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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 29, 30, 31 and 32)

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Chapter 29- Ankush opens up and Niti’s guilt

Ankush just looked up all shocked at the person standing in front of him. A smiling Neil. He hated anything that came regarding Nithika. Now he was asking if he loves her? Yes he did. But…. how did he find out? Is he going to scold him? Ask him to forget her? If he does too, he’s never gonna let that happen. He knew that he had lost his heart to her at the very sight of her. Her grey eyes!! He had made up himself to not back off. He’d try till he succeeds. Love can never be forced. He was ready to wait for all his life. Give her all the time she wanted. But he can never stand one thing. Only one thing. Her rejection. No couldn’t even think of it. Not even in his dream. He panicked. What if she loved someone else? What was he going to do? He tensed up even more and raked his fingers through his neatly set hair. His eyes wide, moving to and fro swiftly. Neil who kept watching him, took the seat opposite to him.

Neil broke the silence “Why don’t you go tell her?”

Ankush looked at him “it’s not that easy Neil.”

“I know” Neil answered “trust me, it’s not.”

“I do love her. I just donno, it happened. At the very sight. Our very first encounter. Those grey eyes” he sighed as he closed his eyes remembering it.

“Love just blooms Ankush. It chases you. You can never go for it” Neil smiled.

Ankush couldn’t understand “now why are you telling me all this?”

He smiled “to push you to go confess.”

“Why are you helping me in this?” Ankush cocked up his eyebrow.

Neil didn’t answer. He only smiled.

“You hate her, don’t you? Why are you doing this? Aren’t you supposed to be telling me that this is wrong? That she’s the wrong one for me” Ankush asked.

“I was an idiot to do that. She’s a wonderful person. I regret it from the bottom of my heart. Wanna make it up to her. That’s why I’m trying to help you. I know your happiness lies in her and she’s not such a bad person to reject you. She’s a kid from heart. She just has walls built around securing her own self from the world. It’s either you or Arjun who can do it. Who can break her walls” he completed in one go.

“But Arjun seems to be having a very bad time trying to get things done” Ankush sighed.

“That is why I am asking you to do it” Neil jumped.

“Will she accept me?” Ankush asked.

“I’m sure she won’t now. It’s too quick. She’ll ask some time for sure” Neil replied.

“First I need her to smile Neil. Then only I can think of other things” he sighed again.

“It’ll happen soon. We’ll all make her smile” Neil encouraged placing his palm on the back of his hand, giving a warm gentle squeeze.

“Thank you Neil. I seriously wanted to talk to someone about this. I feel so light. Thank you so much!!” Ankush smiled a little.

“How come I didn’t see this coming?” they heard Arjun’s voice from behind.

They turned around and saw him standing leaning by the door, legs crossed and arms folded at his chest. Ankush stood up immediately. He knew how much Arjun valued Niti. She was more than a sister. She as more than a friend. She was a kid to him. He knew that Arjun was going to beat him down to pulp. He was his brother in law. But now it was a different scenario. Ankush feared as his love story was going to end even before it started. Arjun was going to reject him for sure. Though he knew him for long. Though he was Radhika’s brother. He saw Arjun coming towards him in a fast pace. He knew he was going to punch him. Neil too saw this. He tried a stopping him, but no use.

“Arjun stop” cried Neil. But Arjun never payed heed.

Ankush closed his eyes in fear. But it didn’t happen. He was pulled into a tight brotherly hug. Ankush’s eyes shot open and he looked shocked. Even Neil. None of them had expected it. Finally Ankush too hugged him back. Arjun broke the hug and pulled in Neil. The three laughed and stayed like that for some time.

“I sensed something when I saw you hug chutki to you” Arjun spoke.

“Arjun I… I I…” stammered Ankush.

“Don’t talk. Let me finish” Arjun said.

“You’re the best choice for her Ankush” Arjun stated “but you need to make her your friend. She comes and talks only on professional basis. So, do something soon” Arjun clipped.

“I love her with all my life. I know, she talks only when necessary” Ankush said “first I need her to smile” Ankush repeated again.

“We’ll do that soon” Arjun said.

“Do you think she’ll love me back Arjun?” Ankush asked desperately with a lot of hope.

“She sure will if you manage to sweep her off her feet” Arjun smiled.

Ankush smiled. Arjun and Neil left. Ankush smiled as he relaxed. It felt so good after opening up. He now had some hope.

Niti on the other hand was crying hard in her cabin. She felt so guilty for hiding it from Prerna. Prerna was calling her like every hour asking about her condition. She felt like someone had thrown a dagger straight at her heart. She felt miserable. Not able to breathe. She hid the most important thing from her. About her father. About her husband. Seeing a huge ray of hope on her mother’s face and the red tinge of vermillion in her hair partition made her feel worse. Worse than ever.

She had met her father a year back. After seventeen years. Who had been out on a secret undercover mission. He was an encounter specialist. Working as one of the most trusted officers for the Intelligence Bureau. It was his duty that came to him first. He asked his family not to hold hopes on his return. His major reason to take up the mission was to get justice for his best friend and his family’s death and to punish the culprit.

********A YEAR AGO*******

She had met him in the remote areas of Delhi. There was a shootout going on. Only the sound of guns being fired could be heard. She ran to see. Hidden behind the bushes, she witnessed everything. An old man, in his fifties running holding his bleeding stomach. Bullets being fired and he escaped them with ease. Her tears failed to stop when she identified the old man to be her father Arav Malhotra. He was surrounded by 10 armed men as he lost his energy and started to slow down. But the old man managed to get them all beaten up and kill them. Just as he was about to walk, on of the men who had been unconscious woke up and fired a bullet straight at his chest.

