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Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 6)

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Guys I hope its clear that nikki is neil’s pet name.
So, here is my 6th episode.
Anu: chance of my survival. Abhi: 30%. anu: another 70%? Neil entered: why do you always negative? Anu stood shocked by his sudden entry. Anu: nikki…..(whispered). neil: you wanted to conceal this from us right? What do you think of yourself? Anu: no I was….. neil: just shut up. He hugged her: how dare you conceal. Anu broke the hug: I’m sorry. Abhi: guys its not time to cry…. She should be operated within 2 months and we need to inform family about this. Arjun: and see who is telling this. You stop crying first. Abhi: I stopped crying. I’m just showing that I have eyes (trying to change the scene). He hugged anu and his tears flowed down.


Neil was just standing silently. Later he went to his house. He threw his pillow, files everywhere. He messed up his room. Anu who came running behind him tried consoling him. She hugged him: nikki see I’m not dying. I still want to see your marriage. I want to search aru. I won’t die until your son/daughter is married. It seems I could be saved. Pls don’t cry and promise me you are not telling anyone until I myself would tell. Promise me now!! Please. Neil: okay. You promise me that you will take care of yourself and you won’t be alone, someone would be with you. Anu: I promise. He hugged her. Neil was happy seeing her speaking to him after 13 years. But to his bad luck anu was hit with reality. She ran back to her house sat on the couch and cried her heart out screaming: I didn’t kill badepapa… I didn’t kill badepapa…. He just blamed me!!!! Abhi and arjun witnessed all these. Abhi consoled hugging her she again repeated: I didn’t kill badepapa abhi, nikki blamed me. He didn’t trust me. I told him, aru told him, but he didn’t trust me he trusted that idiot. Again she cried. Arjun got some flashes. He was feeling giddy. He just composed and went to his room and lay on bed. He closed his eyes he got some flashes of a girl about 11 years was begging a boy to trust her. Her hands were full of blood she was on her knees with a knife in her hand. He got up suddenly. He was sweating. He went to his home after informing Abhi who was confused with the situation but still consoling his wife.

Arjun’s POV
Why am I feeling as if I have witnessed what anu told? Why do I feel I have some connection with neil and anu? Do I really have? Why don’t I remember something before I met nandu? I must find out……
Next day all the 4 went to office. Neil was all gloomy. Anu and abhi made themselves busy not to think about that arjun was not speaking to anu as she wanted to conceal about her health with him. Sam was fully confused to see all the four with weird behavior. Finally anu thought of speaking to arjun.
Anu entered his cabin and went near him: aru….. He remains silent. Anu: aru sorry. Arjun: why? No need go and die who am I? Just an employee. That’s it. At least you should have told Neil but no… everything should be a secret right? I just think you as my sister but I got to know that you don’t even consider me as a friend. Anu: oh!!! Come’ on hold on your horses. I do consider you as a brother. But you tell me do you like to give any sort of tension to your family? No right. That’s what I thought. About Neil, maybe I’m not speaking to him and am angry with him that doesn’t mean that I don’t care for him. I know how difficult for me it was when I stayed back from him for 13 years. I know if something happens to me suddenly he won’t be able to stand it. He may go under depression. That was what has become problem between us. He just got away from his sense when he lost his father. You know what I just expect a sorry from him. Just a sorry for what he had done 13 years back. I’m not that great that I would forgive someone who lost his trust on me listening to a third person…. Leave that… fine I’m sorry for asking abhi not to tell you people. Saying this she left with teary eyes. Sam saw this from outside, she wasn’t able to hear anything but knew something was wrong and thought of asking Neil.
She was about to enter his cabin when she heard anu’s voice there. Anu: neil, see I’m not sorry for telling abhi to hide about my brain tumor. It’s just I didn’t want anyone to get tensed because of me. that too a person who don’t trust me. I came here to tell you that I don’t want mom to get to know about this. Neil silently listened to her. He wanted her to scold and taunt him more as his burden of grief for not trusting her may become less. Finally anu turned to leave when saw sam who was in tears. Both neil and anu banged their head with their hands and wiped the tip of their nose with their index finger in the same way. Sam turned away to go when anu signed neil to console her. Neil went behind her. Anu watched them getting into her cabin. Neil started consoling her by hugging her. Finally she stopped crying. They were about to hug again when neil’s phone buzzed. It was a private number. So he received and put it on speaker. Outside anu was uncontrollably laughing. Staffs were seeing her with awe. Abhi and arjun came out listening to her laughter. She winked at Abhi. He got to know that she had played her prank. He also joined her. Arjun was still in confusion.

