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Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 16)

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Chapter 16

Radhika’s phone was continuously buzzing. She hurriedly wears her bathrobe and ran out of bathroom to pick her up.

“ Hello Radhika Bhabhi….” A sweet voice came from other side

“Nandini…” Radhika said smiling as she recognize Nandini’s voice.

“Sorry I called you “bhabhi”….but…still I can’t accept you broke up with bhai” Nandini said with hesitation.

Radhika don’t want to lie to Nandini about their fake break up but she has got strict warning from Neil and Arjun that no one should know about their plan because they don’t want to create any loop hole.

“ Yeah I and your bro are not together now..But we are friend na…so you can talk to me anytime” Radhika said making her voice little but Sad and hurted.

“ Yeah..we are friends..and always will be…..Actually Today is my Birthday….” Nandini said cheerfully

“Hey…Happy Birthday Dear..M so happy….I wish all the happiness for you….Sorry for being late…” Radhika said happily

“ Sirf wish karane se Kaam Nahi chalenga (Your wishes are not enough…) You have to come to party..Tonight…” Nandini said

“I am sorry but you know na..Coming to party means I have to Face Arjun..N I don’t want to spoil your party…please…” Radhika said with pretending low tone.She know how it is difficult to lie to the such sweet girl.

“ I meant nothing to you,right? I’m not going to cut the cake till you came….” Nandini said angrily

“Okay Nandu..I will come to the party…..Happy?? “ Radhika said
“ Yes…I’m happy….I will wait for you…see you in evening…” Nandini’s happiness has no bound

Radhika smiled by her happiness. Line went dead.

She quickly texted Arjun about Nandini’s invitation and how can she came there..It will reveal their break up is fake…
Radhika’s phone beeped showing Arjun’s name.

“ Don’t worry…I suggested her to invite you..I am damn sure the person who is behind this will be in the party..so we need to show him that our brake up is not fake..have to show some PDH…”

“ PDH?? “ Radhika texted back

“ Public display of HATRED ? “ Arjun replied back…

“Lol..Okay..but what’s the plan Arjun?” Radhika texted

Arjun texted her all the plan in details and make her memories all the events.

“ Hey..I’m not going to say that bad words to you….” Radhika

“ You have to..and where is that Radhika gone who said I am talented girl and can to anything…;-)” Arjun teased her..

“Okay okay..don’t need to give me taunts…I will do it…now just wait and watch my talent..See you at the party!!” Radhika throws tantrum at him…

After some time Radhika took a refreshing shower and slipped in Peacock color puffy dress.The bodice of the dress perfectly fit to her curves and material shimmers when she walks. She look up to stare herself in mirror and got happy it was dress that any girl can ask for. Bluish peacock color which was around her back showing her porcelain white skin making her skin shiny illuminate. Arjun gifted this dress to her once and want to see her in it..She wore that dress now to tease him that he couldn’t able to touch her.and it will be fun to tease him..she thought to herself and giggled.

She made French bun of her hair and made some curls of her hair floating on her face.She applied some black kohl to highlight her almond shape beautiful eyes and apply some lip gloss to her already luscious red lips.

She took taxi and reached to Mehra Mansion in less than hour time. Line of most expensive cars in the parking lot showing all the creamy people are invited to this party. She gulped hard about thinking about Arjun’s plan.

As she entered inside the mansion , she saw hall was beautifully decorated.Pinkish tulip flowers are placed all over the place and walls are decorated by green shades of light making you feel in tulip garden.It was awesomely decorated by event planner.

As she proceed she saw Nandini Talking with her friends and she went to her direction.

Arjun who was standing in the corner of hall waiting for Radhika to come .As she entered he felt his jaw was just left to touched the ground.She was in the dress in which he want to saw her..At the moment he saw that dress on mannequin of the one the branded cloth store he like it. He watched her every move as she went towards Nandini to wish her.but couldn’t able talk as they are not couple now.

“Hello Handsome..” A seductive voice come from his behind
He turned to found a blonde hair girl wearing a s*xy red dress which was hiding nothing of her body,throwing seductive smile at Arjun.

“ Want some campaign” she offered a glass of drink to him.She was standing very close to Arjun.
Arjun POV : what the hell why this foolish b***c throwing herself on me.If Radhika will saw me this close to her..She will chop me into very fine pieces.

But then Arjun got idea to encourage Radhika to fight with him.She needs boost.

“Ofcourse s*xy..How can I deny your offer….” He took a sip of Champaign from glass and throwing his vintage s*xy smirk at the girls.

“ happy Birthday Nandu “ Radhika wished Nandini. Nandini got extremely happy after seeing Radhika..

“Thank you….I’m so happy to see..I can’t express my happiness…” Nandini hugged Radhika warmly

“ Ofcourse..i have to come..after all its my cutest friends birthday..” radhika said smilingly and gave her gift box having simple but beautiful bracelet

Nandini quickly wear the bracelet and thanked for Radz for such pretty gift.

