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Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 13)

Hello my darlings…….This chapter is dedicated to each AND EVERY one of you for being wonderful and lovely friends. You guys became part of my life and made it little more special…silent readers you guys too are there…..You guys are truly amazing friends, philosophers and motivators….Thank you so much being there for me and appreciating my little efforts…



Happy FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of you….Song dedicated to you guys on this occasion

Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi batein hai nashe si jaise daari desi…

Ladkhadane lagi muskarane lagi..bewajaha har jaagah aane jaane lagi…
Tu mujhe main tujhe job hi ho dil me khul k batane lage…



Chapter 13

Radhika blinked couple of times before opening her eyes. She felt her tongue dry and sour by taste of sandpaper which made her awake.
She pull herself in sitting position and got panic seeing herself on bed in the small room which by the looks giving she was nowhere but at unknown place. As she saw out by three large windows and found trails of coconut tress every where. As if she was surrounded by trees only not by any residential area.

She got up from the bed to know more about where she was now. As she stand a pain shoot from her back but it was bearable enough.

She touched her back where she got shot by bullet. That day, the shoutings,gun, hiding in cabinet, Arjun’s call, her getting shoot and getting unconscious in Arjun’s arm.

She looked around..Where is Arjun?? Is he dead??

She peaked from the balcony and found she was nowhere. She found she was in the house which was surrounded by coconut trees and water floating towards her..yeah..its an island..

Where was she??

She holds her head in panic.
Am I kidnapped by those men?? Or am I dead?? Or am in heaven or may be in hell??is this how you feel when you are dead??? She started too thought in various directions.

She punched her hand on wall with force, a pain shoot in her hand..
No..I am not dead.. I am alive..A small smile craved on her face.

She stepped out of the room and found a spiral staircase going down. She made her way down and found she was in living room which small comparative to the bedroom having tv and couch and at her left she found kitchen. Its look like a small holiday home.but who brought her here and she don’t know how long its been since that incident happen.

She tried to found someone..someone human around her besides seeing trees and non-living things.
Panic started to made her way in her mind..Where is Arjun?? If she was kidnapped then how she will rescue herself because there is no way to run she was surrounded by water and jungle.
She found a rod in kitchen, she pick it up and went to the living room because she heard some one’s huffing sound coming from outside.

She ran towards the main door and swings it open. As she opened the door she found Arjun in front of her doing exercise. She dropped the rod and ran; slammed her body on his strong one. She wrapped her arms around him tight as there is no tomorrow.
She started sobbing continuously with heavy breath..She smell his scent…his woody manly scent..yes he is real…He is alive for God’s sake.
Arjun too wrapped his arm around her and pulled her more closure and started small kisses over her neck as if he was pacifying her and making her calm.

“ Radhika…..” He called softly but with relief in his voice….
“Thank God you are okay Radhika…Finally you awake….” He places softest and feathery kisses on her.

Aradhika lost each other in that warm hug, like it was the most safest place in the world to be stayed in each other arm, listening to the each other’s heart beats which beating in synchronization like a love song. They want that moment freeze and stayed like this away from enmity of world.

After a while Arjun broke the hug and let her get in to the living room and make her seat on couch.

He placed his warm lips against her soft lips and wanted to feel her sweetness. She pulls him close and grabbed his shirt and kissed him haeder. As she moved little her hand and collided with something and heard shatterd sound of glass which draws their attention.

Radhika looked over to shattered pieces of vase. She pouted “ I did it again. Clumsy me”

Arjun started to laugh hard and she to join him “ That’s the way I like you…my clumsy babe”

“You okay na??” Arjun asked her grabbing her shoulder and making her away from broken vase.

“ yess….” She grabbed his hand and they got seated on another small couch

Her hand is tingling into his and her head resting on his shoulder

“What happened ?? how am I still alive ?” radhika asked

“ I told you I wouldn’t let happen anything to you”….he brushes his thumb over back of her hand

“ when you called me, I rushed over to your apartment but I called Neil too. He arrived shortly after that goons left and took us to the hospital ” arjun said

“ And that guy???” Radhika said

“ He got killed by cops whom Neil brought with him…”

Shiver runs to her spine

“how long have I been out??”

“ you were unconscious for two weeks. Doctor said you weren’t going to survive but I know you would..For me..you won’t leave me like this….We have so much to do..marrige…after that I want football team…” Arjun said..his black eyes are deep and mischievously
Her face turned pink in blushed, she slapped slightly on Arjun’s shoulder and hugged him tight.