Neil: hello. caller: hello is this Ms. Malhotra. Neil thought that the caller was confused or maybe he heard wrong. He replied: yeah!! Caller: my name is Johan and I liked your facebook profile and I wish you be my girl friend!! Are you willing to??? Neil: what the hell. Johan: is this a male who is speaking to me? neil: you!!! Who the hell are you?? You called me up and asked me to be your girl friend even after listening to my tone. Now you are asking me my gender… you stupid… idiot… johan: hello hold on… you were the one who had sent a friend request to me… and now you are yelling at me… change your profile pic before someone else call you and ask your hand for marriage. Neil: who are you to tell me what profile pic to put… Just shut your mouth and cut the call now…. Neil’s anger was at the peak. Sam who was hearing all this opened his profile and was laughing holding her stomach rolling on the couch there. After watching sam laughing he went to her to see what was so funny. After seeing his pic he lost his temper and shouted: anuuuuuuuuuuuu………….. his profile pic had his photo in which he was draped in a violet saree, with some pink shade on his eyes cheek and lips. He was exactly like a girl in his pic that made him clear his eyes to see that it was him before shouting his devil sister’s name. after listening to neil’s scream the three a’s anu arjun and abhu ran to her cabin. By this time arjun had already seen his profile and was laughing to an extent that he hurt his stomach. Anu arjun and abhi were panting sitting in her cabin anu: guys he’ll be here anytime now pose as if we were discussing something important. Abhi and arjun nodded. Anu: 3…..2…..1…. neil barged in shouting anu’s name all the while from his cabin to hers. All the three looked at him with serious expression. Anu raised her left eyebrow asking what? Neil was bowled by their reaction that he nodded nothing and went back to his cabin. Here all three bursted out laughing. Abhi had a change in expression and the other two understood. Arjun pressed his palm and nodded as if assuring that everything would be alright. But he himself was not satisfied with that clause. He felt something wrong would definitely happen.

When neil reached home prerna asked him to get the ingredients of carrot halwa as anu loves that dish which was prepared by prerna. Neil was feeling bad. He had seen his mother happy many times but the spark in her eyes when she speaks about anu, when she is in front of anu. It was priceless. He would do anything for that. But what will be the situation when she gets to know about anu? What if anu’s operation remains unsuccessful? What will be his situation after that? Will he be able to get off that or will he do something stupid like earlier? When he was questioning himself prerna shouted: sam’s idiot go and get it fast I need to cook for her. I asked her to bring my son in law also. Arjun and sam will be here anytime. Neil was shocked to listen that arjun was coming. Neil had invited arjun several times but he had politely denied. Neil asked: what? Arjun is coming…. And you didn’t tell me neither did he. I’d called him several times but he denied and now how come?? Prerna: neil why don’t you ask him later? Go and get the ingredients first. Neil went and later came back with ingredients. Arjun and sam had arrived and they were ready to go to anu’s house. Neil: why don’t we call anu here? Prerna glared at him: you have the answer. We’re trying to forget things don’t remind it again. Neil stayed mum and went behind them. Prerna prepared it as fast as she can as anu and neil were banging their plates. Abhi was sitting in his room as was speaking to rajiv(his dad): why the hell did she come? You know right anu will be there in few days? Rajiv: and that’s the reason she is here. It seems she wants to see her as she did not attend your marriage. Abhi: if your sister opens her tail in front of anu, maybe she would regret later. Rajiv: I know, leave that, how is anu? I spoke to her yesterday. But missing her naughtiness a lot. Abhi: she… she’s fine baba. He stumbled. Rajiv: something wrong abhi? Even she was sounding worried when she spoke to me. abhi: nothing baba its just she is stuffed with workload. How’s dad and what about that lady patient? Rajiv: anand is doing good and about that patient advaith told anu would treat her. Didn’t she tell you? Abhi: oh yeah!!! She had told me. I forgot. Okay bye baba will call to tomorrow. He held the call. He had come to know that what brothers mean to anu. She had hired n number of detectives. She had visited orphanages; NGO’s to search her brother. Even after getting all negative reply, she was confident that she would definitely find her brother. He just wished that her wish comes true as fast as possible.