“ BTW Radhika you are looking breath taking..Bhai will regret for letting you go…” Nandini winked

“Thank you Nandini….Please don’t take his name infront of me…n you are the most beautiful girl here….” Radhika said.

After chitchatting with Nandini for while Radhika turned to find Arjun was happily chitchatting with blonde girl wearing dress like sl*t….Her anger boils and breaks the boiling point of anger. She want to rip that mad women hand from Arjun’s shoulder and wanted to slap her hard for touching her Arjun.Arjun noticed her getting jealous and started acting more friendly with the girl.

“ Don’t get jealous..He is just acting..Get rid of that I-want-to-murder-her look” A voiced from her left side broking her death glare on Arjun . She tuned and found smiling Neil.

“ What!! I’m not jealous at all..why would be I….and I’m not giving That look…” Radhika said

“Yes you do” Neil smirked

Radhika changed her facial expression and smiled “ See I am smilling..what about now? “

“You want to slap her rather than killing her….” Neil said playfully.

“ Now” radhika said smiling wide

“ Umm Now…you are still jealous but It’s okay wala look…” Neil said

With his sentence they both laughed hard…

“what I will do without you Neil?” radhika punched little on Neil’s shoulder
“That’s what every girl says…” Neil smiled

Radhika laughed Hard.

After cake cutting ceremony, light gets dimmed and DJ announced to hit the dance floor.

Arjun pulled that red dressed girl to the dance floor and started dancing with her.

That was enough for Radhika, she dragged the heated glares to Arjun but no use he was completely forget her and enjoying dancing with the girl.He still enjoying Radhika’s jealous look.

“Ugggrhhhhh….Do whatever you want…I don’t care…” She muttered and marched towards the barcounter situated opposite side of dance floor.

She sat on the bar stool and ordered “ one tequila shot please “

Bar attender gave her one shot and she gulped in one go and flinched as liquid go down under her throat.

“ Hi gorgeous…” a guy came to her and spoke “ wanna dance with me? “

She glared at him.she wants to shook him off but he was kinda good looking not as much as Arjun but still can give him good competition.

Radhika pov : Not bad…Mr Arjun Mehra you are showing me bakwas flirting talent of yours..Now I will show you my acting talent….

“ Ofcourse…let’s dance…” Radhika slipped her hand into that guy’s hand and went to dance floor.

Arjun turned his gaze in search of Radhika but she was not at the bar table a while ago she was there. Then his eyes get hot when he saw Radhika dancing freely with a guy whose one hand resting on her bare back and another holding her waist. He want to punched hard on his face and want beat him tell death.His gaze all the time was on radhika….He know she was doing this purposely to give him his tactics back.He fisted his hand in tight grip.

Soon the song changed and with that dancing arrangement got changed by changing dance partner.

As Radhika spanned to other guy Arjun hold her mid-way and held her by her waist tight. There gazed locked

“ what was that vile creature trying to do with you? Arjun hissed

“Relax my jealous baby….I was just making you jealous as you do the same with me..n he wasn’t vile rather handling me very softly” Radhika whispered

He grabbed her more closer to him “ I could kill him for eyeing my girl….”

“Oh really…and what about that red b***c? “ Radhika pout her face

“ Now you are my jealous baby….you are mine and I’m yours” He said softly into her eyes.

DJ played the romantic number.

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re Piya

Arjun was dancing possessively with radhika…touching her every where making her shiver with his touch…

Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya

(This song is my most fav one…so I took this for aradhika..pls tell me hows it?)

As the song wrapping up Aradhika were engrossed in each other. Clapping sound of people makes them come to the real world.

He winked to her to start their plan.

“Don’t touch me Mr Mehra…I don’t care for you anymore.We broke up remember…” Radhika said acting as she was really annoyed with his touch.

“Ohhh..I am very well remember it…Then you should get out of your dreaming mind..Don’t dare to talk me like that..Dont give so much importance to yourself…I could get plenty of girls like you. I am The Arjun Mehra girls ran behind me..” Arjun too replied back in equal annoyance.

“Whatever” Radhika hissed and started to walk back by hitting the floor in anger by her sandals.

“Don’t you dare to walk away from me..I didn’t finish yet” Arjun shouts and grabbed her hand

“Don’t mess with me..” HE said angrily.
Now all the gazed fixed on aradhika..Complete silence covers the hall.

“ I pity on you by giving you job at my company despite you being clumsy and good for nothing..You are complete fail Miss Radhika Mishra…” He said but he knows how much his heart ache with that words.

“Ohh..now you are throwing your failure to me..huhhhh…really….look at yourself Mr. Arjun Mehra..you are a fail..You fails to save your brother from somebody attacker.You fails to save me..You put my life in danger every time..You don’t have guts to face your enemy face to face..you are coward…” She hissed..She was all trying to avoid this plan of Arjun getting insulted by her to make their fake break up real…

“and I don’t need to prove my talent to you….Good bye Mr. Arjun Mehra….” Radhika said with greeted teeth and left….