That’s it. That’s what it took to move out of her hideout and get hold of her father who was losing his balance and made him lie on her lap. Niti was furious. She found a gun next to her. She stood up, and shot all the bullets, piercing the bastard’s chest, closing her eyes. All she could remember was Komal and her father. The way they were shot. Both of them right in front of her. She saw the idiot breath his last and kicked him hard for a number of times crying hard and went back to her father. She took him in his lap and cried hugging him tight. She pressed her palms hard to his chest and stomach to stop the bleeding. But it wasn’t helping at all. He smiled watching her helpless.

“Papa” she cried.

“You are?” he managed to ask fighting for breath.

“ Your Gudiya, papa. Nithika” she answered cupping his face.

“What are you…” deep pause “doing here? It’s not safe here” he continued.

“Papa I….” she struggled to find words.

“It’s not safe here bitiya. I’ll pull your ears for doing such a thing” he scolded as he reached up to her ear and she willingly bent, making it easier for him to get hold of it and pull it. He laughed faintly and she too chuckled.

He was dying. But still he was scolding her, concerned for her safely. He managed to sit up a little and placed a gentle kiss on his daughter’s forehead and gave her a warm fatherly hug. And then fell back on her lap. He was breathing hard. He stopped her when she took out her phone to call the ambulance.

“Not now. I need to talk to you” he said as he pulled her hand down, making her stop make a phone call.

“Papa we can talk later. After you recover” she replied.

“I don’t have much time” deep breath and his face cringed as the pain increased “I’m meeting you after seventeen years. I can’t let go of the chance” he completed breathless.

“Nothing’s gonna happen to you. You get me? Nothing!!” she screamed as tears failed to stop.

“You’re still the same. You’ve never changed though you’ve grown up so much” he smiled.

“Papa….” she stopped as he signalled her not to talk.

“How are Neil and Prerna?” he asked.

“They’re fine” she lied. She had no other go. She’d regret for lifetime for lying to him when he was breathing his last. How could she tell him she was not with them. For her, his peaceful death was important. She was ready to do anything for it.

“Can I see their picture?” he pleaded.

Niti took out her phone and showed a picture of the three of them. She had edited it and added herself to it. He smiled as tears flowed watching his wife and his full grown handsome son. He caressed the picture and kissed it. She watched him as she kept patting his head.

“Prerna has grown even more beautiful. Neil is so handsome. You my princess, as always so beautiful” he smiled.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m a doctor-engineer” she answered.

“That’s nice. Just what I wanted you to be. I know you’ll be a gynecologist one day as you loved kids. I am proud of you my princess. Neil and Prerna?” he asked.

“Neil’s in Bird Song. Mom is a food blogger” she answered.

“Nice. Your mom finally did it” he chuckled and then coughed hard sputtering blood.

Niti kept crying as he kept falling short of breath.

“I’m happy that I got to meet you and see my family before leaving. I get to breath my last in my gudiya’s lap” he smiled as he took her hands in his and kissed it.

Niti kept nodding in negative as she heard his words. She was helpless. Her dad was dying in front of her. She was drenched in his blood. He was accepting death wholeheartedly with open arms. He then took out a pen drive and gave it to her. She looked bewildered at it.

He explained “give this to Anant Narayan. He knows what to do.”

“But Papa…” she stopped as she saw him breathing hard, panting and sweating.

“No no no no!!” she cried.

“You can’t leave me. Can’t leave us” she cried.

“It’s time for me to leave. Don’t forget to give it to Anant. Don’t let my seventeen years go in the drain” he said.

“I will Papa. I promise you to never let your sacrifice go in vain” she said as he held his hand and cried.

“Take care of yourself and Prerna and Neil” he said as he cupped her face for one last time. Smiled and then his hand fell and he went to into deep sleep, from which he’d never wake up.

“Papa!” she screamed crying out shaking him hard. But he never woke up. He had his evergreen dimpled smile plastered on his face.

She was feeling the same way how she felt when Komal had died in her lap. Two people whom she loved the most breathed their last in her arms. She was so guilty she couldn’t save him. She took him to the hospital and got his death certificate. It was easy as she was a doctor. She finished his last rights and went to Anant Narayan immediately. He checked it. She too was there. It had evidence against the people who had killed his friend and his family. Attack in Mumbai. Smuggling, human trafficking. And what not. The face revealed was Surya Prakash. The greedy business tycoon. They managed to track him down and nail him. Niti was asked to take him down as revenge for her father’s death. She happily took the opportunity and gave him the most painful death ever. They erased all of his illegal works together. As promised, she didn’t let her father’s sacrifice go in vain. But the guilt for not being able to save him made her feel suffocated.


She cried looking at her father’s picture. She cried out loud, clutching it to her chest. The pain was still fresh, though it had been a year.

“As promised, I never let your seventeen years of hard work go in vain Papa” she whisper hissed through tears.

“But why didn’t you let me save you? We would have been a happy family by now. How do I tell mom that you’re no more? She still expects your return. That hope she has will be shattered” she cried harder.


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Chapter 30- Niti moves out of her landlords

Niti had been bearing that Ahuja woman and her taunts. She had no respect in that house. She had to do all the work like a maid. She had to teach her daughter, had to manage the house and office work too.

