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Manmarziyan 2 states chap 19

Hloo all how are you ?? As the monday is coming to give us stress i just came up with the next part of my stupidity. Hope you all will enjoy it. Love you all and i’m always thankful for those awesome comments u guys are giving me. Here is the next part. Do read and comment your views. Love you all….

Enjoy the ride….


Arjun radhika and Nesam were enjoying their times together , after so many masti they returned back home with all happy . Nandhini who came from office sae them all happy. Arjun hugged nandhini and she patted his back.

Arjun ; Nandhu guess what that saral is going back to Chennai. I’m so happy. She smiled at him. others were really exhausted including tha tha even though he did not had legs he danced. Now don’t ask me how he was dancing woth his new;y found ghost girlfriend. She was not radhika’s grandmother as she said no to him when he called for dance but it was some other ghost a young girl ghost . Tha Tha was so happy that he got a dancing partner and he started to dance with her.
Nandhu ; Pa why are you so exhausted ??
Tha Tha ; Coz I danced with my new girlfriend. Neil who was drinking water spitted it on the face of Arjun when he heard what Tha Tha said. Arjun gave an angry glare. He shrinked his eyes and gestured sorry.

Radhika ; Girlfrined na ??
Tha Tha ; tam -Girlfriend na ………… girlfriend dhan.
Eng – Girlfriend meands girlfriend only.
Radhika – tam – Ada pavi Tha Tha pattikku drogam pandriya ??
Eng – How dare u Tha Tha are you cheating patti.
Tha Tha ; Radhika I’m not cheating your patti … Romba naal aasa adhan oru ponnoda dance pannen(it was a long time desire to dance with a girl that’s why danced)
Radhika ; Tam – Andha bayam irukattum illana pattiya kuptuduven.
Eng – Hmm let you have the fear else I will call my granny.
Tha Tha ; Radhika pls don’t call her I cannot handle her even in the ghost world.
Arjun ; What Tha Tha ?? Nandhini who knew what he meant was laughing.

Radhika ; Naan solren oru naalh.(I’ll say you one day) and all looks below and a tune ton ton ton ton……….. and the colour of the screen changes to black and white.


Patti(grandmother) ; Tam – Een ya unakku evlo dhairiyanm irundha een munnadiye avalukku poi poo kuduppa ?? with a big spoon used for cooking in her hand.
Eng – hey man , how much guts you have when you gave her the flower even in front of me ??
Tha Tha ; Tam – parimalam naan solradha kelu naan andha ponnukku oru udhavi dhan pannen.
Eng – parimalam listen I just helped the girl.
Patti ; Tam – ooh udhavi pandrathukku unakku ava mandaila dhan poo veppingaloo adhukkum ava eeeenu valla katitu nikara….
Eng – ooh your helping by keeping the flower in her head and she is also standing showing her teeth like eeeeeee and raised her hand.
Tha Tha ; ayayooo parimalam………………..screen turned black and no bgm suddenly


ssssssssssssss Arjun closed his eyes and saw Tha Tha. He still had that mark in his forehead.
Tha Tha ; tam – veera thalumbu..
Eng – brave marks and was keeping a pout face and was in the verge of crying.
Arjun ; then why are you crying ??
Tha tha ; tam – adhu vali vera department.
Eng – that is pain another department

Neil was in the verge of blasting in laughter. Sam held his hands to control him but no use. He was not able to control he blasted and sam pulled him to the other side. Tha Tha made a pout face but radhika smiled at him and he too smiled back. All returned to their room to sleep.
Lets go and see what is that semi mental is doing……………..

Petrol gaali . Saral did not know that. He was kicking………..kicking………… and kicking…….. Few people helped him to kick and they checked the spark plug, engine everything more than 2 hours all were suffering as what is the problem. Finally a man found that petrol was not there. He turned and saw Saral. Saral was looking so serious as what would be the fault as he did not have more money to repair the bike.
The person who saw saral stood up and saw him.
Saral ; What happened sir ??? That man who lost his cool gave a tight slap. screen freeze…. Saral with his hands over his cheeks. One boy his mouth open……A child which was crying stopped its cry and freezed and all were in shock .
Saral (With a half crying voice) ; why did you slap me ???
Man ; You idiot how will the bike start if you don’t have petrol. Then all realised that tank was empty. Slowly they stepped towards him and surrounded him . He shouted aammmmaaaaaaaaa……………………………………………… As we all know what would have happened next…… Saral was like a tissue paper after used in the restaurants………
Saral’s mind voice ; tam – (a sarcastic smile) adhenna enna adikka mattum kutam supera kududhunnu theriyala.
Eng – hmmm I donno what is that, that beating for me all are gathering hugely I donno.