He made food for her. A tomato soup and scrambled eggs.. she made pout face at soup but Arjun feed her and make her ate it..

“Arjun what that guy said to you when he attacked you??” Radhika asked when Arjun put her on bed and gave medicines to her.

Arjun narrated the entire story which Saral told him.

Radhika gasped in fear..
“ That was so undone..why Priti did suicide…just because you said no to her….” Radhika said

“No Radhika..Priti is all fine..I asked Neil about this and we searched for Priti’s death but she is fine and now settled in New york with her husband and child…I know her she is full of positivity and would never do such coward thing…. ” Arjun said calmly

“What??? Then what about saral’s statement ” radhika was shell shocked

“ All was the cooked up story by him..Priti don’t have any brother..She is single child of her parents.. and that saral is local goon…there is someone behind all this still hiding behind fake stories ” He added to the information

Radhika was engrossed in deep thought…

“ You are right…..Arjun…” She said still thinking deep
“ You know when that men comes to kill me..i heard one of the man said that if they won’t kill me there boss will kill them..If saral was their boss why would have said that he was with them na that time….” Radhika said

“ N yess they said that their boss told them that you were still at hospital when they were trying to entered in apartment…..” radhika added

Arjun got worried hearing it

“Yeah you are right…someone who know me so well that he knew about Priti’s proposal..and used that story against us…” Arjun said

“ Who is behind this..might be someone from your friends???” radhika said

“ No I don’t think so….They all are good…..” Arjun thought…
He saw at Radhika she was damn worried and he knew stress was not good for her so he decided to change the topic

“ From Friends I remember of Richa…she had called several times to know about your health…talk to her…” Arjun took his phone from pocket.
She grabbed the phone “ where are we though? “

He smiles “on the private island.i brought you here because I want to make sure you will be safe.don’t worry both house and island is mine.”

He got off from the bed and walked out “ Talk to her. I will leave you to it”

Radhika dialed to Richa “ Hey Richsssss”
“ Ohhh my god..Rads..is that you? You don’t know how worried I was…how are you??” Richa said from other side

“I know Richss..I am all fine..” Radhika

“I had to ask your boyfriend everytime who by the way is very hot..you know that, right?? “ richa giggled

“Richssss….” Radhika said

“ tell me , does he he kiss as good as he looks? “ richa said

Radhika laughed hard..Richa knew well how to make Radhika laugh.

“ That’s what I want babe..your smile…stay like my radzz” Richa said

“ Thank you Richss for being there always…and I’m not going to tell you about his kissing talent ” Radhika said

“oh common radss..tell me na..you know since I hav had a crush on him forever..I have to live it through you na…” Richa giggled

Radhika smiled goes wider like its been long she smiled like this “ Shut up Richss…and Yess he kisses well..actually better than well…much better….” Radhika chucled

“ That’s what I’m talking about Rads….now let’s stop this stupid talk. What are you doing talking to me when you are in the same room as hot guy who happens to be Arjun Mehra…love you radzz..take care..” richa said

“ love you Richs…” Radhika said and heard line went dead

Radhika smiled and went to balcony, cool breeze coming from ocean and touching her bare hands and made her shiver.she feeled light and relived.
Then she feels strong arm wrapped around her body. Its him..He was all warm and cosy..She leaned on his chest.

“ All okay with Richa? “ Arjun asked resting his head on Radhika’s shoulder

“Yess..she is crazy.” Radhika smiled

“ This place is beautiful..how long are we here for??” Radhika asked watching beautiful sunset

“As long as you are safe and better” he said kissing on top of her head

Radhika cherished his touch.his warmth.The way he holds her.
They stayed like in each other’s warmth till sky over them put on the dark blanket with sparking stars.cool breeze coming from sea making their hug more tighter.

“Radhika…….” Arjun whispered across her shoulder

“ Hmmmmm…..”

“ Dance with me……” Arjun said

“ we don’t have music though….” She said

“ Don’t you heard me singing for you that day….m not that bad singer….” Arjun roll his eyes

“you are amazing singer…but I’m bad dancer..at the end of dance we got to know that I broke your leg….” Radhika giggled

Arjun made fake angry face….

“Okay baba…but beware of my bad steps…” She chucked and in no time he wraps his arm around her waist and started to sing

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujape marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaaraaaaaa
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Main tera ho jaun
Jo tu karde ishara

He stopped humming when he finish the song and looked down at her captivating her completely .His face softened and he smiled.

“ If I asked you to kissed me, would you? “ Radhika said her eyes filled with emotions.

