughing thinking of it.. imagining it.. unna madri humor yaraleyum eluda mudiyadu.. God bless.. now seekrama update pannu.. Love you ??

Dipika di… Awesome.. PDH.. too good.. planning was… good to make the attacker dumb.. peacock color dress.. awesome.. jealousy was too good.. dance MIND BLOWING!! Fake fight was jaw dropping.. stalker… kidnapping… damn.. Did it have to be Jai? I thought he was innocent and good.. never expected that.. I’m still blinking.. such a betrayal.. ok… Please post soon.. else I’ll torture with medical knowledge… Hehe.. Love you ??

Golu!! My baccha.. what’s wrong with You? Such quick updates.. my gawd.. let Sam rot… dm old.. she’s still selfish.. ok let the old lady live… it’s all for her grandson… Arjun guilty.. but still let him suffer.. Randhir back… now get them married.. you know where to take your story.. now take some rest and then post… Love you baccha ??

Rosie mamma.. sorry that I forgot you.. bomb update.. Sam kidnapped.. Teji recollects.. Neil realized that Arjun is his best friend.. emotional.. it’s actually confusing for me.. umm sorry… I’ll read from first again.. post soon… Love you ??

Ok.. I think that was a little too much.. Let’s move on to the story

As usual… please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors

Happy reading ??

Niti had never felt so alone. She had never remembered Raghuveer, Amrita, Komal and Arav so much. She felt their absence so painful today. A void space. Ahana came back to Niti and dumped the big pink teddy to her. Niti looked at her with teary eyes. Ahana hugged Niti and kissed her cheeks.

“No cwying” pouted Ahana as she wiped Niti’s tears.

Niti just pulled away from Ahana and walked away. Ahana watched her walk away and looked at the teddy with a sad face. Niti closed the door and sat in the rain in the balcony of her room. She sat there watching the dark sky and shivered. Ankush who had come with dinner, found her nowhere in the room. He then found her in the balcony in the rain. It hurt him to see her like that. She was crying. It looked like the harsh rain covered her tears, but her tears were clearly visible to him, making his heart constrict in unbearable pain and shed blood tears.

“Nithika get in” commanded Ankush.

“Just leave me alone” cried Niti.

“No” he hissed as he pulled her up and carried her on his shoulders into her room, despite the protests.

“How dare you?” she screamed as he dropped her down.

“Now go and change before you get sick” he snapped.

“Who the hell are you order me?” she asked.

“Simple. Ankush Mishra” he smiled.

“Very funny” she rolled her eyes.

“It was wasn’t it?” he tried to lighten up her mood.

“Now get out” she snapped.

“Go change and have dinner. Then I’ll go” he smiled as he crossed his arms to his chest.

“Change in front of you?” she asked.

“You can in the bathroom” pointed Ankush towards the bathroom.

Niti scowled as she threw her hands up in the air and stomped her foot as he went to the cupboard and picked up some clothes and went to the bathroom. Ankush let a smirk of victory. Niti came out after freshening up. She threw a death glare at Ankush which made him laugh.

“Happy?” she asked as she showed herself.

“Very much. Now eat” he pushed the plate of food to her.

No, I won’t. I’m not hungry” said Niti as she crossed her arms to her chest, turning her face away.

“Oh I’m sure you are” smiled and as he brought the spoon to her mouth.

“No” she opened her mouth and he slipped the spoon into her mouth.

“What the hell?” she scowled as she had her mouth full.

“Now sto..” before she could say he stuffed her mouth again.

She frowned as he stuffed her mouth again. Ankush laughed and fed her. Riddhima saw them and smiled. He did love her with all his life.

“Now eat up like a good girl before I’m forced to stuff it up when you open your mouth” he smiled.

Niti frowned as she made faces at him. And muttering deadly curses under her breath. Ankush chuckled as he brought the spoon to her mouth and she helplessly opened her mouth with anger. She finished her plate and drank water and went off to sleep. Ankush stared at her till she drifted off to deep sleep and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you” he whispered at her sleeping form.

He smiled at Riddhima as he came out. He set all the dishes in place.

“You love her so much” smiled Riddhima.

“I never thought that I’d fall in love” smiled Ankush as he let out a sigh.

“How is she?” asked Riddhima.

“Bad. But I put her to sleep” Ankush sighed.

“Have you confessed?” she asked.

“No. I just donno how she’ll react” he sighed.

“Just go for it. We’ll see then” smiled Riddhima.

“I need to think if some way. I’ll do it” he smiled.

“Where’s pataka?” asked Ankush.

“Fast asleep. Now I’ll leave. Good night” wished Riddhima as she walked to her room.

“Night di” wished Ankush.

Niti was all quiet. No smiling. She was back to square one. She stopped talking to everyone. She kept away from Ahana. Ahana was upset that her Nunu ignored her. She’d go to her and Niti would just send her back. Push her away.

Zoned out. Ankush couldn’t even talk to her. She’d talk only when required. Neil was throwing tantrums. He was so frustrated. He was so unhappy with himself that he couldn’t be with his sister. That state of hers hurted him so much. And there was no sign of Saral. Dada ji was doing well.

