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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 37- The attack)

Hello hello hello!! Here I am… Back with another update… Am I making your head spin with continuous updates?! If I am… then Sorry .. as I’m too jobless for now..

So… here comes the most awaited part.. want you all were waiting for… Saral… You’ll all find out what this crack person wants… but his plan will never be stable.. it’s not like he focuses on one thing .. he himself is confused on what he wants.. so it’ll be a little stupid… on what he’ll be doing… all I can assure is… he’ll never succeed and will be out of their lives soon…

That’s all I can say for now.. I said this because you’ll all get confused… I myself was when I was writing.. this mad guy… I have it all pretyped.. will post when time comes…

Now.. to the story… keep your grip tight ladies… cause you may fall off…

As usual… please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors

Happy reading ??

Niti came out crying. It was too much to handle. Did Sam have to get pregnant now? She called up her mom.

She heard a robotic voice “hello.”

“Mom I’m sorry” Niti whispered as tears failed to stop.

Tears failed to stop as she heard her voice. Shs was one way responsible for not saying. Her mom was so broken.

“It’s not your fault Niti. Your father always told me to never expect his return. I should have been prepared” Perera cried.

“So what did you call for?” asked Prerna aa she sniffed and composed herself.

“Can’t I talk to my mother? Do I need a reason for everything?” she screen as she scowled.

“Ok ok. Chill. Like father like daughter” Prerna muttered.

“I heard that” mocked Niti.

“I said it for you to hear” she said.

“Now listen. It’s time to celebrate” said Niti.

“Celebration for what?” asked a confused Prerna.

“Junior Malhotra on it’s way” chimed Niti.

“What junior? Stupid what are you talking?” muttered Prerna aa she failed to understand.

“It’s not me who is stupid. It’s you and your son. Your son can’t find me out and you can’t understand the fact that you’re going to be a grandmother. Now it’s like mother like son” frowned Niti.

“What I’m going to be a grandma?” gasped Prerna.

“Yes Mrs. Malhotra” sighed Niti.

“Hello. It’s mom for you” scolded Prerna.

“Okay. ‘MOM’” she stressed on mom so much that it made Prerna laugh.

“You’re going to be an aunt!! Sam a mom!! And my chocolate boy!! My Neil a dad!!” squealed Prerna. Niti could sense her mom jumping up and down.

“Now don’t bring the house down with your jumping” clipped Niti.

“Very funny” Prerna rolled her eyes that made Niti laugh now.

“Mom no celebration till Saral’s case is done” said Niti in a serious tone.

“What? Saral what?” Prerna was confused.

“He’s escaped from jail. We donno what he can do. So stay safe. It’s danger for all of us. So, listen to me” replied Niti.

“K beta. You too be careful” said Prerna.

“K mom. Bye” she said as she hung up on the call.

Just as she turned around she saw Arjun standing. He was smiling. Eyes filled with pain and love. She just looked at him.

“I was so lucky to meet you again. As Komal’s sister” whispered Arjun.

“Glad to know that you remember everything” said Niti.

“Now go make up with your long lost best friend” Niti spoke again.

“I’ll soon” smiled Arjun “can’t you give me one chance?” asked Arjun.

“I need time” said Niti.

“Free to take your time” he said “I’ll be waiting” he said as he turned around and left.

Ankush was tensed. She was Neil’s sister. How was he going to impress him now. Neil did say he was a good guy and was best for Niti, but when he finds out he can change his decision too. It’s about his sister. He kept biting his nails. Niti saw him in his cabin and went.

“Tensed about what?” she asked.

“You” he replied.

“What?!” she exclaimed.

“I love you” he said all tensed, still with his back towards her.

“Do you know that you’re talking?” she screamed as she made him face her.

Ankush looked at her “huh? What? Oh hi. When did you come?” he asked.

“When you said ‘I love you’” she replied.

“Umm.. I.. I..” he stammered.

“Look if you love her, go tell. No matter what. You’ll at least feel happy that you put out your feelings. Don’t worry about her reply. Just go for it” she said.

“Will she say a yes?” he asked with hope.

“I donno. Depends on her. Does she know you?” asked Niti.

“Yes” he replied.

“Well then, go for it” she smiled “all the best” she smiled again and left.

“It’s you l love” he whispered at her disappearing form.

Saral had prepared himself well. He smirked that he was going to succeed. People who crossed his path were never meant to live in peace. Even if it was family.