While having dinner, at dining table there was a chaos as everyone were shouting random things. But arjun remained silent. He was just admiring his newly found relation. His conscience would tell him that there is some relation between him, anu and neil. He wished that he really had a family like this when abhi spoke as if he heard his mind abhi: we are your family. And now no sentiments. Arjun just smiled. All the others ooted. Arjun had something from a mothers hand after so many years in his life. He felt like having some more and asked prerna: mom…. Sorry sorry auntie can I have some more. As soon as prerna heard mom from his mouth she felt as if her arjun called her mom. She asked him to call her mom just as the others did and served him more in excitement making all the others smile. Both neil and anu felt that it would be great if he is their arjun. After the dinner all got back to their home. Arjun entered his house. He was all happy now he had 2 brothers a sister a mom. It was like he was flying in the air for him. He was very happy. The one person who treated him as son was nandini. Even though she broke his trust, he would always consider her as one among his life’s precious living being. He just wished that once in his life he would come across her he wouldn’t let her go again like earlier. He went to his room and he was perplexed to see it clean. He thought: when abhi dragged me out today morning I remember myself messing the room to search my shirt. How come its clean now? He scratched his head. Let it be I’m sleepy let me have a nap. He fell on his bed and fell in deep slumber without a tablet after many days. Around 2 at night while he was dreaming about a duet of him and radhika, someone entered his room (whispered not to disturb him): arjun sir, you took my sleep away and now you are sleeping. Hmmm wait and watch tomorrow you will be shocked to see me at birdsong. She went back to her hiding place to prepare for the next day. I need not tell you about this person. We know who it can be.
Wait wait how did she enter his house? Hmmm as she was in the same house she had known his secret places to keep keys. And she did not return the keys given to her so that’s how she sneaked in. arjun smiled as he felt her presence. Hmmm let him sleep lets go to sam.
Sam was all smiling remembering neil’s antics to speak to her. She was happy with the way he consoled her in anu’s matter. But was hell angry with anu for hiding this. She was her best friend and they were like milk and water. She remembers anu beating neil just for a scratch on her hand. She laughed when she remembered arjun and neil running from anu when they threw her (sam) in the beach while on picnic. Mehras and malhotras were cousins and khanna’s were family friends but were treated as family. Sam remembers neil cursing anu for his father’s death where she wasn’t involved at all. She thought: how can you blame an eleven year old girl for your dad’s death neil. I just wish you both get back fast.

@ anu and abhi
Anu and abhi weren’t asleep yet. It was 2 but they were awake. Both were sitting on the bed with anu’s back attached to abhi’s front. They were thinking deeply with abhi’s one hand in her hairs and other was with anu as she was playing with his fingers. Abhi: anu are you sure about taking nandini’s case. I don’t want you to do something you don’t like to. Anu: I really want to do it. As you know I don’t have much time. He tried interrupting but she closed his mouth. I know I would be operated and I would be out of this mess but after that I want to live a happy life. So I should treat her and should get my aru as fast as I can. Abhi: what if this arjun mehra himself is your brother. She looked at him. Abhi: sorry but what if he is. Anu: even I wish that he is my brother. Have you ever observed his face, he resembles dad in many ways. You know when he gets angry he never looks one’s face while speaking. Even dad does this. I had this feeling of him being my brother at the first sight of him at airport. But just brushed it off not wanting to get another negative reply. Abhi: hmmm I would be glad if he is my brother in law. You know I don’t have siblings now I can see their value when I see you three together. Anu: oh!! Thanks ha… god you know what even my friends used to tell me such things when we were together. I wish again we will be together soon. A tear drop tripped down her cheeks. Abhi did not want to see her crying so stopped even he felt an urge to continue. They both were masking their emotions from each other. They avoided speaking about the storm of their life and tried their level best to avoid breaking in front of the other.

Next day. Birdsong.
As the new creative head was arriving today, arjun was eager to see her. He was in his cabin. He had worn a navy blue tux. He had a blue tie in his hand and was cursing himself as he had tried around 10 times to tie it down but he was not able to. All the other four were sitting in his cabin and was laughing at his antics. Sam and neil were aware of the reason but our new comers weren’t. Finally not able to control his madness anymore anu stepped to put him the tie. But when she was half way tying she was dragged to the side and the others were shocked seeing the person.( not abhi as he had no clue about her).

Precap: anu locked in a room. Radhika to save her.

So who is the person???? I need not answer right. Okay finally I’ve updated. I would wait for your reviews please comment.

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