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Manmarziyan 2 states chap 20

Yippiee 20 episodes. Thank you all and pls do comment your views.

Enjoy the ride…


All were sleeping in the same room. Sam and radhika in the bed and arjun and neil in seperate couches. Just then a dream strjck neil’s head.

A big conical flask was talking to him with an insulting laugh……
Conical flask ; welcome back neil to the lab. Last time u escaped from me but this time u cannot he he he he he…….. And laughed evilly…… Neil who was sleeping started to throttle arjun’s leg .

Arjun who first felt some hand over his leg giggled in sleep ; leave me radhika let us enjoy tomorrow. Then slowly the grip tightened and it started to pain. Arjun woke and found neil.was doing r&d work with arjun’s leg.
Arjun ; yaar neil leave my leg…. Neil was in no mood of leaving the flask i.e. arjun’s leg. He twists the leg and laughs like a big smuggler villian.
Arjun ; neil leave my leg with his top of his voice. Radhika and sam too woke up and all tries neil to wake up but he was like kumbakarna’s cousin brother. He is sleeping but holding arjun’s leg tight. Tha tha who was sleeping in air too wakes up by the shout of arjun and he too shakes and shouts over Neil’s ears but Neil was in full fledged to break the flask tha tha had no other way, he enters neil’s body and slaps neil with his own hand and came out. All who were shouting frizzed as the slap was a bit harder. Neil woke up and was in tears.
Neil ; why did u slap me ??

Radhika ; we didnt it was u who slapped urself .
Neil ; Me ?? Why should I slap myself……….
Radhika ; Because you have multiple personality disorder neil. Neil gulps and sam who knew she was pulling neil’s leg joined radhika and she too scares him.
Sam ; neil u will be like dog with gorilla combo.
Arjun thought of neil’s face with dog’s face and gorilla’s body and gave a crazy smile . Tha tha too joins Arjun and they laugh without making noise or spoil rasam’s teasing.
Arjun (in fake crying stage) ; Ayyooo….. I had only one brother now he is like this and he crys falling over radhika. Tha tha comes there and pokes him. Arjun with the crying face says what ??
Tha tha ; tam – ava mela sayamallum azhalam.
Eng – you can cry even without leaning over her. He gave a look and continues. Neil starts to cry like a small baby where their siblings said that you are not my own brother/sister and tease the younger one. Arjun and rasam burst out in laugh and neil saw them and understood it was all their drama.

Arjun ; Don’t worry neil how so ever you are my friend will marry u .
Neil ; really Sammy ??
Sam ; chalo I don’t have any one to torture so I will always be with you. He looks at radhika. She bends down and he was bends down further and she with a threatening voice ; do you thing I will leave you that easy ?? No way. He gave a relief breath and pulled her and twisted her ears and said ; Don’t do this again.
Radhika ; Neil my ears.
Neil ; Sorry now go to bed , disturbing my sleep. All gave a look. They pounced on him and finally all slept after the chaos.

The collage was about to start. Ardhika and nesam wanted to spend some quality time together as radhika will go back to hostel. Nandhini had silently made all the preparations for making radhika to stay back home by claiming she is the guardian of radhika in mumbai. That drama will be explained in detail below but for now let us see what our love birds are doing.

Ardhika and nesam drove separately to different places as they wanted some time to spend each other. Arjun was all the time keeping his face like a broken pot.
Radhika ; Tam – arjun pls moonjiya apdi vechukadha paaka sahikala.

Eng – Arjun pls dont keep ur face like that. It looks horrible. He purposefully keeping the face.
Radhika ; Tam – enna achu baby ??
Eng – What happened baby ??
Arjun (in singing mode) ; aaj fir tumse pyar aaya hai…..
Radhika ; thu…… moonji…… (face………)
Arjun ; radhika pls before going i want a small kiss from u …

Radhika ; aama arjun im in australia and u r in africa and we after are meeting each other in antartica.
Tam – Een da pakkathu therula irukka poren ennamo orediya reel udra idhu nalladhilla maganey.
Eng – Saaley im gonna be in next street paar tumari feeling is like 70 mm reel. Eeh achi nahi hai meri puthar.
Arjun ; radhika pls …… in a pleading and with love pls………
Radhika(keeping her hand over her head) Tam ; enna da venum ??
Eng – What do u want ??