“ I would do whatever you want me…” arjun smirked

“ Then kiss me”

Arjun didn’t wait for a second and places his warm lips on her soft lip hard..She fist his shirt in support.They were engrossed in each other. His left hand travel to her back where she got shot..She winced in pain.
Immediately he pulled back.his face turned worried
“ Are you okay? “ arjun asked

“ I am okay Arjun…stop asking that question” Radhika made face

Arjun smiled

“ How’s jai? “ radhika

Arjun faced lost his colour. A tear drops from his eye.

“he is out of coma..”

Radhika :“ Thank god…that’s good thing right?”

Arjun : it isn’t good though

Radhika looked into his eyes “ what do you mean? “

“He can’t walk..and well….” His voice stammpered

“ and what Arjun?” radhika demand in fear

“ He don’t know me..He lost his memory” Tears gush through his eyes..like a heavy day of rain

Radhika couldn’t able to find sentence to say to Arjun rather to pull him into hug.they hugged for almost fifteen minute. To feel that they are there for each other to face whatever come in the ways. After talking for hours they slept in each other’s arm.

Next Morning

Radhika woke up first with the sun rays cuddling on her face. She saw arjun’s calm face like he slept calmly after so long time. She ran her hands to his hair.
Arjun grabbed her hand and kissed her hand and opened his eyes and smiles.

“ Did I wake you? ” Radhika asked

“ I am happy you did…otherwise how can I able to see your smile face” He pulls her closer and made her rest her head on his chest.

“ we should go back. You have to be with Jai…” Radhika said

Arjun kisses on her forehead “ You are right…I really need to see him….”

Radhika smiled “ I need to shower “ and she got up from the bed

“ Need any help there ? “ Arjun winked

Radhika gave death glare to Arjun “ Shut up Arjun”

Radhika slips into the bathroom, as hot water falls on her skin she fell on her knee with tremendous pain. She saw water cascading from her body turning reddish.
She covers her mouth to not scream. She got out from shower but when again she tried to get into water, she screams in pain.

“ Is everything okay babe..? “ Arjun came to bathroom door.

She arranged herself and lied “ I’am fine…don’t worry”

“ are you sure?? “ arjun said

“ Yess…” But she feels sick when she saw blood rolling from her wound

She grabbed soap and leather on her skin but again she screams with pain and soap bar fall on the floor with thud.

Now Arjun knocking the door continuously
“ what the hell is happening Radhika? “

“ Its nothing.its just shampoo bottle fall on floor “ Radhika cover up

“ you are lying..you scremed..i m coming in…open the f**king door please” Arjun said worriedly..

“Don’t worry..Its just lizard here thts why I screamed…. give me five minutes Arjun..please…” Radhika lied

But Arjun knew that she was hiding her pain because he can identify her scream in pain and scream in fear…But he decides to wait.

She somehow wiped herself and wound and wore Tank top and short and come out of the bathroom.

“ See am all okay Arjun” Radhika said as she stepped out of the bathroom hiding her pain.

Arjun acted as if he was convinced and nodded..but soon he realize she was not showing her back to him.

Radhika went to the balcony to wipe her wet hair then Arjun notice blood stain on her top as she turned

“ Radhika….” He screamed “ There is blood stain on your top…Let me see your wound…”

Radhika “ No Arjun…its not wound may be I got my period…” and she tried to rush towards bathroom but stopped by his strong grip on her wrist.

“ Stop telling stupid lyies….” Arjun dragged her to the bed and made her sit on it.

He slides her tank top up , Radhika blushes and hold his hand tight. He got worried as he saw her back was turned red and due to water her wound was bleeding..Her back got infected by gun shot and needed treatment ASAP or it will lead to her death.

“How is it?” She asked

He covers his worried face in smile to hide but it got late she alreay saw his pale face in mirror and she knew he would say lie to her about her wound.

“Its okay everything looks fine..Its just that it got wet and started bleeding. I’m sure bandages will fix it all up ” Arjun said but dark shadow covers his face and loses all expression.

He grabbed first aid from drawer and he wiped her wound; she winced in pain.
He blows his cool breath on her back which made twinkle thousand butterflies in her stomach..Arjun catch the opportunity and did dressing of her wound.

“we are leaving by evening” Arjun said and made her sleep peacefully.

But his peace got snatch. He knew that wound is dangerous for her. He decided something and got stiffened in confident.

Next Chappy ; Radhika got treated..Jai’s rude behavior with Arjun…Neil and Arjun’s plan to caught their enemy.

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