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Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 8)

Yippee… you guys know what I’ve bought my 20th guitar for my music school….. In five years of my career as a guitar teacher, this is 20th guitar I’ve bought for my school from my savings.….. I’m so happy presently…. Well I just thought of sharing my happiness….

So here is my 8th part.


Radhika turns her face away. Sam stands there confused. But still again tries apologizing to her: radhika I’m really sorry, I know arjun and I have hurt you to the core. I will do anything for your apology. Plssss…. Forgive me…. plsss… radhika now just went away without speaking to her with an angry face. Sam understood that she has hurt radhika to the level that she doesn’t want to forgive her. She went behind her and sat with everyone. Anu observed her tears and asked if she was fine with her eye movements. Sam just nodded and signaled that she would speak to her on phone later. Neil observed this and was confused because whenever he used to curse sam when in conversation with radhika she would eat his brain about her plans to kill him if he would curse sam again. But now she was cold. She started behaving cold towards sam just a minute back, so they must have fought in the restroom he thought.

Radhika POV
Sam you said that there is no thank you and sorry in friendship. Now you are asking my forgiveness. Huh… very bad… I’ll see to what extent you can go to make me speak to you… I wished to talk to you now. May be a hug… but no not until you take your sorry back. Let me see what you’ll do… but do it fast…. How will I stay without speaking to you?….. well now I’m confident that you’ll do something to speak with me… but what will I do to gain the concentration of this khadoos? Think radhika…. THINK….

All were ready to get back home. Anu and abhi asked everyone to leave and they would go after a while coz some work was left over. Everyone was out of the office except these two. Neil was pestering sam to go for a dinner date with him and she was denying. Arjun winked at them and went to his car. He was searching for his car keys. He almost tore his pockets digging them for keys. Then he saw a slim figure inside his car doing something to his mp3 player. He suddenly opened and radhika who was sitting inside jerked: god! Sir, have you gone mad. You scared me to death. Arjun: don’t call me sir, And what are you doing in my car? Radhika: I was playing drums… don’t you have eyes I was just sitting… and arjun: and was spoiling my player. Radhika: well yes, but not yours, car’s . arjun: and whose car is this? Radhika: my husband’s… any problem? Arjun was stunned by her answer: what? Radhika: golden words cannot be repeated. Arjun: and what should I consider as the golden word? Radhika: uff…. You are too boring… come drive me home… I’m all tired today… arjun: whose home? Radhika: should I clear everything always? Whenever I think you are smart you prove yourself to be idiot. Your home… my home… our home… we are married right… arjun’s jaw drops: what? Radhika: you don’t know any words is it? From half an hour you are just saying what?…. what?… why don’t you drive? If not give the keys I’ll drive… arjun stands numb hearing her. Finally gets on the wheel and they drove off…
Back to neil-sam
Neil: yaar what did I ask you? Just a dinner date… sam: now just dinner date later you will ask me to marry and would tell “what did I ask you? Just to marry me.” she mimicked. Neil: that is what I’m planning for… sam: what? What are you planning for? Neil: no… nothing just a dinner date… sam: no way… neil now couldn’t hold his temper but still with a calm face he walked forward. And she walked backwards. Neil covered the distance between them. He leaned to her ear: are you coming with me? With that he kissed her ear.

Sam was hell nervous to tell something. She just nodded a no. he then leaned and kissed her forehead: now? Again she nodded no. he kissed her cheeks: now? Again no. he was about to kiss her lips but she nervously yet vigorously nodded yes. But neil being neil pecked her lips and murmured on her lips: that like to be mrs. Malhotra…. Sam’s eye widened at her new name. She blushed to earth. She pushed him and ran to her car. Neil was smiling running his fingers in his hair. Anu and abhi who were witnessing from a corner gave a hi-fi to eachother and hugged. It was their plan to send nesam on a date.
Radhika was thinking about anu and arjun.

When radhika joined them: hi I’m radhika arjun mehra. As you know creative head. Anu glanced arjun who was staring radhika as if she was the only one present there. So intently but still unnoticed by radhika. Anu: hi, Anvitha… anu pinched arjun under the table to get him into senses. He shouted and glared at her for disturbing his view. Later both laughed. Later radhika introduced herself to abhi. And he reciprocated. Both anu and abhi didn’t disclose their designation. Radhika too wasn’t sure about their designation. All the three A’s were busy pulling each other’s leg. Arjun seemed too happy in their presence. And neil was busy pestering sam.Once anu between the talks called arjun ‘bro’ and that’s when radhika felt that she might have thought wrong about them. But when she was coming back from restroom ignoring sam what she witnessed made her think twice. There arjun and anu were posing to camera by feeding each other side hugging each other. Arjun kissed her cheeks in one of the pose and vice versa. She thought definitely there is something between them. What if arjun has fallen for her? What if she loves him back? What if whatever arjun told to neil was utter lie?