“She hasn’t spoken to anyone in two and a half weeks” sighed an exasperated Neil.

“Why don’t you use your brotherly magic?” mocked Radhika.

“Radhika” snapped Arjun.

“Okay fine” frowned Radhika making Neil laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” Radhika sounded angry.

“It was funny” smiled Neil.

“Now go and get your sister” ordered Radhika as she pointed to the door.

As Neil walked to her cabin, he saw her come out. Neil smiled as he saw her out. She’d always spend her time in her cabin. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Neil coming to her all smiling.

“Why is he smiling so much?” she thought.

“Finally you’re out” smiled Neil.

“Excuse me?” asked a confused Niti.

“That’s right. Which day of the week is it today that you chose to come out on this very day?” asked Neil.

Everyone facepalmed themselves. Wow the Neil Malhotra was screwing it all up in front of his baby sister. Big loser.

“Are you okay?” asked Niti as she moved backwards.

“I’m alright. What can possibly happen to the great Neil Malhotra?” he winked.

“Something is definitely wrong with you” said Niti.

“Ola people” chimed a voice from behind.

Arjun, Radhika and Ankush knew who it was. They all turned around with a smile. Niti smiled a little as she too knew who it was. Neil turned around and saw, but couldn’t figure out as he didn’t know the person. Sam too looked blank. It was Karthik. None other than the Karthik Verma.

“Hey Bhai!!” squealed Radhika.

“Hey Radhu. Come on, give me a hug” he smiled as he opened his arms wide and Radhika willingly gave in.

“Hello Arjun” he smiled as he shook hands with Arjun.

“Hello there. It’s a pleasant surprise” smiled Arjun.

“That it is. Hey buddy. Didn’t expect you out of Rishikesh” he chuckled as he turned to Ankush.

“Shut up” scowled Ankush as he rolled his eyes.

“I’m serious” said Karthik placing his palm over his chest.

“Ok. Can we have a best friend wala hug?” asked Ankush.

“Sure” smiled Karthik as he hugged Ankush to him.

“Lol. This is Neil and his wife Sam” smiled Radhika as she introduced them to Karthik.

Karthik smiled as he shook hands with both of them.

“So you’re the one who helped Radhika with the fake admission?” asked Sam.

“No ask him if he’s the who the made the Arjun Mehra explode in jealousy” laughed Neil.

Arjun scowled and everyone there laughed their lungs out. Niti smiled a little.

“Well I guess that was me” he gave a sheepish smile as he scratched his head.

“How is Nandini di?” he asked.

“She’s fine. But is on a day off” answered Radhika.

“I hope I can meet her soon” he smiled.

He then saw Niti and smiled. Standing away from everyone, watching.

“Hello there sheriff” smiled Niti.

“Well Ms. Rajput. It’s a surprise to see you here” he smiled.

“The same here” she smiles as they fist bumped each other.

“How do you both know each other?” asked a confused Neil.

“Well, that was six years ago” smiled Karthik.

“No. Not that” snapped Niti.

“Care to explain” clipped Ankush.

“No sherrif. No” nodded Niti.

“How many times have I told you to call me Karthik and not sherrif?” smirked Karthik.

“Like a countless number of times” replied Niti.

“Good that you remember. Now, you need a punishment” smiled Karthik.

“What? Why?” gasped Niti.

“Every person who does something wrong gets a punishment. Ain’t I right?” he asked.

“Yes” nodded Niti.

“So, you get a punishment” he smiled.

“What wrong did I do to get a punishment? And what is the punishment?” she asked as she folded her arms to her chest.

“The mistake is you didn’t call me Karthik. The punishment is I’m going to tell them all how we met” he smirked.

“Look I apologized for that. Now stop making it a big issue” she rolled her eyes.

“But I’m saying it. They all deserve to know” he smirked.

“Hell with you” she said back.

“Now can you please start?” asked an inpatient Sam.

Niti scowled as she turned to her. Sam gave a sheepish smile and looped her arm to Neil’s bicep.

“I had gone to Harvard Medical School in Boston. Was my first posting there. I had to give a safety drill demonstration to the final year students. It was like some intense training. And it happened that Nithika was in that batch. Every girl there had a hard time keeping their eyes away from me..”

“Self flatterer” interrupted Niti as she air quoted them, frowning and rolling her eyes making Karthik laugh.

“Now stop interrupting. See you lost me. Now where was I?” asked Karthik as he looked up the ceiling rubbing his chin.

“Safety drill” replied Radhika.

“Eager are we?” smiled Karthik.

“Okay back to the story. This madam stood all lost and was least bit interested in looking at me. Cross my heart, it hurt my male ego. How can someone ignore such a handsome man?” he pouted and everyone laughed.

“This madam stood with her best friend and was only following the given instructions. No smile. Nothing. So quiet. I then got her background check done. Her past hurt. I thought of staying back and then made up myself to make her smile and pull her out of her loneliness. But, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. She was as hard as sheer ice. It was so hard for me to make her talk. To make her open her mouth.