One Sunday evening, Niti was teaching Anaya, the seventh grader science. Just then the lady barged in screaming. Niti and Anaya cringed at the pitch of her tone.

“Aye Rajput!! Come here now!!” she used her commanding tone.

Niti went to her and answered “yes aunty.”

“You’re marrying my son Ashish” she clipped.

“Excuse me. I beg your pardon” Niti blurted shocked.

“You heard me right” she snapped.

“Well I’m not marrying your son” she used her equal tone as she folded her arms to her chest.

“I didn’t ask you. I’m telling you. And how dare you to talk back to me” she growled.

“And how dare you to take such a big decision to my life” she shot back.

“Enna satam inge?” asked Venkat who just entered.
(What is this noise?)

Niti answered “unga payana kalayana panika Soli tola pandra ava.”
(She is ordering me to marry your son.)

He exclaimed “ennadu?!”

She answered “Neenga enna ketelo, ade dhaan.”
(Whatever you heard.)

He to his wife “noku enna payitiyam pudichiduta?”
(Have you gone insane?)

She answered “neku onnum payitiyam pudikala. Naan correct a dhaan iruken.”
(I’m not mad. I’m all fine.)

He asked “Aparam un mandai kula ipdi oru ennam epdi vandudu?”
(Then how did such a thought come into your head?)

She answered “I just did what I felt was right.”

He roared “idu romba tapu.”
(This is so wrong.)

She shot back “illa.”

Niti screamed “nirutungo!!”

She screamed “Porum. Inge sahichikutadu ellam porum. Neku inga oru tuli mariyadai kuda kudukala unga pondati. Naan Inge irundu poyidren.”
(Enough!! I’ve had enough. Your wife doesn’t respect me even an incy wincy bit. I’m leaving.)

“Kanna. Manichiko. Ava anda madri panamata. Please Kanna” he pleaded.
(Kanna sorry. She won’t do anything like that here after. Promise. Please.)

“Why are you begging to her?” screamed the dumbo.

“Will you shut up?” screamed back Venkat.

“I did nothing wrong. And you’re reacting like this” she screamed.

“I’m not marrying her” screamed Ashish from behind.

“What?!” she exclaimed.

Niti heaved a sigh of relief.

“Mom she’s like my sister. And even if I was ready to marry her I won’t. Cause she won’t be happy. Sorry Niti. Really sorry for what mom did” Ashish said.

“Don’t be sorry. You’ve got nothing to do with it” Niti replied.

“Ashish you’re missing a big opportunity. She’s a bumper lottery ticket” she said.

“What the f**k mom?! Bumper lottery?! She’s not an object. Not a gold factory. You talk another word, I’m leaving” Ashish screamed.

“I’m so happy Ashish” said Venkat.

Ashish replied “Paa naa avala kalyanam panikitu valkai pura narga vedanai kuduka virumbala .”
(Paa I’m not so cheap to marry her and push her into a hell hole throughout life.)

The poor little Anaya kept watching quietly. She was too young for all of these. Neil and Arjun on the other side were furious. Neil was boiling even more. How can they do that to her? They had come to take an important file from her. But what they saw was this. She was treated worse than a spec of dust. She was a person who had a high profile, but lived a low profile life.

“I’m leaving” Niti clipped.

“Do you know who she really is?” asked Venkat.

“Why not? She’s Nithika Rajput.” she said.

“She is Raghuveer’s younger daughter” shouted Venkat.

“What? You mean she’s the princess?” she gasped.

“Yes Vedika” he clipped.

“I took her in as promised. Raghuveer asked me to help his daughters if they ever came for help. This girl came even without knowing anything. What a coincidence. Look at the game of destiny” he let out a humorless laugh.

Finally she had guilt in her eyes. She was sorry for whatever she had done. But never uttered a word. No one stopped Nithika. She packed her things and thanked them for taking care of her for ten months and left. Before leaving, she hugged the little girl who was weeping. She had broken her promise of staying with her forever.

Where would she go now? It was already late night. Nobody would give a home on rent to a single woman. She kept waking on the road with her luggage thinking of what to do. Just then the idea of staying at a hotel for a night struck her head. She kept walking as there were no cabs and autos running on road at that time. She felt someone follow her. She turned around and saw none. She walked a bit further and still felt the same. Then she turned around and found a car standing in the middle of the road. She was furious. She took a stone and her aim was so strong and right that it broke the side mirror, making it fall. She did the same to the other mirror too. When the car didn’t budge, she picked up a bigger one, a small rock, treaded towards the car and flung it on the windshield, leaving cracks behind. She started kicking the bumper. Both Neil and Arjun came out panicked. Nithika stopped as she saw the two of them come out. Who’s car was it? If it was Arjun’s, no problem. If Neil’s, she had to apologize.

Arjun smirked “not bad huh. You’ve got good aim.”

“But Arjun, your car..” started Neil, but was cut off by Niti.

“It’s your car? Then I have zero regrets” she said as she kicked the Honda emblem and picked another stone to make scratches.

Neil pulled her away and shook her up.

“Woman calm down” he said.

“Why can’t I do it? It’s not your car” she shot back.

“Sit in” he commanded as he pulled her, making her sit in the back seat and buckled up the seat belt.

“I’m not a baby” she beat Neil.

“Trust me you’re more than a baby” he smiled.

She screamed “Shut up!!”

Neil asked as he took the seat next to Arjun after dumping her luggage into the trunk “you know where to go, don’t you?”

“Yes” Arjun clipped.

“Where are you taking me?” Niti asked.