Or what if neil had created some story? The vermilion on anu’s forehead was visible to everyone except her. What if anu takes arjun away from her? She shivered at her thought. She could not stand the thought and if she really loses arjun? No. no. no. she should definitely speak to arjun about them she thought. What if he lies? Or maybe he accepts to love her? She wasn’t able to trust her husband yet. She thought of speaking about this to neil. But no what if he thinks that she doubted him. Whom to ask then yeah… teji she thought.
She was disturbed as car stopped after a jerk indicating her that they were home. She was still insecure about arjun. She had a husband for whom everyone would fall for. Anu was very beautiful to be ignored. But arjun was hers. Just hers.

Arjun went to his room and danced for a while. His radhika was back. His wife was back. He would give her all the happiness now. He would take care of her like a flower now. But wait, she left me all alone when I needed her the most his brain told. And you were the cause of it, his heart blamed. But still I begged her, his brain made a defense. Even she begged you when you were about to make sam’s life hell, his heart retorted. Even after everything, she left me thinking about herself, his brain blamed. She thought about sam, she thought sam loves you and she would be happy with you, his heart told. Now he murmured but she didn’t think about me. Both his heart and brain agreed for his statement. He was disturbed when his phone buzzed.

It was neil. He attended the call: yes bro. neil: yippee you know aru sam accepted to come on a date with me. These brothers had grown too close that they used their pet names to refer each other. Arjun: what did you do that she accepted in one go? Neil: she didn’t accept at one go. And I can’t tell you what I did to her it’s personal. Arjun thought to pull his leg: my god!!! Nikki you didn’t do something you shouldn’t have right? Neil blushed: shut up, aru. You… shameless. Even I would get time to tease you. Arjun: you will not. We may set your love story to that extent that if you tease someone that may backfire. Neil: let’s see… arjun: let’s see… they finished their conversation after their random talks.

Radhika entered arjun’s room to ask him for dinner when he was flipping some photos with anu and others. But what she was observing was closeness of anu and arjun. She thought that this girl Anvitha would have got someone more handsome than arjun. Maybe that Abhinav. Even he was handsome. A way more than arjun and he was taller than arjun. She could have dated him and married him. What she wished was that it would be better if her thoughts were proved wrong. She cleared her throat. Arjun turned to her. He stood up and walked towards her. He kissed her forehead. He asked: you will again leave me right? Why did you come? You want revenge from me is it? Please radhika if you are going away then please get lost. Don’t ever come in front of me. If you are planning to stay here with me then prove me that you would never leave me. And win my trust. You know what I killed myself every time I hurt you.

May be I didn’t care in front of you that doesn’t mean I never cared for you. After you went I felt myself is reasonable for you to leave me. And I know that is fact. But still you should have stayed with me. You know what, I never felt that I was cared from anyone other than nandu. I was hated by anyone and everyone in my surroundings. I was selfish. Well, I know I have hurt you to great extent; I really have repented enough for the mistake which I had indirectly done. I know I owe you. I’m sorry for hurting you. I realized about my love for you long back, but did not confess due to my fear and my promise to nandu. Now I don’t want to commit the same mistake. I love you radhika…. I love you…. But you need not stay with me you know. Its enough of my violin now. I’m sorry once again. Saying this he left his room. Radhika stood numb. Now her husband wasn’t sure if she was staying with him for sure now. Her tears flowed like rivers. Now she would do anything to gain his trust. She will win his trust and that too as soon as possible.

@ sam

Sam had informed anu and abhi about what happened near restroom. They were on video call. Now it was the turn of these two to scratch their head. Anu: I don’t feel she turned her face because what you have done earlier. Maybe you have done something now. Abhi: how would you say that? Anu: if this was because of something she had done earlier then, she wouldn’t have smiled at her. Don’t you think so sam? Sam: police brain…. Not bad…. Even I feel the same now. Anu: we will do something good night… sam: yup, good night.

@ neil.

He was acting totally weird. Prerna called anu on phone to ask what’s wrong with her son. She told prerna about their date and later they hung the call. Neil took all of his outfits one by one and asked prerna to tell if it was good. When she approved, he would find something wrong with the outfit. He messed up his room and finally came up with a pista green shirt and black denim. He sent his pic which he took after wearing it once to all his team members except sam. Everyone approved and cursed him for calling them late night. He was taking sam to a restaurant away from the city. He had enough time of one week to set everything. But his excitement was as if he was going the next day. He blushed to 10 shades of red remembering how he made her agree. Same was with the sam. The others were now tired of their excitement.

@ delhi


Sadhana was now tired of her sister in law. She was kneading the flour to prepare rotis for her and her dumb off springs. They were consuming food as if they had never eaten anything before. She was tired of serving them. Rajiv used to make fun of her now. His sister, sudha, came to them now: bhabhi, what has your daughter in law studied? Has she passed 13th? Sadhana: 13th? Sudha: haan… college… you don’t know? Sadhana: no… I don’t know. She has studied upto 5th class. Sudha: my daughter is far better she is 6th fail. Sadhana: I know. Please you ask everything about her from herself. She would be here in 3 days. Sudha left and rajiv and sadhana laughed their heart out.

So that’s it for today pls give me your reviews……. Why did sam tell that anu had police brain?
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