Few days later saral starts from Chennai. He before going wanted radhika to come with him for shopping. Do you know what she bought for him……… Any guesses ??? Fine fine I’ll say you a superman set. She made sure that it is not the new superman set old one. The reason behind is it from the top to bottom he would be covered blue a kind of dark blue with a red and blue dhupatta pinned behind which will always float in the air and here comes the part , he will wear the underpants outside…… remember red colour.
She took a photo of him and he blushed. Radhika was not able to control her laugh . She atonce shared in whatsapp with her gang. All were laughing like a hell. She instructed him towear it till he goes home. He too nods. She sends him by catching a auto . The auto driver jerkes seeing the attire of Saral and bangs his head.

He reaches home and the dog which was locked in the entrance gave him a look and it thought ; Grown up this much cant even wear his underpants inside nonsense, we are more than great than you idiot………..
Uncle who saw him in this dress thought some one has came for charity for something and he asked him to get out.
Saral ; saral suuuuuuuuuuuuuper man saral itssssuu me………..
Mama ; did you go for any fancy dress competition ?? He nodded no.
Mama ; or a charity function for kids ??
saral ; No
Mama ; then why are you in this dress.
Saral ; it is gifted…
Mama ; Are you a brand ambassador of any underpants company ??
SAral ; No mama…..
Mama; Then why are you wearing that which is visible outside.
Saral ;Stylzzzzzzzuuu and walked like mickel jakson’s moon walk . Mama was in hell anger as he had brought circus buffoon inside the house.

Saral ; Mama I’m going to Chennai tomorrow. Slowly there was few water droplets in his fist. He thought is it raining inside and he looked up and saw Lavanya sobbing as he is leaving. She ran back to her room and jumped in her bed and cried.

Saral mind ; Why is that all are crying by jumping the bed ?? Cant they stand and cry or sit and cry ??? or walk and cry or even run and cry why jump and cry that too in the bed ooh safe landing. Ok ok and left. Mam was so happy as that mental case is leaving.

Dadar station………………………

Saral was waiting for radhika but lavanya was looking at him in a very sad face. The train made its horn. He entered the train and slowly the train started…….. and bgm was holiday movie last song when akshay kumar will start from Mumbai , ok in tamil it is thupakki when vijay starts from Mumbai and others would be crying.

Saral was slowly waving his hand to lavanya…. Backside a passenger ; Feelings….he nodded the passenger (in his top voice) ; go and sit in your place . He jerks and goes and sits in his place.
Radhika calls and says in a sad voice ; tam – sorry mama naan anga vandha ennala unna pirinju irukka mudiyadhu pls seekarama velaya thedi kandupudi naan unakkagavey kathutrukken.
Eng – mama sorry mama if I had come there then I cannot leave you so please go and find a job. I will be waiting for you. He nodded and kept the call and cried like a kid who is denying that he will not take the injection.

Radhika in the other end cuts the call and jumps shouting “ saral oorukku pogiyachu….” (saral has gone back) all danced.
Their happiness did not last long as their results were announced. All the 5 were shocked as it was their main exams for all including Tha Tha as he was the one who wrote major of the exams.

To the contrary when neil saw his result he was not able to believe. He passes all the subjects including his arrear exams. He was refreshing the page as he himself was not able to believe his score. Ardhika cleared their exams then it was sam. She was hell scared when she clicked the submit button she almost bit her entire nails. It came and when she saw that she fainted. Neil who saw the screen fainted next to her. Nandhini was not able to understand the reaction of Nesam. She saw the screen and her jaw dropped. Sam cleared her exams with 75 % marks. God that was huge to them.

Arjun ; so its party time . All shouted yay……… and jumped………………

Thats it guys for today . was it funny ?? pls say me your views. Love you all bear my hugs and always smile.

I’m Sv the die hard fan of Mahabharat and Manmarziyan

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