Both of them didn’t answer. She panicked.

“You both aren’t kidnapping me no? Tell me. I’ll call the police” she spoke stuttering and feared.

“Do we look that bad Niti?” asked Neil.

“It’s really hard to trust people these days” she said looking towards Arjun, who saw it through the rear mirror hurt.

“We’re not going to do anything to you. So, shut up” Neil stated.

Nithika sat quiet after that. They drove and reached their destination. Nithika kept looking around. What was this place?

(Any guesses? I know most of you are thinking of the same.)

It’s the same house where Arjun and Nandini had lived during his childhood. It was the same house which Sam and Radhika had shared. Nithika kept looking around. They entered and she looked around the whole house. It was a really big house for one single person to live. But it had a positive atmosphere. Niti smiled a little, which went unnoticed.

Neil said “make yourself comfortable. All the items are there. Rent, we’ll talk about it later.”

Arjun didn’t talk. If he did, she’d find out and not stay. So, he let Neil talk.

“Who’s house is this?” she finally asked.

“Sam and Radhika used to live here” Neil answered.

“Oh. Okay” she said.

“Okay, we’ll leave” said Arjun.

“No wait. Please. It’s a new house and you’re here for the first time. Please have a cup of coffee at least” she requested.

“It’s not new” said Neil.

“It is as I’m living here” she said.

“Is there any gym sort of a place here?” she asked.

“You mean at home?!” asked Neil.

“Yes” she answered.

“Yes there is one” answered Arjun “at the basement, there’s a room in the farthest left corner” he finished.

“Wow! Then I can start tomorrow!! All punching, stretches, etc” she exclaimed.

“Punching?” asked Neil.

“Yeah. I’m a taekwondo-martial arts black belt” Niti informed.

“I swear, her punches are deadly” chuckled Arjun, remembering some incidents.

Neil gave an unbelievable look and Niti gave him a deadly glare.

Both of them sat down as she went to a corner, set up a pooja area by placing Lord Krishna’s small idol and lighted the lamp. Arjun and Neil watched her set up things. She then went into the kitchen and cleaned up and started to prepare coffee.

Arjun said “Chutki, I’ll have it with milk and sugar. No black coffee.”

No answer.

Niti came out after a while with three cups of coffee. Two with milk and sugar and one black coffee, sugarless. Theirs were exactly the way they wanted. Perfect. Niti flinched when she sipped her coffee. But managed to drink it. Both Arjun and Neil observed her. They didn’t say anything. Why was she doing this to herself? She hated it, still she did it. She drank it. They silently had the coffee, praised her for her coffee and left.

Niti sagged down on the floor and cried out loud on how miserable her life was. Neil heard her cries and his heart twisted. He too had tears. Arjun cursed destiny for being so cruel. They drove home and Arjun dropped Neil and started off to his place.

Prerna came to him as he entered “what took you so long?”

“Niti shifted out. So, we helped her out. Her landlord kept torturing her. She had enough and walked out” Neil said.

“You should have brought her here” screamed Prerna.

“Mom she wanted to be alone. So we let her be” Neil explained.

“Where is she now?” asked Sam.

“The place where you and Chashni stayed” answered Neil.

“Okay” answered Sam.

“Mom you need to control yourself” said Sam after Neil was out of their sight.

“I know Sam. But it’s too hard. She’s my baby. After knowing about her whereabouts how can I let her live all alone. I was okay as she was staying with someone else. But now, it’s hard Sam. But, I have to stay calm” Prerna sighed.

Sam watched as Prerna retired to her room for the night. She had started to go to Nithika’s room ever since she had discovered that she was her daughter. She had cleaned it up and had set it neat like she was going to return the next minute.

The same reaction in Arjun’s house.

“What?! You should have brought her here Arjun” said Nandini angrily.

“You think she’ll come Nandu?” asked Arjun.

It was obvious. She’d never come.

“Ok fine” frowned Nandini.

Ankush was really worried for her. Radhika saw this and wanted to talk to her brother. But seeing him upset stopped her. Did he love Nithika? What if he did and she rejected. Radhika looked mortified. She decided to talk to Ankush about it at any cost. She was a good girl. Perfect for him. She was happy to have her as her sister in law. Ankush too was in an equal position. Good job and can support a family without any problem.


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Chapter 31- Bonnie

Nithika had gotten used to the house. It had been two weeks. It was pleasant and peaceful. Perfect for a person who wanted to live alone, forgetting all of their past. It was a Saturday evening and she was sipping her hot chocolate, sitting in the balcony. Minutes later, the doorbell rang which made her scowl. She opened the door to find Ankush on the other side. She made way and he just walked in and sat in the sofa.

“Here are the procedures” he said as he handed her a file as she placed coffee by his side and sat next to him.

“Procedures for what?” she asked as she sipped her coffee.

“I’ve checked on Exotics. It’s true. But I don’t want you to do it too” he sighed.

“But why?” she whined like a baby.

“It’s dangerous. They’re all horrible people. I just want you to forget it. I wanted to give it to you to sue Neetu agency in Chennai. The company you worked for” he explained.

“Why would I want to sue Neetu?” she asked.

“That bastard tried to abuse you. You can do it” he said with his fists balled and teeth gritted.

“That company is important to me. I won the award for three years in a row. I just cannot” she sighed gripping her head.

“It’s k. Take your time” he tried to lighten up the situation.

Niti just sagged down on his shoulder and hummed. It felt so good when he was near. She snuggled closer and teared up as she remembered the dreadful days. Ankush looped his around her waist and pulled her closer. They stayed like that and Niti fell asleep.