After being in tabloid aradhika’s break up got stamp of genuineness.That’s what they want.

One day Richa was busy in office and asked Radhika to buy some groceries as they are running at low on the food items.
As Radhika returning from her hospital visit to her father she saw big bazaar and thought to buy all the things from one roof..She parked her scooty in the parking lot and noticed that a guy wearing wide black n white combo color specks following her from long..He was at the petrol pump where she filled fuel tank of her scooty..May b this is co incidence that he too comes here to buy something…

She went throw many aisles of pulses,daily products and veggies but that guy is found everywhere she was going…Now its confirmed that he was following her and keeping eye on her.
She quicky grabs one top from hanger and went to trial room to pretend that she was trying that top.

As she get in she quickly dialed Arjun.

Arjun pick her call in one ring “ Hello Radhika, is everything okay? “

Radhika was breathing heavily “ I don’t think so…one guy was following me from long and I’m stuck here in Big Bazzar mall…He is here looking weirdly to me…”

“ At which big Bazzar you are? “ Arjun asked
“ near kurla station….”

“ Okay I will text you what to do..follow my instruction…M on the way..okay?? “ He said

“Okay” She said confidently.

Now as per Arjun’s instruction she needs to time pass for sometimes till Arjun reached there. She asked sales lady to give her some tank top and by her continuous blabbering she made sales lady around her.

Her mobile beeped and found got messaged from Arjun that he reached there.

She got out from trial room and walked pretending to be unnoticed that guy who was standing near men clothing section.She got out of the mall taking her bill and nags and went to parking lot and saw Arjun’s car standing at far end of road.

She heard a click and tuned around to find that guy pointing gun to her
“ Put your hands behind your back and walk straight to that black car..” He said pointing towards the Black car standing near the entrance of parking lot.

Radhika do as he said.He handcuffs her by a rope.They got sited in that black car and found to more people sitting in the car.one at driving seat and another on back seat. That guy made Radhika sit in middle that she couldn’t able to run from their grip.

She knew that Arjun is following them.

As they drove for half an hour and entered into old building premises. Radhika could see it look like some old factory..She want to scream hard..She tried to free herself but that guy warned her he will shoot her if she scream or try to run that’s why she was seating numb.

As car halt guy dragged her to inside. She saw it was old factory which seems got closed before decades. As they got further inside she saw many goons holding guns.

A another guy came forward as they entered into a big room. He seems to be monitor of this gang

“ open her handcuffs….” He said throwing a devil smile.

“ Who are you and why you brought me here….” Radhika asked

“Our boss wants to deal with you taking revenge to Arjun Mehra….” He said

“ and why your so called boss think that I will help him,,,I hate Arjun Mehara and don’t want to see his face anymore….” She frowned

“ Because you too get hurt by him….n this will be a great opportunity to do so….” HE said

“ you are right…but I will prefer to talk to your boss rather talking to his servants….” She said

“Ohhh..attitude..now I got to know why that billionaire Arjun Mehra was behind you..My boss will come soon..but before that maybe you and I could have some fun….” He came dangerously close to her.

Her heart pondered within her ribcage. He grabs her by her hair and pulled her towards the another room “ You are damn beautiful and want to ravish you first…..” He said laughing devilishly.

She was sweating profusely and chanting Arjun’s name to come fast to rescue her.

“How dare you to touch me bastard…your boss will kill you…” Radhika said struggling to fight back.

“I will handle him” He smirked
They reached to the door and Radhika quickly grabbed the opportunity. She hold to the door knob and kicked him at his main point with her foot.As this move once Arjun taught her for self-defense.
He falls on the ground holding his pants. She ran towards the big room and found Arjun beating the goons mercilessly and in no time all the goons are crawling on ground with pain.

She ran and collided on Arjun..He pulled her in tight hug and pacifies her by rubbing her back.

“You okay, babe? “ Arjun whispered

She nodded
Then their hug got broken by clapping sound of someone.

They turned around to found JAI

“ How’s you my Radhika BHABHI and Arjun BHAIYYAAA…” He said stressing the word bhaiya in mocking tone..

“Thank god you came here to save us..but how do you know we are here…” radhika said taking sigh of relief

Arjun didn’t speak but he was watching Jai carefully who was smirking thinking something.

“ And how come you can walk this normally? “ Radhika asked again.

Jai walked closer to them and hugged Radhika slightly and instantly turned her and put gun on her head

“ Because I had never broken legs and I the one whom you are searching….” Jai said smiling devilishly

“yo…yu..you….” Radhika stammered.
“Yesss..I’M THE ATTACKER…” Jai laughed a loud

Aradhika got shell shocked and numb.

“ BE Ready to DIE….” Jai smiled in triumph.

Next CHAPTER : whole story came in the picture

So how’s it guys?? I guess it’s longer one as you guys demanded..I hope you like this my little efforts writing action sequence..I’m waiting for your feedback…

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