“All the best. May you succeed” smiled Brijesh as he hugged him.

“Thank you. It wouldn’t have been possible without you” Saral smiled.

“Stop being so formal. So, after the Mishras and Joshis, who next?” asked Brijesh.

“Mehras and Malhotras” hissed Saral in anger.

“Ok now leave” said Brijesh as he pushed him.

Saral left in his Jeep, waving him a bye. He reached the locality. He then drove to his house. No one could see him as he had a hoodie on covering his face completely. He hid as he saw Vaibhav. He was leaving. Vaibhav was leaving packing off all his security forces from the Mishra and Joshi residence as there was no sign of Saral and it was time waste expecting him. Saral smirked seeing the worried look on his family’s face. He disguised himself as the usual old man and came out. He knew his brother Kabir was leaving today for his dream conference. He saw him getting into the taxi. He went to his window.

“Beta have this prashad. It’ll bring you success” spoke Saral in his fake voice like an old man.

“Thank you baba” smiled Kabir as he took the cup and ate it and the car started off.

Saral smirked. Who knew it had cyanide mixed in it. And Brijesh being the driver. Brijesh called him hardly a few minutes after, informing him on his brother’s death.

“One down. Seven more to go” he smirked. Little did he know he had a beautiful, cute little niece. Little did he know that Ankush was in Mumbai.

He went inside his house and pulled out his gun. His mom who was passing by, saw him and panicked. That too with a gun in his hand. His dad who came in saw him. He came to him and slapped him hard. This fueled Saral’s anger. He pulled his trigger and…..


He had shot his dad straight at the chest. At the heart. His mother stood shocked as she saw her husband falling to the ground holding his chest. Riddhima came running with Ahana in her arms and panicked as she saw Saral.

He sat next to his dad “your elder son is waiting. Die soon. I just gave him cyanide and he died. Go Papa go” he hissed in anger as he got up and kicked his dad hard.
“Saral no. This is wrong. He’s your father” cried his mother.

“Don’t worry. I’ll send you to your husband” he whispered as he traced the gun down his mother’s face “now where’s my dear bhabi?” he asked as he looked around.

He smiled an evil one as he saw Riddhima with her daughter. His mother pulled his leg, making him fall as he was about to walk to Riddhima.

“Bad man” screamed Ahana.

“Run Ridhi run. Take Ahana and run” screamed Saral’s mom.

“How can I leave you?” cried Riddhima.

“Just go” screamed her mother in law.

“Dadi.. Dada cried Ahana as Riddhima went to the door.

“Bless you my babies. Love you” she cried as she still had her son’s legs in her tight grip.

“Dadi” cried Ahana as she stretched out her tiny arms.

“Go my baccha. Go. Be happy. Stay safe. Dadi and Dada will always be with you” she smiled.

Riddhima ran for her life to her home. She was so tired and exhausted running barefoot. That too with her daughter in her arms. The heat of the black thar road was burning her feet. But she didn’t care. She had to run. Not for her, at least for her daughter. To keep her safe. Ahana had a lot to see in life. It was not the time for her to die.

She cried as her husband was no more. She pulled her wedding locket off her neck as she broke it splitting the thread that had kept the black and golden beads together. She looked at it once as she ran, remembering her wedding with Kabir and the time they had spent with each other. His love and support. Even after Radhika had rejected Saral. How he had taken her family’s side to get her sister justice and got his little brother punished. She threw it down as she could no more hold on to it. Little Ahana watched her mother cry. She knew her mommy was in pain. Ahana understood more than what she should for her age. Riddhima swiped off her vermillion in a jiffy as she held her daughter in one hand. She stopped for a second, pulled out her coloured glass bangles and threw it to the black thar road. She only had four gold bangles on. Two given by her mother to her during her wedding and two from her mother in law as she was loved by all and was a daughter more than a daughter in law. She remembered her time with her family. The immense love and support the Joshis had given her. She cried more.

“Chudiya( bangles) broke” said Ahana as she covered her mouth with her tiny palms as she gave a horrified expression.

“There’s no use for these baby. Mommy more needs them” cried Riddhima.

“Mommy no cwying (crying)” sobbed little Ahana as she wiped her mother’s tears.

“Come on let’s go to naani’s” said Riddhima as she wiped her tears, though they were still pouring.