I asked about her throughout the college. One hardcore nerd. Books books book. Hardly interacted. People feared her and her anger. Even the professors. It was only with a girl called Manha she spoke freely. Manha had told me everything about her. Things that people hardly knew. Double honours in computer engineering and a lot more.

I one day called her to the principal’s office. I tried to make her talk. She turned out to be an angry bird. She screamed. A lot in Marwadi. Which I never understood. I tried to calm her down, but things went out of hand. She was so angry that she didn’t know what she was saying or doing. She was so wild that she picked up a vase and threw it at me, leaving this scar behind” he said as he pushed his hair out showing the scar.

“Look I apologized. Who asked you to make me smile?” she frowned.

“She then stormed out of the office and never looked back. Everyone had high hopes that she’d smile. Every single person was giving their best. And then, she came. The day I was leaving to apologize. She apologised and left. One word. Sorry. That’s all. Nothing more. Attitude. I let it be and left.

Destiny had more. It wasn’t the end for us. I met her a year back in Cambridge” he smiled.

“Hello, it was one and a half years” corrected Niti.

“Whatever. There was an attack at the mall. There was a pregnant woman who was shot straight at the stomach. We took her to the nearest hospital and the gynaec on duty was this madam. She succeeded in pulling out the bullet and saved the mother and the child. Zero injuries to the kid. It left us all relieved. That’s how we met the second time. Now, again. So, that’s a third meeting” completed Karthik as he chuckled.

“Yeah. Third” frowned Niti.

“Why are you in India sheriff? Any specific reason?” asked Niti.

“No more a sheriff. And stop calling me that. I have a name” he sighed and scowled at the last part.

“K fine. Karthik. Now tell why?” she asked.

“I resigned” he replied.

“Why? It was your dream job” she said.

“I know. Dadi died. What’s the use of the job that couldn’t keep her happy. That kept us apart” he whispered.

“When did it happen? And how?” asked Radhika.

“A week back. Dadi’s was illness due to old age” he replied.

“Oh. I’m sorry” was all Radhika could say.

“I visited the Mishras and Joshis. All bloodshed. What happened?” he asked.

“Saral” hissed Ankush in anger.

“What? I knew he was an idiot, but never ever thought that he’d go to this extent of killing his own family and his best friend’s family. Ok, or I can say his sister in law’s family” sighed Karthik as he rubbed his face and raked his fingers through his hair.

“Like I thought” sighed Niti.

“You know him?” asked Karthik.

“Long story” she sighed.

“Ok. I’ll make you spill the beans soon” he said.

“Okay” Niti said.

“Where’s Riddhima di? Mala aunty and Dada ji. I didn’t find their bodies there” he said.

“They’re safe. Dada ji is hospitalised. Maa is with him. Di and Ahana are at Niti’s place” answered Ankush.

“Good. Ahana is di’s daughter?” he asked.

“Yes” smiled Ankush.

“Good to know that the little angel is safe. I’d like to meet her” smiled Karthik.

“You can. But she’s a handful” smiled Ankush.

“Oh I can manage. I love kids” smiled Karthik.

“So what are you doing in Mumbai?” asked Niti.

“CBI” smiled Karthik.

“Wow. That’s good news” she smiled.

“Thank you” he smiled.

“Welcome to Mumbai” chimed Sam.

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to this place” he smiled.

“Did you see Papa? Anyone?” asked a teary eyed Radhika.

“Yes. Their bodies were kept in the mortuary for the family to receive the bodies. As no one appeared, I identified them and with our procedures we disposed the bodies. I’m sorry” sighed Karthik.

“It’s k. Disposed means?” asked Radhika.

“Electric furnace” replied Karthik.

“I wish I could have seem Papa once” cried Radika as she hugged Arjun.

“I’m sorry Radhu. Vaibhav asked me not to tell you all as the killer is still on loose and is waiting for you all. But I never knew it was Saral” he hissed the last part having his teeth gritted.

“I told Vaibhav not to” said Niti.

“Why?” asked Ankush.

“As Saral is still on loose and knew that you’ll all come. He knows that the four of them escaped. No need of any more deaths. That’s why I asked Vaibhav not to tell. I’m sorry” sighed Niti.

“It’s k. It was for our good” smiled Radhika through her teary eyes.

“Ok I’ll go” said Niti as she walked away.

“You’re still the same. But you’re smiling. That’s more than enough for me. I can never stop loving you” smiled Karthik as he said it to himself.

“I love you Niti” smiled Ankush as he stood next to Karthik talking to himself, watching her disappearing form.

“Hello Mumbai. It’s so good to be back here. Time to finish some unfinished business” smirked Saral as he rubbed his palms in excitement “now where do I start from?” he asked himself as he rubbed his stubble over his chin “oh yes. Perfect” he smirked as something struck his head.

He had found his answer. So, he is happy happy.

God: Let me see till when this happiness of his lasts. Not for too long I can say. That long can be long too. But, not forever.

Ok… net pack katam.. had to literally beg for recharge… this update done for now… please do let me know of how it was… will try to be back soon.. sick again… damn fever…. Till then tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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