Ankush called “Niti..”

No answer.

When he looked down, he found her sleeping. He pulled her out of his embrace and laid her on the sofa. She had a good grip over his shirt. He pulled it and cupped her face. He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and left. She woke up the next morning. She looked up at the time. It was 10 in the morning!! Gosh!! How did she sleep in so late? How did she forget that she had to go meet her?!

“Shit!! How did I forget?” she cursed herself under her breath.

She freshened up and prepared food and packed some. She had her breakfast and called up to a car rental company for renting a car for one and a half day. As she was waiting, she heard the doorbell ring. She was surprised, as the car the car delivery people don’t come so soon. Thinking it is them she opened the door. Bit to to her surprise, no utter shock, she found ardhika and nesam at the doorstep. The four of them didn’t have a pleasant reaction seeing her feared, shocked and mortified expression.

“Please come in” she said as she composed herself.

The four of them just walked in quietly. Sam and Radhika looked around the house and smiled. That house was something really important to them. It held a lot of memories. Nithika had maintained it well. Better than the way they had kept it. Nithika kept staring at the four of them. She was cursing the car company for not sending the car. They all saw her tensed. She kept biting her nails. How was she going to leave now?

Arjun spoke up “we’re here to discuss about the LIC project.”

“Can’t we do that in office?” she snapped.

“But….” Arjun was cut off as he heard the doorbell.

Niti thanked her stars, heaving a sigh of relief and hopped towards the door. There was a guy in orange and black uniform at the door.

“Your car has arrived ma’am” said the guy handing over the keys of an Audi Q7 and left.

Niti mouthed a thank you to him, ran to the kitchen, picked up the tiffin carrier and checked herself once in the mirror. She had worn a yellow floral summer dress and a little makeup. She ran out after that, leaving the four of them behind. They looked shocked at her behaviour. They decided to follow her. Niti started the car and drove off. She felt as if they were following her, but she had no time to look back. She had to go. She drove towards the outskirts and entered a forest kind of area. She kept driving and they followed her.

Neil asked “where the hell is she going?”

“No clue” Radhika and Sam in unison.

“We need to see. What’s got her so tensed?” Arjun was concerned.

Niti drove into the gates of a huge beautiful mansion. The four of them had their jaws on the floor. What qa she doing in such a place? Who was she meeting? The four of them had put their poor pea brains to work. Neil then drove in. Niti stood at the doorstep and rang the doorbell. It opened the next moment. Her friend Manha was on the other side.

“How is she?” asked Niti.

“She’s been calling out to you. Only you” Manha answered.

“I’ve cooked her favourite” Niti said showing the tiffin carrier.

“Ok come on in” Manha said she pulled Niti inside.

The four of them opened the door and entered. What they saw had them shocked. It was a huge portrait of both Bonnie and Niti together, smiling wide, hugging each other. They looked so happy. The sparkle in their eyes reflected their happiness. Looked like a recent one. Next to it was a portrait of Riya and Komal of the same size. Smaller ones that had Komal and Nithika, Bonnie and Riya. The last one, having all four of them together, smiling wide.

They walked further and saw a lot a lot of people in the hall with loud music. Most of them were girls, only man. Maybe was husband of one of the women there. Each of them dancing turn by turn. When Niti was asked to, she went after a lot of hesitation and danced freely after a few seconds. She forgot herself and got herself into the song. She was smiling, all peaceful, carefree and relaxed. She was herself.

As they were watching, one of the girls Supriya, spotted them. She identified Arjun. She looked at the other three and her temper rose. Her twin sister Gauri saw her and looked at them. She held her hand to control her. Manha who was coming out of the kitchen, spotted them and was hell angry. She treaded towards them and pulled Arjun to a corner.

“What are you doing here?” she hissed angrily.

“You are?” Asked Arjun.

“None of your concern” she snapped.

The others looked shocked at the way Arjun was being treated. Radhika was about to speak, but Manha stopped her.

“Not a word Mrs. Mehra” to Radhika “and you!! You did a great mistake coming here” she as as she turned to Arjun.

“Why don’t you let her live Arjun? She’s herself only when she comes here. She usually practices her boxing and other violent things when she comes here. I’m seeing her dance after three years. Please, I beg of you. Let her live. Let her and Bonnie too” Manha pleaded.

“Bonnie? What’s with Bonnie?” asked Radhika.

“How will you know? Why would you know?” she taunted.

“What happened Manha?” asked Gauri with her sister by her side.

“Look who we have Gauri. An uninvited guest. No no four. Tell me what to do with them” said Manha in a mocking tone.

“Oh, the Arjun Mehra is here” said Supriya sarcastically.

“Wow. Indeed an uninvited guest” spoke Gauri after few seconds.

By then, Ritu and her husband too came there with their little daughter Arya as there was a crowd assembled in the corner. They stood quietly and watched. Supriya kept throwing daggers through her looks at Arjun. So much hatred in her eyes. Arjun cringed looking at her.

Niti went to a room upstairs. She didn’t think of looking at what was happening at the corner in the foyer. She opened the door and had tears at the sight in front of her. Her best friend, her Bonnie was on the bed. All pale and lifeless. She was quiet, sitting with her eyes glued to the wall that was opposite to her bed. She cursed Arjun for the state she was in. The sole reason, “FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM.”

“Bonnie” she called out.