Arjun ; one cute kiss ….. pls ……
Radhika ; kissah?? I donno what is kiss and how to kiss. Arjun’s shirt which was over is heart busted after hearing what she said.
Tha tha ; Tam -adangappa idhu ulaga nadippu da saami
Eng – Oh my god this is the oscar performance. Arjun nods and jerks as tha tha was there.
Arjun ; why are u here ?? I mean what are u doing here tha tha ??
Tha tha (in a proud face) ; im on a date and flied away on the sky. Radhika who was keeping her hand for support for her face slipped and she dashed with the table and her chin got hurt and arjun mouth opened like when suddenly they announces a sudden test in the class. Radhika closes his mouth but his mouth again opened like a screw loose door . She again did that and he again opened the mouth.

Radhika ; arjun husked in his ears. Next second he got alerted and looked at her with a blush . She too smiled at him and tha tha who came for dating saw them when he was floating. He was about to go but his date pulled him and he was staing at her.
Ghost lady ; ooh dear u look beautiful even in this ghostly world.
Tha tha ; thank u thank u thank u
Tam – kuda porandhadhu ennikum pogadhu
Eng – It was from my birth . It will never leave me and looked like padayappa rajin who was sitting in the swing.

Ghost lady (looking at other side saw a lady) ; hey why are looking at him like that ?? He is my lover. Tha tha did not notice who was that, slowly turned.
Tha tha ; who is eyeing me darling and turned and looked at her and saw his wife.
Tha tha ; tam – primalam edhuvarndhalum veetla vechukalam pls ellarukum munnadi vendam.
Eng – parimalam let us deal everything in house. Please not in front of everyone.
Arjun who was witnessing the act was in moon as he was the one who called patti when
tha tha was romancing with his date. He was really happy and said to himself ; Never left your grand daughter to even talk to me freely and shouted dadi don’t leave him and he was dating random ghosts when you were not there. Patti who heard what Arjun spoke was boiling like milk cooker which may whistle any time.

Tha tha (slowly going down) ; Ayyaoo…… parimalam and then dang………………….. screen blank…..
Arjun was laughing holding his stomach. Radhika from the behind rings his neck. Arjun who was laughing was frozen he got goose bumps and she slowly she turned him and he was not able to see her face. (he he he she is the hero and he is the shy heroine) .
Radhika ; Ooh Arjun i never knew you would be so cute when you blush. He blushed and turned again. She controlled her laugh by pressing her lips and she made him to turn again.

Radhika ; you asked for a kiss right so let me kiss you. Arjun’s face turned pink and she came close to him and he closed his eyes. She used that and took a dummy lips and he kissed it hard and he fainted in happiness. Radhika smiled at his reaction.
Last day of their holiday, all were sad as their happy days has came to an end. All were sitting in the terrace. Tha tha went and spoke to Nandhini and she knew this is the perfect time to say them the happy news.

Sam ; Question paper , books, notebook, class, time table, assignment ………… these are the bad words for me and she made a pout face. Nandhini came and gave the letter to Arjun. He saw that and hugged Nandhini and gave the letter to all . All read that and were happy as she can stay with her guardian nandhini.
Radhika ; How did dad said yes to this ??
Nandhini ; Who went to him??

Radhika ; Who signed then ??
Nandhini ; Me of course. I’m expert in that and she smiled.
Radhika ; How ???
Nandhini (smilingly); when i was young i used to sign my father’s sign in progress card.
Tha tha ; What ??

thats it guys updated in the hurry pls do comment….. I donno was that funny enough pls do spare me this time pls… Always smile

I’m Sv the die hard fan of Mahabharat and Manmarziyan

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