“Okie” clapped Ahana in excitement

How will the little kid know of the trouble and danger lurking around her?

Saral said “such a mahan. Saved your daughter in law. Don’t worry. She along with her daughter will die.”

“Ahana’s your niece Saral” cried his mother.

“She is my brother’s daughter” his Saral with so much of hatred.

“No Saral. There’s still time. Change” his mother pleaded.

“It’s time for you to shut up” said Saral “now goodbye” he smirked as he pulled the trigger killing his mother.

“Joshis out.Now time for the Mishras” smiled Saral proudly as he patted his back and kissed his gun.

He walked out of the Joshi’s residence all proud and put on his hood. He made his way to the Mishra’s.

Riddhima clutched her baby tight to herself and ran. She reached the Mishra’s residence in a devastated state. Mala was shocked to see her state. Exhausted, sweating. Her face had white marks of salty dry tears. No bangles. No wedding locket. No vermillion. Dilip who came with Dada ji was shocked more.

“Ridhi what is this? What have you done to yourself?” asked Mala as she took Ahana in her arms.

“Let her sit Mala. Come sit” said Dilip as he made her sit and gave her a glass of water.

“Kabir, maa, papa. They’re no more” cried Riddhima.

“Mala… mommy broke chudiya” pouted Ahana.

Mala gave Ahana to Dilip and hugged Riddhima tight. Both cried. Dilip knew how hard it was. He cried seeing his daughter in pain. Dada ji patted her shoulder. Nothing can be done.

“How?” asked Mala as she sobbed.

“Obviously me mummy ji” announced Saral proudly as he entered the house.

They all looked at him with hatred and disgust. Saral smirked at the welcome he got from his ex in laws.

Well ex to be in laws if you ask me.

“Is this the way you welcome your son in law?” pouted Saral like a good innocent kid.

“You have no right to be here. After all you’ve done” hissed Dilip in anger.

“Bad man” screamed Ahana.

“You know me so well my baby niece” smiled Saral.

“What’s your name?” asked Saral.

“Ana(Ahana)” she answered.

“Ana?” asked Saral.

“Ahana don’t talk to him” said Riddhima.

“Oh. Ahana. Nice name” said Saral.

“Mala go. Take Ahana and go. Take papa and run. Go” screamed Dilip as he covered them, seeing Saral pull out the gun.

“But you?” screamed Mala.

“Just do as I say. Go” screamed back Dilip.

They ran out as they locked the door from outside. Riddhima started the car thinking to pull over a little away and wait for Dilip, thinking he could handle Saral. She was about to move, they heard another firing and heard Dilip’s loud groan.

One more gone. Damn. Mala cried now as she clutched her wedding locket. Riddhima cried as she started the car again and moved. Mala wiped off her vermillion, pulled out her big sticker bindi and threw it down. She took off her wedding locket and saw something.

“Ridhi stop” said Mala.

Riddhima stopped and turned around and saw what her mother was pointing out to. The holy river Ganges. They got themselves white saris. Took a dip in the river. Mala let go of her wedding locket and coloured bangles in the river. Dada ji who had Ahana in arms cried as he saw the state of his daughter in law and granddaughter. He had lost his son. His only son. He couldn’t see him for one last time. They then changed to white clothes and what they had on was nothing but a small, thin gold chain, small earrings and a small black bindi. They gave a small smile to the two of them and got back in.

“Mala look bad” said Ahana.

“Ahana no” scolded Riddhima.

“Sowwy(sorry)” said Ahana.

“It’s k baby” cooed Mala.

“Mommy look bad” said Ahana.

“Ahana” scowled Riddhima as she turned around and the kid showed out her tongue, making them all laugh for a minute at least.

But then, darkness replaced again. They drove to their next destination. Mumbai.

“Maa did Ankush pick up” asked an anxious Riddhima.

“No Ridhi. Says not reachable” said Mala.

“Stupid” scowled Riddhima as she banged her fists to the steering wheel.

That’s it… now don’t kill me.. that’s why I said be prepared.. That’s why I made the previous updates a little happy ones.. ok rotten tomatoes and eggs accepted.. no issues.. I myself cried while typing it… scolded myself for bringing up this track..
Sorry… no other go… I’ll finish up with Saral soon… I promise .. don’t forget to share your views.. please do comment… now time for me to escape.. Tata babaye.. see you with the next update..

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