Bonnie moved her eyes from the wall to look at her best friend who stood at the door with tears. Her eyes lit up a little and a small smile crept on her lips.

“Niti” she slowly whispered as she opened her arms wide for a hug.

Niti in no time, ran to her and hugged her not wanting to crush her. Bonnie cried as she hugged Niti tight not wanting to let go.

“NO!! NO!!” Bonnie cried as Niti tried to pull away from the hug, wrapping her arms even more tight.

“I promised I’m not leaving you. You’re safe” assured Niti as she patted Bonnie’s head.

Bonnie pulled away and asked forming words with great difficulty “pp.. prr.. prroo.. promiseee?”pouting like a little kid who wanted her mother’s assurance for jwr favorite chocolate.

“Promise baba” said Niti through tears.

Bonnie clapped happily like a little kid watching it’s favourite cartoon. Niti cried harder looking at her.

Niti asked with a smile as she composed herself “do you know what I’ve brought for you?” showing the tiffin carrier.

“Chocolate cake!!” jumped Bonnie.

“And what else?” asked Niti.

Bonnie nodded her head like a little kid who didn’t know the spelling of apple. Niti smiled as Bonnie kept a puppy face.

“I have paneer paratha and vegetable pulao too” Niti answered.

“Paneer!! Pulao!!” clapped Bonnie.

“Bonnie eat cake” she spoke again.

“No. First paratha. Then pulao. Then cake in the end” Niti said.

Bonnie pouted like a kid.

“What will you do if the pulao and paratha is spicy? How will you make your mouth sweet if you eat the cake in the beginning?” Niti tried explaining like she was explaining a three year old kid.

It was so cute to watch Bonnie like that. Like a kid keeping it’s index finger on the chin and looking up at the ceiling, thinking. It hurt on the other side too. She was a twenty six year old woman. Acting like a small kid. Niti cried silently, but wiped her tears when she turned to her.

“Oh! Bonnie eat cake last” spoke Bonnie after a lot of thinking.

“That’s like a good girl” smiled Niti.

Bonnie gave her a wide smile. Niti started to feed her and Bonnie are like a good girl.

“What’s wrong with Bonnie? And how do you know her? I did nothing to her” Arjun spoke after gaining some courage.

“You really donno?” asked Supriya who was on the verge of losing her patience.

“Suppu calm down” cooed Manha.

“I’ll tell you. No show you” said Manha as she took his hand and pulled him upstairs.

She opened the door and there they saw Bonnie and Niti together. Niti was feeding Bonnie chocolate cake like she was a kid. Arjun kept watching her. Sam, Radhika and Neil couldn’t understand a thing. Bonnie’s eyes fell on Arjun. Her smile fell. Her eyes started to well up. Her breathing started to get hard. Niti who had the spoon loaded with cake, saw her and turned around. She saw the four of them. Her face turned angry. Bonnie started screaming and threw things at Arjun. Her eyes had fear. She was crying hard. Bonnie was having a hard time finding words to talk. Manha who had had enough, pulled him out closing the door behind.

Niti cupped Bonnie’s face “what happened? Why are you crying?”

Bonnie sobbed “a…ajjuuunn”

“No no there’s no one here. It’s only you and me. See” Niti cooed as she patted Bonnie and wiped her tears.

Bonnie looked around and found no one. She looked continuously. She looked under her bed too. Niti cried as she had to lie to pacify her. Bonnie smiled like a kid who was convinced that she was telling the truth.

“See. There’s no one right?” smiled Niti.

Bonnie smiled as she nodded in agreement.

“Shall we finish the cake?” she asked.

Bonnie nodded her head and opened her mouth wide. Niti fed her and made her have her medicines and put her to sleep by reading a bedtime story.

“What happened to Bonnie?” asked Arjun after a long awkward silence.

When Ritu was about to answer, her husband stopped her. When Gauri wanted to, she stopped as she heard Nithika’s voice.

“I’ll tell you Mr. Mehra” said Niti who was at the stairs.

“Do you remember what day it is today?” she asked.

“Why not? It’s Sunday. The 15th of May” answered Arjun.

“Don’t you remember anything that happened on this very day, last year?” asked Niti with her arms folded to her chest.

Arjun closed his eyes and he put his back on the headrest and thought. It hit him then. His eyes shot open as he looked at Niti. It was the very day where Bonnie was caught red handed with the Maybelline products and Radhika had called Sam to tell her that Arjun was cheating behind her back with Bonnie. Bonnie being fired. She silently took up the blame and submitted her resignation, though she was fired. And Bonnie proposing him that very night.

He looked at Niti clueless.

She asked “do you have any idea of what happened after you rejected her?”

Arjun stood rooted as he obviously had no answer.

“She tried killing herself. She loved you so much. Helped you in all your dirty work. She took up the blame just for you. I know she was wrong. But, she loved her career so much. She risked it for you. Put it on stake for you. You rejected her, calling her characterless. She turned that just for you!!” screamed Niti.

“She came home and cried. This is my baapu’s house. I used to stay here whenever I came on a break. I put her to sleep after pacifying her. But in the middle of the night when I was taking a stroll in the hallway, I heard the sound of a metal hitting the ground. I ran and saw her lying in a pool of blood. I took her to the hospital and by god’s grace she was saved. She cried day and night. She tried killing herself again and again. She was fine. She attended Sam’s pre wedding ritual too and she proposed you again. You as usual, rejected her. She went hysterical that night. She tried killing herself again. She was so quiet after that. We found out that she was mentally unstable. She turned to be very very quiet. But then we realised her mind works like a four year old kid. She started talking like a kid. Had difficulty forming words. Did you see what you did to her Mehra?” Niti hissed through tears.

I take care of Bonnie” said Manha “we were neighbours in London. Riya cannot take care of her as she herself is having a hard life” she competed.

“Money?” asked Neil.

“I run my father’s business. Its work at home for me” Manha answered.

“You all?” asked Arjun looking at the others.

“We all are classmates from the same college” answered Ritu.

“We came here at this time as it’s the only time all of us get holiday at the same time” spoke Supriya.

“Now tell me Mehra, how can I forgive you? Let go of jiji. Let’s say you have nothing to do with it. But Bonnie? What about my Bonnie? She gets scared listening to the name Arjun. And today, you came in front of her!!” screamed Niti.

“There’s no solution for her recovery. I’ve contacted every single doctor from every nook and corner of the world, but none have a solution to this. I lost my bubbly best friend. So full of life she was. Full of positivity. Though she was a little greedy, she was the best person to be with” she cried.

“I’m sorry” Arjun blurted out.

“Throw your sorry in the bin” Niti spat.

She got up and walked to the door.

She turned around and said “take care of her Manha.”

Manha gave an assuring nod and Niti left. The four of them left too. Radhika was so angry in Arjun. He had awaken desire in her. He had filled her ears with false hope. Nesam couldn’t say a thing. Life was filled with shocks after Niti’s entry in their lives.


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Chapter 32- Bird Song’s annual party and Arjun’s accusation

It was a big turn for everyone after the revelation. There was a distance that formed between Arjun and Radhika unknowingly in the days that passed by. It was seen well. Nandini was so upset. She had life so screwed up. She had to spend the coming days with guilt and repent for what she had done. Arjun had to be so heartless just because of her. Ankush felt bad, but his sister was right on her part. Niti didn’t like it too. But he deserved it.

Neil came to Arjun’s cabin and sat down “What are you both up to?”

“She’s not even looking at me Neil” Arjun said exasperated.

“It’s solely your fault. Bonnie’s condition is just because of you. You awoke desires in her. I know you used her to get into Bird Song,but it was wrong too” explained Neil.

“What am I supposed to do now?” asked Arjun who was more pissed.

“Take her out. Pull her with you. Pour your heart out. APOLOGIZE. No other go” said Neil.

“Nice idea” Arjun’s face beamed.

Neil rolled his eyes and laughed seeing Arjun’s change. Arjun made a call and made the required arrangements. He smiled as he gave Neil a thumbs up.

“Thank you Neil” Arjun smiled.

Neil just smiled and left.

Arjun and Radhika sat in the car after a day’s hectic schedule. She didn’t even look at him. She was so quiet. It hurt. His eyes welled up. Radhika fell asleep in no time as she was too tired. Arjun smiled as he drove to his destination. He lifted her up in his arms and she woke up as the cool breeze it her skin. She tried protesting, no use. He put her down and walked away. It was all dark. Radhika was frightened. It was useless. There was no response as she kept calling out to him. Suddenly the lights went on. Radhika kept looking around as she had no idea where she was. Then it was raining red rose petals. She twirled around like a kid. Then she stopped as she saw Arjun in front of her, few feet away holding a red heart shaped cushion that had a “SORRY” written. He walked to her and went in his knees not breaking the eyelock between them, holding the cushion. She had had enough of it now. She sat down and hugged him tight. Arjun who wasn’t prepared for such a force, fell on his back with Radhika on top of him. He got up pulling her to his lap and kissed her hard. Radhika too kissed him back and bit his lower lip hard. Arjun broke the kiss and made pulled her up and took her to a table for two at a corner which had her favourite food. They had dinner and left.

Next day, both came to office with a huge smile plastered on their faces. Nesam smiled as Arjun never fails. And they knew what he could do. If he wanted something done, he’d get it done by hook or crook.

They were all seated in the boardroom. People had no idea of why they were being called.

Samrat made an announcement “hello. There’s no need to be tensed. It’s just for an announcement. So, we wanted to remind you all that Bird Song’s annual party is this Saturday. And you all are invited. The theme is black and pink.”

“Paa?! Black and pink?!” asked Sam with a sarcastic look.

“It’s a good combination sir” Niti spoke up.

“It is indeed” answered Arjun, which made Niti roll her eyes.

“So any objections?” asked Samrat.

The meeting was dispersed after everyone were ok with it. Niti went shopping and bought herself a black palazzo and a pink high necked crop top and some matching accessories. Simple and elegant. Days passed by and everyone were busy with the preparations. They wanted it to be the best as it was Bird Song’s silver jubilee too.

Saturday arrived like it was tomorrow. Everyone were in their best. Radhika was in a pink designer sari with a black backless sleeveless blouse with matching accessories. Arjun as usual, rocked it in his casuals with a black pant and shirt with a pink blazer. Nandini in a simple pink and black sari. Sam in a black and pink knee length cocktail dress. Neil in his formals with a pink skirt, black tie and black pant. They all arrived and were enjoying. Ankush arrived after a while in pink and black sherwani. He was so handsome that girls in the party forgot Arjun and Neil and started drooling over him. Radhika mentally facepalmed herself. But Ankush’s eyes searching for Niti. She was nowhere to be found. He feared if she didn’t come. Before he could even finish thinking about it, she arrived in her attire (the one I have mentioned). He saw her and was awestruck. She was so beautiful. Why did she have to wear this? He groaned mentally. She had good amount of makeup and her hair tied in a neat bun. Every single man had their eyes laid in her. Ankush felt like pulling their eyes out and play Goli.

As the party was going on, Arjun and Radhika were separate as they were talking to different people. They all sat together in one table. Prerna too arrived in a black and pink patiyala suit. She hugged Niti tight and pulled her to table where her family was. Neil groaned at her outfit. He didn’t want to babysit her from the hawk eyed perverts. Sam complemented her choice.

It was the for dance after a good amount of entertainment. Niti stayed with Prerna where the others went for dancing. Prerna gave death glares to those who had the guts to come and approach her daughter in front of her. Niti silently declined. When Ankush came, she was shocked. Prerna smiled and nodded in a positive to go when she looked at her. Niti and Ankush were the centre of attraction. They looked so good. Now Radhika was sure that he loved her. She smiled and thanked God for putting some sense in her brother’s brain. Nesam and Arjun smiled at them. As the lights got dim, Ankush pulled Niti close. Niti realized and walked away pushing him. Ankush had to dance with one of the mad bimbos who was behind him.

The dance was over and everyone assembled at their tables for dinner. After dinner, Arjun wa catching up with one of his friends from the sister company. Radhika was alone at her table. Just then, someone came and tapped her shoulder.

“Hello beautiful” he said.

Radhika wanted to slap the person. She turned around with her hand ready to lash his cheek, but stopped when she saw the person. It was her friend from college. Randhir. Randhir Kaushik.

Radhika was surprised “Randhir?”

“Yes that’s me” he nodded.

“How are you?” she asked.

“Good. You?” he answered.

“You married?” she asked.

“No way!!” he cried.

“There’s nothing wrong in it” Radhika stated.

“I want to enjoy for some more time” he pouted.

“Awwww.. so cute” she smiled as she pulled his cheeks.

“Now give me a hug you” he said as he opened his arms wide.

“Okay” she said as she welcomed his embrace.

Arjun who was talking to his friend, saw Radhika talking to a man. That too alone. Smiling. She pulled his cheeks. How could she? His fists balled. Face turning red. His anger knew no bounds when he hugged her. How dare he hug his wife?!

“That bastard” cussed Arjun as he sped towards them.

He pulled Radhika away from him and punched him straight in the jaw. Randhir managed to balance himself. He wiped off the blood and stared at him.

“The f**k was that for?” Randhir growled.

“You donno?” Arjun hissed.

“Arjun stop” cried Radhika.

“How dare you hug my wife?” Arjun screamed.

Before Randhir could speak, Arjun threw another punch. Everyone came running. Radhika got annoyed and stopped Arjun. He was even more furious when she helped him up.

“You sl*t!!” screamed Arjun.

“What?!” gasped Radhika in shock through tears.

Everyone looked shocked at the accusation Arjun threw at Radhika. How could he? This wasn’t the Arjun Mehra who loved his wife. Nandini felt like slapping him right there.

“You helped him. You hugged him. Don’t you know you’re mine? MINE!!” growled Arjun.

“He’s my friend from college” she said through tears.

“You never trusted me Arjun” she cried.

Arjun looked hurt. Niti who had had enough, came forward and slapped Arjun. Arjun held his cheek in shock. He was guilty for what he had done. Ankush came running saw Randhir hurt.

Ankush asked “are you okay Randhir?”

“I am Ankush” he assured holding his jaw.

“What did you do Arjun?” Ankush screamed as he supported a hurt Randhir.

Arjun stood quiet. When he reached out to Radhika, she moved back with tears and hugged Niti. Niti pacified her and handed her over to Ankush.

“You bl**dy bastard!!” she screamed as she flung another slap.

“How dare you?!” she screamed as she slapped him again.

No one had the guts to stop her. They let her be.

“This one is for hurting my sister” she slapped another “this one for not helping her” she gave another.

Everyone cringed at the noise of slaps that stung their ears. Didn’t matter if it stung him or not, but their ears were bleeding for sure.

“This one for hurting my Bonnie” she threw another slap and blew punches at his hard stoned chest. Arjun just stood. Did nothing for his self defence.

“You f**ker!! First point the same finger at yourself and ask if your worth throwing that accusation at someone” she screamed.

“Did she kiss him?” she screamed.

She screamed when he didn’t answer “Answer me bl**dy goddamnit!!” she gripped his colar.

He nodded in negative.

“She slept with him?” she asked calm.

He nodded a no again. He was so guilty.

“What did she do that you threw such an accusation at her?” she cried.

He didn’t open his mouth at all. How did he say that to his Radhika? He looked at her and there she was in her brother’s arms. She turned her face away. That hurt a lot. Good. He deserved it. Serves him right.

“Are you okay Randhir?” Niti asked as she examined his wounds.

“I’m fine Tika” he smiled.

“You’ll never change” she shook her head.

“You’re beautiful” he smiled.

“Your wounds are not so bad. Shut up. You’re hurt and flirting. Wow!!” she said sarcastically.

“It’s a compliment” he corrected.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes.

Now Ankush wanted to punch him. He stood watching as he trusted her. Radhika walked away when Arjun approached her. Everyone else left one by one, leaving Arjun alone.

Spoiler: Arjun trying hard for Radhika’s forgiveness…. Storm coming up.. old character entry.. love stories to bloom..

So that’s it.. four chapters.. I just typed it down.. hope you all liked it.. Manha, Gauri di and Supriya!! Tell me how it was.. Will be back.. Till then Tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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